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How Much SPAM do you receive these days?

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SPAM is getting worse and worse. The Canned Spam law is not working, or if it is, I am not seeing its benefit. So tell me (vote in my poll) what percentage of your email is spam.

My POPFile statistics say 85.60% of my mail is SPAM. The filter is 99.13% accurate at distinguishing that SPAM. I have not had to worry about a false positive in months, I just have to classify emails that POPFile is unsure of (it leaves them as unclassified, which means it doesn’t count in the classification error tally).

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  • Ken – not sure if you saw, but I answered this here yesterday

  • I’m on a lot of high traffic mailing lists, so mailing list traffic accounts for a high proportion my mail. My vote (81%-90%) covers mails outside those mailing lists.