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How to Redesign Your Brownstone

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How do you turn the classic styling of a brownstone into a modern home? Call on the experts at NYKB for a full kitchen and home renovation. In this “Floorplan” segment, Open House NY host George Oliphant meets with designer Mairav Gargano and Leo the contractor to find out how they turned a Jersey City brownstone into a modern palace.

Even with a budget of $200-500,000 the total investment was less than a Brooklyn Heights brownstone and the home was given a full gut renovation. Beams and bearing walls were moved, the kitchen was expanded and a cellar was turned into a storage garage. In just over six months, the property transformed into a modern palace within the cool of their old exterior.

How does the new place look? Watch the video and find out.

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  • Unhappy

    NYKB doesn’t put deposits and advances in escrow. Nor do they protect them with a bond (according to the LAW, they must do one or the other, but they don’t). There’s a reason for this: They do the WORST work in town. They destroyed my home–and others’ homes–and should be put out of business.

  • Really Now?

    What happened to the video on this page?
    Six months for a total renovation by NYKB? Really now? How much did NYKB pay for this infomercial and how much of a discount was given to the client?

  • Perry

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We value direct feedback as it enables New York Kitchen and Bath to address any issues requiring improvement. We have been in business for 8 years precisely because it is our consistent practice to delight customers with exceptional design, craftsmanship, and service. We boast thousands of happy customers and an excellent record over these years. We take very seriously any departure from this standard and I invite you to contact me directly [Personal contact info deleted] to discuss this. I also am pleased to tell you that your comments have been instrumental in NYKB’s developing new customer service protocols aimed at preventing any future dissatisfaction. We are currently preparing to launch these new protocols and will post them here for your information when we do. But again, I invite you to contact me personally about your concerns, as our number one priority at NYKB is to make sure every customer is thrilled with their new kitchen or bath.

    Perry Hiiman
    President, New York Kitchen and Bath

  • Disgusted

    Perry Hiiman is SPAMMING the internet with the ridiculous pack of lies posted above. Seriously. Google his name and you’ll see what I mean. Bottom line: NYKB destroys homes and steals money and property. They are pure, undiluted evil and greed.

  • buyerBware

    NYKB closed it’s upper east side showroom and a “new” kitchen/bath showroom has opened in its place. Klein kitchen and bath. Is it possibly the old wolf in new sheep’s clothing?

  • zeva

    To buyerBware: It is possible, as a matter of fact, I would bet $113,597 double or nothing.

  • zeva

    I cannot believe that they are still in business, at least according to the latest Citysearch reviews, they are absolutely the cream of the crop renovation company. Of course these reviewers all go to the same doctors, use the same plumbers, florists, jewelers,wedding dress co., have many cars and they come from California. We have our own ‘cyber’ little kibbutz.

  • Ruth

    More Citysearch reviews will be forthcoming.They are great reviews. What is the problem with this business. I noticed that the reviews are worded in a similar pattern. copy and paste as well as a dull attempt at creativity. Bless these people, they believe in their own lies. Pay me to write reviews that sound real. I will invoice you $15 dollars a character including spaces.

  • motek

    Cyber Kibbutz is right. The reviews are a hoot!. Can’t wait for KKB (the new kitchen place) that took over on 2nd Ave at 78-79, street gets into the act.

  • Interesting to see how NYKB are evolving

  • jb

    I don’t know about relationship between Klein Kitchen and Bath and NYKB but I can tell you that Klein (aka Upper East Side Kitchen and Bath)is negligent and does substandard work.
    They ruined our new kitchen cabinets by using the wrong tools so there are rough edges, exposed nails, and bad cuts throughout, not measuring correctly and leaving holes throughout, they could not figure out how to make anything flush, they put cheap valves in for the new sink plumbing that resulted in water damage to the cabinets, they did not protect the job site so that our new floor tiles and new counter top are scratched, their project manager was abusive and incompetent and rarely at job site, and they abandoned the job when we repeatedly called their attention to all the examples of their negligence and substandard work.

  • To JB

    was the manager’s name happen to ave the first inital A?

  • Sorry JB

    I am sorry you got tangled up with these people. The corporation Upper East Side Kitchen and Bath for 1504 2nd Ave. was in existence when NYKB was in place at the same address

  • Dafna

    Please be cognizant of all reviews, the good, the bad, the ugly. The last two adjectives are well documented, despite the ‘good’ press releases

  • Keren

    $200-500,000 for a gut renovation. HA! Who wrote this NYKB article. in 1970 maybe, not 2007 from NYKB

  • Tammy

    Check the DCA and e-courts. It is a new year. Think Smart

  • Vanessa

    Before hiring, check them out on your own. Research.

  • Francine

    Save yor money. go with real trustworthy recommendations

  • Thomasina

    Beyond my comprehension as to how NYKB remains to be the premier renovation expert.

  • Rumi

    Amateur renovation to say the least. If you want to see real renovations. Watch Rehab Addict on HGTV for a professional renovation job.

  • Esther

    I wouldn’t exactly call them experts in construction..

  • Esther

    They aren’t experts in design, What NYKB does very well is take your money and you are left with a shoddy job