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How Reliable is India’s Census Data?

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India’s latest census data claims that the population growth rate for the decade 2001-2010 has slowed, as compared to the previous decade (1991-2000). Though the data has been officially released by a government agency, a repeat of this exercise might be ordered by the government to ensure the revalidation of this data. Doubt of the data’s authenticity comes from those areas of India where the education level or literacy rate is low and poverty is high, but still it has been reported that the population growth rate in those areas has decreased on a decade-to-decade basis.

edutail.comWithout an increase in the standard of living, a reduction in poverty or education levels; how can there be a drastic decrease in the population growth rate? It can happen only in case of an awareness program being given very high priority people cannot really contribute in lowering of growth rate of that country.

Most of the states in north and central India that reported low literacy levels have reported such a decrease in their population growth rates. This appears to be dubious, so there is an official call for a re-census of the population in order to either validate or vet the questionable figures.

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  • jaideep

    Well said Sonali… as far as spread of electricity and television. And apprecaite about formation of a Brazil every 10 years.

    I wish, education and poverty eradication had spread faster than electricity and television or even at half the pace…

    And also wish that the census data is accurate especially of remote villages and suburbs where population awareness is not at all there…

  • Sonali Sen

    The census data for 2011 is more reliable than previous censuses. Even with lower growth rates, India will continue to add a Brazil every 10 years because the base is high. As to why growth rates are down, follow the spread of electricity and television.