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How Was Your Life Changed By 9-11?

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Ten years ago, many lives were changed in a dramactic way when 9-11 occurred on a fateful day in 2001. Little did the world know that the way it views traveling by airport would change forever. On this weeked, we remember the10th year anniversary of 9-11 and what it means to the families that were effected, their friends, and the US as a nation.

Although I wasn’t in New York at the time, I felt the impact in a strong way as I watched via TV how the lives were impacted. I was in my office, in a meeting, when one of my co-workers came and told me about the first attack. I didn’t believe him and I thought out loud, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”.

However, when I followed him to the break area where there was a TV, I realized how truthful he was. For at the very moment when they were reporting about the first attack, the second one occurred. Life as we knew it changed dramatically. No longer was the US “safe” from terrorist attack because right then in that moment, we were experiencing one.

Many experienced great loss on that day and I remember the two things that happened to me. The first happened a few days after 9-11 occured. I was informed by my consulting firm that my services were no longer needed as a consultant due to the impact that this tragedy had on the company. Their financial bottomline was affected like a lot of coporations when the attack occurred.

The second thing that happened to me was a month later, my grandmother passed away who was very dear to my heart. She was my heart and can remember her smile, the love she shared with everyone, and how her eyes would light up when she was sharing her love.

Now, when I think back to 2001, I try to glean the positive aspects of how my life changed that year. Although I lost my job, I was thankful that I was still alive. Many also lost their livelihood that day due to the tragedy. With the passing of my grandmother, I look at it as a time of joy that she was no longer in pain nor was she suffering here on earth.

So here I am 10 years later and remembering how my life has changed over the years. One of the biggest is that I travel a lot and have found that the security at the airports have really changed a lot due to 9-11. I’m thankful for the security because it gives me a comfort level when I travel.

I wanted to know what others though about the 10th year anniversary for 9-11, so I asked. Some of my friends on social media responded and below are their responses:

  • Jason Eng – What we have left from those we lose are our pictures, videos, and memories. We honor them by remembering them positively, focusing on the joy that they brought to our lives, and by using our lives to have a positive impact on those we encounter. (original article about his sister can be found here: A Glimpse at the Life of a Loved One Lost on 9/11)
  • Mary McDonald – I travel pretty extensively for my job, but happened to be in my home city that day. I walked into my job for the day to see everyone clustered around the TV, talking about the terrible ‘accident’ (when we thought a small plane had crashed into the first tower) and watched in disbelief when the second plane went into the second tower. That’s when I knew it was no accident, and that our world would be changed forever. I immediately got on the phone to reassure my family that I wasn’t traveling and was safe, and fielded calls from several friends who were concerned that I was on the road… then went home and tried to explain to my two small children what happened, and answer the unanswerable “But why would they do that, Mommy?”
  • Lorii Abela ‎- 9.11 looked at a different angle is a communion of the souls. Never have I seen so much unity in America till then. Lorii (former New Yorker)
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