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Howard Stern Debuts On Satellite Radio

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After one year of hype leading up to January 9th, the “new” Howard Stern show has finally debuted on Sirius Satellite Radio. Unfortunately for Sirius, the show quickly proved that even without the restrictions of the FCC and complete freedom to do whatever he wanted, Stern and company had very little new or interesting to offer.

Stern has been very adamant that his show has been subpar for the last 10 years, due in large part to the shackles the government has put on him. Well, now the shackles are off, but the same lame quality of self-indulgent ranting about how great he is followed. Even after several “test-runs” on Sirius in the past week, the new Stern show opened to a volley of technical difficulties that prevented the show from getting into a flow. Within 10 minutes, Stern was already out to music while his engineers worked on the equipment. Once it was correct though, the show proved out to have very little new to offer.

Immediately upon restarting the show, Howard, Robin and company launched into some things that they “could never do in their old environment”. First up, the airing of the Pat O’Brien sex tapes. They went through some song parodies with excerpts mixed in, and played portions of the tapes and commented on them. This was a funny bit… 8 months ago when Opie and Anthony did it on XM Satellite Radio. Coming as their first outrageous bit from a crew that has claimed forever that everyone has ripped them off, it was embarrassing for the Stern show to so blatantly steal this bit. It was even more embarrassing the way that they claimed these tapes were being done for the first time ever in a broadcast environment. Sorry, Howard, but not even close.

Following this segment came the much-talked-about rumor that Howard had gotten married over their time off. Howard initially told everyone that he had gotten married, which was followed by a self-service trip around the room to Robin, Fred, Artie, Ralph and others to give their opinion on this announcement. They all reacted with contrived emotion, which was completely fake sounding. Further, since Howard had referenced this with the cast during one of the “test runs,” it came off as even more nonsensical and phony. By the time he finally told everyone he hadn’t gotten married, the bit was already boring and tepid.

Another much-talked-about segment came next – the Revelations segment of the show. A list of 11 revelations was read by an intern, and the gang all took turns guessing at who was tied to which revelation. This bit went on way too long, and honestly didn’t intrigue any curiosity as to who did what. To top that off, they announced at the end of it that they wouldn’t announce who was tied to each revelation for a week – lame.

The final bit that I’ll comment on was the “press” conference. With the excitement surrounding Stern’s arrival, there were a lot of press there to interview Stern. However, from the start it turned into the same, dumb self-serving commercial for Stern and his show that it has been for the entire of the history of the show. Taking what were obviously canned questions all designed to pump up Sirius and the new show, Stern lamely acted as a king talking to his court.

While my first feel is decidedly negative on the first show, there were a few positive moments. The inclusion of George Takei (Star Trek’s Mr. Sulu) as the show’s announcer was very classic and funny. His revelations about his life as a gay man were equally intriguing. Another very positive point is the use of the freedom of speech from Artie Lang. Artie was very comfortable dropping profanity at every turn. However, unlike the rest of the cast who clearly were uncomfortable with it, Lang really presents a feel that he’s natural with it (which is probably true when you consider his comedy background). But these were rare moments in an otherwise dull show. Robin Quivers continues to add less and less to this show, and Stern himself has been going through the motions for so long that it’s doubtful he remembers how to be innovative and original. The fact that he was stealing ideas from the start pretty much tells you that the Sirius deal was about money, and not the “creative freedom” he’s spewed on his press run for the past month.

The show may get better as they settle in. In fact, it’s almost certain that it will. But if the first show was any indication, those looking for anything more than the K-Rock show with the occasional racy content are delusional.

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  • Dawn

    Well, the only thing worse than a boring Howard Stern show is listening to David Lee Roth talk about pedophilia and use big words he clearly hasn’t a clue to the meaning of.

    Give me rehashed Howard any day.

  • Like Isaid on another thread…telling me stern is on sirius is like telling me cnn picked up dan rather….who really cares.

  • apparently, millions of people.

  • I’m gathering that…I’m just not one of them…I bought an XM radio a little over a month ago…no stern…oh darn…

  • xm or sirius aside, i’m just jazzed to have the opportunity to take in all of this cool music. except for some of the college radio i listen to, i haven’t been this excited about radio in year, if not decades.

  • Welfare Cheese

    I have XM and Sirius. I already had an XM receiver and got sirius free for a year with my new car. I hardly ever listen to Sirius. I’m a comedy fan. The Sirius rawdawg comedy has more commercials than the xm comedy station. They also tend to play really old comedy clips. A lot of Andrew Dice Clay. He was funny in the 80’s. That shit doesn’t entertain me at this point. I have listened to Stern for the last couple of days. He still spends half his show bitching to and about his staff. I don’t think he’s funny either. He’s an ego maniac dickwad. That hole Robin adds nothing to the show. The only one that’s funny is Arty and he seems to try to make sure to not outdo Howard. Opie and Anthony on XM 202 keep me listening. I recommend them.


  • Dugan

    To be frank, Stern’s act is now tiresome. He was interesting to listen too in the late eighties and early nineties because he was the cutting edge. He defied the FCC and put on a show that was risqué and entertained us with his freak show that consisted of lesbians, dwarves, retards and just plain idiots. To say he walked a tightrope during his days on public radio was an understatement. I relate the experience of listening to Stern’s broadcast to having sex before you got married. You KNEW you were doing something that was morally wrong but that’s what made the whole thing exciting. When you finally got married and sex was no longer naughty, the excitement started to wane (Admit it, you KNOW I’m right).

    This is pretty much what happened when Stern moved to Sirius and didn’t have to look over his shoulder to see the FCC Gestapo behind him. Now he could legally use any four letter word he likes and get as raunchy as he wants but now you just don’t care anymore. He didn’t realize that WAS the appeal when he played the renegade. Now he’s just an everyday shock jock and besides, everyone else is doing the same thing (Opie& Andy on the other satellite radio). Really, hasn’t he gone far enough on the fart jokes, and ridiculing retards, lesbians, and dwarfs? 80% of his show now seems to be taken up on ranting about some political issue (earth warming, Bush, you name it). He’s become the know-it-all Hollywood celebrity who thinks everyone should listen to HIS views because he knows more than you do. He’s become the same celebrity that used to repulsive him. The Stern of the eighties would be ashamed of what he transformed too on Sirius. He’d call himself a sell out.

    I think the other issue to Stern losing his 12 million audience has to do with his age. The baby boomers are growing up and losing interest to potty humor. Generation X look at him as some old guy and their “thing” is South Park. Without question, if the South Park crew would ever decide to have to have their own radio broadcast, they would blow Stern right out of the water. CARTMAN RULES!