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How to make money in real estate

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I am selling a house for $314 K and buying one for $280 K. That means a profit of 34 thousand dollars. Right? Do the math.

Wrong. To sell house #1 I must pay the attorney, the realtor, and a transfer tax of $1.5%. Chump change. To buy house #2, I have to pay a deposit of $3,000, 1.5 % transfer fee, house inspector, termite inspector, attorney, title search, and for some reason the mortgage banker extracted a check for $795 from me, I forget for what.

That puts me at minus $5,000. I get to keep my car, a 1995 Taurus with 110,000 miles.

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  • bhw

    So a $34K profit turned into a loss of $3K. It cost you $31K in fees, etc., to sell one house and buy another?

    Even if you paid a high fee to the realtor, it still seems like it cost you too much. Plus the $3000 deposit goes toward the house purchase.

  • bhw

    Oh, make that $37K.

    But now I’m finally noticing the Satire heading….

  • You don’t need a lawyer to close on a house…

    There, saved a grand.