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Human Harvesting for Stem Cells Begins in Ukraine

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The BBC is reporting that healthy new-born babies appear to have been killed in the Ukraine to harvest stem cells for the flourishing stem cell trade that has begun in the country. Dr. Hwang Woo-Sook was found last year to have fabricated his scientific claims on stem cell research, a scandal which in no small part involved his subordinates donating their ova or paying women for their ova.

Despite the fact that the science is clear that embryo-destroying stem cell research will require either massive efforts to get women (usually poor ones) to donate their ova or other behaviors that amount to human harvesting, stem cell supporters either ignore the problem or ridicule the claim. Today they can no longer do that.

Ukraine, it appears, killed healthy babies in the name of getting the "biological materials" they need to continue their work on stem cells. The pathological scientific obsession with embryos for this research is disquieting. Adult stem cells are treating people today and have none of the ethical problems that embryo-destroying stem cell research has. Yet they press on.

Far from an anomaly, Ukraine is the future of embryo-destroying stem cell research. There exists no way to even produce enough stems cells for research, much less medical treatment, without getting massive donations of ova or killing babies in the womb. Or for that matter, killing babies already born. Imagine abortion providers, who already have a problem covering up for child rapists, starting up a trade of stem cells from aborted fetuses.

I have every confidence that the scientific community can eventually figure out how to make cures with embryo-destroying stem cell research. However, that was never really what was the concern. I could stop drunk driving by cutting off the tongues of those who commit the crime, yet that would hardly be just. Embryo-destroying stem cell research, and the treatment that it might eventually produce, will require a massive pool of ova (from poor women of course), human harvesting, or both. We have seen the future in Ukraine, the question is, will we still embrace it?

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A political activist and security expert.
  • This is almost hard to believe, John. I read the BBC article and it’s beyond absurd. I don’t care what side of the political spectrum one is on, the argument about when a fetus becomes a living thing sort of falls apart when the kid is born and breathing.

    1984, here we come.

    Good article.

    In Jameson Veritas

  • This really hurts to read, John. Stem cell therapy is a possible cure for so many disorders and diseases, but the methods that the Ukrainians are choosing are just beyond the pale…

  • Lumpy

    It’s great to hear some positive news from that part of the world for a change. Can cloning and commercial organ harvesting be far behind? The future looks bright.