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How To Create A Web Site in 5 Days …

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Following is an email solicitation from an Internet marketing “guru” to which I would like to get your feedback. Does it over-promise? Can a person who, so far, only knows surfing and email learn how to create a web site in five days from a book? Can a movie tutorial “literally lay out the groundwork for you?” How do you web designers out there feel about a book, read in five days, being called an alternative to your services? And now, the guru speaks:

Hi John.

If you’re like most folks, once you learn surfing and email, chances are you are ready to tackle building your own website.

If that sounds like you, what comes next? There are tutorials that abound to teach you everything you need to know about html code, php and just about every other kind of technical stuff you could ask for.

The problem? It’s all written in “geek speak.” The very tools you need to get started are usually way over the head of the novice, would be webmaster.

That was then. . .this is now.

How To Create a Web Site in 5 Days overcomes all those obstacles. Written in “plain english” so that anyone can follow the instructions, it is THE premier guide for the novice webmaster.

Plus, this book comes with a “movie tutorial” that will literally lay out the groundwork for you with sound and visual tools.

This power packed system will have you designing your web site like a pro in just 5 days! It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Grab your copy today and in less than a week you will be on your way to becoming a top notch webmaster.

Learn more about it here: (Link)

PS. Compared to the alternative of hiring a web designer, this is the most comprehensive and inexpensive alternative you will find online.

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  • Not unbelievable, screencasting is the best way of teaching a product, technique or technology

    Just like a bad film, however, it’s all up to the director

  • esarteefor

    I think its sad really. Having been in web development for over 7 years now, it takes time to learn the little things..and the big things. Its like me making a book “Become a professional Financial advisor in 5 days.” I personally dont think its that easy. I enjoy talking with those just starting web development, and reading books like this…they read one book and feel they have it ALL down. I then like to engage in all sorts of conversation that relate to creating a REAL website. They usually sit with a glazed look in their eyes. I dont say that to toot my own horn, but to say to be good at something takes time!

    Books, videos, etc, they are all GREAT resources – but they are not a complete source for becoming a professional at something in just a few days.

    People these days want everything in minutes. I would pay a webmaster to do things RIGHT versus trying to hack things myself or give it over to someone who just read a book. Its like bypassing a doctor. Heck, ive read a whole book on how to perform double bypass heart surgery – im good to go and do it myself now!

    Patience people. 🙂

  • If they provide all the code in the book on disk, they could do a simple website in five days.

    It all depends on what kind of software they are using.

    The thing is, you could slap together a site, but for a business image you need something a bit nicer. For a personal site, I’d say five days is about what you’d want to spend on it.

  • Of course it behooves professional webmasters and developers to dismiss this book. They have to protect their turf (i.e. $$$$$$). Fact is, though, something like this is probably all an amateur needs. I mean, odds are that the person targeted by this book isn’t going to be competition for real pros and doesn’t want to be. If their goal is to build their own personal site or a pal’s or whatever, this book should be a more justifiable expense than the hundreds or more they would have to pay to some techie. If one wants to drop major change to have someone else do the work, God bless ’em, but whether one is fund-challenged or not, the money could be used in other ways that many may consider to be more responsible.

  • No one has mentioned a simple tool like Blogger. You could have a website in five minutes using their program.

    Of course, even with all the bells and whistles of a professional web designer behind you, if you don’t have the content, it makes no difference how fabulous your site appears.