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How To Download YouTube Videos For iTunes/iPod

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There are several free and easy ways to download YouTube videos and convert and transfer them to watch on your iPod or in iTunes.

For Mac Users:
Just use Podtube with Safari. It's that simple.

Alternately, you can download the file using the methods outlined in step one, below, and then use iSquint to convert the file to mp4 format.

For Windows Users:

1. First, download the file. In Firefox, you can use an extension, Video Downloader for Firefox. Also works for Google Video, MySpace, iFilm, and more.

If you use Internet Explorer or another browser (though this also works for Firefox users), just copy the link of the YouTube page for the video, paste that in the textbox at KeepVid.com, and download from there.

2. You'll then need an FLV player to view the file. VLC is excellent, and there is a version for most operating systems.

3. If you plan on watching it on your iPod video or PSP, there are several options:

a. Use SUPER (freeware) to convert the FLV file into a compatible video format. SUPER can convert to just about any format, i.e., PSP, iPods, and GP2Xes. (Alternate download site)

b. Videora iPod Converter. A free program that converts videos of all sort (not just from YouTube but also .avi, .mov, .flv., etc.)

c. For PSP, encode to the mp4 format with PSP Video 9

Now you can enjoy YouTube videos even when you’re on the go!

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  • Nice post and correct info!
    To complement this post, check this short tutorial too.

    It’s a simple way to get Youtube, Google Video and iFilm movies right into almost any device (Treo 650 too) and any PC/Mac.
    It’s free and doesn’t require any software to install (except Quicktime 7).
    Hope you enjoy it!

  • I like your directions for the Mac, short and simple. One note about PSP video: if you have upgraded to firmware 2.8, it does not require special encoding, or crazy naming techniques. As long as it is a MP4, it will work.

  • THANK YOU! Instructions are easy to follow and it all works! Thank you for ending my video nightmare!

  • well,thanks too.a welcome change from my badly savaged post about mobile phones here in blogcritics.

  • rob

    another site where you can download videos is clipnabber.com
    has a nice interface too

  • pat

    thanks you very very much for you just answered the question if been looking for an answer to for a long time.
    thank you!

  • I use Savetube to save youtube videos.

  • mrfinke

    I downloaded the VLC and a few seconds into any video and it just stops and closes! UGH! Computers hate me! 🙁

  • Justin

    Check out dukelive.blogspot.com there is program there to download youtube videos. It’s easier than keep vid.

  • tris18

    ***** Hope this will help *****
    A much much easier way to grab Youtube video is to use zillatube.

    It also converts to high quality videos of different formats, to be played on various devices. It’s really cool – just one software to do all these.

  • good tune

  • Istvan

    You can try also: Youtube video downloader ( http://www.tubedownloader.info )

    It is a free online youtube video downloader!

  • julian

    what about linux!!?! 🙂

  • blah

  • sucked in for Windows users, its so much more difficult. lol
    macs rule all!

  • ipod

    Ty so much it was a real help :):):)

  • podcaster

    Woot!! porn for my ipod!! i mean videos… non explicit ones…

  • Patrick Johnston

    None of those methods for mac users are free like the article stated.

    furthermore the podtube link doesn’t take you to a site where you can download the program and it cost $5 to download through version tracker.

    the Isquint link takes you to a page that compares visual hub to isquint and only allows you to download visual hub for $25

    there are free trials for both programs but like stated they are trials not the actual program.

  • Brandon

    KeepVid.com now allows you to download the videos directly to MP4 format. Just choose the “High Quality” video. They aren’t actually any higher quality than the YouTube videos though.

  • good article and cool tools.

  • Rian

    Hi Everyone

    Thank you for this useful information.

    Here is another great free resource to download Youtube videos online and convert them into various different formats. This tool also supports Youtube High Definition videos. Hope you find this useful.

  • David

    Thank u so much
    every1 it is very easy and just follow the instructions
    thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Kristin

    For windows onto an ipod
    have it saved in the correct format on my computer, but it’s not showing up in itunes?

  • Andrew

    You may find that YouTubeKeep.com is better if you’re worried about quality.
    It doesn’t convert the .FLV to .MP4. It downloads the MP4 straight from YouTube, so no quality loss!

  • Thiago

    This seems to work fine for Windows and Mac users… But for Linux users…………….? 🙁

  • MAria31

    Hi. I use http://www.vid2pc.com – very simple and have free tools. Maybe the best.

  • your mom

    this was no help at all, all it did was caused my computer a big fucking shit load of viruses

  • Hi thanks for such nice post. All tips are nice. we can also download using the real player 11.

  • thanks sites.

  • mario

    just got my ipod cant work it

  • mario

    can i get someboby help please

  • Richard,

    Have you tried Applian Technology products?

    I’m happy with them, and they’re constantly innovating and upgrading.

  • doug Pall

    does the windows thing have a virus

  • TaiiTa

    u can also try zillatube its fast with only a simple rule !:)

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    thanks dude

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    thank you guys for helping me

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    Thank you so much. It ain`t that high quality but nicee

  • Avi

    Thanks for providing such great information.
    You can also watch a video tutorial for the same at

  • laura

    hey is there any way i can download the video to itunes but so just the song will play?

  • bigbird

    use realplayer sp, and then covert to itunes, for windows,i dont know about mac

  • julie

    wait so is this legal?

  • doood

    thanks a lot
    i do need it

  • Lizzy

    well wat if u dnt have either firefox or that other thing just explorer?

  • Traci

    Doesn’t work… Am i doing something wrong???

  • timi

    I like your directions for the Mac, short and simple. One note about PSP video: if you have upgraded to firmware 2.8, it does not require special encoding, or crazy naming techniques. As long as it is a MP4, it will work.

  • Vira

    I downloaded the vid.. but how do i get it INTO my Ipod? ;A;

  • Bree

    Let me just start by saying, it doesn’t work. I downloaded the Videora iPod Converter and followed the steps, still after 8 or so tries it said the download failed.