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Thirteen years ago today, June 10, 1990 members of the 2 Live crew were arrested in Florida for obscenity over their shocking As Nasty As They Wannna Be album.

How quaint and tame does 2 Live Crew and their controversy sound now in the Age of Eminem?

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  • Eric Olsen

    how quaint is Em compared to some of these rimjobs?

  • I can’t even remember what got 2Live Crew in so much trouble. Cop Killer came later, right? Anybody got some lyrics?

  • The 2 Live Crew was nothing particularly violent. The issue was basically straight based on objecting to sexually explicit lyrics. If memory serves, the prosecutor recruited underage teens to go into a record store and buy the “dirty” album, and arrrests started with the clerk that sold the record. OFFENSIVE LYRICS HERE.

    “Cop Killer” was Ice T. It had nothing to do with the other. Indeed, it was never really at any legal issue. Some people bitched, and he ended up leaving his major record label shortly thereafter with no significant public acrimony. Unpleasant, but no one ended up arrested, or even sued as best I know.