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How to Address the Security Concerns of Cloud Technology

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One of the biggest concerns about cloud computing, or cloud technology, is security. Programs like Office 365 or Box.net make it easy to work from anywhere or access files from anywhere. However, there remains some hesitation on putting important files out there online in someone else’s hands. That hesitation is preventing the widespread adoption of the cloud and that hesitation is due to these security concerns.

Even if you are using a provider for your cloud services, some elements of security remain the hands of the customer. Although cloud providers will do their part to ensure the security of their systems and your data, customers need to do their part to ensure that security as well. One of the ways that customers can do that is to utilize a virtual private network.

A virtual private network, or VPN, allows you to surf the Internet anonymously and encrypts any and all data sent or received. With a VPN, hackers can’t get in to see your information, and malware is blocked so your computer is infection-free. With a VPN, you can log into your cloud storage account, or a work account such as Salesforce or Freshbooks, and be sure that personal and company information is protected. This means that your data is protected whether you access it online, or offline. It also means that by using a VPN, you can also maintain privacy with your data and information as well as while you surf the web, which is one of biggest concerns regarding cloud computing.

One of the great things about cloud computing is that this information can be accessed and worked on anywhere, and from any device. Whether you’re on your laptop in a coffee shop, or on your smartphone on the way to work, or on your tablet at home, a VPN can not only keep you secure on all those devices, but it can work from anywhere as well, including other countries. VPN providers such as ocshield.com and vpn4all.com have servers in over 20 countries. If you travel internationally, you’ll still be able to access your data and a lot of other sites, securely as if you were in your own home in the United States.

Security should not be treated lightly when it comes to technology, and this is the case for both consumers and technology providers. A VPN is something consumers can implement to ensure security on their end. It works, and it works with the cloud too.

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    Can PGP be used to securitize The Cloud? I’m guessing that it can, but that masking the internet will require a VPN.

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