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How Smart Is Elizabeth?

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I’m glad, for the sake of the everyone concerned, that Elizabeth Smart was returned safely to her family. However, I do not believe Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped at all. The police say the reason why she was unable to escape is because she became psychologically attached to her kidnappers.

Heck, no. She was unable to escape because she was a teenager, having a good time. She ran away from her seemingly overbearing responsibilities and her ‘devout and affluent Mormon family.’

Officer Bill O’Neal, upon discovering the girl, reports that ‘we took her aside… she kind of just blurted out “I know who you think I am. You guys think I’m that Elizabeth Smart girl who ran away”.

Obviously, the girl took off. Come on–the girl partied with the couple! That’s why she could hear her uncle calling for her from 15 feet away but never responded. That’s why the teenage girl and alleged kidnappers always looked so comfortable together:

“They were always very pleasant,’ said Richard Mason, a 45-year-old homeless man. ‘She didn’t seem like she was kidnapped. She acted like she was part of the family”.

I think she was happy vagabonding with the couple. Have a look at this article and notice that it has not one direct quote from Elizabeth, neither detailing her abduction nor discussing any kind of fear… just a surprise that such a big deal was made of her absence.

My mom thought I was kidnapped once. She saw my backpack, strewn across the back porch. I was nowhere to be found.

My dad was called from work, the police came to the house, my junior high interrogated my closest friends… all the while, I was waiting at the neighbor’s house. I had missed the bus and needed a ride to school. I thought my my mom was golfing and knew my dad was at work… so I left my backpack at home and waited for my neighbor to get ready for work so that she could bring me to school.

Imagine my surprise when I got to my house to retrieve my backpack and saw my mom crying and my dad–home from work, during the day! Once I got to school, I was even more shocked to see my friends, hysterical over me. All week long, eighth-graders pointed to me and murmured, ‘That’s the girl who was kidnapped.’

Huh? I just missed the bus. I couldn’t understand why all of these people were talking about me, making such a big deal. Had I been kidnapped for any length of time, my homecoming would have been without question.

Not nearly as dramatic as the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping saga, but my point is that if she really was held captive, there’d be a lot more emotions pouring out. Instead, she greeted her family with a questioning, ‘These flowers are for me?’

Sounds like a teenage girl who just wanted a break from her family.

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  • R. S. Simmons

    Your comments regarding Elizabeth Smart certainly show your ignorance. I
    know you wrote this back in 2003, but since it is not lined-through or
    retracted, you must still believe in what you wrote. You seem to know
    very little about trauma, kidnapping, victimization, etc. I do not wish
    any harm to you or a loved one, but do hope that you wise-up the easy way
    & quit making light of other human’s misfortunes.

  • smart indeed

    well, she doesn’t appear to be traumatized at all after being found… she was always all smiles for the media like she was enjoying every bit of attention… hmmm…

  • Lisa

    I lived in Utah for 22 years and Mormons are creepy hipocrites. I do not believe that Elizabeth was kidnapped at all. Sorry folks, but if you believe that you are truly naive. Now are goody 2 shoes just wed in hawaii and moved the date up by several months. Hmmm. Guess we will see a baby bump in a few months. The smarts are all typical mormon liars.

  • Miriam Feldstein Case

    Rebecca, I think you are delusional and need to do more research before you make such dishonest claims.

  • Just Amazed

    You are a real piece of work. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

    I hope my kids never meet you.

  • babbyclay

    Her sister witnessed her abduction at knifepoint. She can’t be lying. She was continually drugged and raped by her kidnappers which affected her mental state. This poor girl went through absolute hell and you think she’s lying? You think she gave birth? Don’t you think “Emmanuel” would have reported this as an alibi? Where’s the kid now if there was one? Your “Theory” is crap with no facts to back it up. Just unsupported suspicions! You would have made a great inquisitor during the Salem Witch Trials you Idiot!!

  • bbrain grower!

    As a survivor of childhood sexual assault,I can say with a degree of certainty, that when faced with an act that you do not want to happen, or have the living hell beaten out of you by someone bigger,stronger and more determined than you…the act seems the easy way to survive! It is not fun, it is survival! Also as a 9 year old sister or brother, remember how scared simple things made you feel, before saying a huge hairy man with a knife would not make you shit for at least 2 hours!

  • iceDMD

    This is entirely absurd. Firstly, your credibility is not substantial. Secondly, it makes me nauseous to see that you compare your stupid little childhood memory to that of Elizabeth Smart’s abduction. Elizabeth Smart was abused, and did not want to lose her family. Hence, she did not speak up in public. Her taking on this persona was an effort to conceal reality — a horrific amount of pain, sexual abuse and mental abuse. As for the 9 year old, what more can you expect? SHE WAS 9 YEARS OLD. The sister was probably frightened for her life, as well as her sister’s. The poor girl most likely suffered a devastating magnitude of depression after realizing that she could have told her parents sooner. People like you would naturally make her feel even WORSE. Furthermore, your disgusting nature of questioning Elizabeth and stating that she “partied” with them sickens me. Why don’t you go off with Mitchell yourself, tied between trees, and call it a party?

    You are a disgrace to human kind, and your lack of empathy makes me question if you have any moral standards whatsoever. Furthermore, you should really invest in some education before trying to judge another being’s psychological state. I hope you never have children.

  • Samantha

    You all are crazy!!! She was kidnapped, AND put through a horrible ordeal. YOu need to get your facts straight before you start pointing fingers. You should be ashamed. What if this were your child? You would feel different then! I am disgusted by all of you.

  • me

    This theory is completely insane. What beautiful young girl would want to be repeatedly raped by an insane man who looks filthy? And how is being kept as a slave more “fun” than being a pretty blonde girl from a rich family? Mormons might not be partiers, but I’d choose Mormonism over kidnapping by a nasty old monster any day!

  • Martina

    Oh and the pregnancy deal, I’m sure you can’t get pregnant if you still have not started you periods! I got mine at 17 so it’s a common thing a 14 year old would not fall pregnant! Honestly you guys need a better point to this absurd accusation 🙂

  • Martina

    Personally I think the girl is brave and strong to even want to live another day ! I’m pretty damn sure none of us would of had the courage to run away when a man that has captivated you repeatedly reminding you ” I will kill you and your family if you what so ever try to scream” Rebeca I honestly think you should put your self in her shoes with the way you think I highly doubt you would survive the first day, let alone 9 months at the age of 14!
    I agree with majority of the comments, the girls sate of mind at the time was confused, she comes from a highly religious family so when the kidnapper stated he was a prophet she didn’t know the truth from a lie! I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t either!

  • wardfrick

    Doesn’t it make a big difference to the defendant if he is guilty only of having consensual sex for nine months with a minor who was not a virgin at the time of consent vs having abducted her at knife point, chained her to a tree and physically raped her. There’s a crime no matter what, but the penalty should be different depending on what really happened.

  • Raintree

    Class bigots resteth not
    until they see the pure flesh rot…

  • Glork

    Can Rebecca please defend her article now, as the testimony is being published ? No?
    Oh well,…live by the sword, die by the sword. Ho-hum.

  • kat r

    I find your “interpretation” of Elizabeths ordeal, completly unfair, and more to the point baseless! Who are you to pick apart her abduction, throwing out what you THINK is the right version or her ordeal! It sickens me, that you or anyone else feels you have a right to say she wasn’t kidnapped, and that she enjoyed it! Wow you have some nerve! Every person is different, and every person deals with traume a different way. Unless you are a psychiatrist, please save your conspiracy theories. You sit here on your hate filled soap box talking about a 14 year old CHILD, who was raped and kidnapped! How dare you post something like this, you are not even closely ivolved. It stands to question, how adults, can sit there and pick a childs traumatic experience apart, and then call them a liar. You couldn’t possible know what she went through. Yet yo post something like this, as if you are entitled to bash her. There is much more I would like to say, but what is the point. I will point out, in reading some of your responses to other comment, I have seen a pettern. You didnt go off total facts, and when others have pointed out some things she had went through, YOU have said, “I didnt know that”. Hmmmm, that tells me that you didn’t research your chosen topic enough, and still you chose to malign this girl. I can only hope that in the future you can choose to do your homework a little better before bashing someone for something way out of their controll. What you fail to even comprehend, when anyone is abused, brain washed, and treated badly for a period of time, they fail to act in a rational way, they fail to be the people they once were. and yes, it can take a short time, for that to start to happen.Do some research on what being abused, in anyway, can do to a persons mental state. I would highly suggest it. Ignorance is not bliss!

  • Leighanna

    So much I want to address but I won’t waste my time with the mental midgets who are STILL spouting conspiracy theories.

    However – to those who want to know why she didn’t get pregnant – she stated today in testimony she had not yet started her period, and told the defendant that in hopes he wouldn’t rape her. He did anyway. So, you can all shut up now.

  • Elaine

    You are a twisted woman to believe your own garbage that Elizabeth Smart enjoyed her daily rapes, being forced to drink alcohol and take drugs to lessen her resistance to her predicament.

    Do you feel this way because you have a sex life that you enjoy that is consensual, and are transferring your viewpoint onto Elizabeth Smart in a totally different situation? There is no doubt that this was not FUN as you say for her. You’ve got not credibility in my eyes, only contempt and resentment for a young woman who had her virginity taken away against her will, with the threat of harm to her family. Personally, I believe that Miss Smart stands for goodness and bravery in the face of a nightmare, wanting to protect her family and others and herself from being killed. What is wrong with you?

  • Mac

    I agree with Dee about that possibility. I was raised in this cult. Most Mormon men in Utah are walking hard-ons. The whole cult is totally sexually repressive. Most Mormons marry TO HAVE SEX, not because of love. The rate of mental illness in Utah is through the roof. The severe porn addictions are staggering. Utah has many skeletons…. Many.

  • dee

    has anyone entertained the idea that Ed Smart knocked up his own daughter an then planned a so called kidnapping just long enough for her to have the child adopt it out an return home safely…….Elizabeth smart left a child an returned a woman….AN im an ex devout Mormon born an raised in the cult……..NOT everybody is what they portray …An IM NO BIGOT…

  • Tammy Walen

    First off, I think it’s kinda retarded that we’d even pay any attention to these crazt adolecent theories. I think it’s because they are so shocking and mean that we’d hae this reaction.

    I can only imigine what this poor girl had to deal with when she went back to school…the rumors and whispering. My God.

    For all the ignorant teens reading and responding to this post, let me school you.

    When babies are born, they are skinny. At around 6-7 months, they plump up. It’s the same for pre-teens. It’s as if their body is preparing for rapid growth.

    Honestly, some people just have no clue. It’s sad.

    Children, please google Stockholm Syndrome and refrain from talking about things that you hae no idea what you are talking about. It’s very hurtful to the family and very annoying to us grown folks.

  • dee

    has any one but myself entertained the idea that her father knocked her up an planned an paid the kidnappers to keep her away til she had the baby……an im an ex devout mormon….

  • lds skeptic member

    I hear she was raped and tied to a pole. That would be tramatic. However, that makes me want to get away even worse. Not break down

  • Patrick

    wow. way, way late. but this has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. [personal attack deleted]

  • wendy

    Your comments are dispicable.

  • thoughtful

    Elizabeth Smart went through a terrible experience. But she didn’t try to scream or get away at any time during the abduction, and she never spoke up when police asked her directly whether she was the missing girl, and never told anyone in stores, restaurants, etc. that she needed help. This is because her family raised her, even at age 14, to be timid, to do what men tell her to do, not to speak up or fight or think for herself.
    I would like all little girls and boys to be taught: “If anyone tries to take you somewhere against your will, you scream, you kick, you look for every opportunity to draw attention and get help from any grownup not related to the abductors. If you hear us or a policeman call your name, you answer. Don’t ever believe anyone who tells you we aren’t looking for you and wanting you back every minute of every day you are away. Be strong and do your part to get back to us.”
    Apparently her cousin was also targeted for a nighttime abduction with a knife at another time. But she screamed immediately and the intruder ran. If only Elizabeth or her sister had screamed, or struggled, or run, rather than acquiescing so quietly and obediently to the man who broke into their house. I know it’s scary for kids, and the child is not to blame for not knowing how to react defensively in these situations.
    It’s the parents who are to blame for not teaching their kids the self-confidence and common sense and methods to fight back.

  • Catherine

    If she really was raped then how did she not get pregnant? I doubt they were using birth control.

  • Stephanie

    Elizabeth Smart definetly has a screw loose up there

  • Madman Mike

    I find it curious that people come up with all these opinions without having all the facts. I only have one question for you. Were you there? If not, then stop wasting time with the things you know not and can’t control, and start living the life you can control. Elizabeth’s life is her business and yours is yours. What difference does it make to you? If you ever get kidnapped and raped by some freak then I can see you being interested in this. I was held captive for years and can attest to Elizabeth’s frame of mind. Wanting to get away but afraid because your captors feed and clothe you. Where will I go, how will I survive? Ever heard of Stockholm syndrome? Unless you you’ve personally experienced it, you will never understand the fear!! So don’t try and explain or understand Elizabeth. There is no logic to pure emotion.

  • Aimee

    Your an idiot.

  • Barnes

    I always found something unsincere about her explanations and her reactions to questions. She doesn’t come across as genuine like N Kampush or JL Dugard.
    I think it would look terribly bad for her to recognize anything close to choosing to follow Mitchell voluntarily or having accepted so easily polygamy.

  • Carter

    James, what you describe here is not what happened to her. Please read the police reports.

  • Danny

    If this girl was gone for 9 month = 270 Days. And, was raped 3 or 4 times a day, eveyday – as she testified, that would mean that she had sex AT LEAT 945 times. I didn’t ever hear her mention anything about condoms. I can’t beleive that she didn’t get pregnant.

  • Kari

    I hope you feel like a real asshole now.

  • Curtis

    The sentiment stated in this article are devoid of any logic. Worse, their complete lack of sense is compounded by an absolutely blind contempt for the Smart’s religion. This girl is kidnapped, tied to a tree and raped, and you think she just wanted a break from the family? Seriously? Unbeleivable.

  • coachb

    Everyone who agrees with this or actually believes any of it are absolutely moronic. Effin ridiculous and scary.

  • Laura

    This is the most unbelievable piece I’ve read on this story. I hope you get kidnapped and raped 3-4 times a day, and then accused of enjoying the ride.

  • Pregnant?

    That’s like Brian Mitchell having a cow!

  • John Smith

    So, since she had a terrible ordeal NO questions should be asked? We should all just SHUT DOWN OUR BRAINS AND IGNORE EVERY weird thing that this family (especially the father) did and said. ASK NO QUESTIONS, THEY’RE NOT ALLOWED!! The hysterical histrionics on display here are SICKENING.

    And stop trying to suppress free speech! Not everyone is as uberemotional as you; some people are critical thinkers and DO have questions. We have a right to ask them, too, just as Rebecca has the right to express herself. Move to CHINA if you don’t like it! I’ll help you PACK!!

  • chemnerd

    John Smith, yes faces can be blurred but once again, that adds distractions to a picture and when police are trying to ask the public for help in finding someone, they don’t want anything to detract from what the public focuses on. As for cutting out faces, I’m pretty sure the police didn’t have a lot of Photoshop time on their hands to do it properly when they were desperately trying to find a little girl.

    Just wondering, but you people who think she faked the whole thing also believe 9/11 was an inside job? What about Area 51? Oh and the moon landing was a fake? Loch Ness monster? Am I getting close?

  • Misty

    Oh my gosh, I can not believe that this is even a topic. The things that has been writen and to question what took place GROW UP!

  • Jen

    Wow, after reading the Elizabeth Smart testimony, this blog should be deleted. Admit you were wrong and take it down. Even without the testimony, it is such nonsense that a 14 year-old girl from an affluent family would CHOOSE to go live in the woods with two slimy, creepy people, that tie her to a pole and rape her daily. Yea, that makes logical sense. Geez, what happened to good writers?

  • Glork

    Rebecca S.: Read any news about the Brian David Mitchell trial lately – about Elizabeth enduring sexual assaults multiple times-even in one day? Too bad you didn’t have parents to teach “judge not lest ye be judged”-It’s a really helpful lesson. Perhaps a tad more helpful than your article, which can be filed under the “Have I done any GOOD in the world today?” category.YOU LOST.

  • How do you like your crow?

    Wow – what a bunch of insensitive beast – surely you can’t be real ppl?! Ready to revise you blog Ms. Rebecca, now that Ms. Smart has testified?? hmmm..how would you ppl react if you led a very safe Christian life, just to be taken out of your bed w/a knife, and RAPED..not once, but 3-4x a day for NINE months?? You all should be ashamed!

  • zingzing

    sugar, i’m southern.

  • lol (popped in to see who zing was calling honey…for a minute i was shocked!)

  • zingzing

    honey, hoping someone rots in hell is just as bad as ” judging someone who suffered so much.” you’re hoping for future suffering? sheesh.

    this story is bullshit conspiracy theory junk. let it go.

    also, i just wanted to start a comment “honey,” and not get reamed for it.

  • honey

    whoever wrote this,whoever you are, I hope you’ll rot in hell for judging someone who suffered so much to think like you do!!!FYI: Elizabeth is not a worthless human being like you are who seems to have the most stupid thoughts.I don’t even think you have a brain!

  • John Smith

    BamaLady, This story STINKS and has from day one.

    Check out this quote from a news article today: “It was the French language that helped Smart keep her autonomy from Mitchell and co-defendant Wanda Barzee. The self-proclaimed prophet would force Smart to write in a diary each night. But at the bottom of each page, she would write messages in French saying things like, “I hate Brian and Wanda and I love my parents,” Ed Smart said.

    That hardly is consistent with “over time she began to sympathize with her captors” (Stockholm Syndrome), now does it?!

    The Smarts keep changing the story, and that is just ONE reason this is all so suspicious.

  • BamaLady

    Considering the testimony today, those critical points look idiotic. I am sure that a clean cut, religious, academic girl wanted to be kidnapped by a pair of nasty street bums so the slimey guy could chain her and rape her four or five times daily. You should be ashamed of your hurtful comments.

  • John Smith

    Chemnerd, The faces of siblings can be covered, cut out, or obscured with blurring!

    This case is WEIRD and this family is even WEIRDER!

    First off, the Smarts live in a huge house, yet two of their daughters share a bedroom. WHY? Most children even in middle-class families have their own room when they are 4 or 5 years old at the latest. IF siblings share a bedroom, they still have SEPARATE BEDS! NOT the Smart kids.

    Also STRANGE is that a 14 YO girl sleeps in RED SILK PAJAMAS. Most 14 YO girls DO NOT wear pajamas, they sleep in oversized T-shirts and stuff, and IF they wear pajamas they are NOT silk! Silk is considered adult material, is sensuous, sexy, used in lingerie, etc.

    I think that Elizabeth WAS pregnant; look at how chubby she was (face, etc.) upon her return. If she was just “fat,” that does NOT jibe with being “starving to death, going days without food” as portrayed in recent articles.

    Regardless of the stuff that just doesn’t fit, the demeanor of the entire family is STRANGE. VERY STRANGE. Can’t put my finger on it, but there is MORE TO THIS STORY THAN WE ARE BEING TOLD. And with Elizabeth’s uncle being a reporter for Deseret News, what are the odds of that rag printing the truth?!!!

    While I don’t agree with all of your points, Rebecca, I admire you for speaking out and am grateful for this opportunity to chime in.

  • howdareyou

    I’m sure you dont read your comments anymore as this is several years old. I still had to post and tell you what a pig i think you are for writing this. Elizabeth Smart testified in detail today about her ordeal. Read the transcripts. You should delete your post, you are a shameful pig.

  • chemnerd

    Ever think maybe the pictures her family used of her were old because pictures of her at an older age included the faces of her younger siblings. After losing one child to psychos, do you think her parents would want their younger kids exposed like that. Plus, when the police ask you for pictures, you look for a picture that shows the person’s face in the best clarity, a good close up, whatever. You try to get the most recent but you really try to get a picture that truly shows their face so people will be able to remember the details better.

  • petalsong

    i am outraged at the stupidity of almost every comment on here. this poor girl was taken from her family in the middle of the night and held captive by a rapist and a psychopath. her parents were hysterical and suffered more than any parents could suffer. this girl has now gone on to college, she is an accomplished musician, she is doing all she can to recover from the most traumatic experience anyone could ever have. she was, without a doubt, an innocent victim and amazingly, she forgives those maniacs because she realizes that carrying around anger and fear was only going to hold her back. she’s a hero. and stop reading the enquirer!!! paleeze!


    Lots of interesting comments. Well the trial is about to begin and Elizabeth is about to go to France. I believe something is not right with this “abduction”. Having seen the movie which was made within a year of Elizabeths return, which was controlled by ed SmartI might add. At no time was Elizabeth seen tied to a tree and raped. ed Smart used in his campaign photos of a much younger Elizabeth…Why?…mitchel used to do odd jobs around the house for Smart because he was too mean to pay a professional. The children knew Mitchel and even in the movie he was kind to them.

    Mitchel has Hepatitis C..No sign of Elizabeth having the same. Even the doctor that said she was not or had ever been pregnant was a friend of Smarts.

  • Caro

    Yea, the last sentence in my last post was someone else’s that i forgot to erase. i think it was some sort of set up.

  • Caro

    1. Maybe she was abducted and decided to stay, because, hey!, never had this many crazy experiences back in mormon-land
    2. maybe she ran away because she was repressed by her fundamentalist family
    3. maybe she was brainwashed
    4. maybe it was a scheme because she was pregnant
    5. maybe it was a scheme for fame and money You will never know. So why make everything more complicated. It could have been a setup or real. My honest opinion I think at first she was possibly forced and then she started enjoying being free from her family.

  • anonymous

    Its quite interesting reading through all the comments left on this article. I find it amazing that many people would actually take the time out of their schedules to discredit an actual dramatic event that a poor young girl had to endure.

    One point that everyone is missing, is that if this was all staged and the psychotic kidnappers were just to help her escape her family, there is nothing preventing these criminals from speaking out. They could be completely off the hook if they did. Why would an innocent person stage their “cave” or “hole” of residence as a crime scene that both police and FBI ruled as such? Why would an innocent person cut through a window screen? Why would an innocent person just stay quite after being caught? Innocent people just dont do these things.

    And for anyone to discredit Elizabeth Smart mental state while being illegally detained by these monsters is absurd. If any person was threatened with a knife and told if they didnt follow, their family would be killed, that person would do exactly what they were told to do. As for telling police, when found, “i know who you think i am”, has anyone even considered that maybe it was her own subtle way of saying, “its me, elizabeth, get me home to my family” or she was told to say that by the idiots to say in that event. Kidnappers asking for ransom say dont call the police and alot of people are very reluctant to do so. the same mental manipulation could have been in play here.

    As for “mormons having dirty secrets”. This is one of the most stupidest things ever. Sure everyone is human and make mistakes. Any serious mistake known to the church would be disciplined and probably lead to excommunication from the church. People that talk without research are stupid. And as for an earlier comment that ended with “thats my 2 cents worth”, it really was only worth 2 cents. perhaps only 1. Accuracy is the foundation for good comments.

  • anon
  • Utah Native

    This story was fishy from the beginning. It was all a set-up so that she would become “famous”. She always wanted to be in the spotlight – and this was her time. Unfortunately, it only lasted 15 minutes.

  • Chris

    She couldn’t escape because she was “a teenager having a good time” seriously?
    [personal attack deleted]

  • Lacee

    Oh right. A girl would really enjoy being tied to a tree & raped, terrorized & abused. Good grief! READ about the Smart case. All girls do not bloom sexually at 14. Some bloom later. Elizabeth was described by her family as 14 going on 11 & not interested in boys, & that was in June 2002, before anyone knew who took her. They had no reason to lie about it. She WAS an innocent girl kidnapped. The FBI & the SLPD found evidence of that & most people DO believe that. Elizabeth DID say publicly that they were cruel to her. Didn’t you ever watch her interviews with Katie Couric & Oprah? Rape is NOT sex, & it was RAPE she experienced. Why are some people so determined to believe that if a teenager disappears it means he/she must have run away? Why does everyone assume that all teenagers are evil beings that do evil stupid things 24 hours a day 365 days a year fom age 12 to age 21? It’s stupid. News flash:EVERY teen does NOT engage in sex or run away or do drugs or drink or smoke or commit crimes. There is such a thing as teens who are good kids who don’t do that stuff. Why can’t people see that?

  • Bob

    I think everybody would like to believe that Elizabeth was an innocent girl kidnapped, but the truth is, a girl of her age is blooming sexually, and she might have really have enjoyed and welcomed the whole experience with these wacky zealots. If the two wackos were cruel to her, why wouldn’t she come out in the media and say it? It’s the girl experiencing sex for the first time, and later coming to terms with her experience with the media and community condemning the whole thing…

  • WtF

    ya know…..i dont understand why it would such a big deal anyway if she did have piercings. some of you people just so unbelievably outraged at the fact that a 15 YEAR OLD girl may have been experimenting in harmless teenage rebellion. SO WHAT if Elizabeth had piercings (OH MY GOD IT’S THE END OF THE FREAKING WORLD) that does NOT mean for 1 second this girl “asked to be kidnapped” or that her “father planned” for her to be kidnapped.
    As for the attacks against Elzabeth’s younger sister, if you were nine years old & were awoken in the middle of the night because of some nut job, I’m sure you would wait until you felt safe to tell anybody.
    Everyone is allowed to voice their own opinion, so here’s mine. I believe she was kidnapped & tortured, & I just hope that if someone ever breaks into your house & steals your child & threatens him/her and your family, people don’t start these hurtful, ridiculous rumors about you & your family!

  • Laurie

    Lacee, thank you for the correction. I had thought I remembered the report saying Brian Mitchell knew he had awakened her when he first mistook her for Elizabeth, so my bad on that and thanks for reminding me on that.

    I have an older sister whom I adore and the thought of losing her is unbearable to me. All of you saying it wasn’t a real kidnapping, and Mary Katherine had been lying for months or making it up let me leave you with this point. Mary Katherine is a big part of getting her sister home to her family. This poor nine year old girl was also tramatized, and for anyone to say anything negative about her or the amount of time it took for her to work through what that night so she could remember who took her sister from their bed is down right cruel and, in my opinion, is abusive in and of itself. Remember people these are kids; there are many adults who act the same way these kids do when put in the same position. Every person who works in law inforcement or counelors who work with people (both kids and adults) after they are recovered say the same thing…In the situation Elizabeth was in the number one priority is to survive in anyway possible. She did the best she could, and she achieved that because she and her family are alive, and the people who kidnapped, raped, and terrorized her are in jail. Lastly, we have no idea what was said or how the family acted in the privacy of their own home, or during her counseling sessions to help her take back her life instead of allowing Brian Mitchell to continue to control her life. I am personally impressed by the bravery and tough spirit, and I pray she continues to succeed in becoming the person she was on her way to being before someone so violently tried to stop her!

    Lacee, thanks for the support for this!

  • Lacee

    Brian Mitchell never put the knife to Mary Katharine’s throat. He did check to see which girl was Elizabeth, which woke Mary Katharine, but he never threatened MK because she pretended to be asleep & he did not know he’d woken her up. Other than that Laurie your post is spot on. It’s absolute stupidity in the extreme that so many idiots in the world are so determined to believe that Elizabeth ran away or that she was pregnant or that her family orchestrated the whole thing. Why won’t people stop being ignoramuses & realize that the FBI, the SLPD, John Walsh of “America’s Most Wanted”, every media outlet, & an entire city would never lie and/or engage in a coverup over one teenager? I can’t believe that people don’t see how utterly stupid that is. Why won’t people grow a brain & realize that anything you do to survive a dangerous situation is the right thing to do? That’s not only common knowledge, that’s common sense. Elizabeth did what she felt she had to do to stay alive & keep her family safe. No one has any right to judge her or the decisions she was forced to make. They weren’t there & they didn’t see what happened.

  • Laurie

    It is clear many of you have not reviewed all of the facts and information regarding Elizabeth’s kidnapping, because there are many mistakes posted on here.

    First, Mary Katherine did try to tell her parents about the kidnapping when it first happened. M.K. was awakened by a strange man, in her dark bedroom, by a man holding a knife at her throat (Mr Mitchell mistook her for her sister at first because it was dark in the room). She then was told not to leave her room or say a word, as she watched her sister being forced away at knife point. She was nine years old, scared out of her mind, but yet she did leave her room just minutes after he forced Elizabeth (again, he holding a knife at Elizabeth’s throat and being told if she made any noise both she and all of the rest of the family would be killed) to leave the room. Mary Katherine did leave, but when she reached to hall leading to her parents room she saw Brian Mitchell was still in the hallway and was forced back into her room (come on people, what was she suppose to do, yell “ha-ha, I see you”?!). After that it took her a couple of hours to feel safe enough to leave her room to go for help. SHE WAS ONLY NINE YEARS OLD!!! Have you ever heard of post-tramatic-stress-disorder? Don’t you think a nine year old girl might suffer from that after thinking she was going to die but then watch your sister being kidnapped by a crazy man?!! PTSD can, and quite often, cause the physicy to push memories of a tramatic event in the back of your brain; but as a person is able to work through those terrorizing memories, and events, the brain with slowly bring the other forgotten information to the conscience mind.

    As far as Elizabeth not calling out to her uncle when she heard him yelling for her, she was chained to a tree by a thick metal cable that was locked around her ankle and a man who took her from her house in the middle of the night holding a knife on her saying first she, then her family, would be killed if she said a word. This man broke into her house in the middle of the night, ya think a scared 14 yrd girl would believe he could do just that??? Also, Elizabeth DID try to escape from the camp they were holding her at; the two adults/abducters were fight one time and Mitchell had forgotten to lock her back up to the tree because of it, she did run but he caught her and then threatened her and her family again. I don’t know how many of you remember seeing pictures of people who had been in nazi war camps, or even look at the people in third-world countries who are starving to death, one thing you might notice is their stomachs and how far they stick out (many look like they could pass for being pregnant). This is because the body can’t get the protein it needs so the body will break itself down (the muscles) to get what the heart needs to keep beating, etc. The bloating (which makes a person look fat) goes away when the body can get enough protein on a daily basis. How many big steak dinners do you think Elizabeth got being chained up in the woods or living on the streets.

    Elizabeth was 14yrs old when she was taken from her own bed at knife point in the middle of the night. How could she not worry about the threats her captures made regarding the deaths of her family if she didn’t do everything she was told to do. Elizabeth did the very best thing ANYONE could do in her place…she SURVIVED!
    Brian Mitchell has said, many times, that he is not guilty of sexual assault against Elizabeth because she was married to him. If he really hadn’t kidnapped and assaulted her why on earth would he say he had since it means he is admitting to several crimes?!!
    Lastly, if this was all just a set-up by Elizabeth and her family they would all have been sent to jail. It is a felony to file a false police report, it wouldn’t matter what kind of fantastic lawyer they could get there is no way they would not have to serve time.
    A 14yrd girl taken from her family in the middle of the night, chained like a dog to a tree for months, being threatened and being told her family’s safety is in her hands, followed by living on the streets so close to home but never being able to get there…ya, sounds like just SO much fun.

  • Mary A. K

    It blows my mind how in this world that all the problems in the world today that we live with all the beliefs and hangups of people’s religions
    Why can’t we face reality, everyone has a right to their belief but, with the religions that croping up here we are facing a Holy War. Let’s get real, The God that governs this world could care less if Elizabeth gets preg. or etc. All that count is that we all realize we are selling our soul to the other side for not facing reality. The Americans puts to much on such isures. Every Family has their problems, RICH or POOR. Plant A Tree, plants,food for life and enjoy the beauty we have today for it may not last forever.

  • MIRA

    something is just not right about this story!!!

  • Lacee

    You cannot judge all Mormons by the one you dated & his family. There are sickos in EVERY religion & EVERY walk of life. Not all Mormons are creepy. In any case the Book of Mormon was written 170+ years ago when a womans place was in the home being a wife & mother. Everyone knows that’s not the case today. The Fundamentalists still follow that doctrine but the mainstream Mormons live in the 21st century.

  • oh please…

    sorry mormons are creepy. i dated a mormon once. he ended up getting mr pregnat by ripping holes in the condoms we were using without my knowlege & was mad when i didnt want 2 have it or marry him. i later found out he & his sister had fucked, and their father repeatedly cheated on their mother. both father & son veiwed women as property & both laughed in my face when i mentioned i wanted 2 buy a house. they said “why do you need to worry about that when thats a mans job?” p.s to all u mormon women, read ur crappy little book of mormon again. it clearly states all women are the mans property & when ur husband dies ur not allowed to fuck or marry anyone else. however ur husband gets as many wives as he wants in heaven. a p.s. 2 all black mormons : u all werent even allowed in until 1975 when the passage stating blacks could not be mormons was finally removed. hows that for bigotry? 🙂

  • Skitter

    Regardless of any psycho-babble that fruitlessly tries to make sense of this,….the truth remains, and you’re missing it.

    You imply that she “wanted” this. And that blows my friggin’ mind.

    She was a FOURTEEN yr old LITTLE GIRL! And Mitchell was a grown man, for Christ’s sake!….a grown man who cut through a screen and took a young girl by knifepoint from her home in the middle of the night.

    Shame on you for passing such lewd judgement on this young girl! I only hope you or yours will never experience the same hell that will no doubt forever haunt Elizabeth Smart.

    Because if so, I feel certain your tone would change quite drastically.

    It’s easy to pass judgement from afar. You’ve had the time and the sound of mind to make assessments and decisions. But in the heat of the moment, who knows what we’ll do?

    I sure as hell don’t.

    Hypothesize it all you want,…..but until you’re faced with the same perilous situation, NEITHER DO YOU!

  • Jaimee

    I just finished reading “Bringing Elizabeth Home”, the book written by Ed and Lois Smart, along with the help of an editor.

    I strongly recommend that ALL of you read that book. It makes you feel the immense pain and suffering Elizabeth’s family went through while she was gone, but it gives you that gut feeling that something just wasn’t quite right with the entire situation.

    The Smarts repeatedly refer to their faith in an obssesive and somewhat creepy manner. Maybe if they prayed a little less and searched a little more, Elizabeth would have been found sooner.

    I do not think she ran away, but I believe there is far more to the case than what is being released.

    I can’t wait to find out the whole story.

  • Eliza

    Its hard to know what to beleive. People say she should be more traumatised now of she was abducted but, she is just trying to move on. I feel for her greatly.

  • Lacee

    If you read about the case you will see that she was tied to a tree and repeatedly raped and abused by her psychotic kidnappers.We already know what happened to her.It’s all been public knowledge for 5 years.She did NOT have fun.The cops and the FBI found proof she was kidnapped and held against her will.Nobody would ever enjoy being free from her family for 9 months.There are plenty of answers.You just have to stop believing the idiot tabloids and internet trolls and look at the facts.

  • I don’t know what to believe. I would like to believe she was telling the truth and not just wanting attention. I have many questions to this case, Why would she run away? but also Why wouldn’t she get help. She could have screamed its not like she wasn’t ever in public. Maybe she was abducted and had fun, maybe she ran away, maybe she was brainwashed. You will never know. So why make everything more complicated. It could have been a setup or real. My honest opinion I think at first she was possibly forced and then she started enjoying being free from her family. If I was her I wouldn’t want to be away from my family for 9 months. There are no answers to this case.

  • Lacee LeClercq

    The police found proof that Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped. They found the campsites in the hills behind her home, and at one of the sites, they found the wire cable that Mitchell had used to tie Elizabeth to a tree, the remains of her burned pajamas, several knives including the one Mitchell used to kidnap her, and a lot of other evidence. Besides, ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome? That’s the “concern” you think she had, which is a symptom of Stockholm Syndrome. And that little girl who escaped from drug addicts(Erica Pratt, who was 7 not 5) was not repeatedly raped by her kidnappers( Do you know what the mental, emotional, and psychological scars of rape are?) Erica’s kidnappers didn’t watch her otherwise she would not have gotten away. Anyway, Mitchell told Elizabeth that he and Wanda had followers watching her family’s every move and if she tried anything they would all be killed. She is not psychic, she had no idea that they were lying to her. What if they hadn’t been lying and someone had been killed? Then what would you be saying? Those 2 “old people” were/are completely psychotic. Besides what middle-class teenage girl of any religion would run away in nothing but pajamas and shoes(no socks), not take personal effects like diaries(Elizabeth has one), clothes, cds, tapes, etc., and go 9 months without bathing or washing her hair? Anyone who knows teenage girls knows that they’re about looks and would think 9 months without a shower is totally gross. Elizabeth has a diary, and if she’d been planning to run away, she would have written it down in the diary(I’m talking about HER diary, not the one Mitchell forced her to keep). Since obviously the cops read it looking for evidence they would have charged her as a runaway 3 years ago. As for her telling the cops”You think I’m that girl who ran away” did it ever occur to you that maybe Mitchell TOLD her to say that or something like it if she was ever recognized? He controlled her through fear and abuse. Look at the way he has been manipulating the court system at his competency hearings since he’s been commited to the mental hospital. He’s a master manipulater. He exerted total control over Elizabeth through terror, rape, coercion, death threats, and neglect and abuse(sexual, mental, emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual). She was obviously too terrified of him to try anything. And the reasons she doesn’t talk about it in public are 1) she and everyone else with close ties to the case has a gag order on them-they legally can’t talk about it, 2) what happened to her is none of the public’s business, and 3) if you’d been kidnapped, repeatedly raped, horribly abused and neglected and God knows what else by 2 psychopaths, would you want to talk about it publicly? She has enough problems stemming from her abduction without stupid people accusing her of running away, which is total bullcrap. Her sister witnessed the kidnapping, remember? And before you say something stupid, like Mary Katherine was in on it(also total crap), how many little kids would be able to keep a secret like that with the constant pressure Mary Katherine was under? I have 3 younger siblings and they are the biggest tattletales in the entire free world. That’s what most younger siblings do:they tattle on the older siblings. Mary Katherine idolized Elizabeth. Do you really think she would have let her run away? And kids don’t need help running away, Elizabeth would have unlocked the door or met Mitchell outside if she’d been planning to run away with him. He wouldn’t have needed to break into the house. Contrary to what people are determined to believe, all teenagers do NOT have sex, do drugs, drink, party, run away from home, engage in stupid, risky behavior, or commit crimes. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as teenagers who are good kids who don’t do things like that. Just because she didn’t try to escape when in public does NOT mean she was enjoying herself, it means she was too scared to try anything that might get her or her family killed. Those 2 idiots are not her “friends”. They are abusive kidnappers who should never have been allowed to come into existance. Google Elizabeth Smart and read about the case before posting something stupid again.

  • From the minute I saw this story I thought something was fishy. The more the story was talked about I figured the girl ran away. Then when she was found she tries to lie to the police about her identity, she shows concern for her “kidnappers” she goes walking around her neighborhood and she doesn’t escape from 2 old people c’mon now people. This girl ran away! Why do you think she never talks about the case? Why do you think police and therapist say she may have been brainwashed? This girl has issues. Her family and the police know she ran away from home. If 5 year olds can break through ropes in the projects from drug addicts and run a few miles home, why can’t a 14 year old scream for help when in public or at least run to her house being that she was basically right around the corner! Wake up people, she ran away with her friends!

  • Kellie

    Dumbass, anyone who looks at all the evidence sees she was abducted! Yea, she ran away

  • AC

    Just watch this interview of Smart and Nancy Grace. Pay attention to the archive news footage in the background. And watch Smarts behavior as she is being interviewed. This is a girl who knew exactly what she was doing.

  • Timothy Carr

    I have to say that it is most gratifying to see a theory espoused that I have long held.

    Here is my take.

    To ask the question, “Why someone would ever want to be kidnapped?” is presumptive at best. It assumes that she WAS kidnapped, and I don’t believe she was kidnapped for one minute. She is lying.

    She was a 15-year-old girl, with piercings mind you, who was in a sexually repressive home. She was rebellious and waking to her sexuality. She is enamored of the hippy guy, and I believe she knew him “well”, and she found him charming. Both he and his wife were her one way ticket out of the house and into a life of sexual freedom and experimentation. She never planned to return home.

    When found, Smart blurted out, “”You guys think I’m that Elizabeth Smart girl who ran away.” Those are the words of a 15 year-old mind accidentally revealing the truth. She was on the lam with her sugar daddy and sugar mama. She was well fed, and perfectly happy to be where she was.

    As for her being pregnant, who knows? Seems plausible to me. Was her father the daddy? A creepy proposition, but it does happen. It would explain a lot. There is no way in hell if my brother was kidnapped, and I witnessed it, that I would wait two hours to tell anyone, and another 3-4 months to admit I knew who did it. I think the theory that dear old dad knocked up his baby girl and planned this whole scheme to help he family avoid shame. Smart disappears for a convenient 9 months, has the kid, and gets laid like Helena Bohnam Carter in “Fight Club” for her trouble.

    More proof?

    OK, when she was returned home, she was all smiles and “gee, let’s have some fun. Presents? For me? Awe, you shouldn’t have. But thanks, I really like this dress!” And the next thing you know she is waving and mugging for the cameras, hitting the talk show circuit while at the same time refusing to talk about the matter because she knew it would eventually lead to questions about inconsistencies in her story as well as her behavior.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents.

  • nora

    you have some nerve to say that she ran away. you must be mental yourself. she is taken out of her home at knife point during the wee hours of the night and held captive for 9 months not to mention being raped and sexually abused during this whole period. its women like you who condone this. imagine if it was your daughter and someone kidnapped her in the middle of the nite and held captive for 9 months and some idiot like you posted on the internet what you posted about her you would be outraged. You have the right to speak out but until you have been in Elizabeth’s Smart shoes shut up!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jac

    “i saw the oprah interview, and liz’s family struck me as being odd and really stiff and kind of fakey”
    wouldn’t it be a little bit odd for you were sharing some of your most horrible experience with millions and millions of people? i thought so. dont you think that it would be a little weird to be on tv in front of millions of people, period? of course they are also going to be a bit stiff after everything that they’ve went through, they’re probably very protective over all of their kids now. you wouldn’t know until you’ve had the exact same thing happen to you. and one more thing, i saw that oprah video too and sure they wer a little stiff but i am 100% sure that you were probably one of the maybe 100 out of the millions of people that watch taht show that thought that. some of those people would have been the ones who thought at that time that they wre faking it. but dont you think that faking is a little extreme? is there any point at all?

  • what?

    i have never heard this kind of complete crazy talk! how can you ever think that Elzabeth wanted to be kidnapped! I am mormon! I know what its like to have mormon parents and truthfully we are not as crazy as a lot of people think. the truth is, a lot o f what the oublic thinks about mormons is untrue. its kind of an inside joke for some mormons about the crazy questions that we’re asked. we actually talk and laugh about all of those a lot. people thinking that we dont drink soda or cant drive cars. its al people just spreading rumors and others believing them! WE actually share a lot of beliefs with catholics and some other religions. we are not a clut we are a religiona and if i did not want to be mormon i dont have to. i am proud of being mormon. i love it! i believe that it is the true church and im sorry if you cant handle that. i have cousins in utah that know elizabeth, she has never had piercings or anything like that. she is a really good person and people should be able to trust that without spreading nasty rumors like this. pleas just try to understand where she is coming from.

  • d

    one more thing: mormons is not spelled with an A and they are not cultists. they are American’s practicing free religion. if you don’t like that then move to another country. America was created solely for freedom of religion. so please, think twice before you verbally assault these people’s God given freedom

  • d

    #26, elizabeth was not raped by her ubductors. I have seen no information mentioning this, in fact the issue was obviously looked into when she was found and the conculusion was that there was no sexual abuse. please provide information, links if don’t agree.

  • dig

    You dont konw what happened to e smart. Look up ritual abuse and cults. Classic case Masons and Mormons Sexual Abuse LOOK OUT

  • just another skeptic

    i saw the oprah interview, and liz’s family struck me as being odd and really stiff and kind of fakey. that’s no reason to doubt their story, but all the inconsistencies mentioned above are.

    i think maybe she was abucted by some mormon relative or something. Ed Smart and her abductor look related.

  • anonymous

    I actually met David. He asked me for a ride from Vermont to Texas. We spent 3 days in the car together. Although he went on about Jesus a bit much I found him to be a really cool guy, he is sort of like a California spiritual hippy. He made jewellry and tried to sell it. He made really good advocado and cream cheese sandwiches. He never raised his voice and talked a lot about his wife Wanda. He was totally trustworthy and I don’t think he would have meant this girl one bit of harm. I feel really bad about what happened and this is the only public forum I have mentioned this meeting.

  • The problem I have is the way Elizabeth’s parents (mainly her father) seem to be pimping her off like some rescued pinup girl.
    What kind of parent agrees to that many (or any, for that matter)interviews and special reports being foisted on a kid just back from Creepyland?
    Just another episode of parental over-protection gone wild.

  • You all are crazy

    I cant belive you people you think that she was pregnant or ran away. that is crazy. isnt it bad enough what the girl went through and now you guys are trying to make it seem like it was her fault. that is just inhumane! I, miself am a teenager and i know sometimes i want to get away from my parents but never for 9 months and i would never go with such people as Mitchell and Barzee. Its crazy to say that she would go wiht them. There is no way she had nose peircings like you said. Someone that knew her would have said something when they showed the pictures on the news if that were the case. This poor girl was tortured and you say that she is faking it. She was in deed raped by the kidnappers, just to let you know. And, what you said about her being fatter when she came home, when you dont eat your muscle turns into fat and you do gain weight. If any of you had common sence you would know that. Just please leave her alone!

  • ItsJustMe

    I’m just wondering something else. It took the sister a couple of hours to tell the parents she’d witnessed Elizabeth being kidnapped and then it took her 4 months to come up with it being Emmanuel. Why so long? What triggered that? I read something that said that he’d only worked for them one time, for about 5 hours. How much exposure could the little girl had to him if she didn’t recognize him when he entered the room? I find it odd they way the media continues to say he was a person that worked for the family as if he were around alot. Has anyone heard about this? Also I’m curious too if anyone’s seen any statements released by the “kidnappers”?

  • ItsJustMe

    I’m just wondering something else. It took the sister a couple of hours to tell the parents she’d witnessed Elizabeth being kidnapped and then it took her a few months to come up with it being Emmanuel. Why so long? What triggered that? I read something that said that he’d only worked for them one time, for about 5 hours. How much exposure could the little girl had to him if she didn’t recognize him when he entered the room? I find it odd they way the media continues to say he was a person that worked for the family as if he were around alot. Has anyone heard about this? Also I’m curious too if anyone’s seen any statements released by the “kidnappers”?

  • I hadn’t realized that she was tied to a tree and raped. I haven’t heard that at all. Wow, if she was, am I sorry. That makes me sick.

    Where is this information revealed?

  • pinky

    Yeah… I mean who wouldn’t want to be tied up to a tree and raped? Sounds like she had a blast.

  • “Mormans are twisted, and they hide a lot from the public.”

    It’s Mormons–M-O-R-M-O-N-S. Like your kind of people, except with the second M. You’re too stupid to make an effective bigot. If you want to know what smells bad, look in the mirror.

    General note: anti-Mormon bigotry is still bigotry.

  • something smells bad

    I think its funny how she was gone for 9 months and then returns having had gained weight and looking like a teenager who just went through the stress and trama of giving birth. And her father didn’t seem like a man who just was reunited with his “lost” baby girl. Hmm, who could be the father of this missing child? Mormans are twisted, and they hide a lot from the public. Don’t be surprised when the truth comes out……..

  • Kimberley

    This is what I think happened. Brian Mitchell got the girl to go with him but once she was alone with him in his wife things got out of hand. The parents were so strict with Elizabeth and kept her looking like a little girl for so long may be she just jumped at a chance to get out.

  • I looked around the web but couldn’t find any information about nose piercings or otherwise.

    Where did you hear about it?

  • Non Mormon

    I heard that all of the footage of Elizabeth was from when she was 11 or 12. They never showed any recent pictures of her because she had nose rings and lots of piercings. If they did show a recent picture of her then the piercing were airbrushed out before being revealed to the public. Can anyone confirm this/

  • traci

    That’s funny, who’s child could it have been then? And it wasn’t like the abductors just turned the child in, it was members of the public that reported them. So the duration of the kidnapping doesn’t seem ‘planned’… Anyways, I’m amazed at the lack of emotion the Smarts (publicly) show toward the perpetrators (which is one of the reasons I feel like the family set it up). Anyone else?

  • I’m not saying it must be true but I did see that the cover of this week’s National Enquirer reads: “Elizabeth Smart Ran Away.”

    I am fairly sure we won’t hear anything more from her family or psychologists.

    One of the conspiracy theories I heard was that her dad set up the kidnapping (of nine months) because Elizabeth was pregnant. That’s why she was constantly dressed in robes and that’s why she seemed so well-fed when she returned. Hmm.

  • traci

    btw, is there any news or any talk of a psychologically analysis of Elizabeth Smart? I’d really love to see the report…

  • traci

    Rebecca, I think your case is very possible and I’ve been questioning the whole thing myself. I don’t understand how Elizabeth could have been psychologically wounded so quickly in her captivity.. I believe the incident with the search in which she heard her uncle calling her name was just ‘right after’ the ‘kidnapping.’ (If my facts are wrong, please inform me) If that’s the case, how could she have NOT done anything… And for her sister to not say anything to their parents until two freaking hours later? Gimme a break! Was her sister also ‘brain washed’ into waiting two full hours? There are a lot of things about this case that just plain don’t make sense…

    Also, she was so plump when she returned… they must’ve fed her well and she must’ve have a hearty time, or else who the hell can eat that much when they are NOT happy or under distress…????

    I’m not saying she could not have been kidnapped, but I say it’s could very well be a possibility. Heck, being the cynical person that I am, I could even consider that the whole kidnapping was set up…

  • james

    You don’t know what you are talking about. A girl is taken out of her bedroom in the middle of the night at knife point. A man threatens to kill her and her family. She walk four miles in the middle of the night in pajamas with a knife at her back. He takes her to a hole in the ground where he and another woman sexually assault her. He keeps her in the hole tied with a rope around her leg for months. This is a girl who may have started to think about her first date a few years hence. You don’t think that was a reference changing event? How did you put it? “…she partied with the couple!”

    After you get out of the hole, having been forced to do things you never dreamed of…you are numb…you are lost…you have no sense of reality. You are sullied, lost….the people that feed you…you remember them…the same ones who made you live in a hole for months…say let’s go, we’re going to walk around town, wear this veil, by the way…I won’t mention the knife again because I don’t have to.

    A few months later, a policeman starts to penetrate your altered reality with probing questions….at first you give the party line…then you see there may be some hope…you say

    `I know who you think I am. You guys think I’m that Elizabeth Smart girl who ran away.’

  • Rebecca, I have to agree with Eric when he says it’s a combination of psychological states.

    I am sure she was not on a joy ride. You should not underestimate the weight of religious fervor in this situation.

    the homeless guy called himself “emmanuel”, he obviously had some kind of prophet complex. A devout teenager, in a scary, potentially life-threatening situation would find it much more comfortable to believe that this abductor was an emmisary from God than to believe that she was in the hands of a dangerous criminal.

    And how far a step from the belief in his God-ordained status to the full commitment to assist him? Assisting her abductor would be assisting God!

    I have no trouble whatsoever believing that Elizabeth was psychologically manipulated.

    Did she have fun during her 8 months away? I’m sure she did! Teenagers will have fun in the most horrific circumstances.

    But I do believe she was manipulated.

  • See this page for more support to my theory.

  • Maybe it was a psychological defense mechanism but I suspect that the girl enjoyed herself.

    Has a statement been issued regarding the captors? I am curious to hear what they’ll say.

  • I think you’re totally off-base from the moment you say: “However, I do not believe Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped at all.” What do you think she did — called the homeless guy on the phone and said “Come get me; my devout and affluent Mormon family is asleep”?

  • Tom

    This just goes to prove how little people understand about how the brain works, especially under duress – especially a teenager’s brain under duress. I can’t believe I’m actually seeing people question the authenticity of this event. Good grief.

  • Eric Olsen

    Rebecca, I don’t think you’re totally off base. It’s very complicated, and reality is probably a combination of psychological states.

  • Criticism taken… it’s not a very credible analysis–I just have a lot of questions. Most of the people I’ve spoken to have the same suspicions. Megan and Jenny, it’s good to know that you don’t think I’m completely off base.

  • Jennifer Parkhurst

    Becky when I found out about elizabeth I didn’t understand why she never let herself be found. Thanks to you now I know.

  • Megan Fermanis

    I totally agree with you Rebecca. I was thinking that exact same thing while watching the news this morning. Good for you for writing the truth even if some people don’t want to hear it.

  • Eric Olsen

    R, point well taken and probably closer to the truth, but the key to the Vonnegut quote is that we BECOME what we pretend to be. It’s a process.

  • Your analysis isn’t credible. I think it’s closer to the truth to say that what Elizabeth Smart experienced was something like what Patti Hearst experienced; a desire to stay alive by playing along and assuming your assigned role, only to discover that the role has taken over the real you.

    “We are what we pretend to be,” Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. wrote. “So we must be very careful what we pretend to be.”