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How to Throw a Party That’s Big on Spunk While Low on Space

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Don’t let a small living space cramp your style and hold you back. A small kitchen and possibly non-existent eating area should not be cause for a slew of party-stopping excuses. Just because you live in a small house or apartment doesn’t mean you need to forgo hosting a fabulous party. Instead, give these quick space-saving tips a try and let your creative side and party-hosting spirit run wild and free for the upcoming spring and summer holidays.



Finger-Lickin’ Good

The best kind of menu for a big party in a small space is not necessary a long one – it just needs to contain food items that are easy to eat while standing. Don’t try to cram everyone around one table or create unintentional roadblocks by setting up multiple tables. Instead, create a buffet-style arrangement complete with standing room so you can separate the food, dessert, and drink stations around the room to give your guests a chance to walk around freely and mingle. You can also free up space in your fridge by setting up a sink, a tub, or fun inflatable coolers for drinks.

Potluck Style Is Your Friend

Potlucks, where every guest brings a food or drink item to the party, are also fun and successful food solutions. Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to contribute, and don’t limit your requests to food. Ask people to bring folding chairs or their favorite floor cushions to bring out the spunk and personality in everyone at your party. Other great entry-ticket ideas include board games or bottles of wine.

Clearing a Room – In a Good Way

When hosting a party in a small space, don’t be afraid to move your furniture around to make more open space for your guests. If you do have an area you’d like to keep off-limits, try using it as storage space for all the miscellaneous furniture that you clear from other rooms. Having more places to mingle will take the focus off limited seating and keep the party alive and flowing with movement! This is also a great way to add different themes and decorations to your party.

Decorating and Separating

When working on decorations, throw your creativity to the ceiling and walls instead of cluttering the tables and counters with decor. Creating fun and quirky backdrops and props that you can hang on the walls make great photo ops. Setting up three or four separate stations with themed activities or drinks will also help encourage your guests to move around in smaller groups instead of clogging up one area. One fun activity would be a wine-tasting game. If every guest brings a bottle of wine, you can cover the labels and assign each bottle a number instead. Set them up at different stations around your home and have every guest move around, taste the wines, and write down their thoughts and rankings for each bottle. Afterwards, everyone can come together and discuss their notes on the mystery wines. The longer you play, the more entertaining the notes become.

Take It Outside!

Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of the warm, sunny days and cool, breezy nights. Open the windows and make your balcony, porch, or small backyard available to guests. If you live in an apartment complex, let the party spill out into your shared community areas.

Remember that the atmosphere of your party can bring out the best in all your guests. Keeping your party full of movement and laughter will make any space seem larger than life.

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  • Portability is the name of the game in a small space. In addition, prepare or cater foods that are easy to eat and clean up.