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How to Lose A City in Ten Steps, Part One: Tracing the Roots of Decay

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In recent decades, an epidemic has swept American cities of every size. It begins quietly, and many either profit from its existence or look the other way for the sake of convenience. After a few years, however, it becomes loud; so loud that it usually manages to drown out voices trying to find a cure. Not too long after that, the cities in question are left financially and socially destitute. Previously bustling storefronts have been boarded up, and the streets are unsafe to drive, let alone walk on. Public officials dare not attempt to rectify the situation as, by this time, most of them have been put in office by those causing or supporting the epidemic.

Just what is this epidemic? The answer is simple, but explosively controversial: illegal immigration. Many politicians and special interest groups tend to support the aims and goals of illegals. This in spite of mass public opposition to amnesty programs for them, or pathways to legal residency after crimes are committed. For many politicos, however, listening to present popular sentiment is ignored in favor of a more lucrative long term opportunity: a grateful voting bloc of previously illegal aliens.

Some business people also are staunch fans of the presence of illegals, because they will illicitly work menial jobs for slave wages. Once amnesty is granted, though, this pool of black market employees evaporates. This would expand the already stressed and highly competitive blue collar labor force to an unimaginable and unsustainable extent. A future in which a job flipping burgers becomes a position of extreme envy might seem outlandish, but it is a very real possibility. Beyond this, how can the United States sustain its already deeply flawed social safety net with such a populace? No matter how high the government raises income tax rates, there is no remotely assured way of achieving this.

All of these problems, and far too many more to mention here, are the reasons that I am personally and politically opposed to illegal immigration. Looking at what it has done to various municipalities, from unassuming villages such as Shenandoah, Pennsylvania to industrial metropolises like Los Angeles, there can be no doubt that it is the biggest threat that America has ever faced. Damaging the country in terms of national security, fiscal policy, and social matters, its tidal wave of destruction leaves no stone unturned. Recognizing this can make many act out of fear, though, and in areas with high concentrations of illegals, natives often fall victim to the vices of emotionalist bigotry and irrational group hatred. If the facts are considered, thankfully, deciphering the complex code of illegal immigration becomes much saner, not to n mention easier.

This is why I am writing a new series of articles not only on illegal immigration as an issue, but also on the ten steps it takes to destroy any given city. From here, the problem can be fully understood, and proactive, rather than reactive, actions taken to allay it. Coming to terms with illegal immigration, as I mentioned before, is not a popular or even politically correct thing to do. Despite this, it is absolutely necessary as neither the safety nor stability of the United States can be guaranteed otherwise.

With that being said, let us begin.

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  • Grey

    “Furthermore, perhaps you should research what’s been happening down in Alabama and their crackdown on illegal immigrants as to their economy and their agriculture (which drives much of their economy”

    Yes unemployment in Alabama dropped from 10% to 6 1/2%

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Joseph –

    there can be no doubt that [illegal immigration] is the biggest threat that America has ever faced.

    You’ve submitted a lot of good, thought-provoking articles for which you’ve gotten well-deserved kudos…but this ain’t one of them.

    First of all, I think the premise of your article falls afoul of the causation/correlation logical fallacy: there’s lots of illegals and there’s lots of boarded-up storefronts, so there must be a connection. It’s as if you had forgotten there was a little something called the Great Recession over the past few years.

    Furthermore, concerning your quote above – isn’t that just a little bit over-the-top? I mean, it’s hard for me to imagine how illegal immigrants are a greater threat to America than were the tens of thousands of Soviet nukes, and the times when were were less than an hour away from launching. There’s several other examples I could give, but I’ll leave it at that.

    Furthermore, perhaps you should research what’s been happening down in Alabama and their crackdown on illegal immigrants as to their economy and their agriculture (which drives much of their economy). I suggest you sit back and take stock of the premise of your article and see if perhaps your own personal or political leanings caused you to skew your perception away from objectivity…for by your previous articles, I know that objectivity is important to you.

    And Joseph – please take all this as constructive criticism, for that’s how it’s meant.