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How Will House, M.D. End? Let the Speculation Begin

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Of course, by now you’ve heard the news that House, M.D. will wrap permanently with a May series finale. There is much speculation already about how the show will end, and I suspect that as the second half of season eight airs, we’ll get a much clearer picture of where it’s heading.

I did a bit of speculating in Chasing Zebras about how the series might end (of course that was back in season six when I wrote it. I wondered if House (Hugh Laurie) and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) might go riding off together, or perhaps House and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein)—or even if Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) comes back into the picture to provide an ultimately happy ending for House after so many years of an unhappy existence.

But David Shore, the series creator, and presumably the man who will write House’s ending has never been one to provide happy endings or pat solutions. Will House, then, ultimately give into his self-destructive streak? He’s certainly come close: “Merry Little Christmas,” “House’s Head,” the entire second half of season five, the end of “Help Me” in season six, that swan dive off the balcony in season seven…

Personally, I’m an angst whore. I like the intensity of the show more than the funny stuff; the introspection more than the pranking. So, to me the more intense and realistic, the better—wherever that takes the characters.

Perhaps the final chapter will have the team leave one by one: Foreman (Omar Epps) is fired as dean because of something that happens ultimately due to House’s team. A new dean comes in, who knows not House. Adams (Odette Annable) and Park (Charlyne Yi) see the writing on the wall, but because they’ve not been around long enough to have Stockholm Syndrome are given options to stay on in other departments. Taub (Peter Jacobson) leaves to go back with Rachel and raise the two Sophias, deciding he needs the plastic surgery income to provide for them all. Chase (Jesse Spencer) is the last to leave the team, but does, moving on, perhaps with Adams—but perhaps getting a call one night from Cameron, who’s gone back to Chicago. She calls with an opportunity there.

That would leave House and Wilson. Wilson’s position is safe, since he’s not on diagnostics, but he can’t—or won’t—save House’s. House is forced out finally, and their goodbye is intense and sad. House won’t say where he’s going or what of the several positions he’s been offered all over the world he’ll take. He just turns out the light in his office (his desk cleared) and he’s back in his flat.

Packing boxes all over the place as House sits at his piano playing an improvised blues. Fade to black.

Of course that’s one (highly) speculative (and not very serious) take. But now that I’ve had my turn, take yours in a new poll: How do you think House, M.D. will end?

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  • judging by what david shore has said, (it wont be a happy ending saling off into the sunset) i think they might end the series with the death of house at worse.

    he isnt going to go off and marry cuddy and have lots of little Huddys. he is either going to go so far that no one not even wilson can help him or will kill himself or we are faced with mental danger much like the end of Series 5 and after the death of Kutner. i can really sea what happened to chase affecting him mentaly and as we have seen in recent eps his use of Vicodine has increased i assume this will only increase as he copes with his guilt over chase!

    but i fully expect it to be sad rather than YAY house is happy.

  • Hilly

    I think many of your options are too unrealistic. I would personally love more than anything for Cuddy to come back but I don’t see any kind of happy ending in store for her and House. Just closure and something that we would never see coming. I hope House goes with a BANG! as it most certainly deserves.

  • Brighid45

    Okay, here’s what I think might happen.
    ~~The events of ‘Nobody’s Fault’ have shocked House into recognizing that he’s spiraling out of control, with no one to stop him. He knows he won’t change–that’s been made quite clear in this season several times–and he also knows it’s just a matter of time before he hurts someone again, or ends up in a situation where by his actions his medical license is permanently revoked and he’s headed for prison, probably for a good long while.
    ~~So–he ends up dead. Maybe the tumors come back; maybe it’s liver cancer; maybe he commits suicide. It doesn’t really matter. But:
    ~~His death is a fake. We probably won’t find out until the very last that he’s not really dead. I suspect either Wilson will be in on helping him fake it, or House will leave clues for Wilson to put together. It’s entirely possible that House really will die shortly thereafter, but he’ll be out of Princeton and PPTH on his terms–something he’s always managed in the past when forced into a corner with no apparent escape route. Yes, he did go to prison for destroying Cuddy’s living room and endangering everyone in the place, but it was made clear he chose that for himself after he’d disappeared for a while.
    ~~This will be the last of the Holmesian parallels in the show, but it fits neatly and gives us one last example of House’s favorite maxim: everybody lies. As mentioned previously, it also fits the pattern we’ve seen from the beginning: House is a tragic figure who creates his own downfall, but he always manages to find a way to survive. It isn’t redemption, but it’s as close as House will ever get to finding it. Cue Mick singing ‘you can’t always get what you want . . .’ and fade to black.

  • Isabel

    I think that House will die. We have seen his misery form 8 years and, he has an auto destructive personality. It will by nice to see how his legacy continues with Chase, as the one who`s more similar to him.
    The both have a similar thinking process and Chase`s also lives tormented by the abuse in his childhood (different from House`s one, but also abuse). With his recent injury, Chase will have the intellect, but also more tools to overcome the disability and be able to take the worst from House, and make it good

  • Valeria

    I think that:
    1) House takes that long-deserved trip to the Galapagos Islands;
    2) House resigns PPTH, and all we see in the end is the light going out in his office;
    3) House sits at his piano playing the blues;
    4) House and Wilson live happily ever after

    are the most realistic and valido ones…The ‘House commits suicide’ I really hope not, it’d be too cruel and too much for the show, the caracter and the audience…

  • Lamont

    I’d like to see House finally figure out how to let go of the psychological constructs that either cause or rationalize his self destructive behavior. On the other hand, if I knew House as a real person, I would fully expect to get the news one day that he’d finally managed to get himself killed. I have a feeling that the creators will jump on the “open ending” finale. Of all the possibilities, that would be the most infuriating. They spent all of this time creating and expanding the character, has the courage to decide how he ends.

  • Juls

    Since we know that House can’t live without a medical puzzle to solve, I think that finale is going to be about him solving his last puzzle, diagnosing himself. However, because of all the V-pills, he will begin to hallucinate, as he did before, and will need to figure out which symptoms are real, which are not. But by the time he figures it out, it’s too late to save him.

  • Juls

    Oh, one more thing, the series ends with House dead with a smile on his lips, because he just figured out what’s wrong with him.

  • buborek

    I think that maybe House will be sick and will decide to have electrochocs. This way, he will forget his life, everything, and begin a new life, without his pain, just with a “normal” pain, without his past, without his friends…
    This way, it’s sad, but possibly the only chance to “Change”…

  • Bette

    House’s pain increases and he decides to undergo keratime treatment to control it. During the procedure he seizes. Tests reveal that residual damage from the dbs not only makes the treatment impossible but was the cause of his hallucinations.

  • Jim

    ”I think it will go out in a BANG! but I can see House ending by closeing the office or House will quit? but we all know that house will end in a very crying sad way. I know I wiil crying in my bed at the end like watching titanic but lets hope that house will not die in a cold water on a door with cuddy cry saying I love you house don’t go. so over the years they have made some really kick ass shows like lost, the walking dead, Californication, buffy the vampire slayer, dexter, two and a half men with charlie sheen, gilmore girls. and of yes the great mean pill popinfg gregory house. so what will really happen to the doc and his gang of west east hood? we will just have to wait and see so for now i’m going to every episode the doc being mean to the girl he truly loves and his frind by druging them puting sleeping pills in their drinks & food I should know I have done that to my brother and my own mother it was peace. so we will ALL miss Gregory House that funny pill poping doc picking on his friends, cuddy and the small jew doc that he picks on every episode. so Good-bye House and live on that every time that a crazy man takes pills. and yes we all know that house is a pain in everyone ass but we all love that and will miss House.” 2004-2012 R.I.P Gregory House

  • LogicRules

    I think the series will end with House realizing he needs to, most belatedly, have his right leg amputated. Serious complications will arise from the surgery and one of his fellows, probably Chase, will figure out what’s wrong in the nick of time. The last shot will be like the first shot of series characters, from behind of House and Wilson, except House has no cane and only a slight limp.

  • Camila

    As much as the huddy ending is what i wanted from season one, is not what David Shore will write.House lost it’s fans by losing Cuddy, and other things, but if there’s a thing that House didn’t loose was the agility to surprise us. I think he’ll die to save Wilson,and Cuddy will appear át. The funeral with Rachel and a new kid,that will be his.This is how a huddy see’s it! XD

  • I like the idea of packing/piano as the last scene. And I also like the idea of House faking his own death with Wilson’s Help.
    I’d really like if Cameron ‘rescued’ Chase and if Cuddy and House had one last honest talk. A closure that’s not hitting a car at her home.

  • House Fan

    I think House will find the cure for Cancer AND Aids in the last episode.

  • BrokenLeg

    What if all the series only had happened in the mind of an unconscious sick man, named Gregory House, that finally awakes? ( maybe from a leg’s infartaction surgery? BTW, do you remember MR room full of brain images?) In “unconscious mind timelines” an eight years run can be only moments or days on real life. And persons and characters may not be the same, or be physically the same, but with very different identities (the unconscious then rule..and people in that stage can hear and somehow feel and build his or her own imagined reality) This may be “the death” of the House MD we’d known, and..the big lie of all…As said, and as finishes FOX Press release, EVERYBODY LIES.

    And if series follow Sherlock Holmes path, remember that Sherlock simulated his own death to avoid Moriarty, and died as an old man doing one thing he had not done before, so GH may, as BB say, go away, always in his own terms ( also a fake death? Or something similar?) and only in the last scene we will know that he had left notes of it to Wilson.

    Said that, I hope all cast members will be able to appear on final episodes. And I hope a closure to Cuddy’s bad affaire.

    All I know by now is that we’ll miss [H] …and this Barbara’s speaking corner a lot.

  • dvbfan

    I think we will see something terrible happens for House . I do not know what exactly , but something that will surprise us .I do not think we will see a happy ending for House because in my mind , this is against this show basic platform , no one is happy we just pretend that we live happy life, so in my opinion something terrible will occur . I voted House commits suicide .

  • MeMe

    Although I really don’t think Cuddy and House would end up tying the knot if Shore somehow managed to convince Lisa E. to come back to the series for one final hurrah, I’d like to think that perhaps they could reunite one more time and seek within themselves to offer both heartfelt confession and genuine forgiveness. I would not expect Terms of Endearment, but it would be nice if the door were left open so to speak for a possible future reconciliation (friendship, romance, whatever) in the aftermath of the series finale. As Lisa E once said, “I think Cuddy really loves House, and I don’t think she loves him in a way that limits how she has to love him, as a friend or as a lover or as a person who works for her. There’s a great deal of appreciation there and respect. He’s horrible to deal with, but he’s worth it. He’s worth every second.”

  • buborek

    I really like the fake death scenario too… It’s very housian…

  • Sara

    House, having to watch Chase transform into a young crippled, bitter version of himself, is compelled to atone for his part in wrecking Chase’s life and the lives of those who he surrounds himself.

    Whether on his own or with forceful prodding from Wilson, he attempts to deal with who he is by confronting his mother and how she played a part in who he is.

    And maybe an episode prior to this, we see what a nurtured non-abused Greg House would have been like which would answer the fundamental disagreement between House and Foreman: do you need to care about the patient in order to find the cure?

  • The Other Barnett

    I’m still recovering from the announcement, so maybe it makes sense that I am going slightly positive on this.

    Shore, curmudgeon that he is, loves to think people do not change. Why not leave things as they are, sort of. There are 10-11 episodes for this to be resolved. So, here goes.

    1. Chase explodes: The next episode teaser suggests that Chase is still trying to handle the trauma he has gone through. Why not have Chase narrow his sights on House with such bitterness and resentment that we actually see a House/Chase tussle (verbal or physical) that could serve as a catharsis for both. In he end, Chase and House not only come to a mutual respect, but actually confirm a friendship that House has not really had outside of Wilson.

    2. House lashes out(a little) over the issues he discovers that he has with his mother: I’d pay good money to see House challenge his mom on why she never really stepped in to help him versus his father….and why she never leveled with him about who his biological father was.

    3. Chase moves off the team, but not out of the hospital: Foreman, while dealing with an increasingly hostile board, talks Chase into taking on Head of Surgery duties. While this exit wounds House a bit, Chase explains that he needs distance if he and him are going to be actual friends….ala Wilson.

    4. Wilson moves on: Wilson discovers that there is an opportunity for him to take on a Position at McGill’s Medical School as Dean while also heading up a cancer research team in Montreal. House challenges him on this and tries to undercut him in every way as Wilson candidates for the spot.

    5. Foreman is fired (sort-of): Foreman loses support from the board due to his coddling of House and his gradual increase in interest iin diagnostics – thus taking him away from his other administrative duties. The extra-marital affair also comes out due to his lover’s connections to one of the board members. Foreman is given the choice of firing House and Chase or resigning. Foreman resigns after promoting Chase to the Surgical Dep. and securing House’s parole agreement, thus removing any more threat of prison for House should he be fired or suspended. A few episodes later, Foreman is brought back in by the new Interim Dean as the new head of Neurological Medicine; after a House request.

    6. Interim Dean – Vulture Capitalist: The new interim Dean is a member of the Board of Directors and a affluent corporate raider. He is not like Vogler in that he does not presume to see PPTH as a tool for him to grow his coffers. He is “paying penance” for the perceived evils that he has done. House thinks he is a joke (since he has no medical background as Dean of Medicine), until he introduces his Medical Chief of Staff – Allison Cameron. While this annoys House to no end, it brightens the mood of the remaining team, as Foreman and Chase increasingly enjoy the Cuddy-like irritation that House goes through to get approval for wild procedures. I keep picturing this interim dean as Fred Thompson.

    7. Taub leaves: As Barbara suggested, Taub finds an opening to get his wife back and to take care of his daughters. He goes back to a high-power plastic surgery firm. Before he steps out, we get one more opportunity (maybe in the next to last episode or the one before that) to see Taub’s medical knowledge come through to save a patient.

    8. House and the team: With Chase’s exit, Foreman’s exit, and Taub’s impending exit; House is softening a bit. He is reverting a bit back to his Season 1 self with Adams and Park, while he continues to annoy Taub for sport.

    9. Adams and Park slowly get the hang of the team: Without Chase to lean on and Foreman to tattle to; Adams and Park find themselves getting more comfortable on the own with House. We get to see each of them show what they are made of. Cameron also takes on something of a mentoring role to the two, also.

    10. House and Cameron tangle and tango: House and Cameron find themselves relating to each other very much as they did in the first season. The difference now is that Cameron has the upper-hand as advisor to the dean. This power seems to be something of a turn-on to House, who starts pondering the feelings he has had for Cameron in the past. Cameron is not sure how to handle the feelings that are returning for House, but Chase and Wilson find themselves encouraging her to see where this could go. The Dean has different opinions; thus keeping all this merely theory for her to ponder.

    11. The end (hopefully 2 hour final episode):
    * Wilson gets hired by McGill, despite House and prepares for his exit. House struggles with this and even abuses Wilson (more than usual) as a way to cope with it. Wilson is not troubled by this. In fact he talks with Chase and Foreman about them being the kind of support system to House that he was. They surprisingly embrace it, saying they may need each other to be support systems for each other to deal with House.

    *Chase and Cameron acknowledge that they cannot be together as anything more than friends and that they are probably better off not being close friends, either.

    * House fixates on a POTW that is actually a whole Mormon family, each of whom (15 in all) presents in a way that is completely inconsistent from the others. Everyone is on deck in this mega-case, including Wilson, Cameron, Taub, Chase and Foreman. Deaths do occur, but House comes to the kind of diagnosis that will satisfy every Greg House-lover out there.

    *House and Wilson share a tearful goodbye the night before Wilson’s last day at PPTH, saying everything they have ever really felt about each other. House shows an emotional side that we’ve not seen. Wilson encourages House to live his life as a gift, and not as a puzzle. Imagine the last scene between Doc and Wyatt in Tombstone – not sure if Shore could do this, but it would work.

    *On Wilson (and Taub’s) final day, there is a big goodbye party for Wilson thrown by the Interim Dean. During the party, House actually gets up to give a toast. During the toast, House announces that he is (as of that day) taking a 6 month leave of absence (to the Galapagos Islands), during which time he will be leaving the Diagnostics Unit in the hands of Foreman, Chase and Cameron to run. The original three are shocked, but the interim dean nods approvingly. House also gives a commentary on the role of Wilson in PPTH’s success and points out aspects of Wilson that he wants to take the next six months to emulate – though he doubts he’ll succeed.

    *Late that night, as Chase and Foreman walk out (with Adams and Park) of House’s dimly lit office, Cameron comes in to wish him a good trip, while giving him an original copy of Darwin’s Origin of the Species. In the conversation, House blurts out that he understands that he destroyed her marriage, but is not sure now if he is exactly sorry about it. She kisses him and comments that they will need to talk about it when he is done with his turtles. House, slightly aghast and amused slouches back into his chair and starts playing lacrosse with his cane and ball….as the camera pans back from his office, while Jagger sings.

    I know, a long post, but I’d appreciate it if anyone would like to point out the flaws in the arcs. Shore would hate it, it is too positive…..but not too far off.

  • The Other Barnett

    Sara#20 – What an interesting option….an episode of “what might have been” – maybe with House being ushered around to different scenarios of the past and present by Kutner and Amber. 🙂

  • BrokenLeg

    21@22 The Other Barnett
    Hey! My friend, to be as you say “under recovering” from the announcement, you are still able to do long posts!!
    And my answer to your points:
    1.- Chase/House: I do not think Chase will have resentment against House, but for himself, for not being able to be as responsible as he must be. But the friendship between them has been hinted from the very beginning. And are a kind of pupil/mentor. I think they both finally care one for the other. The same final , but with different way.
    2.-House & House Mom: maybe you are right, but at early fifties it’s time to had overcomed childhood problems. After all, his abusive father was as abusive as military education can be for children (Yes, It is too strict and too much hard one, but in those days was more normal the use of corporal punishment, and the abuse always was corporal punishment and lack of cuddles).
    3.- Chase as Head of Surgery: as I do not follow the way of your first point, I do not follow this either.
    4.- Wilson moves on: No, simply no. He could die, forced by the script, but never abandon House. He is his Watson. He always be.
    5.- Foreman fired as DoM: Yes! Finally. Never fits the place. Fired, whatever the reason. And as for being Head of Neurology, maybe yes, why not? But, seriously, “after a House request”? Do you think anyone in PPTH may attend GH requests?
    6.- No, DoM is the medical boss. So it’s needed that he/she is an MD, not an administrative member of the Board of Directors ( remember, Vogler was not the DoM, was the “owner” of the PPTH)And Cameron there? As a DoM-noDoM? Or a fake DoM?No, thanks. Try other way to come back Cameron.
    7.- Yes, Ok with all the Taub affair. He has two families, and came to PPTH to save his now failed marriage. He was a successful esthetic surgeon So…
    8.- No. The team may finish as an entity, but not that way. Read the Fox Press : “he (GH) should never be the last one to leave the party”. There is the hint. If read between lines.
    9. and the rest: No, no and no. And please, Cameron and House, no. She was attracted to him in a pupil/teacher way. House only saw his boobs. And played flirting.

    So, we do not share arcs? Isn’t it?

  • Random Opinion

    Honestly i don’t really care how House ends, it’s hasn’t been great since about season 5 & not brilliant since the end of S3. I’m pleased however that it will end before it gets too sour. It would be nice to see Lisa E return for one last episode, despite the unlikely possibilty of it being a reasonably happy ending. I noticed many think it is unlikely of a happy ending, but frankly after 7 seasons of general misery at the end of season it would be nice to finish up on a high note of some description, yes, life is often frustrating and brutal, but do we really need a medical TV show to remind us of this on a weekly basis. Here’s one hope for a relatively happy & only half miserable ending!
    Happy memories to House M.D

  • Sara

    The Other Barnett – I think there can be a satisfying ending, albeit thru a looking glass, darkly.

    I think the fact that House is kinda like slow poison to those around him means that there will be a high price to pay for resolution (even higher than having an addiction and constant pain that caused it).

    What do I mean by slow poison? Although there are plenty examples to choose from, I think the aftermath of the competition to join House’s team during the 4th season is the best example. Does anyone find it interesting that the runner up (Amber) is dead, one winner committed suicide (Kutner) and one left the team, but not before euthanizing a sibling (Thirteen)?

    Kutner’s death led to House being institutionalized, forcing Foreman to bring back Chase and Cameron to keep Diagnostics alive. This led to the disintegration of Chase and Cameron’s marriage after Cameron discovers Chase killed a patient (with Foreman and House covering it up).

    I believe there could be redemption for House, but in his mind, I think any redemption with serious magnitude of effect would cause him to question whether or not reason trumps everything. Could he could go on living if the answer is no?

    I don’t think so because, at some point, the few human beings he likes (although he hates humanity) are going to drift away and, eventually, his liver is going to give out. He won’t be able to do what he loves and that’s why I think he might die in the finale.

  • maria-eleni

    @ 22 – The Other Barnett
    @ 23 – BrokenLeg

    Hello my friends!
    For once i completetely agree with you BrokenLeg!!!

    What a flight of imagination The Other Barnett!!!!

    As for me, I am all for House to leave PPTH: the only way for him to move on and stand on his own one & a half leg without the enabling and simultaneously disparaging entourage.
    Maybe he might think again of the black hole mystery and reduce human interraction to a choice few. After all he is a mad scientist. A kind of monastic life would suit him and also calm him. Monasticisme used to be a perfectly valid choice, not just for religious minded people but also for those who were socially disfunctional.

  • BrokenLeg


    How is your knee doing?

    See what [H] finally has done: We finally completely agree!!! ( Sorry, @the Other Barnett, but, as @maria-eleni say, “what a flight of imagination!!!!!!

    And we’ll agree in one thing: we’ll miss both, [H] and this chat when all finishes.
    So, thank you Barbara & fellow bloggers.

  • hwo40

    OK, Barbara, someone, what does “Everybody lies” at the end of the announcement mean? I’m halucinating to be thinking of Season 9, right?

  • BrokenLeg


    Don’t hope in a season 9. They put one of the “mottos” or “mantras” of the series. “Nobody changes” could have been there too.

  • maria-eleni

    @ 27 – BrokenLeg

    Knee is surprisingly functional! Bending at 130°, but the pins are very uncomfortable. I can walk short distances without a cane although I admit I enjoyed playing H. to my friends. Soon I shall start swimming. It seems that not being depressed helped a lot with my recovery.
    How about you? Are you back to normal life?

    We shall definitely miss both [H] and this blog!
    Thank you, thank you Barbara and fellow bloggers.

    Still this is not the end yet!
    I believe we shall have a lot to discuss about. [H] seems inexhaustible.
    See how much we still argue about Huddy and mostly about H.’s life and character.

    I was not surprised by the announcement. I would have been taken aback if there had been a SE 9. During spring and summer at several interviews, HL let it slip that he thought SE8 would be the last. Most notably he said: that’s how far they got me, or something similar.
    Besides SE8, not that I dislike it, it feels to me like an epilogue. In fact I am quite satisfied and even grateful that I do not feel so engaged. It helps me to detox!

    However the last episode left me with a lot of disquiet, so who knows, they might up the game and leave us wanting more!!

  • The Other Barnett

    hwo40#28 –

    Whoa! From your typing fingers to God’s eyes! Woud that not be a wonderful thing? I am wondering if Shore may be looking at TNT or USA to downsize House…..I know just olding out some naive hope.

  • The Other Barnett

    And to maria-eleni and broken leg –

    Imagination is what I indulged myself in….true. Did anyone think House would be driving a car in to Cuddy’s house at this time last year? These writers have a way of not following fans’ way of thinking.

    The Cameron choice I followed was more palatable compared to some return of Cuddy for some resolution – to me that would be just as imaginative. You all should be happy that I did not go with my first choice…..Stacy returns and they ride off into the sunset.

    Maybe I am leaning on some alterna-Vogler CEO who would bring in a puppet to be DoM. Cameron could still be just as good as anyoe else.

    Chase as surgical head…not a big jump, he was in that spot for a while after he and Cameron left House’ team. Foreman has administrative and team leader experience, its doable.

    I’ve been arguing this whole season that House is developing and altering due to his incarceration. He is different from last year and vastly different than before his breakdown. Why not see him get pushed out the nest with the departure of Wilson. Wouldn’t most House fans like to see their hero better than he was when the series began?

  • hwo40

    Kinda wish Katie Jacobs was directing the last episode. The way she left House in Broken was wonderful with possibiities. I am afraid DS has a much darker world view that would not admit of any upbeat options, but here’s hoping he will listen to his old compatriot!

  • Dolores

    Why does no one want a happy ending for House? I truly believe he deserves it. He has been hurt by “friend” and foe alike. He sacrificed much more and was a much better friend to Wilson than the other way round. He may have gone about things the wrong way, but I believe his heart was in the right place and no one was observant enough to detect it.

    As for Cuddy….I never was into the whole Huddy thing. She knew what House was like (or thought she did) and he even told her what would probably happen if they pursued a relationship and yet she told him she didn’t want him to change. But one black moment (her health scare) and she boots him to the curb because he took a Vicodin. She didn’t even think he was worth a second chance (how can you love someone and not try). She was the selfish one in the relationship, as I see it.

    I’m sure my opinion is mine alone, but I had to vent.

    I hate to see HOUSE end, but most of all I can’t imagine not seeing Hugh Laurie on TV or Film again.

  • rsg

    Though I still dutifully watch I really haven’t been much into the show since early season 7. I used to absolutely love this show. I can’t say what changed, if it’s my perception of the show that has changed, or if it’s that the stories they’re telling are just not as good. All I can hope for now is that as the show ends, they can somehow bring back that same feeling I used to have about these characters.
    Some examples that made me care about the characters on the show; either laugh-out-loud funny, touching, thought provoking, sad or intense moments:

    Early seasons of witty repartee between, House, and Cuddy, House and Wilson

    Foreman almost dying alone quarantined due to a deadly highly infectious disease

    Early Chase being a brat and a sneak, and eventually becoming respectable

    Cameron’s crush on House

    Finding out about House’s early life; issues with his dad, his abuse and his validated suspicions that his dad was not his biological dad

    Getting the background on House’s infarction and seeing how he interacted with Stacey as the crisis occurred

    Season finale of season two where House gets shot and hallucinates

    Season three opens, House running for exercise, jogging up stairs, and outrunning Cameron in the hospital

    Season three “Insensitive” House meeting Cuddy’s blind date

    The entire episode of “Son of Coma Guy”

    Anytime House plays the piano

    Anytime House agonizes over a case alone in his office

    House treating a patient via satellite conference calls who’s a million miles away, and forms a bond with her, as he never does with patients close by

    Amber’s death

    Wilson leaving PPTH, House hiring a private eye to spy on him

    The entire episode of the road trip of House and Wilson to House’s dad’s funeral in “Birthmarks”

    House and Cuddy “sharing” an office

    House hallucinates about Amber

    Chase’s bachelor party

    House and Cuddy’s first two on-screen kisses, in, “Joy”, and “Help Me”

    House drugging Wilson at a conference and doing Wilson’s euthanasia speech

    there’ s a few more I’m sure I’ve missed, but not much after early season 7.

    OK powers that be—please come through. Let the series end anyway you want, but just make it so we, (maybe just I), care about these characters again.

    Barbara thank you so much for this awesome forum, I’ll miss it.

  • I really think we would all love it if he and Cuddy hooked up and lived happily ever after. But honestly I hope that it ends dramatically, something out there and very different from the norm.

    Either him killing himself in the end, or going into a coma, or killing Cuddy or something really unsuspected. Maybe even something terrorist-ish.

    I however highly doubt that it will happen like that though, happy endings, series continuation and all the disgusting happiness that they all strive for. Here’s to hoping though.

  • BrokenLeg

    GREAT!!!!I only add GH’s words to the woman,but also to us and to himself, under the remains of the building about chooosing life or leg in “Help Me”

  • I will be pissed as HELL if he ends up with that wench, Cuddy.

    What I’d love to see … is Stacy. BRING BACK STACY. And have him … move on, healthily. Open his own practice with Wilson as his partner. Take the Aussie and Park and Adams with him. So long, Taub: you’re boring. Foreman? Be your own man.

  • lobentti

    I really admire you immagination, but I don´t want to do this; the end is already planned by the writers and it´s useless and painful (to me) to think about these options; I myself, as a romantic that I am, should like a Sherlokian end: House quits, go to a pleasant place, and we see him with bees around his face and a smile … :))

  • Action Kate

    Writer Mike Sizemore tweeted: “So they’re finally ending House. I hope the finale sees him tumble from a waterfall holding Lupus by the throat.” [/sherlock]

    I voted for House and and Wilson, although I think it’s going to be one of those slow pans out from the two of them on the couch watching TV and eating takeout.

    Shore says people don’t change… House has rarely had a death wish. Once? maybe twice? Generally he just copes with the pain. Wilson has proven repeatedly that he cannot quit House. Whether the two of them move beyond Heterosexual Life Partners or not, they are bound together for the rest of their lives.

    So since the show essentially opened with them, it should close with them. If not on the couch, then the walk-and-banter down the hospital halls, or the crane shot of them walking out PPTH’s front doors.

    Conversely, my husband thinks the show will end with House contracting something fatal, and either (a) he can’t solve it and dies of it, (b) he does solve it but not in time, or (c) he does solve it in time but chooses not to reveal the answer until it’s too late to cure him.

    I’m just going to miss my weekly dose of Laurie and Leonard. 🙁

  • kesypa

    I think they are already preparing Chase to leave medicine for the Ministry. I see all his team leaving one-by-one, and as the last person gets on the elevator to go, he watches House walking (limping) away down the hall. All his former colleagues and friends gone. Only him left to carry on. Leaves the options open for a return series or movie someday.

  • Tim

    Unfortunately, I see it ending in a highly vicodin intoxicated House crashing his motorcycle and being DOA. As much as I hate to say. I will agree with everything you posted leading up to it, but that is how I see it ending. 🙁 Going to miss the old bastard.

  • I don’t see it ending happily, partly because, at this point, there’s nothing to suggest it will. If Cuddy was still in the picture, maybe, but House only has Wilson.
    I presume it’ll end with House being fired, because there’s always been a lingering feeling that House’s methods are too much.
    I bet the last episode is called “Everybody Lies.” It has to be, right?

  • hazel eyes

    The last scene should be Wilson pushing House down the corridor in a wheelchair after House has had an operation to remove the tumour that has been pressing on his addiction centre in his brain. But because Hugh doesn’t want to give fans false hope of there ever been a one off episode or a movie of House in the future, the damage to his brain is so server he needs care 24 hrs aday and Wilson is the person to give him that care. sad I know but final.

  • Pat

    Let’s face facts. House’s liver should be shot. Between drugs and booze, he won’t be eligible for a transplant and dies alone.

  • spitza

    They just confirmed on E!Online that Cuddy is not coming back. So it’s GH and Wilson. Which makes sense.

  • The Other Barnett

    Keep reading the thoughts of others, will stay positive…..

    I think we should have a cyber-marriage here, because we may be the only ones on this who believes that Cuddy and House is bad, bad, bad news. I may be a bit more severe in saying Cuddy provided very litle meaningful contribution to most of the storylines(*preparing to hide under my desk from all the angry disagreements coming my way*). I agree that Cuddy was the immature and selfish one in this relationship. Arguments could be made about Rachel being a factor, but she should have extricated herself from the relationship earlier, thus avoiding the “House in an emotional pretzel” half-season that we all endured.

    Brian Ph.D #38 –
    I am with you, my friend, about Stacy. In a perfect House world, Stacy has been divorced for a year or so and finds herself dropping in to check in on Greg. They talk things out, she recognizes he is a different man, and he recognizes she is the only one he ever really loved….she is the only one who could really handle him. Then I could have the ideal ending shot for the series — House playing the piano in his apartment, as Stacy (drinking wine) lays back on the couch with that lovely dreamy half-smile that only Sela Ward can conjure.

    keyspa #41 –
    Chase going into the ministry would be an interesting step. I like it. As I’ve said before, he is the moral center of the show.

    spitza #46 –
    No Cuddy at the end, *sigh of relief*.

  • Susan (from Brooklyn)

    I refuse to believe that Cuddy will not be back after all this. So there.

  • Optimist Prime

    I’d love the final episode to start on a grim note- maybe Wilson has already left his job (and so has Taub who has left for a more lucrative job) and the hospital board decides to close Diagnostics due to budgetary restrictions….maybe there is a fight to save it (Foreman taking a lead role in this, helped by Adams and Park) in previous episodes and it all fails by the time we get to the finale and the team is broken up and House is asked to leave…we see House on a downward spiral and maybe he even contemplates ending it all….there is a farewell party on his last day at work and we see the return of almost all the previous characters (except Cuddy)…maybe House plans to kill himself in his office during the party and we see him sitting there with a gun but he has this conversation with dead Kutner and changes his mind….House switches off the lights in his office and leaves quietly with his stuff and the sounds of the party can be heard in the background (I’d love to see Chase and Cameron get back together but it seems unlikely)…. House returns to his apartment and finds Cuddy waiting there for him…and then we fast forward to the two of them heading to the Galapagos Islands…..The End (I doubt the ending will be this cheerful somehow)

  • Nata

    What really happened with House’s biological father? Not sure if anyone else mentioned something like this before but I just had a thought that maybe Billy Connolly will be playing him. Would like to hear your thoughts on this.

  • Optimist Prime

    A less optimistic ending would be House dying….the team is thrown into confusion and then we see one of the team emerge as the new “House” and take over Diagnostics….the most likely candidate would be Dr. Adams…we see her walk into the office (House’s cane is lying there), maybe initially tentative on seeing the cane but then her confidence grows and she settles into the chair and the team gathers to discuss a new case… it is a new day and life continues as always in the Hospital…and the camera drifts out and we get an aerial shot of the hospital… THE END

  • Susan (from Brooklyn)

    #49 Optimist Prime – from one cock-eyed optimist (who’s usually a pessimist) to another – I hope your first scenario is the one.

    #38-Brian,Ph.D – “that wench Cuddy”? I can just see House having fun with that one – as in Lifeguard Cuddy, or Schoolgirl Cuddy.

  • Susan (from Brooklyn)

    #38 Aarrgh. (Pirate talk)

  • MeMe

    Susan #48 – You and me both, sister! Until we hear something definitive from the horse’s mouth (i.e. Shore or even Lisa E.) about the possibility of Cuddy’s return, I’m not going to put much stock in second-hand sources.

  • will

    House will sacrifice himself to save wilson… (phisically or to let him leave his own life)

  • Sally

    My favorite version: “Cameron turns up unexpectedly and she and House ride off on his motorcycle”. I’d love to see a Hameron. The show started with Hameron, it should also end with Hameron. If not a Hameron ending, I root for “House resigns PPTH, and all we see in the end is the light going out in his office”.

  • As long as there’s a reunion special some five to fifteen years down the line, I don’t care how it ends. 😉

  • sara

    ”The show started with Hameron, it should also end with Hameron.”
    *Absolutely* 🙂

  • Jill

    My only wish that the last shot of the series will be of House. Either leaving or dying. With the words, like in their statement, “everybody Lies”. Fade out the end!

  • suzmum

    My expectation is that the ending will be ambiguous, and that viewers will be required to choose between at least two (and, if he can manage it, three) possible endings, one of which may be obviously a fantasy, and one of which may involve him being wheeled into an operating theatre to have his leg removed. David Shore has indicated that he a big admirer of the way the Newhart show ended, and also the Sopranos, and he also has indicated that his favourite episode of House is ‘Three Stories”…so I am guessing he may bring many of these elements together. If there are multiple endings, and Lisa Edelstein is available, I am guessing that one will involve Huddy (this is my pick for a ‘fantasy’ arc…unfortunately, because I am still totally bummed about the end of Huddy ), and one may involve his (faked) death. I suspect that they are going to want to do the ‘faked death’ at some point, so if it is not the season finale, then it will most likely be the episode that Hugh Laurie directs.,,except that is perhaps too many episodes before the finale for things to really work out smoothly.

    I really hope that the team does not fall apart slowly over the rest of the season. Things have gone wrong in a big way before, and it has been a struggle for them to deal with those issues, but it would be frustrating if the team falling apart meant that the series went out with a whimper rather than a bang.

  • Maria

    I picked other. I’d like for him to wake up to wherever the hell he ran off to after the 7th season finale and realize that the 8th season was all a dream. Then he goes back to the US and finds out that he will be arrested, but no Foreman will save him, because Cuddy didn’t ruin more of her life for him. So, he’s this 53-year-old, crippled drug addict, who’s been to a mental institution and in prison, he always gets people to hate him and he just turned the person who gave him his life against him. Maybe he ends up leeching off of Wilson for the rest of his life, maybe he kills himself, maybe his liver finally gives up, maybe he tries to approach Cuddy, hoping she’ll roll over and take it like she always did and goes back to prison, I don’t really give a sh*t. But this is how it should have ended.

  • peg leg


  • Osher

    I like the proposed treatment of the characters, sans House. Instead, House’s ex-wife (played by Sela Ward) has a strange illness. House over a few episodes is going downhill, losing his staff, and his office. We see him packing up, and preparing with Domanika to make a new life ‘somewhere hot’. Now he has a reason to carry on, and he seems to perform another miracle. Then she goes into relapse (or a complication), and she needs ‘something’ (heart, lung, whatever), and there’s no one around. House makes the ultimate sacrifice…

  • lobentti

    Ohhh,God! This is like writing a ‘ death sentence’ to a beloved one! Now that the patient is terminal, all i want is to sit by his side, hold his hand, stay together till the end ;/

  • Maria-Eleni

    @ 39 & 64 – lobentti
    God yes! you put my feelings into words.
    It seems just you and me think of a sherlockian end for House: bees and a smile after finding some “inner peace”!
    Lovely image sitting by his side and holding his hand. Unless we are the terminal ones who need hand holding! Will [H] be able to provide it?

  • He travels to Tibet, to meet with the (newly reinstated) Dalai Lama. That’s what Holmes did during the time Watson thought he had tumbled down the Reichenbach falls with Moriarty. There he realizes that compassion is the only true enlightenment, and opens a free diagnostic clinic for the many ill and needy Tibetans and Chinese. Many years later he returns, at the end of his life, to say farewell to Wilson, now reaching retirement, and there sees Cuddy again, who is also old and heading towards retirement. Astounded by what he has been up to all these years, there is a general forgiveness and reconciliation; House gets to see the now-grown Rachel Cuddy who turns out to be a truly brilliant young woman after his own heart… and who plans to be a diagnostician.

  • PS (This is a “Sherlockian” ending for House too..)
    I think those bees need to come in there somewhere but they won’t interest House unless… well, unless he can find a way to keep them alive, since without bees, the world would likely come to an end… and the bee colonies have been collapsing. Bees are needed for pollinization.

  • dago

    66-LAdybelle Fiske-this one I truely like-it would also be true to his character.Remember what he once said in ” son Of the Coma Guy” about the japanese buraku.It is so very much like House.

  • Keri

    Stacy is his ex-wife? *confused* thought she was his gf…I do hope they’ll get back together again

  • BrokenLeg


    Yes, yes and yes. I agree totally with you ( and with my friend 65@maria-eleni a second time in a few days, something that never happened before in months…)
    As you both, I also want some kind of “inner peace”, whatever it can be, to my beloved broken genius. And yes,as you, I want to sit by his side, hold his hand and stay togheter until the end (how sad but beautifully poetic are your words …)

  • Maria-Eleni

    @ 70 – BrokenLeg
    We have been disagreeing about Huddy and how it ended but not about House the ‘broken genius’, or HL the genius who portrays him! Actually it might be the third time we agree as I think our first exchange of views had to do about starting to watch House because of HL.
    Whatever the end, I shall always be grateful to the creators of the show for coming up with such a character and their vision for recognizing in HL that they had the perfect impersonation for House. For sure more than half of House’s traits originated in the acting and this is what I believe made [H] so globally beloved. Also the fact that the issues examined are universal and not centered in an american way of life.
    For all House’s misery and apparent depression I always found him exuding enormous vitality and constantly fighting back ( in perverse ways admittedly) to overcome his misfortunes and faults. So my overwhelming wish for the end is NOT to see House beaten down or groveling for society’s or anybody’s acceptance. If he is to gain absolution I hope he finds it within himself not because others grant it. He was always his own most severe judge. Let him go out as he burst in our lives, irreverent and rebellious.
    But we can’t always get what we want. Hopefully we shall get what we need!

  • The Phantom Blot

    I’m pretty sure House will die, but I don’t think he’ll kill himself. I think someone else may kill him, someone House has just pushed TOO far…

    Candidates (mostly just from this season):
    Mendelson (“Unlike you, I got friends on the outside.”)
    Adams – She really likes guns.
    Park – Already a history of violence.
    Taub – How long before he breaks under House’s abuse?

    I like the Holmsian fake death idea, but that would imply a return, or at least, more tales to tell. And I think one of the reasons they will kill House off would be to avoid any talk of a return.

    I think Hugh has had enough, frankly.

  • anonymous

    After watching Chase’s injury in the last episode, I’d like to see him become the new House. After his leg injury, he develops a similar limp, finds a pessimistic view of the world and resorts to pain meds and outrageous ideas to solve cases.

  • Jules

    @ 66 – Ladybelle Fiske

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle NEVER wrote that Sherlock met the Dalai Lama and changed his ways. That story was an interpretation of the Sherlock story written by another author.

    I do however agree that they should do their own interpretation of the real Sherlock ending since he has (most of the time) been very spot on.

    I do see what is being portrayed now as being Sherlockian, they are starting to distrust him even though he was the one that encouraged them to be more observant and think outside the box.

  • Jules

    74 – Jules

    In addition, he has no real proof to back his theories up other than his acute observations skills and vast knowledge of everything. How does he explain that on paper?

  • soorcree

    house finally gets rational about his leg. lets them amputate. we see him running off into the sunset on a high-tech robo cop prosthesis.

  • Crodley

    He starts seeing Kutner back and Kutner is trying to talk House into suicide for himself. (Hey, Kal Penn is acting again)

    House takes the anti suicide part of the argument and Kutner is the pro part. House wins the argument finally, but then he hallucinates Cuddy and she makes a hugely compelling argument for why suicide for HOUSE specifically is a good idea, and then…he does it.

  • Chris

    It would have been funny if Cuddy came up pregnant with houses kid.

  • housemaniac

    I wasn’t going to say anything here–mostly because I didn’t have any brilliant ideas–until…I read an interview with David Shore reminding us that there would definitely not be anything close to a happy ending for the show. It’s just not that kind of show, according to Shore.

    OK, so now what? Well, I have to disagree with all theories/desires such that of as markaiden #36 that have House either committing suicide or some unspeakably violent act towards someone else. House is neither suicidal nor a murderer. Talk about jumping the shark! Also, not very creative.

    I’m thinking that maybe he’ll end up back in prison for some reason, and this time for a very long time and the last short will be House alone in a prison cell. Or, there are many other possibilities that are neither happy nor violent. That’s what I’m hoping for, given the parameter’s of the Shorean mentaility.

  • BrokenLeg

    Kath Lingenfelter tuited: “The last four episodes are…well,whatever word means intimidating, awesome, heart-wrenching, yet fun”
    A hint?

  • lobentti

    Uhmmm… they keep saying the end will be fun … Not buying it. (80 Broken leg)Fun and dark? Fun and… what? It´s hard to believe; or we´re all wrong. (I mean most of you, I didn´t have any idea, besides the bees and the smile – but that´s because before being a House fan, I was adicted to Sherlock Holmes, I read all his cases, histories, some more than once).Let´s be optimistic, then, and trust! Everybody lies, so truth is fictional … may be we´ll get what we need – a pacified hero.

  • Kudzu Moriarty

    When Sherlock Holmes disappeared into the Reichenbach Falls in ‘The Final Problem’, it was because Conan Doyle intended to stop writing Holmes stories. The character’s reappearance by popular demand required a different explanation of events. If the producers choose to follow the Holmes model, Greg House will meet a similarly mysterious fate, leaving Wilson, et al to puzzle out what actually happened, coming to a plausible but not wholly convincing conclusion about the matter. I don’t see House retiring to the country as a beekeeper, which is how Doyle finished with Holmes the second and last time.

  • ashidamir

    In the end, House will suffer a disease so weird that neither he nor his team will be able to diagnose on time. Obviously, the end will come a postmortem video where House himself knew he was dying, and the cause, but he decided not to do anything to know once and for all whether there is life after death …

  • Ali

    House is already dead.

  • DrFever

    13 has taken a turn for the worse and as promised House helps her die. The department gets shut down, he goes to jail forever.

  • isabelle Hevras

    Cuddy was central to House, from the start and even before ( med school one-night stand).
    Stacy ( however important she was for him at one point), Cameron or even his little love affair at the lunatic asylum are only minor figures of womanly love for him.
    I do believe Cuddy embodies all the women he needs. Not everyone will agree, I know.
    His attraction to Cuddy shows through every single encounter with her ( even in Stacy’s presence) and from the first episode of the series onward.Nothing is ever neutral.
    House is not a realistic character although the series tackles everyday life very much.
    This is what fascinates me even more than the medical mysteries and his superior intelligence: this mixture of modern love and permanence in love ( so far from what we experience in life these days)
    A modern Heathcliff in many ways…close to us and yet so far.And to me the only ending I can figure out is House’s death.

  • isabelle Hevras

    Last but not least:

    Miss Edelstein, when you went away, you took the heart of House with you….
    You belonged in your own right to the Holy Trinity with Mr Laurie and Mr. Leonard.
    The three of you were amazing in the funny moments but even better in the serious, intense and emotional ones.
    The three of you reached the heights or your dramatic art in those moments.
    That will not be forgotten.
    House MD is not just another series, it has another dimension thanks to those three actors.

  • isabelle Hevras

    38: Brian PH.D.
    I know it is hard for you to accept it but Cuddy was the woman he loved. You might blame her for being selfish and cruel. It is not for us to say. Men often love women that hurt them. But she also did a lot for him.
    Can’t think of any Stacy in the background. Watch the “Guilt” episode with ” You’ll never be happy ” moment. If you still have doubts about the woman he is in love with, let me know.

  • How I will miss it — that’s all I can say, think, or know.

  • Hulio

    I think Dr. Kutner (Kal Penn) will come back from the dead, and him and House will smoke some pot, and go on a road trip around New Jersey looking for late night Burger King Whoppers, they will call it “Kutner and House” go to Burger King

  • I love HOUSE. I don’t think he is already dead. I do wish that Cuddy might have become pregnant by him. This is an instance of some of the writers not seeing very far or having much of a sense of humor.
    But then they don’t have Lisa Edelstein, do they?

  • Thanks, Dago. Glad you liked my idea. I’m a dedicated Sherlockian!

  • Darryl

    I really do not want to see House die, go back to prison, have his leg amputated, or end up in a mental institution. It would be too depressing.

    Why can’t it end on a positive note? Like shock…? Well that would be shocking wouldn’t it?

  • peter

    @nata i’m really looking forward to this episode too! house has always hinted out about his bio dad in the show, but a confrontation would be absolutely superb. the basic plot house is ironically why is House does the things he does, and the whole nature vs nature question could come into play. is he biologically self destructive, or was just bullied into thinking that from his military dad? i do not believe the former, so could it possible that he truly is a kind person deep down? i really hope 8×14 will be something along the lines of this, but we’ll have to wait and see.

    i too saw similarities in 8×13 between chase and house. but i remember other characters becoming house in their own ways, like foreman(season 3 end). and also i think Adams bears some resemblance to house: loving but estranged relationship with parents when they were young, the Jhop degree and of course the rebellious spirit.

  • peter

    the whole cuddy things up for debate really, but im pretty sure this will be a more likely take on the series finale:
    holmesian reference- either taking a story directly or just a bit of character metaphor. the death arc seems the most house like thing to do, and could allow for returning chracters such as cuddy, stacy cameron, house’s bio dad, his old(er) diagnostic team and colleagues etc
    Hilson- definetley needs to big f or the next episode. i wouldnt mind if its not the final scene, but would like to have it have some impact
    Final shot- im calling right now the final sequence will be of house, giving the camera that mysterious look HL can pull. because for all intents and purposes, its a mystery show, and having a bit of mystery at the end would sum it up perfectly.

  • Darryl

    We keep with the dying thing! You people are obsessed! Sheesh!

    If House has to die, he might as well shoot detective Michael Tritter in the head, blow up Princeton Plainsboro and run off to Paradise Island Resort with Cameron where after a tireless session of lovemaking House lays on the beach and a coconut falls on his head killing him instantly. 😛

  • I THINK E Online said that while Cuddy will not return for a show or an “arc,” a scene is not beyond the realm of possibility. I believe it will most likely happen because it’s a good way to wrap things up. Also, in Hollywood, all things are actually possible– if someone pays for them.

  • OK. My brother was a genius not unlike HOUSE (in a number of ways). He, sadly, died in his sleep (you can imagine what caused this) one night a few years ago. There was no one like him and there never will be again.
    I most sincerely hope that House won’t have this happen to him. It is a realistic ending but it does not have to happen. NOT HAVE TO. Hear me, God!>\?

  • PS I think HOuse loved Stacy a great deal. He lived with her for FIVE years. That did not seem to be possible with Cuddy, though it might have if she’d given him a little more loose rein.

  • The Other Barnett

    Ladybelle Fiske #99 –

    I agree with your comment about Stacy. Five years with House (especially a healthy ego with a healthy leg) qualified Stacy for sainthood. She is the one he should end up with if he ends up with anyone.

    I’m going to steal from Frasier to recommend a weird ending. House is in a plane sitting to a hot and smart woman (why not Jennifer Beals), they strike up a conversation that leads to a flashback where we see House and his team handling a case that eventually gets him fired, gets Chase promoted to head of Diagnostics, and Foreman fired, too. As the episode closes, the lady asks House what brings him to (fill in the blank-city) and he says a certain woman who deserves someone better than him. Leave the viewer to determine whether it is his mom, Cuddy, Stacy, Cameron, etc.

  • Ella

    House will help sick Thirteen commit suicide as he promised. He will then leave Princeton to travel the world.

  • tahina

    House will end he opening his apartment door and saying something like, thought you were never going to come, or something on those lines..knowing how impish SHore is, but a genius as well, he will leave us with the enigma of..who was behind the door..

  • Djesus

    After being rescued by his biological father from death, House leaves Plainsboro to live his life (where? we’ll never know) and finally decide to stop vicodin (well, he’ll try) that has ruined his health.

  • Hey Jules, I’m pretty sure that Doyle says that Holmes ( who said he changed his ways??) visited “The grand Llama” of Tibet while supposedly lost to the waters of the Reichenbach falls. I can look it up if you like.
    I was raised by parents who didn’t believe in sending their kids to school and as a result we spent a lot of time traveling up and down the East Coast of the US reading books aloud and to ourselves. My brother, cousin and I were fanatical fans of Holmes (We joined some wing of the Baker Street Irregulars) and we’d spend our long traveling days querying one another about Holmes’ exploit
    I’ll see if I can find a copy of “The Complete SH” to make sure, but I am pretty sure that Holmes and the Dalai Lama of those days spent some interesting time together.

  • #100 The Other Barnett– Interesting!

  • #90: That is so f—ing funny, I can’t believe it. Thanks for a bit of levity!

  • Dear Jules (#66)– I looked it up (it’s in Wikipedia, for easy access).
    Holmes, while hiding out from Moriarty’s gang, does indeed travel to Tibet and spends some time there, meeting with “the head Llama” (the Dalai Lama, as he,or his “reincarnation,” depending on your point of view, has held this position for centuries).
    Please see “The Adventure of the Empty House” for confirmation. Thanks!

  • I want to dedicate my memory of this Holmes story to my brother, William John Fiske, who never got it wrong. In many, many ways, he was like Dr. House. “The Sherlock Holmes Discoursers” (our fan club) salute you!

  • Jules
    Feb 12, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    @ 66 – Ladybelle Fiske

    Dear Jules–
    Forgive me for beating this particular dead horse, but Dr. Doyle did indeed write that Holmes spent time in Tibet and met the “head llama” (the Dalai Lama– who else could it be?).
    Others may have also written about the same side story, but Arthur Conan Doyle did mention this in “The Adventure of the Empty House.” I hope you don’t mind my rather neurotically mentioning it again.

  • I look forward to the episode with House’s mother and her friend. Perhaps from here on in we are going to get some things resolved and, I hope, some reappearances of former cast members… incl. LE if we are fortunate. I hope for JM too, very much.

  • Boris

    my theory:
    1) 13 returns as a patient
    2) house keeps his promise and kills her
    3) foreman probably get fired and house loses his medical license and the whole department gets shut down
    4) house becomes a physics scientist as he planned in the beginning of the season.

    almost full closure. what do you think?

  • Michael Swiney

    You know what would be killer? If House does die and in the last scene he is back on the white bus with Amber…Remember when he asked her if he was dead and she said “Not Yet”

  • Trane

    House didn’t survive the crash into Cuddy’s house. This season will be revealed to be purgatory. You heard it hear first and look for the clues

  • Darryl

    House did not survive the crash into Cuddy’s house, Trane. That stupid decision is what killed the show, and now we won’t have House MD anymore.

    Why didn’t they cancel “Law & Order UVE” AND “A Gifted Man” instead? I hate those shows.

  • bandeti

    Several ideas come to mind; House is in a terrible accident and 1) he loses his good leg or 2) he loses his bad leg. Another is House is in a terrible accident and is in a wheelchair paralyzed form the waist down. House could die (from a terrible accident?) and wind up in the Afterlife. Of course, he doesn’t believe in the Afterlife… until he meets Amber! There, he rails against all the Afterlife is supposed to be with all it’s goodness and niceness and lack of drama, etc. until Amber whispers in House’s ear as he looks into the camera and Amber says… ‘Welcome to your hell!’

    Personally tho—, I think it would be a hoot if nothing bad did happen to House and, in an episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, Sheldon has to go to the doctor… and the doctor turns out to be…!

  • Thanks, Keri. I’m so mad, no House tonight!

  • Wayne

    I think Thirteen reaches out to House to finish what he promised. Because of this he will loose his licence and go to jail unless he escapes SOME HOW.

  • housefan2

    None of it has been real. Much like House’s Head or No Reason, we find of it has been an illusion. House had been committed years ago and everything up to this point has all been in House’s head.

  • puiz

    House moves in with 13. That’s not a happy ending: neither of them will last very long.

  • Soap

    House will be faced with a treatment, that will save his life, but he fears that he will lose what makes him special, his mind.

    House will lose what makes him a special doctor.

    House will get what he needs — an ordinary life, no longer special, but it’s what’s needed sort of like robo tripping, or taking an ssri to cure OCD or choosing radiation to cure Wegner’s or losing an arm to remove cancer or losing a foot to avoid going back into the army.

    You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need.

    I hope they do a flash forward to show how he is dealing with the change, but that may be too happy of ending for this show.

  • Raymundo

    I think the last two part episode should be that house has some tragic accident resulting in house having locked in syndrome or some sort of ailment that dosent allow him to speak or move. since his original team isnt able to solve it without him. they bring back all the old cast, including cuddy. while “the super team” is trying to figure things out, house in his subconscious meet up with kutner and Amber and they also try to figure out what’s happend to him, thus bringing all the old and new cast members to the show for one last time.

  • Rock Cincinnati

    My whole thought has been that House actually is a Patient in Greystone Mental Hospital with Paranoid schizoprenia and the Entire Eight seasons have been a figment of his tormeneted imagination. We see House in restraints struggling and the camera pulls away and fades to black.

  • Sandy Florida

    Rock: Love the comment and the idea. Can I add that as House begins to comply with treatment and is more oriented, the Nurses and Drs taking care of him are Kutner, Taub, Foreman, Chase, Cameron, Amber! I Love House!!

  • Darryl

    I like Rock’s idea, but I would like to see House recovering and starting a new life with his foreign wife. Seriously!

    I am dreading the idea of him killing himself. I would love to do that and I would let a lot of people down. If the show ends unresolved with him playing the blues… that won’t help either.

    House MD keeps me sane. I can identify with his situation. If I want a show about a genius who ends up in the loony bin and can’t recover all I have to do is look in the mirror.

  • alex

    I don’t know about the details, but I foresee House finally having his bad leg amputated. The leg was the source of House’s problems and he was too stubborn and proud to just have it removed. A good end to the show is to eliminate the source of House’s misery.

    A shot of house standing at the bottom of a staircase looking up with one leg, fade to black.

  • melraemorgan

    I think however it happens House must die. Though, as someone mentioned on another site, irony is sure to play a part. I personally would like to see him die from some kind of cancer that Wilson diagnoses and that House refuses treatment. Looking at the promo for next week there could be something like that brewing. Though knowing DS I wouldn’t be sure of anything. Especially since DS is currently lamenting the scrutiny of the series finale and the “unfairness” of it because we did “177 episodes why does that one mean so much?”. Duh… I hope this is some form of misdirection or a bizarre PR tactic, but again, with this writer/producer you never know.

  • next door

    It’s tied to Dominika – House, tired after these years, falls for her while they pretend to be married for Immigration. And she dumps him for her former boyfriend. And it’s either too much and he ends up suicidal or by hassling the boyfriend is killed.

  • Mimosa

    Or maybe his long lost love Stacy, comes back in the last clip. While holding the child’s hand, he tells him, that he is the father – END!

  • Frances

    Whle we’re imagining – House’s Russian wife-of-convenience gets pregnant to help her immigration cas, which leads to House trying to determine the baby’s paternity – “did he or didn’t he”. Just as Thirteen reaches out to him for his promise to help her end it all, which he won’t do if it will keep him from his own child, until he determines that the child has a better chance at normalcy without him.
    And OF COURSE Cameron reunites with Chase-me-round-the-bedroom-eyes!

  • Ray

    Liver Failure….he will die

  • Enrique

    House gets a patient with Lupus

  • Annie

    I think it will be a roller coaster ride.
    Cuddy comes back for a visit and she introduces house to his child, then they make peace.Taub moves on with his family and returns to plastic surgery. Chase has a breakdown but eventually turns to his estranged sister for comfort and they try to reconcile.Foreman leaves the Deanship for something else? Adams leaves PPTH. Houses’s Mom
    figures out the man she slept with back in 1960
    was Wilson’s father, making House and Wilson 1/2 brother’s. 13 asks House to help her with Euthanasia as she is in the final stages of Huntington’s disease. Some how Park quietly helps House (House covers so Park doesn’t get into trouble) It looks like House will be investigated and charged in 13’s death) He accaepts this.He knows they will come to get him the next day. That afternoon leaves for the on his motorcycle and he dies in a crash. 1. He swerves so he doesn’t hit a kid getting off a school bus? 2. He has a head on collision with Cuddy (wet road from rain) she comes to support him with his decision to help 13. 3. He is on his motorcycle and has the Vicodin in one hand about to pop the top and take some shakes his head and throws them into a ditch but the sleeve of his leather jacket gets stuck on the gears of the handle bars and he crashes!

  • Brackish

    I always thought it’d be interesting to see the very first patient house treated from season one come back.. but this time he can’t save her.. It also wouldn’t surprise me if heroin becomes involved.

  • Jennifer

    I can’t believe everyone’s forgotten Stacy. Forget that embarrassing debacle with Cuddy. Cuddy was a great friend, but they should never have paired the two. House was great – GREAT – with Sela Ward as Cuddy. They should bring her back for the last episode. End of story!

  • george

    House must die. It’s not that i’d *like* him dead, quite the opposite, but that ending would have the greatest impact on viewers.

  • Bob

    Bear in mind “House” is loosely based on Sherlock Holmes…

    How did that series of books end?

  • HouseObssessedAgain

    Well the last spoiler we got was from RSL who said 8×22 is a typical day at the office for House and Wilson. And DS., HL, and RSL said the series would end ABRUPTLY and in a SURPRISING WAY. Killing off House would not be surprising.

  • Bob

    Insomuch as I never read the Holmes series, according to one site:

    “…Sherlock Holmes has even been killed off, while fighting an his evil counterpart (Professor Moriarty) and the entangled duo fell over the Riechenbach Falls…”

    If they choose the Holmes tack, then perhaps House and his arch nemesis “go over the falls” together. So who/what is the nemesis?


    His obsessions?

    His true father (yet unrevealed)?

  • Holmes doesn’t die in the Reichenbach Falls. (Sorry for the spoiler.) He returns. I wish we could look forward to a day when House would do the same, but that day is past.
    Anyone know if they finished filming the finale yet?
    Anyone think that “Everybody Lies” could encompass some of the people who said they can’t be there (such as JM, for instance) being in it?

  • I agree that Stacy would be a better partner for House than Cuddy. However, I have this feeling he and Dominika are going to get together on some level, pissing a lot of people off.

  • Holmes went to tend bees on the South Downs. Can’t House retire to that island on which he seemed happy?

  • When does House ever hold anyone’s hand?
    He did have a patient with Lupus once.
    I’m just commenting on the comments above.
    I’d like to see Stacy involved but have not heard that Sela Ward has been involved.
    Let’s be realistic. It probably will not be as exciting as we would all like. But let us love and remember this show, the best I have ever seen except The West Wing.

  • dannyhouse

    Nothing special will happen. A rare disease will be diagnosed.

  • GoingPostal13

    It’s revealed he never left Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital from Season 6.

  • Ian

    Last episode will be the dilemma for House keeping his promise to euthanize 13 against the wishes of everyone else, knowing that he will be put back into jail and will lose his medical license permanently. The last scene will be him at home playing the piano with the police knocking at his door.

  • Rick

    I REALLY don’t want a “St. Elsewhere” ending. Please don’t cheapen this show by doing that!

  • Rocaja

    As a fan of “the dark side” of house, one thing this chick doesn’t want is a “happily ever after” ending.Sure,love is grand! But I don’t want House to go out as a pile of mush!Bring out Dr. Jeckyl!

  • mark

    i like to see cameron turning up at houses appartment and house has a change of heart and lell cameron that he love her

  • Andrei Stoica

    I would say that House falls in love with Dominica during these last episodes. And in the last episode, Dominica gets sick and House has to find out what is wrong with her. In the end, they figure it out and the only solution is a heart transplant or liver or something and House, as a ultimate sacrifice gets operated and dies on the table.


    Cuddy returns and she has a problem. The ultimate puzzle for House. Or her daughter is sick.

  • Rosanne

    I think it will be a writer’s cop out to have House die because they wont know what else to do with him. I’d like to see him retire and take off to some island where he can practice as a consultant in a small village. The best part of this show has been the friendship between House & Wilson. I hope they somehow remain friends.

  • captininsanoo

    Considering tonight’s episode ** spoiler warning**, i think Wilson’s cancer will prove to be terminal and he only has a few months to live. House upon learning this will retire from medicine and him and wilson will go see the world, or something that wilson always wanted to do before he died. Or it could be wilson dying of cancer or being near death and in pain with house then assisting him in suicide and getting himself thrown back into jail or being unable to coup with life now that everyone he has cared for is dead will give himself a lethal dose of morphine and die.

  • Katty

    I want to see Wilson miraculously cured and solidifying his relationship with House. Although they are both straight, I don’t see House living w/o Wilson.

    House never (to my knowledge) sought out Cameron or Cuddy in the way he sought Wilson. And House’s relationship with the two women, respectively, did not alter his plot line much. Further, I’m just not into either of the women characters that much–they hold no fascination for me. Both are more pedestrian, I think, than other House mates.

    I want to see an unbreakable bromance (in life or in death); or some declaration of love on the part of House towards Wilson. I see them together–one way or another. (Anyone else wondering about the shot of House hanging his head just below Wilson’s belt level after Wilson revealed he had cancer?)

  • Jim

    It’s alreadyknown that Cuddy and Cameron will not be coming back.
    Wilson will dies from his cancer, but it will be something that House could have prevented, but he dropped the ball.
    That will cause House to resign, or better yet, he will come down with the same “cancer” as Wilson.

  • Gigi

    I think that several things could possibly happen. Most of them involve House’s death.
    1. Chase gets into an accident, injuring a leg then House dies. Last scene it shows a male character limping down the hallway, not sure if it’s House or Chase.
    2. He dies for real and no one or everybody shows up for his funeral.
    3. Everybody else dies in horrible accidents.
    4. He lives with either Cuddy or Cameron.
    5. They make it unclear whether he dies or not.
    6. Chase kills House.

  • Brennan

    Wilson’s cancer progresses to some other organ, house finds out they are half brothers but doesn’t tell him. And kills himself to save Wilson with a transplant in a final act of not ‘being an ass’. Everyone is sad.

  • Menichia

    Well I think house dying is too obvious, I think it’s Wilson that will die…maybe house won’t be able to save him or maybe it takes Wilson dying for him to leave ppth and do what Wilson always wanted for him to be happy some how.

  • Selma

    It appears that House continues to lose his edge as the individual doctors on his team become more independent thinkers who have “House like ephiphanies’. The teacher (house) will hand his baton to his students who are able to think and act both independently and as a strong team. The Vicodin will make it harder for House to focus….I bet he will step back and take on the role of the buraku…. an ‘untouchable’ who has alienated all the hospital staff and killed off all chances of friendship within his old team. the hosipital will keep House on – but in a job where he does not come into contact with people until that time when the doctors need help in solving a case. They will come to HOuse when they can not help a patient. Once House fixes the patient he will slide back into his own world where no one wants to or has to deal with him

  • Housefan

    I believe neither House nor Wilson will die. The two characters are based on S. Holmes so none will die, right? House will cure Wilson for sure. Then why will all three female team members turn on in the final episode of the series (13, Cameron and Martha)? I think that must be either someone’s wedding or funeral. I do not see any wedding in sight with only 4 episodes left. So it could be some funeral. it is way too early for 13 to die (unless the last episode takes place in a few years time), so it can’t be 13. I’m worried that David S. has decided to kill Chase. I think I’ve found two clues for that: 1. Chase is not in the last scene in the outer office and 2. the “fun” photo of Chase, check out http://img.ly/gw1x. On the other hand, I know fans would not forgive him for killing off any of the team members…so now go figure 🙁 The ending still can be unexpected and emotional without anyone dying so that is I expect would happen. Or all 8 seasons will be ruined forever and that would be unforgivable. I do not think D. Shore will go with so morbid ending of this great show.

  • Housefan

    I forgot one thing: House’s life is his job and solving puzzles. So he will never give it up. Oh, and both Wilson and house will end up alone forever, except for their friendship… My humble opinion though…

  • Housefan

    One other great ending could be Chase’s wedding with Moira. What if after all she turns up as she has chosen Chase over her faith? And he really fell for her in “Chase”. That is the only possible wedding I can see in this show. All team members are doomed (incl. House) and will stay alone forever…

  • susan saari

    what is url?
    I have no idea not email?
    ok at some point 13 returns and House helps her to die with dignity- he is found guily of manslaughter and jailed. he commits suicide with Jim’s help. never goes to jail.Wilson is devastated but finds a way to go on with House’s wife who has a green card but feels alone. .Taub returns to wife, the two gal docs end up with: Chase and Park, Forman and the rich gal whose name I have forgotten. all in all it is one or two debacals and one or two sort of happy endings for others but not House. I will miss him so much. But for fun go out and rent Jeeves and Wooster series staring Hugh Laurie and Steven Fry. they are superb.

  • Igor

    Susan, I’ll second that! The old “Jeeves and Wooster” series from England is great fun, in the English style, of course (it helps if you have a history of addiction to “Punch”), as is a later comedy series “A Bit Of Fry and Laurie”. With a little exploring you can find a BT of the full seasons of each.

    The danger, for American viewers, is that while enjoying Laurie in his original oeuvre you will become addicted to Stephen Fry as well, and keep looking for his occasional appearances on US TV dramas.

  • Carol

    Wilson dies from cancer and they will bring back all cast members for a memorial for Wilson.

  • steven

    i think wilson is gonna die and then house is going to commit suicide

  • Bunnies

    I believe that Wilson will die and House will disappear this time for good though.

  • Mario7777

    I saw this weeks episode of House. Chase already left, so whoever said Chase had anything to do with the ending, was completely wrong. In the preview for the second to last episode, House finds something on Wilson, which more than likely proves the cancer has returned. Also, the MRI machine room collapses. Leading to a suspicion that someone, maybe House, may have done it, to get revenge because he knows he is losing his only friend. And we see house strangling a patient, possibly out of anger, but possibly, because he doesn’t want to lose another patient and break his promise to #13.

    Also, there are several possible answers here to how it will all play out:

    1)House will lose Wilson and find some way for himself or someone else to kill him.

    2)Wilson survives, and House resigns from the hospital.

    3)House saves Wilson, but then something goes horribly wrong, and House kills himself.

    4)Wilson recovers, House is the final patient, no one can save him except House, but even he is wrong about his diagnosis.
    Wilson resigns or kills himself, and Taub, and the only other one left on the team, besides Park, get married. (More than likely this will be similar to the actual ending, because this is how these kind of shows usually end.)

  • Mario7777

    Wow, I didn’t even think they would bring Chase back, just to kill him.
    Although they might, and if that’s the case, House will probably kill himself as well.

  • FAN

    I think House will go back to jail..assisting Wilson with his death. I wouldn’t be surprised if the final scene is with him in prison and 13 visiting him. As for House’s team, nothing will happen. Foreman, will finally be the head of diagnostics and Cuddy will return. Cameron will come back to get back together with Chase. However, Chase rejects her and moves on.

  • George A.

    well, it seems the characters are departing one by one. Wilson’s not making it and Chase resigned.. The end will be tragically sad but hopefully not painfull for House’s briliance. I think Foreman won’t stay at PPTH either. They’ll find a way to have him go

    I wish this show would never end, so many good nights..

  • Housefan

    I do not think that House would ever commit suicide. In my opinion that would be totally out of his character. He was always a big fighter and in case of overwhelming despair he would turn to work and solving puzzles (cases). Some people simply find their reason for living through hard work and I think House is one of them. @Mario7777 After a few days and one more episode have passed, I do not believe any more that they would kill Chase. He might even come back with Cameron. That ending for him might be a balance to unhappy ending for Wilson and House. Not all characters can end up in misery, that would really be too much.

  • ptroa

    The series should have ended last season with house miserable in prison. That should’ve been the last image we seen of him. I cannot believe people feel sympathy after he crashed his car in Cuddy’s house. Ridiculous. He’s lucky he didn’t kill anyone and in reality that’s what would have happened. How likely did everyone clear that room in the 2 mins it took him to turn around? Ridiculous. This show has sucked after season 2.

  • randyobtheglobe

    How will it end? Years too late!

  • Tiffany Wright

    I believe that house is going to commit suicide since he has to go to jail now and wilson we die soon after from grief then all the others will fall apart and have a miserable life.

  • Katty

    Well–I loved it when Wilson asked House to tell him he loved him. What Eric said about Wilson (except for the marriages) could as easily be applied to House.

    I hope the two speed up their plans and try to flee for the weekend. I think they either live or die together.

  • flux

    House has jail time hanging over his head while Wilson is dying of cancer. By the time House gets out of jail, Wilson will be dead. Therefore, House and Wilson commit double suicide…Maybe not

  • Hannah

    As Cameron is returning for the final episode, I would hazard a guess that they have brought her back to somehow lessen the pain for House. Remember that she has lost a close person to cancer too.

    It does look though as if the end will be an incredibly dramatic one. I would not bet any money that House will commit suicide, though. It would be too obvious – but perhaps they opt for that as we could have assumed that House’s life would end this way already in season 1. Admittedly, it would be a quite dissapointing ending.

    Hugh Laurie has hinted a kind of re-birth, and the first image of the promo pulls my thought to that too. What this actually means – I have no idea.

    Perhaps it will end with House doing something truly courageous. No idea again what this might imply.

    No light jokes in this episode, I hope. Walk out the door with heavy shoes, please. I enjoy some drama – as long as it doesn’t lean too much on sentimentality.

  • Comment Guy

    I think after Adams, Park and Taub figure out what’s wrong with the patience. They go tell House into his office and when they come they just see house with a gun pointed in his head because he didn’t want to see wilson diyng. Then everything stops and we just hear a BANG! Then we see a slow motion of the characters reciving the message that house died. Please tell me if you agree with me.

  • Brian Carter

    House and Wilson will commit suicide together – House to avoid prison and losing his friend, and Wilson since he wants to avoid the inevitable cancer death. The real question is what creative way will they do it? Most likely the final episode will completely avoid this issue with something else, and then zing – they do it unexpectedly.

  • Jim

    Since House is based on Sherlock Holmes (Wilson is Watson), let’s look at how Holmes “died”. Holmes faked his death after fighting his arch nemesis Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland, living on under the alias of Sigerson in order to protect Watson from assassins.

    Perhaps House will take an alias and go on the lam with Wilson until Wilson’s death, merely disappearing afterwards. This would leave things open for a movie sequel.

  • Annie Nonymous

    I this this is how it will end. Wilson will have terminal cancer and House will assist with his Kevorkian cocktail. House will dream about Kutner and will give him some enlightening words. Most of the past characters will come back for Wilson’s funeral. House will lose his medical license and serve time.

  • Debbie

    I seriously think and I think it’s been hinted at,(my observation) that House will jump off the roof of the prison. I’d rather have a happy ending, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    I think House would rather die than think of Wilson suffering and dying alone without him. House has lost his last hope, which is Wilson. With Wilson having five months to live and House incarcerated for six, he won’t be able to deal with Wilson’s death.

    Maybe he will take a handful of Vicodin and jump from the roof. All his pain would end once and for all. His chronic leg pain and the loss of his one and only true friend.

    He would rather die himself knowing that Wilson is suffering with dying and losing his BFF?? Talk about adding more pain to Wilson’s ultimate demise.

    Is House being selfish or selfless?

  • Anon

    Guys, many of you were right in the first comments! So many speculations, many of them became true.