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Howie Day – Stop All The World Now Review

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Howie Day is who John Mayer wishes he was musically.

John Mayer relies too much on voice inflection and sap to convey emotion through his songs. Howie Day relies on the words and instruments more. Although since John Mayer is more popular than Howie Day is, I don’t think Mayer is going to change his style anytime soon. Day doesn’t change his style, rather he evolves. Even comparing his debut Australia to Stop All The World Now there is a noticeable difference in both mood and tone, which I think is the hardest to do musically. Day is much more mellow and the result is a mature artist who doesn’t need to try hard to express his emotions. It’s all in his words.

Day lets loose with “Perfect Time Of Day” and its dance-inspired rhythms. Day’s centerpiece is “Collide” which shows off his ability to make a heartfelt song it being too sap-filled. “Sunday Morning Song” is an homage to Oasis’s “Sunday Morning Call.” Day includes a left-over from his previous Australia with “She Says.” It’s a good song, but fans would already have his first album, and wouldn’t understand why put the same song on two albums. When you get to “End Of Our Days” you’re wondering if Day can really sing a ballad? Day focuses a lot on the combination of the music with his vocals so I’m not sure if he could handle an acoustic ballad. But Day does have the maturity to try. And most likely he will succeed.

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    – Thank you for the post. Temple Stark

  • Thanks. But my name is mispelled. It says by Tao Hoang. My name is Tan. I appreciate it.

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  • Hafsa

    erm…have you even listened to Mayer? he has evolved, more than most can know. his roots don’t just come from wanting to be famous or liking his guitar a little too much. Mayer loves music.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Howie Day, too. But you’re forgetting something..if it wasn’t for Mayer, Howie Day would have no career right now. They’ve been good friends, and Mayer is the one helping Howie out with his music.

    So let’s just say that music is music..no bashing one another, all right?

  • Well, I have listened to John Mayer and my reasoning was my second sentence: “John Mayer relies too much on voice inflection and sap to convey emotion through his songs. Howie Day relies on the words and instruments more.” That’s my reasoning. People like him. It’s fine, but I don’t really hear a big difference between his last two albums. He inflects too much and, in my opinion, inflects in ways that distracts from the music itself. — And I only bash people when they say Britney Spears is better than the Beatles.