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How To Lose A City in Ten Steps, Part Four: Police, Politics, and Citizens United

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With the second step completed, allowing those particularly violent illegals to become increasingly brazen, the time has come for the third.

After a while, police are left with no choice other than to address the topic of exploding crime. Particularly thoughtful detectives suggest a lengthy undercover operation, which would ultimately lead to a series of massive stings on offending employers. This seems to be on the up and up until the corporate controlled politicians suggest otherwise. Claiming that an immigrant advocacy group can cook up a far more enlightened solution, an important seminar is scheduled to promote this.

The police department’s top tier officials sit back and listen to some highly idealistic twentysomething attorney tell them, essentially, how to do their jobs. They learn that a good chance is had of earning the illegals’ trust. All the department has to do is refrain from enforcing immigration laws, and the illegals will thank them by not being afraid to report criminal activity. A deputy commissioner observes that the illegals are already engaged in criminal activity simply by being in the United States, and he is promptly hushed.

Bowing to pressure from the business and political powers that be, the police pursue a strictly hands-off strategy to combating crime. The illegals, after learning of this, enjoy a good laugh. The droves of unemployed men and women whose jobs they took, however, react in a markedly different manner. Some form community watch groups with their employed neighbors, while others try to muster enough cash to find a place in the suburbs.

The pages on the calendar keep turning, and in every instance that they do, the city decreases in value: financially and morally. Strangely enough, the police are not feeling that promised love from illegals. Everyone, from the beat cop to the commissioner-in-chief, knows the department has been played masterfully. Nobody, however, dares to say a thing. The politicos would never allow such a horrendous act – not with those hefty checks being made out to their post-Citizens United candidate action committees.

As this goes on, step four is well underway, though most will never even notice it. Even after the damage has been done.

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  • Glenn Contrarian

    Assumptions without the least shred of real-life examples, much less verifiable statistics.

    You seem to be doing yourself a real disservice with this series, Joseph. As I said, if you really are going to be able to turn this all around and make it something different than what it seems, I’ll sincerely call it brilliant…but so far, all I see is prejudicial assumption that is in no wise connected to reality.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    And a side note – the slow death of a prosperous city almost never has anything to do with illegal immigrants, but much more to do with the power of its business sector to control the government. You alluded to that in your article…but such does not begin with illegal immigrants.

  • So far, this series reads like a book proposal. It has the makings of a dystopian near-future sci-fi novel, although not a very good one.

    It doesn’t bear much resemblance to reality, shrugs off human nature as an inconvenience, and is in general far below Joseph’s usual standard.

  • Igor

    Nothing worth commenting upon.

  • stopthemadness

    Like ancient Rome the country’s population is turning into millions of non citizens that care nothing about the country or the law where they live…..the pukes in congress and at every government level have allowed us to be invaded, raped and then spit on…they are out there every day now telling us how we should embrace illegals, grant a path to citizenship again (..check out Reagan’s amnesty and citizenship giveaway ……. in 1986 the Republicans gave amnesty to Millions and what we have now??? even more millions of foreigners that do not respect our laws)
    Now another amnesty is planned……they give amnesty and pretend to care about the the citizens of THIS country .Its a game the Democrats and Republicans both play well,and one that will eventually destroy us……….not that they care
    Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs
    Numbers USA 1
    Numbers USA 2

  • Igor

    The people Cotto is excoriating are small in number and have almost no money, power or influence, so the thoughtful reader will wonder “how can these ineffectual miscreants possibly cause so much damage?”

    The answer of course is that it is not the weak few at the bottom of society who cause our problems, it is the over-privileged powerful ruling cliques at the top of government and running our banks and corporations in what looks like a giant criminal conspiracy who are responsible for our current miserable condition, losing our savings, our homes, all the hard-won treasures of lives filled with work and sacrifice.

    No, it is not the poor miserable illegal immigrant, fleeing from a collapsing Mexican agriculture economy being sacrificed to cheap imports of US mass-produced factory corn and soy, it is the pampered and perfumed barons of business and the government-industrial complex who have programmed the fleecing of Americans, whether those Americans are Nortes or Mexicanos.

    They will vacuum up every scrap of cash or property in the hands of the Miserable Ones in their insatiable lust for More Money.

    No one is safe.

    And perhaps the worst predation is the imposition of a bogus ethos such as Cotto’s in this article, which not only justifies the open thievery of American peasants, north and south, but also propagandizes a fraudulent narrative that seeks to rob the poor victim even of his anger and rage.

    If there is any benefit from the utter collapse of capitalism (or whatever you call it) in the last ten years it is that the more privileges and power that the rulers have gotten the worse things have become.

    The people at the top are responsible for our failures. They are greedy and incompetent, and we’ve removed the regulations that might attempt to make them honest (lacking as they are, any apparent moral compass).

    Cotto is simply wrong.

  • Igor

    As if to underline what I said, a prominent employee of Goldman Sachs, Greg Smith, resigned today with widely printed resignation letter that vividly described and condemned the immoral and illegal that goes on within GS every day. And those criminals are deployed throughout the high places in government and business in our society.

    We must start prosecuting and jailing the high-placed criminals in our society, else we are in danger of creating the belief that they are not only Too Big To Fail, but also Too Big To Jail.