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How to Lose a City in Ten Steps, Part Nine: The Politics of Perdition

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Ethnicity and race are now the names of the game. The illegal-backed politicians make their electoral base priority number one, leaving a minority of council members to either get with the program or give serious thought to retiring.

In this environment, setting up a formal asylum for the undocumented becomes a no brainer. This creates a safe haven in which illegals can roam the streets knowing the only law enforcement they have to fear is on a federal level, and the Feds have no reason to come around without local police notifying them ahead of time. Also, previously established public assistance policies are retooled and expanded to promote the interests of illegals. Even the English language takes a second seat in some cases to whatever it is that the illegals speak.

Leading members of the city’s business community, particularly merchants and financiers, have either long since moved or are in the process of relocating to the suburbs. Attempting to get their current and potential customers into town is a pathetic joke. The atmosphere which economic depression and the crime associated with it has created is simply unbearable. Interestingly enough, the factory brahmin no longer see any benefit in keeping their operations inside the city. Some owners choose to relocate to reap the benefits of free trade by relocating to third world countries, others sell out to multinational conglomerates, and yet more simply close shop after securing golden parachutes for themselves.

This all translates into drastically reduced tax revenues at City Hall. With those bold new social programs requiring bold new sources of income, council members impose taxes on anything and everything under the sun. One of the worst moves imaginable, it directly causes even more productive urbanites to become suburbanites. Before long, unbelievable budget shortfalls and administrative deficits are had. The illegals collectively shrug; some are happy with their welfare checks and others leave for the nearest sanctuary city to see if things are better there.

As vile as the situation is, it deteriorates rapidly in step nine.

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  • Glenn Contrarian

    The series began on a faulty premise continues with wildly inaccurate and utterly unverifiable allegations about illegal immigrants….