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How to Lose a City in Ten Steps; Part Five: The Silent Media Storm

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news is spreading From coast to coast about the city’s hotspot status for illegal aliens. Bulletins are being broadcast over the airwaves, channeled into living rooms through cable television, and barreled down the tubes of the Internet. Despite this, virtually none of the general population takes notice.

The illegals do, however, and this makes all the difference.
How can such a message be spread to so many in a clandestine manner? The answer is surprisingly direct; foreign language media. While most Americans were dozing off during an episode of some inane reality show, entire networks were constructed to cater to recent immigrants, legal and illegal alike. These networks do not feature America’s predominant English language, so their content is heard only by a select audience. This audience is large, however, and includes a large segment transient for economic reasons.

A continually increasing number of illegal aliens calling the city home, and those fired blue collars either barely making a go of it or stopping dead in their tracks, means that formerly prominent retailers have a severely diminished clientele. The never-before-seen crime rate has already upped their security expenses. Now, with few prospective patrons in the area, merchants are left with no choice but to close shop and relocate to the comparatively cheaper and safer suburbs. Rows of boarded storefronts create feelings of alienation and aesthetic malaise among natives, the gainfully employed of whom even begin to contemplate leaving the city.

The illegals barely notice the wave of business closings; their ever growing community has several establishments of its own which they patronize almost exclusively. The conniving bosses at the factories, though, are getting nervous; they don’t have nearly enough job openings for the hordes of illegals the media blitz has sent crashing in, nor do they feel that their friends in city hall can keep the angry voters at bay for much longer. Deciding to quit while they are still ahead, one by one the managerial staffs of each factory opt to take down their respective help wanted signs.

This makes for a very interesting fifth step.

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  • Glenn Contrarian

    Joseph –

    I see nothing to change my opinion of where you’re going with this series.

    And again, you’re providing no examples, zero evidence of your assertions, leaving the reader to essentially take your arguments on faith.