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How to Celebrate Halloween, Even on a Monday

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This year Halloween falls on a Monday, the most dreaded day of the week. Not only is this awkward because you have school or work the next day, it is also hard to celebrate a holiday on the first day of the week. But here are some fun ideas on how to celebrate Halloween on a Monday:

If you are even somewhat responsible, you probably guessed that binge drinking and partying until 3 a.m. are out of the question on a Monday night. How about a fun party that doesn’t leave you confused, hung over, and late for work on Tuesday morning? To accomplish this all you need are friends and some kind of residence.

First of all, check out this website for all sorts of fun and unique Halloween candy ideas. From cookies to cakes to brownies, you are sure to find a great recipe there. If you are less into sweets and more into substantial meals, you can of course always just cook a delicious, wholesome, and healthy meal for your guests. I just prefer to indulge my sweet tooth on the 31st.

Feel free to make as many recipes as you want. No one is going to complain about having too many candy options on Halloween. If you’re on a college budget, try recommending that each guest bring a different candy dish. This is also a fun way to get your guests involved and excited.

Next, you need to get the gang together! Make a Facebook Event Page, a mass text, a phone call list, or a Google Circle. No matter how you choose to do it, just get everyone together in one place, and let them know when to meet at your “residence,” whether that is a house, apartment, or dorm room. Then let them know what to bring and what to expect, (some people waver in the uncertainty of events). Tell everyone to bring $2-5 for a surprise activity.

Also, just because it’s Monday and you won’t be going out, doesn’t mean you can’t still go all out and dress up in your favorite costume. After all, Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without witches, angels, and naughty nurses. I highly recommend encouraging your guests to wear costumes to your party. Good costumes bring even great parties more excitement. Perhaps you could hold a contest for the best outfit, and reward the winner with a bag of treats!

After your guests arrive at the set time, have everyone load up in the car and take them to Wal-Mart. I know it sounds creepy, but I promise it won’t be anything too weird. When you walk into Wal-Mart head towards the produce section and look for the pumpkins. When you find the pumpkins you should see some uber-cute mini pumpkins just behind them. That is your goal!

These mini pumpkins cost anywhere from $1-5, not a bad price at all for a little fun. If you are really extravagant you can buy the mini-pumpkins ahead of time for your guests, or have everyone pick out a regular sized pumpkin. The possibilities are endless. After everyone spends a thorough five to ten minutes finding just the perfect sized pumpkin, it’s time to head to the craft section for some super cheap plastic paintbrushes and some acrylic paint. You need only enough brushes for everyone to have one, and the number of colors of paint you buy is up to you. Keep in mind the three primary colors can make any other color when mixed.

When you get back to your residence you can set the guests loose Food, paints, and fun are all over the place. Lay out lots of newspaper on the floor or table and let everyone begin painting their mini-pumpkins however they wish. Some people do murals, others jack-o-lantern faces, and others simply write “Happy Halloween.” Again, everything is up to you and your guests.

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  • ferney951

    It’s now the beginning of october For those who work I would suggest requesting tuesday off from right now the earlier the better If you’re a person that likes to have fun on halloween then he should do that right away ask your boss or supervisor. I don’t know if there’s going to be a lot of excitement going on that night being that it’s a monday. Why cant halloween be like those other holidays that is always on a saturday or sundaymy better yet they should make it on a saturday!