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How to Put On False Eyelashes

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It’s always fun to mix it up every now and then when it comes to makeup. Whether you tend to go for a dramatic or natural look, false eyelashes can be a useful tool for making your eyes an even more gorgeous feature.

Invented in the early twentieth century, false eyelashes have become increasingly popular throughout the years. They were originally produced by film director D.W. Griffith to make his actresses look better on camera. The long lash trend is now so desired that many medical spas offer semi-permanent eyelash extensions, and FDA-approved prescriptions like Latisse. If you don’t have extra cash, or the thought of someone attaching lashes to the ends of your own freaks you out, there’s nothing wrong with a good pair of “falsies.”

The only unfortunate issue with false eyelashes is not product-related, it’s sheer operator error. Many women simply don’t understand how to apply them, and end up walking around looking like they have smashed spiders on their faces. Gross. If you have ever been “that girl,” then have no fear, there is help out there. Consider me your personal lash doctor.

Step 1: Buy the Falsies
There are hundreds of false eyelashes out there, which can make the selection process a bit overwhelming. Before you freak out, consider why you want them in the first place. If it’s for everyday wear, it is best to stick to shorter ones. If you want them for a formal event, then dark and long is the way to go. Your false eyelashes should never reach above your eyebrows, unless it’s Halloween or you’re Lady Gaga, otherwise it’s just creepy. My favorite falsies are Fashion Lashes by ARDELL, but I also love the selection at MAC. Don’t forget to buy the lash glue!

Step 2: Stick ‘Em on Your Eyelids
What you want to do first is wash your hands and have the lashes, glue, and an eyeliner pencil ready to go. Apply a thin layer of glue along the edge of the false eyelashes (NOT YOUR EYELID). Carefully grab the corners, slightly underneath where the glue is, and place it as close to your natural lash line as possible. The trick is to look down slightly while applying them. Take the end of the eyeliner pencil and press down each section along your eyelid to make sure the lash sticks. Repeat the process with your other eye.

Additional Tips
When applying false lashes it’s important to relax! No one can put anything on their eyelid if their hands are shaking. What’s the worst that could happen? If you don’t do it right the first time, just keep on practicing.

Many women wonder whether they should put on mascara before or after the false lashes. I think it’s easier to put on mascara before. Sometimes when you put it on after, the dreaded globby spider effect takes place – not pretty. It really is up to your discretion though. Do what makes you more comfortable.

There you have it, ladies. With a bit of practice, you can look like a rockstar every day. Once you’re really good at it, people won’t even think you’re wearing fake lashes, and that is the biggest compliment of all. Deceptive? Maybe. Awesome? Yes.

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