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Howard Dean to guest blog for Lawrence Lessig

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Dean-LessigLawrence Lessig, who was kind enough to link to me yesterday, reveals that Howard Dean will be a guest blogger at Lessig Blog starting Monday, July 14. (An occasion for which I crudely Photoshopped the picture at left, because I just couldn’t stop myself.)

Coincidentally, I was just commenting on a post over at the Blog for America, agreeing with another commenter who thought that Howard Dean should make a clear statement on the DMCA and other copyright issues. After suggesting Dean and campaign manager Joe Trippi contact Slashdot about a potential Q&A, commenter Jonathan (3rd comment) had finished up with:

…And I think it would be helpful if the Dean people talk to Lawrence Lessig, from http://cyberlaw.stanford.edu/lessig/blog/ , about copyright law ahead of time, because he is very insightful on technology and copyright issues.

As ever, the Governor is one step ahead of everybody.

However, Lessig notes in his comments:

…Dean’s guest blogging says nothing about Dean’s views about the issues I’ve been pushing here. I’ve never discussed these issues with any member of the Dean campaign. And as we don’t (yet) determine elections, I’m not even sure that Dean has worked these issues out himself.

So please don’t read anything into this more than the obvious: This is yet another way in which the Dean campaign has understood something about the net.

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  • Will Lessig be offering equal time to the other Dem candidates? How about President Bush?

  • Sean,

    Not sure they’re beating down his door, but I seriously doubt Lessig would refuse equal time.

    If, say, Joe Lieberman wants to offer HIS opinions on IP to Lessig Blog readers, I doubt Lessig would mind.

    I won’t hold my breath. (Lessig, btw, seems to be, if anything, an Edwards partisan.)

  • Eric Olsen

    I thought he was broadly libertarian.

  • Meban