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Huge New Coin for Judge Judy

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If you – like I – feel that daytime broadcast TV programming is a stinking morass of titilation, innuendo, mindless psycho-babble, self-debasement, and stupefaction, the nyou might be appalled that Judge Judy has new contract for $25M a year. I don’t really give a hoot – if she can get it, more power to her, but what’s more interesting to me is the oddly defensive tone that the NY Post story takes in presenting the news:

    “Despite the fact that everybody keeps talking about hard economic times, there’s always money to pay for talent,” says Mediaweek analyst Marc Berman.

    “If a show is successful because of its talent, they won’t want to lose that show and they’ll figure out a way to come up with the money for these people if they have to – when the money is needed – even millions and millions of dollars. It’s there,” Berman says.

    “They didn’t want to lose Judy, so they paid her.”

    That’s because “Judge Judy” has been the top-rated court show on TV for years now – and is one of daytime’s top-rated shows all around, often outrating perennial frontrunner “Oprah” here in New York, where both shows go head-to-head.

    And there’s another reason why a syndicator like Paramount’s Big Ticket Television is willing to shell out the big bucks to Sheindlin – who now makes more per year than any of the stars of NBC’s prime-time hit, “Friends” (who each pull down $1 million per episode).

    “In the case of ‘Judge Judy,’ which airs in early fringe in most of the country, the 4 p.m. timeslot is a tremendously lucrative time period because it leads into [local] news,” says Garnett Losak, vice president and director of programming for Petry Media.

    “Stations are willing to pay a fair amount for the 4 p.m. timeslot . . . especially if they can get a show that can compete effectively with ‘Oprah’,” Losak says.

    ” ‘Judge Judy’ is compatible with ‘Oprah’ if not more compatible, since it brings the right demos, particularly adults 50-plus, to the local news,” she says.

    “For the syndicator, no matter what happens, to own that [4 p.m.] timeslot, on very strong stations across the country, is of enormous value in both the short- and long-term.

    “Most stations aren’t paying ‘Oprah’ prices for ‘Judge Judy’ – but they are paying very good license fees.”

    It’s also fair to say that Sheindlin works pretty darn hard for her money. While the stars of “Friends” produce 24 new episodes each season – and will make only 18 episodes next season – Sheindlin produces, on average, hundreds of new episodes of “Judge Judy” each season.

And it goes on similarly – i wonder why the writers care if we think Judge Judy and her daytime cohorts are overpaid. Why do they try to hard to convince us they are not? Hmmm.

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  • Brokeassnigga

    She is a shrill bitch and deserves to die. Her husband is no better either.

  • Ray

    I like how Judge Judy shows she is non-racist particularly with gays and blacks. She tends to stand up for them. White women, she likes also. She is not as nice to white males who probably deserve the most shit in this country more than anyone. white males who have basically never experienced much hardship as a whole in this country like white females, blacks, and other races… COME GET CHOO SOME. JUDGE JUDY KEEP TREATING THOSE WHITE MALES LIKE TRASH!!! I like it when you get reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally bitchy and tell them ‘LOOK AT ME’ like their dogs

  • Ray

    YAY!!! Judge Judy will be on the air for an additional 5 more seasons. She is currently in her 2005-2006 season which is her 10th season. If you haven’t seen this show, Judge Judy is actually rather soft-spoken in answering questions, makes logical observations and arguments. Yes, she talks at litigants meaning she talks to them without really ever wanting them to say anything back and of course she harshly bullies her litigants around which is what grabs people’s attention more than anything.

  • Eric Olsen

    you touched upon a number of topics there, Andy

  • Mike

    you know, I am heterosexual, but wtf is up wit gays not being allowed to get married? do guys think not being gay makes them manly or some shit. If you ask me openly gay males have more balls than anyone what with some of the assholes that have a problem with homosexuality. And seriously, the word ‘fag.’ Do they think 3 letters is going to actually hurt somebody. And no one knows how the world started so cut it out with that christianity. You christians will all be sorry if you did all that praising you do and then ended up coming back to the world as a skunk or not coming back at all or we all went to a heaven no matter what. No one knows a goddamn thing about what happens after we die so just can it. and if christianity is true, I doubt there is issue with homosexuality. That’s a pretty evil issue to have if u ask me. So cut the crap and wait till you die.

  • Andy

    Unlike Simon Cowell on Idol, Judge Judy Knows How To Be A Bitch. I Recently Watched Idol Where Sequacious Paula And That Agree-With-Me-Paula-Because-I-Am-Cool-But-Really-Stupid Randy Jackson And That Real Feminine Gang-Up On Simon Because I have Nothing better to say Ryan Seacrest were just ganging up on Simon and he kinda made a pussy laugh. Judge Judy Recently was laughed at by the audience on her show and I think she told them something like ‘shut up or I’m going out with a beer and ya’ll can watch oprah’ or some shit. Maybe, I exaggerated a little but anyway for the gays, MORE POWER TO YOU! FUCK U GEORGE BUSH. LET GAYS GET MARRIED!!!

  • Patrick

    Don’t pick your nose, eat your boogers and tell me you’re not picking your nose and eating your boogers. that’s just a lie!

  • I desperately need to purchase an episode of Judge Judy that aired 3:30 pst on 2-7-06. Does anyone know how this can be accomplished??

  • ml_wrght

    I think Judge Judy can be more constructive and less destructive in her comments and criticism of the people on her show

  • dont fart and blame it on the dog! tell me the truth!

  • dont fart and blame it on the dog! tell me the truth!

  • dont crap on the floor and call it cheese