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How to Foster a Bigger Appetite for Cooking

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In our fast, stretched-to-the-limits, hurried times, it’s no wonder fast food joints are so popular.

But there’s much to be said for home cooked meals, creativity in the kitchen, and domestic pleasures.

Not convinced?

Remember feeling comforted and fussed over when you’d return home from school to baked cookies in the oven? Or how you looked forward to Sunday spreads?

For me, there’s no warmer gesture than preparing a meal for those I love, or receiving one.

Even when you’re taxed to the max, you can incorporate cooking into a busy schedule!

Here are a few things to consider as “food for thought”:

1. Remember the K.I.S.S. Principle. You don’t have to attempt a five-course meal to make it impressive. Use colorful garnishes, combine different tastes and textures, and make sure it’s eye appealing and tasty.

2. Discover the convenience of crock pots. These cooking
God-sends allow you to put your meal on in the morning, let it simmer for 6-8 hours, and enjoy the end result at the end of the day. It’s healthier too, as the process does not require fattening oils, or excessive heat in cooking.

3. Clean as you go. Sometimes the thought of clean-up can be a turn-off. You’ll find if you let dishes soak, and discard packages and wrappings as you prepare, it will be easier to get the kicthen back to tip/top shape in no time. You might also try using disposable paper products to serve in.

4. Add fun to the ritual by having a glass of your favorite wine, and unwinding to some good music.

5. Make it a family affair. Have one person make the salad. Someone else could set the table. It’s another way to bond and create a sense of team work.

6. Save money by taking leftovers to work, or packing it for school lunches.

Follow these six sensational tips and discover the joys of cooking to save money, eat healthier, pamper loved ones, and to express your creativity in the kitchen! Bon appetit!

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