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How to Decorate a Studio Apartment

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More and more people are opting for studio living, because it’s a great way to save money while still enjoying the privacy of your own apartment. A studio is typically any apartment where the living area is open plan, with a separate bathroom and often a separate kitchen, though this is sometimes incorporated into the main living space.

The main problem with studio living is that you are sleeping in the same room you do everything else in, from eating to watching TV, and storage space can often be limited. It can be difficult to keep a studio apartment looking tidy and clutter-free, and you need to find a look that works for both your waking and sleeping hours. Here we look at some ideas for decorating a studio to get around these issues.

Making the Most of Your Space

One thing many people choose to do with a smaller studio is use a futon or sofa bed. This means they can transform the space from day to night very simply, and space is maximized because you don’t have to accommodate both a full-sized bed and seating. If you have a large studio space and want to have a proper bed as well as a sofa, you can separate the space using a large screen or curtain, so it feels more like you have a bedroom. This gives a sense of a division between where you sleep and where you hang out or work, which can be a lot more comfortable. The divider or curtain can be moved or removed altogether to change the way your space is separated out.

Smart Storage

Often you will be storing things that you would normally keep in a bedroom, like your clothes and shoes, in the same room as your lounge stuff. This can lead to things looking cluttered, so look out for smart storage solutions that allow you to hide your things away. You can buy a lot of hanging, canvas-style items that suspend from metal poles from which you can cheaply construct soft, movables shelves and a wardrobe for your clothes.

Opt for a unit for your TV and any other entertainment equipment, such as DVD player, video game consoles, and stereo, that also has concealed storage in the form of drawers and shelves. This can be a great way to keep clutter stashed away from sight, and a good place to keep things like CDs and DVDs. If you have a coffee table or desk, again choose one with some storage included in it.

Colour and Light

Making a small space look bigger is easier if you use pale colours on the walls, floor and ceiling and use large mirrors to reflect light and give the illusion of more space. With light, neutral colours on the walls you can then create accents with coloured items, from cushions and lampshades through to your bed linen and any ornamental stuff you might have, like vases, candles or framed pictures. Stick to one colour theme throughout, even if you are using a divider.

When it comes to lighting, you are going to want options. since you may want a bright light to work or study by or a gentle one for when you’re watching a movie or relaxing before bed. A dimmer is a good way to achieve this with only one light source; alternatively, have your main light bright and use lamps to create more subtle lighting when required.

Studios can look modern, stylish and homey with the right care and attention. Use some of the ideas discussed here to help make your studio into a welcoming and relaxing home.

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