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How to Flash or Reprogram Your Cell Phone to a New Carrier

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What is Cell Phone Reprogramming or Flashing?
Flashing is the process of loading specific carrier files to a cell phone in order to have it work with another carrier.

Is Cellular Flashing Legal?
The answer is yes. In fact, the Library of Congress on July 26, 2010 added exemptions to its Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) covering cell phones. In part the exemptions state that users are permitted to unlock, or as some call it, jailbreak their phones and unlock firmware that ties a mobile phone to a particular wireless carrier. This law actually has been in effect in a loose form for a few years but was reaffirmed by the DMCA on July 26, 2010.

To Flash My Cell Phone What Is Required?
1. Flashing software (which you can purchase).
2. A USB cable for your phone (the same cable used to download music).
3. A computer with Windows 2000 or newer with a USB Port.
4. A CDMA cell phone (see The Networks section below).

Is It Difficult to Reprogram a Cell Phone?
There are a few good downloadable cellular flashing programs out there that will lead you through reprogramming your phone. If you are familiar with files and have moderate computer skills almost anyone and do it. To begin, look for a flashing program such as Your Cellular. I was able to flash my phone in 20 minutes with no experience. Once you have the software for your cell phone, unzip the files and look for the instructions or read-me docs and follow them carefully. This will give you a good overview of what you will be doing. You should be able to complete the flashing process in about fifteen to twenty minutes once setup. You will be flashing a CDMA phone to a CDMA carrier. See a description of the two major networks below.

The Networks
There are two key networks for cell phone carriers. They are GSM or (Global System for Mobile Communications). Examples are AT&T and T-Mobile. GSM phones have a SIM chip under the battery and cannot be flashed. The second network is called CDMA or Code Division Multiple Access. Examples are Metro, Sprint, Cricket, Boost, Verizon and many others. Cell phones on a CDMA network are not controlled by SIM cards and can be moved or flashed to a new carrier.

How Good Is The Service I Am Moving To?
You can check the quality of almost any carrier by going to Cell Reception. Here you can enter in your zip code and get scores for providers in your area along with comments from others using their service.

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  • lorenzo

    how do I flash my hisense u989 android phone

  • Billions Snowbabi

    How can I use my boost LG Tribute 5 on my metro pcs account? I ported my boost account numbers to MetroPCS but I still have boost phones. I had my MetroPCS phone stolen today and would like to know if I’m about to use my boost mobile phone as my phone for my MetroPCS number that was stolen from me

  • Randy Clay

    How do I flash an AT&T galaxy 4s to ntelos?

  • kriz

    my boost Mobile zte max got flashed to cricket and I have to flash it back but don’t know how anyone no how plz help

  • Christine Orr

    We need a software to flash a GZone cell phone commando?Can anyone help?

  • Jesse Huizar

    What about Sprint phones. Can they be flash. To a cricket carrier?

  • Wangy

    I need a software to flash ZTE V790 mobile phone.

  • Clarissa Connor

    How to flash or reprogram Sprint phone to Boots mobile network…

  • Sherri Yeazel

    Can you flash a Verizon phone to AT&T?

  • Tegha Sidrene

    i have lost the code of my phone. how can i flash the phone to restore it?

  • Kiara

    Flash it or click on “UnlockBase” for easier and faster method. If you have MetroPCS device, check out their new “MetroPCS Device Unlock App“.

  • Ashley Going

    How can i flash a sprint phone to make it work on verizon ?

    • Alvaughn Bates

      You can’t…sprint is CDMA…Verizon is GSM…won’t work.

      • Hunter

        You know Sprint and Verizion are CDMA, GSM IS ATT

      • James Brewer

        Verizon is CDMA not GSM….

    • Anya

      Why would Anyone want Verizon. I mean I have had them a year now and I still have crappie server and crappie service too. I’ve been struggling a year with them an their outrageous BS! I’m using WiFi cause they shut my service off again, when I’m not even in a contract and have signed up for prepaid and they can’t seem to get off their chairs am find a CEO at this point… FCC & BBB here I come…

  • Mr. Crowley

    Does anyone actually answer the questions?

    • Fasee Shus


  • Tammy Chaney

    I have a galaxy S3 that was through Ntelos wanted to put it on straight talk but the phone does not have a visible SIM card how can I put it over

  • melina

    I have a Note 3 from Metropcs is unlocked but does not work with my Verizon SIM card. Any suggestions? Thanks

  • melina

    I have a Note 3 from metropcs is unlocked but I have account and a SIM card from Verizon

  • Danielle

    I got a sprint phone and I got the unlock code from sprint but I don’t know how to do this. Can anyone help? It’s a galaxy s5

  • jimmy

    How do I flash my zte straight talk phone

  • Shayla

    I need to flash a Cricket powered by RS (old cricket phone) to Boost Mobile. Any help with this? I keep finding the same info, that doesn’t help me at all.

  • Anastasia Bennett

    Can i flash my boost moblie zte phone so i can use my metropcs sims card

    • ThatBitch86

      You can’t because boostmobile dont support the sim card slot

  • Danny Grubbs

    how can I flash a samsung mega sprint phone and make it usable with metro pcs ?

    • ThatBitch86

      Metropcs now uses sim cards since they transitioned with tmobile only support sim card slot now

  • Heddie215

    How can i flash cricket s3 cdma to boost mobile however the sim in the s3 was for lte

  • Coolie

    I would like to know where to get my iPhone 5 flashed??

  • red

    where can i get a custom rom with a new carrier for my lg p970?


    How can I flash my droid x2 from Verizon to Boostmobile

  • Randall Jeyi

    i have an Asus zenfone 4 and the mobile internet is not active because i wish to add an access point name in the mobile data but it tells me “unfortunately setting has stopped” how can do to settle this problem. pls i will be gratefull to have help.

  • Michael Mcnair

    I have a cricket htc one with beats audio that I would like to make work with AT&T is that possible.

    • angela

      Yes, cricketbis now owned by at&t so no flashing needed.

      • D.j. Romeo

        Wrong…cricket still uses CDMA technology and AT&T uses ONLY GSM!

        • mcthrash

          Cricket uses Sim cards now too.. and has a .99 special move GSM phones to cricket

          • D.j. Romeo

            Cricket’s always used Sim cards… and they are converting most areas to GSM, but the problem is: using an old CDMA phone on their new ‘GSM ONLY’ network…because of them merging with AT&T, AT&T only uses GSM on “ALL” their phones…and you CAN’T use a CDMA phone on a GSM network! (And if you already have an ‘unlocked’ phone…you can use any network or service provider, so long as it’s a GSM phone & compatible network! IE: I believe AT&T and T-Mobile only use GSM, but smaller companies such as Metro PC, Simple Mobile, Boost and Virgin still use CDMA, so the end result is : you can only use CDMA on a CDMA network. . .

          • green eye weda

            I have a new phone from cricket want to use my net 10 sim card how can i do that need help.

          • D.j. Romeo

            Hey Green Eyed Wanda,

            DJ here,

            RE: your new cricket phone…

            Depending on the make/model/manufacturer. . .and as long as it’s a ‘newer GSM’ phone…then if it’s not unlocked already, you’ll need the service disable code to unlock it yourself (there are hack sights that claim to do it or phone flashers that WILL charge you & FLASH your phone [which can be detrimental to to it if the chip burns out, so be careful and forwarnd, it does and will VOID any and all warranties! ] so this may not be your best option? I.M

            Once your phone is “unlocked” …
            …all you’ll need to do then is simply put the new Sim card in, reboot… (it should reprogram itself from there, if not, then you’ll need to manually “hard” program it…which will completely depend on your type and version of phone, but basically it is just getting to the service mode and manually programing it to the service provider’s (carrier’s) tower &/or signal…no biggy!
            You can do all this on your own with some good knowledge, advice, patience and desire…
            But when all is said and done, you’ll call your new carrier (net10?) from your phone (usually 611) with your [newusedold] Sim card in it…with the carrier’s brand you plan on using …in the phone!
            Ok, layman’s terms (no disrespect or underestimation! LOL)
            You’ll call net 10 with their Sim card in it… (can’t call ATT from a phone that has a Verizon Sim card) therioredically on a phone “WITH NO SERVICE”…
            …get it?
            (Yes, sure you can call WHOMEVER you’d like from a phone that already has service, right? Duh…LMAO…

            Well there you have it…
            The basics: theory, fundimentals and advanced service and technical knowledge you need to succeed. . .completing your mission! ! !

            Best of luck!
            Hit me back if you need anything or have any other questions. . .

            Much love,

            DJ ROMEO


    • ThatBitch86

      As long as it has a sim card slot then yes it can be done

  • Alicia

    I bought a sprint phone from Amazon but it was flashed to a different company, I can’t active it until it is flashed back to sprint I need to know how I can flash it back. Can anyone help me?

  • Jan Messer

    How can you flash a CDMA phone with Alaska communications to page plus , person i bought phone from, who the carrier was , so now I cannot use phone …

  • Loria

    how do i flash a Galaxy stellar over to Page plus?

  • fighting4myfamily

    Sprint Samsung Galaxy note 2, flashed to cricket, and now unsupported by the network, need it flashed over to a network that will support the phone. Who is able to get this done and keeping the same number

  • BMils

    Ok so I was told by a Verizon Rep that I could use my HTC Thunderbolt on the Verizon prepaid network only to find out later that I cant. I was wondering if it could be “flashed” to use on the 3G network? If so how? Or does this mean that Im out the money I paid for the phone because it does require a SIM card? I cant justify paying double the money for the same service I get using the prepaid method. (Yes, I am a cheapskate when it comes to some things like phones). Im not sure what to do and after speaking to another Rep they told me to “flash” the phone but find it online because the stores wont do it anymore.. Any suggestions?

  • derrick

    how can I flash my straight talk [phone over to cricket

  • Tuface Gemini

    need help flashing my verizon droid x2 to Boost…any help out there?

  • Missy Jones

    I am thinking about buying a Samsung Mega from a friend but their service is thru Sprint and I have Verizon..is it possible to be able to use this with verizon and if so what do I have to do to be able to ? Thanks

  • Robbert

    My phone is not detected on a computer and can not be turned on. what I have to do with the phone

    • Antzboogie

      Go to notification settings and change the usb connection type to media file device also enable debugging in settings.

    • D.j. Romeo

      You have to get the phone to turn ON first…then install the proper drivers, but it won’t matter if it doesn’t power up! Check your battery (they do loose life..) then check your adapter (those can easily fray & break internally ) confirm power, source etc. with a multimeter . . .!(sounds more like a power problem {hardware vs. software} then a driver or port malfunction?!) Best of luck!

      DJ Romeo

  • david


  • Coopa

    I don’t have sprint but was given a galaxy note 3 that’s from sprint. do I need to have it flashed for boost or can I just sign up and use it under them.

  • Anna

    I have a SPRINT galaxy 4s that has a bad ESN can I flash this to a Verizon. Or AT&T ? If so how?

  • essa

    I cannot find a flashing software that is available for purchase for individuals, I can only find software meant for businesses that do multiple flashings. Any suggestions as to what software I can use?

  • pete

    I have a 4g Verizon phone want to flash it to page plus what software I have to download

    • Dwayne

      i can do it

      • R.Lank

        need help with my htc resound,want
        flash it over to prepaid….can u help

    • naji

      model 1405 cant be flashed

  • dove

    I have a Verizon Samsung galaxy s how can I flash it to work att

    • Ernesto

      You can’t. Verizon phones only work with page plus and metro pcs. If it has a sim card slot you can flash it to simple mobile and other companies like that. However, several programs are needed for that.

      • Skyeatstyler

        that’s not completely true you can use Verizon phones with straight talk i have before

  • LilT

    I have an android metro pcs and an iphone 4s with sprint I want to flash the android to the iphone without going to metro or anything what do I do ?????

  • Rose

    How sprint telephone to a Boos boost mobile telephone

  • Jess

    Can I flash a t mobile phone to a boost phone??

  • could14

    Can you flash an HTC droid dna to metro pcs my phone is from Verizon

    • Dwayne


  • james

    you talk about GSM as if sim cards are a burden…I actually find it better considering that all I have to do is remove my sim card and put in the new one

  • Angela

    I have a Galaxy Preval on Boost Mobile and I want to flash it to page plus. How do I do that?

  • roldan

    my cellphone is logged, how can i program it???

  • quita mcmanus

    I had my verizon phone flashed to page plus it gave me a new num but nw wen I txt it shows up my old num hw can I change that

    • fabian

      look us up flashusaphones.com

  • Anthony

    i have a Verizon phone but it was with cricket service when i bought it from a friend he never flashed it back or wiped out the software that was in the phone so i activated it with Verizon but i can’t make or receive calls i believe it’s the software when i flashed it back with Verizon from Cricket everything worked fine i ordered a new SIM card and i went up to the store and got one they didn’t work so all i can do is text and i need to know what can i do to get my phone to work again? other than sending it off for 7-10 days through the phone company and pay a lot for it i’m thinking of just selling it i need advice help anyone?

    • hedi

      my phone is samsung SGH-E250i, how can i flash it?

  • lynda

    For everyone asking “Can I Do” try looking up your phone’s model to see what type it is. This article clearly states that flashing can be done on a CDMA phone. If you have a GMA, it uses a Sim Card. You should be able to replace the sim card to your new carrier if they accept your phone. READ PEOPLE!!! GOOGLE CAN BE YOUR FRIEND!

    • carmensd1

      In my humble experience switching out sim cards doesn’t always switch one phone to another network!So try banging a couple of rocks together & evolving!Maybe u’ll have better luck next time!! :-/

  • phill

    What about US Celluar can you flash those phones

  • PattiMac

    Can I flash a Samsung Galaxy II Epic 4G Touch to Verizon? Or to a prepaid carrier? Its a CDMA phone. I was using Sprint. If so, where can I go online to get it flashed safely? Best prepay carrier? Advice plz.

    • fabian

      Yes you can check us out at flashusaphones.com

  • brittbay

    can you please flash my version Samsung 4gl phone to become a prepaid if so message at divelybrittn@gmail.com

  • Jomo

    can you flash a sanyo igcogneto to net10 wireless?

  • tim

    how do i change phones from virgin moble pay- lo to verison

  • stanky sam amakye

    i have iphone 4 which has no icons on it.actually it was working perfectly until recently when everything on it disappeared.am finding it very difficult to open and operate it. the only thing that comes on it is,iphone. please give me the answer to this problem.thanks

  • jekkash

    flashmyphone.webs.com They did a great job and the price was right!

  • penbed51

    I have a iPhone5 that is Sprint but has a sim card. Can I flash so it can be used on Straight Talk?

  • Jim

    I would like to use my phone with Mobilicity frequency: 1700 & 2100

  • Jim

    Can Flash a Feiteng H9500

  • tim

    Can you flash a galaxy nexus by sprint

    • fabian

      yes we can flashusaphones.com

  • nonny

    Plz help, I need to flash my Nokia c6.
    It has cost me a futune trying to repair it since it is slow in loading n nw d worst is dt it can’t load anymore. Dis has bn going on like dis 4 7mnths. Plz wat do I do. If am to flash it which web site do I log on to. If am to reprogram ithw do I go abt it.

  • ziggy

    can you flash a Motorola Droid Maxx from Verizon to PagePlus

  • Adam Crigler

    can the lg optimus F3 from virgin mobile be flashed over to boost mobile

  • Dean Ethridge

    We unlock phones on GSM all the time, but I haven’t flashed them. Please let me know the best software to purchase to do this commercially if you can. Thanks so much!

  • britttany@

    can someone please help me i beg you i have cricket phone and i need to flash it but i am so stupied with this stuff and the people around me think that i am just a posser i need to flash my phone from cricket to verizon and i need the software to download and i think i can get the rest

  • ashley

    i need help can somebody help me

  • Jasmine

    ok im new to verizon prepaid and they only use 3G I have a 4G phone i want to use is there any way I could have the 4G flashed so that I cud use it for my prepaid with verizon?

  • mel

    i have a lg vx5500pp, courtesy of verizon prepaid, (don’t ever use them) their
    customer service instore is terrible, but if i read your article correctly, this phone can be flashed, think of switching, to att, but phone doesn’t have a usb port,
    so am i sol, or is there an alternate procedure?

    • Roberto

      You cannot use a Verizon phone with AT&T. They use different technology. CDMA vs GSM

      • the guy

        if the phone has a place for a sim card you could but it is a little more complicated than just flashing firmware onto a your phone most phones have both a cdma and a gsm radio in them anymore if you didnt cheap out for example the iphone can be used on either they are all the same when they leave the apple factory its the carrier that changes the firmware thats y it cost 700 to by one from apple but only 200 from verizon or att

  • Randy Dorsey

    I have a samsung gs3 with sprint I was wondering how can I get it flashed to cricket, straight talk, or boost can someone help please

    • the guy

      if your already with sprint i would just stay with them because boost runs on the same towers as sprint so there for would not be any better service and probably worse all your prepaid phones throttle your data at about 1 GB of use where the big names like verizon and att dont have unlimited anymore so they cant throttle your data until you go over your plan on usage but after all that if you still want to take your S3 over to a prepaid you can find some one locally to do it im sure or if you wish to try it your self download one of two tools depending on how well you can use a computer and what type of OS your computer has for widows or OSX you can Odin and you will need to download the keis for your phone so that it will connect correctly to the software or if you use linux or know how to use the command line you wont need the keis just a program called heimdall but i only recommend any of these to someone who knows what they are doing or takes the time to learn otherwise take it to someone who does or you will brick your phone and it will be a very expinsive paper weight its worth the 60 dollars

  • Laurasm

    I was told by the PrePayd no contract carrier that my Galaxy S11 (originally Sprint refurbished phone) purchased through a PrePaYd dealer and then switched to a Page Plus prepaid carrier, that my phone can not be used for any other carrier. I want to try Boost or Straight Talk prepaid service. Is this true? or am I being told this so I have to buy another phone? Page Plus data will not work on my Galaxy S11, that is why I need to change.

    • jimmy

      i’m a flasher for page plus, go back and have them change your prl, then it will work, i do them all the time,

      • Laurasm

        Thank you, I did what yo suggested and my phone works perfectly for the first time since I bought it. I found a dealer in Tucson; he said it was flashed with the wrong code and not every dealer knows there are two codes. I was blaming the Page Plus service and the phone since Feb. I did go back to the person that flashed it wrong a few times and he wanted me to pay another $50 to send it to a friend of his that was a “genius” at fixing phones. Sent from my iPad

      • Omar

        Hey jimmy, could u please email me, I have been trying to get my sprint Samsung galaxy s2 epic flashed to page plus and was wondering if u were able to help. My email is sharif.hayes@gmail.com Thanks

      • Jimmy can a Us Cellulat GS3 be flashed to Page Plus? or a Sprint Iphone 4?

        • jimmy


      • Jaki

        Jimmy can i flash an iPhone 5 from sprint to virgin mobile?

      • Dianna Goodwin

        does page plus run off Verizon towers ..i have a galaxy s3 originally sprint and was flashed to use straight talk but still on sprint towers, i have no signal need to change to verizion or AT&T or someone that has signal here?

      • mary bonds

        once you flash a phone will the before phone company put a lock on the phone

      • sydney

        hey jimmy help me out im using an orange (uk ) spv E560 phone how can do mek it accept a different sim card apart from the one orange one.and if it can be flashed what what is the best software for falshing

        • JImmy

          please feel free to contact me at…daytonajamz@gmail.com …also model # won’t do much good for me, please contact me because there are too many variables to answer…. does it have a locked sim, is it a micro-sim, what carrier, is it a triband, is it currently locked with a carrier, how many alternative companies can you provision to, do you have a dead sim card to provision with, list goes on and on… i could easily suggest 2 programs, but in order to that we will have to enter private info here and i’m sure you don’t want it blasted on the web, so we can google talk, skype, yahoo chat, many ways , i’m afraid to say not a simple answer BUT…..i will guide you through it, or you can install team viewer and a few programs and specific software and i will run the provision myself, Always willing to help a M8, …..Jimmy

          • Billions Snowbabi

            Hey how can we speak in private

  • janessa9812

    can you flash to revol with a sprint or Verizon phone?

    • Josh Hanlon


      can supported to Cricket, Page Plus, nTelos, Revol, MetroPCS, TalkForGood, Next G, MobiPCS and Alltel and pageplus activation is free

  • tina

    I have a samgsung galaxy s 11 boost phone now can this be flashed to like atnt or verison????

  • Jason

    You can flash to sprint without any problem go to http://www.CdmaFlashingSoftware.Com

  • Jason

    Just go to CdmaFlashingSoftware.Com for all your flashing needs. They can flash any cdma device to any cdma carrier.

  • DebK

    Can pay as you go phones be flashed to use with an existing account?

  • Jonathan Johnson

    How about us celleur to prepaid of any make

  • Angie

    plz and thank you! 🙂

  • Angie

    How do I flash alltell PCDUM185 to straight talk.

  • Levi

    Just an F.Y.I. to all those who think they’re gonna flash their phone to sprint and get service. NOPE! It’s against Sprint’s policies. Sprint will not hook up a flashed phone. The only possible way around this is if you got an “INSIDE FRIEND” with Sprint and that depends on their level of axcess

  • Darknight

    This article is incorrect, inaccurate, and dangerous.

    The link to the software leads to a site that states that their product isn’t available yet, so how could you have used it, and your description of the process is incomplete without giving information as to where to possibly look for more indepth directions. With what you have posted here, and the links you have given, you have left your readers open to possible scams and hardware damage.

  • kishan

    can i flash my cellphone without usb port.? i dont have a usb port… it is damaged… please help!

  • Colleen

    Which authorized dealer – for the phone manufacturer, or the cell service?

  • ade


  • nikki

    What program would i need for samsung droid charge if i want to flash it to page plus?

  • loganathan.g

    how to change my phone os.

  • mike

    rember no prepaid verizon can not be flash to page plus an old contract can once prepaid always prepaid how ever it can be revold
    but the service sucks

  • mike

    got a lot of cmda phones that if i could flash ot 21 witch is verizon then i could pageplus them im a pageplus dealer

  • Chinedu

    Pls hw can i flash my samsug galaxy 2 blackberry

  • Becky

    Help!! i dont know what to dooooo!!

  • ayei

    My phone can not doaload

  • sandy

    can you flash a verizon i phone 4s to work on sprints network help

  • lisa21

    i was wondering would i be able to flash my verizon samsung stellar 4g to verizon prepaid i have an old verizon prepaid phone but it doesnt have a sim card in it or would it be better to have it flashed to pageplus

  • tasha1989

    ca some 1 elp me flash my i phone to boost mobile

  • John

    The website that is listed here is kind of a scam. What they do is upload free software in to one place and then let you download it once you pay them. The software is free on the internet, but I will warn that many of the free versions are illegal to own as they are cracked. The main software used to flash phones is CDMA workshop and it is $99.99 to buy and own from cdmaware.com, but it is useless if you do not know what you are doing. I purchased it and had no clue what to do with it. There is other automated software out there that requires little to no experience to use. Sites such as http://www.remotesquad.com and will actually flash the phone for you if you are looking to have just one phone flashed. I have used them and while a little expensive, you get what you pay for. But rather you choose to have someone flash the phone for you, or do it yourself, just be aware that paying for programs is pretty useless without the knowledge on how to use them, and the site that the author is promoting here is selling free content.
    Just my 2 cents

  • verdague76

    hi there any advice in how to get a real good flashing software with out to much Headache?

  • jen

    need help flashing a htc

  • Mike

    You can not flash a phone to Straight Talk or any other prepaid service. Do do so you would need to clone the ESN ( electronic serial number ) and that is illegal in the U.S.

  • sherri

    can i flash a cricket phone to verizon or straight talk?

  • Mike

    All the information for flashing a phone can be found at the Your Cellular like in the article.

  • captainkrunch

    Hey I too have a samsung conquer 4g in which I wish to flash over to cricket from sprint as well! How do I flash it with cdma workshop or odin or whatever I need? Tell me please, for the love of God!

  • KyleTheGreat

    I want to know if I can flash my sprint samsung conquer 4g to cricket as well! Please help me figure it out!

  • glenn cox

    why does it keep asking me to upload files ? what files

  • Gblissett

    Can I flash my samsung conquer sprint to cricket? If yes do I need to have another phone device to.complete the flashing?

  • gazed

    we need the name of one specific program to use

  • how could i re program my phone?

  • Angiec67

    I want to know if my Boost i465 can be switched to a Sprint Seek phone?

  • Mike

    You only need to keep the Seek if you are bound by a contract from Boost.

  • Maria Merced

    I currently have a Boost Mobile Samsung Seek but would like a Verizon Samsung Fascinate. In order to flash the Fascinate would I have to keep the Seek? The seek is just a month old but I want the Fascinate and would like to sell the other one.

  • f8th32

    “With all due respect, the information is accurate it is just not stated in the terms you would like.”

    Nice. And correct.

    “It’s got nothing to do with what I like. This information is incomplete and inaccurate.”

    Incomplete, yes. Inaccurate, no.

  • Interesting,

    I did not know that this could be done. I will certainly have a try and see how it works out.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “Flashing is the process of loading specific carrier files to a cell phone in order to have it work with another carrier.”

    It’s got nothing to do with what I like. This information is incomplete and inaccurate.

  • With all due respect, the information is accurate it is just not stated in the terms you would like.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    IMO, people are only “layman” when they haven’t learned what something is or how it works. So, with all due respect, you should present the information accurately so that people will learn it right the first time.

    Trust me, if that program you found doesn’t work for at least one time then that person will have to do some research to figure it out. Presenting accurate information will lessen the confusion, at least somewhat, down the road.

  • Yes technically you are correct but the article was written with the layman in mind.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    *Oops* I meant “Mobile Phones” not “Bile Phones”. Though that would be pretty nasty if they had bile-powered phones…*ugh*

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “Flashing is the process of loading specific carrier files to a cell phone in order to have it work with another carrier.”

    Actually, Flashing is the process used to install, re-install or upgrade any device where the software resides on a chip(bile Phone, PDAs, PCs & Laptops,etc.). This is usually called Firmwareexcept for PCs & Laptops where it is labeled BIOS – because it refers to the fixed, usually rather small, programs and/or data structures that enable the device’s basic operation as well as implementing higher-level functions. Not to be confused with an OS or Operating System.