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Hubble Captures The Orion Nebula With Unparalleled Clarity

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The Orion Nebula is one of the closest nebulas to Earth, and because of its orientation in our sky it offers a clear view into the interior of this massive cloud of dust, gas, and newborn stars.

This press release from Space Telescope Science Institute describes the image shown, and explains the amazing amount of work that went into capturing it. For more details about this image you can visit SpaceRef or follow the links below to the STSI web site.

Source: Space Telescope Science Institute

In one of the most detailed astronomical images ever produced, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captured an unprecedented look at the Orion Nebula. This turbulent star formation region is one of astronomy’s most dramatic and photogenic celestial objects.

“Orion is a bustling cauldron of activity. This new large-scale Hubble image of the region reveals a treasure-house of beauty and astonishing detail for comprehensive scientific study,” said Jennifer Wiseman, NASA’s Hubble program scientist.

The crisp image is a tapestry of star formation. It varies from jets fired by stars still embedded in their dust and gas cocoons to disks of material encircling young stars that could be the building blocks of future solar systems.

For more images and information about this research on the Web, visit their web site.

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  • Man, that’s just amazing stuff, Bennett. The universe can produce such a tapestry of color and light and also be so violent too. Amazing!

  • That might be one of the best photographs you’ve uncovered yet, Bennett. Truly amazing.

  • Awesome picture…I have a link to the NASA pic of the day…but I really like these pics…thanks!

  • I love stuff like this. Outer space is just so cool.

  • Thanks folks! When you compare this image to the one on the cover of the book link, you get a better idea of how vastly superior this new image is.

    Despite all the knocks and harsh comments about NASA’s ability to get things done, the series of space telescopes they’ve launched (with more to come) are delivering beyond my wildest dreams.

  • If you look to the right of the photo, in the middle, you will see…Stimpy. No joke.

  • Bennett

    Hah!!! That is SO funny! I do see what you mean, and you are absolutely right. Good call!