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How to Remember Your 21st Birthday and Still Have a Good Time

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It is your 21st birthday. This must be memorable. You will want a good story to tell your kids, but you won’t want to be idiotic. If you choose to go out and drink, how do you make it a crazy and good night? You shouldn’t make it a “ton of drinks and then get sick” night. Although you may not remember much from your 21st birthday, here’s how to make it unforgettable.

First of all, plan the event ahead. Arrange everything with one of your friends. If people have questions, then your friend can answer them. You won’t want to make this an impromptu occasion, because if people suddenly want plans to change, you will be the one they turn to, and no one wants to have that responsibility on their birthday. Remember it isn’t anyone’s birthday but your own. Invite who you want to invite.

Next, wear nice or cute clothes. Because we live in the world of Facebook and Twitter, people will take pictures whether they have a nice camera or not, so look good. Girls, you can wear a cute dress or a nice skirt. And guys, wear a nice shirt and jeans. You will want to remember yourself as classy and stylish, even if you’re not.

Take pictures. If you have a good camera, bring it. Tell someone else to take pictures, it’s not their birthday, it’s yours! That way, in the morning when you are reminiscing by looking through all of the pictures, you can pick the ones that make you look wonderful. And maybe your finger could find the delete button on that one unappealing picture of your face after a nauseating shot.

Have the event at a restaurant/bar. If you go bar hopping, some of your friends won’t get to go. Most likely all of your friends aren’t 21, but you still want them to come to the festivities. If you have it at a restaurant that serves drinks, then everybody wins. Your friends, under 21 and of age, can both buy you shots! As long as you have identification, this can be the night that you get free drinks all around. Enjoy it, because from now on you’ll be paying for your own alcohol.



Take mixed shots and drink water. You are obviously planning on having a lot of fun, but if you go overboard too quickly, your night could be ruined. Don’t take shots of pure liquor, instead tell people to buy you good flavored drinks. Your friends will be eager to buy you drinks all at once, but tell them to cool their jets. Instead of getting eight shots in less than 30 minutes, space them out evenly over the night. That way, you can still have fun and be coherent! Make sure you drink water between each shot, then you won’t be overwhelmed immediately.





Have a designated house to stay at afterwards. If you are planning to continue the party, stay at someone else’s house. Then your place won’t be messed up, and you can tell the person whose house it is that this can be their birthday present to you. People can relax and enjoy themselves because they will be in a designated safe place to party. And if this isn’t the house you will be staying at overnight, assign one of your friends to drive you home.

Be open to people taking care of you. You are going to feel slightly out of control this night, so feel free to have one or multiple people looking after you. You can have one designated to give you water, one to hold your phone and keys, and of course, one to drive. It’s likely you will be inebriated and won’t be able to think clearly, so ask for help. This isn’t the night to suddenly become independent and think that you can do things for yourself.

Finally, Have fun! Take all of these suggestions into consideration, but most of all have a good time. You will want to look back and remember it as a wild and hilarious night. You’ll have everything planned out and all of your designated people will have your back, so let loose!

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