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How to Shop for Men’s Fragrances

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It is both exciting and challenging to buy fragrance as a gift. There are so many to choose from, with new ones coming out constantly, and of course you want to select the very best one. If you are going to give a man perfume, there are several aspects of the process which you may want to keep in mind as you shop.

The personal style of the intended recipient is one of your first possible considerations. If he is the quiet, traditional, and conservative type, you may want a scent with characteristics that match those qualities. On the other hand, a very outgoing and even avant garde personality may seem to merit a fragrance with those cutting edge traits.

Another consideration to think about as you are making your selection is your relationship with the recipient. You might make different choices when shopping for a boyfriend or husband than for your father or other family member. In general your degree of familiarity with the wearer of the scent may guide your ultimate decision.

You may also want to consider where the person will likely be wearing the scent you select for him. Different situations and events sometimes will determine the type of fragrance that is appropriate. A work or other daytime situation will call for a scent that is perhaps not the same as one that would be worn in the evening or for a romantic engagement.

There are several main classifications of scent that a fragrance may be relegated to. Some of these are green, oriental, or citrus, among others that all have distinctively diverse ingredients. You may elect to find a new scent that falls into the same category as one that the person already uses. Or, you may decide to branch out into a different scent family in selecting the new fragrance.

The strength of the scent, once you have chosen it, is another decision you will want to make. The heavier the concentration of the essential oils, the more expensive the fragrance will be, but it will take a smaller amount to have a lasting effect. Lighter forms with a higher proportion of alcohol can be used more lavishly without becoming overwhelmingly strong.

When you have narrowed your choices down to a few, try to avoid using too many testers at the fragrance counter all at once. Having your selections sprayed onto test strips that you can take away is a better method. Later you can review the scents when they have had a chance to develop fully. Then, you will be giving a man a gift of fragrance that is the absolutely best choice.

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  • I like the advice on considering the relationship and wear the scent will be worn. I’ve come across many people that are attending a smile, close for comfort event and wearing a strong fragrance. For these type of events you need something soft. Just like being outdoors, having too fruity of a scent and the bees will attack. 🙂 Also, the relationship to the receiver is a great tip, too much of a sexy scent to your neighbor may just turn into some unwanted visits. 🙂