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How Many Current Professional Athletes Are Gay?

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How many current professional athletes are gay? An intriguing question, which for many reasons we'll probably never find answers.

Here are just a few good ones to consider…

From early on in high school sports, most athletic adolescent boys tend to seek out the weak in gym class to pick on and give verbal and physical abuse. To them anyone who didn’t play sports were sissies and fags to be beaten up in school parking lots in front of their friends. So it was no wonder that openly gay pro athletes are rarely heard of, or from.

After learning of Mark Bingham’s story (the gay rugby player who helped bring down Flight 93 before it hit the U.S. Capitol), I wondered what other sports pros, out of the approximately 4,000 active in the U.S., had the guts to face the inevitable judgment and fan hatred by coming out.

I was appalled to discover most had to wait until after their careers were over. There’s no doubt in my mind that in all corners of professional athletics from boxing to football, the ranks are full of gays. You’ve just never heard of them. This also includes the ranks of coaches, owners, or general managers.

The most plausible reason would be constant speculation of an opposing team’s sexuality as an insult among sports fans, some of which comb the web and enter discussion boards not only for information, but to start damaging rumors. A good example of this would be when sportswriter Skip Bayless publicly (and unfoundedly) speculated that Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Troy Aikman was gay.

More examples can be found in professional sports athletes like Dave Kopay and Esera Tuaolo (football), Martina Navratilova, and, of course, Billie Jean King (tennis). Unfortunately, because of the overzealous religious influence imposed on the U.S. recently, American athletes have suffered whether they actually were gay or not. The best illustration of why more don’t come out is shown by just looking at what Magic Johnson went through in 1991, when he summoned the courage to announce that he had AIDS. Suddenly his fans didn’t care that he had a death-sentence disease. No, they were more obsessed in gasping repeatedly, “Magic’s Gay!?!” Which, of course, he wasn’t.

An example of how misguided hatred of gays in sports can affect the athletes themselves comes in the form of 6'6", 275-lb offensive lineman Ed Gallagher, who played at the University of Pittsburgh from 1977-79.

In 1985, after years of fighting homosexual urges, he gave in and slept with another athlete. The gut wrenching decision to finally admit to himself that he was gay was too much for him and two weeks later he tried, and failed, to take his own life by leaping off Valhalla's Kensico Dam on March 1, 1985. The attempt left him a paraplegic. In an interview afterward, he said that he couldn’t resolve his inner conflicts of what he’d always been taught a sports athlete was supposed to be versus his sexual urges. So rather than face his own self-loathing and the expected judgment of his fans, he decided to end his own life. He later went on to found “Alive to Thrive.” He died May 4, 2005, of a heart condition.

Here is an honor roll of brave men and women who deserve respect for not only being honest with themselves and their fans, but whose lives were nearly destroyed because of that honesty.

Roy Simmons was an offensive guard between 1979 and 1983 for the New York Giants and Washington Redskins. He came out on The Donahue Show. He is one of only three NFL pros to acknowledge his homosexuality.

Back in 1975, David Kopay, a running back in the NFL between 1964 and 1972, came out of the closet three years after he retired. His 1977 autobiography, The David Kopay Story, became an instant best seller and flew off the shelves as sports fans got their first glimpse of a gay football star.

Kopay’s first lover was Washington Redskins all-star tight end Jerry Smith. From 1965-77, Smith caught 421 career passes and scored 60 touchdowns. He remained in the closet until he died in 1987, even after his affair was revealed in Kopay’s autobiography. Despite the revelation, he was voted one of the 70 greatest Redskins of all time in 2002.

In baseball, former As/Dodgers outfielder Glenn Burke is credited with being one of the inventors of the “high five.” Glenn came out in a 1982 Sports Illustrated article — three years after he was released from his contract with the As. It was rumored that he was traded to the As because Dodgers management suspected he was gay. The hatred and depression of ending his career at 26 led to drugs and he wound up a street person in the San Francisco Bay area, dying alone and broke in 1995.

Other needless past tragedies include:

“Big Bill” Tilden was considered a tennis legend and a much sought-after celebrity in the 1920s. In 1949, he was declared one of the most outstanding athletes of the first half-century by the National Sports Writers Association. He won seven U.S. clay court titles, seven U.S. Opens, three Wimbledons, six U.S. doubles championships, and holds the Davis Cup record for 11 appearances in a challenge or final round. Behind the scenes, Tilden wasn’t careful with his “secret” and, in his celebrity and fame, thought he was secure with his fans’ support. He began intimating to his close friends that he was gay and soon after, a behind the scenes conspiracy began to discredit him and ruin his reputation. In 1953, he died dirt poor in a one-room walk-up apartment, alone and forgotten.

In 1988 Justin Fashanu, was a British star soccer player. Bigots began spreading rumors that he had an ongoing sexual affair with two British cabinet ministers in an attempt to ruin both their careers. His career and self-worth were so devastated that 10 years later they found him in an abandoned garage in East London; the 36-year-old athlete hung himself after an obsessed fan in Maryland claimed he assaulted him. The charges later were proven false.

On the other hand there have actually been some semi-happy endings:

Esera Tuaolo, veteran of the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, and Atlanta Falcons appeared on an October 2002 episode of HBO's Real Sports. Upon seeing this, San Francisco 49ers' running back Garrison Hearst was quoted as publicly announcing “I don’t want any faggots on my team,” and later had to apologize for it. Before making peace with the negative reactions, Tuaolo had considered suicide after bouts of depression and intense loneliness. Fortunately, with the help of some of his former teammates, a concerted effort of the gay and lesbian community to stand by him, and his lover, Esera now leads a happy life.

Does anyone not know the name Martina Navratilova, the tennis great who came out as a lesbian in the New York Daily News in 1982?

Billie Jean King has been a household name for decades, and rightfully so. Billie won 20 Wimbledon titles, helped found the Women’s Tennis Association, was named the Associated Press’s Woman Athlete of the year in 1967 and 1973, named Sports Illustrated’s 1972 “Sportsperson of the Year,” and Time Magazine’s Woman of the Year for 1976. In front of 30,472 cheering fans packing the Houston Astrodome and 50 million TV viewers, she beat tennis hustler and former champion Bobby Riggs in what was billed as the tennis “Battle of the Sexes.” She was forced out into the Gay Rights forum when her ex-lover sued her for “Galimony,” which, fortunately, didn’t seem to hurt her career at all.

According to an April 12, 2005, Sports Illustrated poll, sports fans are far more accepting of lesbians in sports than gay men. Overall though, in the same poll 86 percent of Americans think openly gay male athletes should be able to play in team sports. However, the poll went on to say that 68 percent of respondents think it hurts an athlete’s career to be openly gay.

With rare exceptions these days, most overseas gay men have found acceptance in the world of sports. Voted fourth in “Total Sport’s” 10 Toughest Men Of Sport list, popular Australian rugby star Ian Roberts came out in 1995, while still currently at the top of his macho game. He’d played front rower in 85 games for South Sydney, over 100 in Manly, and, at the age of 23, was the highest paid rugby league player in the world. The other players on the North Queensland Cowboys shrugged his revelation off as no big deal and his fans followed suit. In a 1996 interview, Roberts is quoted as saying:

"I take offense at the old locker room argument which assumes a man cannot, in any circumstances, control his urges. Any self-respecting human being can respect the rights and ways of another human being. The idea, then, that gays can convert, or want, heterosexual guys, is ludicrous. We want to play the game, not the field."

Despite expectations of a drop in his popularity, Roberts has several well-paid endorsement contracts. He’s even posed nude in a gay magazine, with no ill effects to his career, becoming a sex symbol “down under” for both men and women, and has gone on to a successful acting career after retiring from sports.

Greg Louganis is arguably one of the best male divers of all time, winning four gold medals between the 1984 and 1988 Olympics. His career ended after famously hitting his head on a diving board at the '88 Olympics, forcing him to reveal he had AIDS out of concern for the other athletes. His autobiography, Breaking the Surface, and subsequent movie have made him a legend and a sought after celebrity.

In 1968, army physician Tom Waddell came in sixth at the Olympic decathlon. He and his lover Charles Deaton were thrust into the spotlight in 1976 by being the first gay partners to appear in the “Couples” section of People magazine. Tom went on to form plans for the “Gay Olympic Games”, stirring up controversy and lawsuits because of the use of the word “Olympics” in the title. Renamed the “Gay Games,” they first took place in San Francisco in 1982 and since then have grown to feature officially recognized athletic events and record holders, and it boasts participation of thousands of gay and straight registered athletes every four years. Laughably, many straight athletes entered thinking they’d have an easy time of it, only to be proven wrong, then later joined because of the challenge.

A gold medallist in the 800-meter freestyle relay at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, Bruce Hayes came out of the closet at the 1994 Gay Games, winning seven gold medals there and setting several recognized master’s swimming records.

Bob Paris from Indiana won the 1983 Mr. America and Mr. Universe bodybuilding titles. He went on to marry his long-time lover Rod Jackson, changing their names to Jackson-Paris and appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss it after coming out of the closet in the July 1989 issue of Ironman magazine. He went on to write several books including his autobiography Gorilla Suit: My Adventures in Body Building in 1997.

24-year-old Dutch swimming sensation Johan Kenkhuis, a silver metal winner in the Athens Summer Olympics in the four-man 100-meter freestyle relay, came out in 2004 by mentioning to the press that his boyfriend of four years would be watching him compete. In all, nine other athletes came out of the closet during the games in support. For him, it wasn’t a big deal, nor was it in his homeland where gays have been treated equally for decades.

It’s refreshing to see that in other parts of the world the only thing that matters is how you do your job, perform your task, or excel in your sport.

If only that were the case in the sports world here in the United States, but sadly it's not.

Please continue reading Volume 2 and Volume 3 in this series.

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  • Many thanks for your editorial help Suss!

  • Doesn’t the WNBA have a fair amount of openly gay athletes relative to professional sports? I’m straight and not much of a sports follower, but that’s the imprression I get.

    I think it’s good that we don’t tie athleticism into sexuality as much as we used to – if a woman liked sports she “must be gay,” and if a man didn’t care for sports he “must be gay.” Those are outmoded stereotypes.

  • great article, Jet

  • Thanks Chantal, believe it or not you can thank Suss for it. This and it’s companion article used to be one big one that he suggested that I rearrange and it works much better that way.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, it means a lot to me coming from you and you already know that.

    Solus mei sententia

  • Sister Ray, yes it does, but the article is so long now that I had to make cuts somewhere.

    Perhaps in the sequel?

    Thanks for your imput sweetie

    Solus mei sententia

  • WOW! Such an impressive, factual, balanced, informative and refreshing piece. 90 percent of our clientele are GLBT people. I’d like to be able to link to your story from our blog.

    You have enlightened me about the contributions of many pro athletes and illuminated the, often tragic, results of a GLBTi athlete’s life led in darkness and secrecy. Thanks for the great read.

  • Thanks Savvy feel free, and let me know how it goes.

  • Great article Jet!

    I’m now less ignorant.

  • Thanks Q, I appreciate the encouragement!

  • As you can tell by the photos of the footballers (excuse the pun) the gay ones are rarely the ones you’d expect them to be. Makes you wonder about the current players doesn’t it.

  • here’s the savvy plannerslink, Jet.



  • I’m honored and grateful Savvy… Jet

  • Interesting that you’d use Esera Tuaolo’s photo for the link, I’d have gone with Dave Kopay, but then we all have different ideas of what a hunk is… ha ha

    Thanks again

  • TOO Funny! I chose Mr. Tuaolo because his name has been in the media most recently (Dang those “Kids” who don’t remember Kopay!) LOL.

    Thanks to you they may.

    Thanks for cleaning up (activating)the link too. You ROCK! Have a good evening!

  • Did you check out the companion article on Mark Bingham and the links to stats for each athlete… Well except for Bob Paris of course, but I better not describe that one here, you’ll just have to click on that one youself…

  • John

    A factual unbiased article about the fact that gay men are actully men among men, not the old false stereotype myth of the limp-wrist-long-nails sissy that has been senselessly passed from one generation to another.

  • Thank you John, you might like the links I provided for each athlete as well, and check out the article I did on Mark Bingham!

    Much appreciated…

  • John 16-Esera Tuaolo will probably appreciate that

  • Oh and by the way if you REALLY want to see something click on Bob Paris’ link!!!

  • good read Jet.

    Let’s not get all testy when I ask this question…

    Is it really necessary to have a gay games? The way I read the post, it sounds like these athletes want or wanted exceptance…does calling yourself out with things like the gay games…or gay pride day and stuff like that really make you feel included or excepted? Are there hetero games or hetero pride days?

    It just seems to me that wearing a big sign that says what you are…no matter what it is…is just asking for trouble…

    think about it…even here at BC…there are people that give some people shit for never serving in the military and those same people give other people shit that DID serve…so…it seems to me, that any label you put on your self is just asking some other group to fuck with you…but that’s just me…

    one more thing…I seriously doubt you were appalled to find out that pro athletes stay in the closet until their careers are over…unless you’ve been in a real closet with the doors locked for the last…what…50 some years???

  • Andy…I understand where you’re coming from with your comment. The same question can be asked (and has been right here on BC) during events like Black History Month, or other culturally exclusive events—why is it necessary to single out a certain group for recognition?

    Well, here’s my answer: because for far too long, certain people would have preferred (and still do) that these certain groups be neither seen nor heard. And until people among these minority groups feel the same amount of equality, acceptance and recognition as do their mainstream counterparts, they will always be there to say “WE ARE HERE”.

    And it’s time the “mainstream” gets over itself and accepts it.

  • Chantal and Andy – you both make some sense. On the one hand, sometimes it is the better choice to lay low – so to speak.

    But Chantal – I understand this pendulum effect. To create equality, we need to see exactly who and what is at risk of never being heard. Because things in certain areas have been very one-sided – focus must swing hard the other way. Sometimes it takes years – generations – lifetimes – for things to come to rest in the middle.

  • Andy, rather than give a rather lengthy response, I’ve written a new article entitled “Dear Andy” watch for it, it’s being reviewed as we speak.


  • Dear Chantal, well that covered about a third of my new article in one paragraph.

    Thanks sweetie

  • Mary 22-God I hope it doesn’t take THAT long!

  • re.#22….Mary says: “Sometimes it takes years – generations – lifetimes – for things to come to rest in the middle.”

    True, but what about all of the gay men and women who have been hiding, and staying quiet, and not being true to themselves for God knows how long already? How much longer should they have to wait until they are given the same equal rights and recognition without the fear of being ostracized, as everyone else. Another 10 years? 25? another 100 years?

    It’s not like homosexuality is new or anything. It’s been around since before we ever stood upright, thousands of years ago. Why should anyone have to stand in line, waiting for equality?

    (this comment would fit on any of the other gay marriage threads too)

    Jet…yw, can’t wait to read the next article. By the way, you really should email me, I found something that might interest you, but it’s like way way off topic here.

  • Chantal it’s in the works, I just got done editing it, and they’re going over it as we speak. Boy is Andy Marsh in for a shock when he finds out I turned him into an interviewer based on his comment #20!!!!!

    I put my heart and soul into it, so I’m ready for certain conservatives to stomp all over it, or it’ll probably be ignored until it goes away. The harder I work on an article the more it’s ignored… Alas

    Thank god I’ve got a shrink appointment wednesday. Right afterward I have to have both eyes operated on, and they only give me a 50-50 chance so I’m getting my licks in while I can.

    Thanks love

  • Admit it, you just click on here to look at the pictures don’t you?

  • it does make scrolling down a lot more entertaining!

  • don’t forget to click on the Paris link!

  • Johan Kenkhuis is more my style…..that super, uber-muscle type doesn’t really do anything for me. lol

  • Nooooooo way-Ian Roberts baby Ian Roberts!!!!

  • mmmm Ian Roberts…now youre talking 😉

  • Good god I sound line one of those girls on the b5 strings, have I really sunk that low… Still I can’t pass that photo without a whimper…

    Ha ha

  • ok Jet…stay on topic….focus, babe, focus!

  • He IS the subject… You silly!

  • very well then, carry on…and EMAIL me, dammnit!
    click my url to get the address

  • I gotta do an injection and eat something, catcha later, thanks for the smiles 🙂

  • Hey Jet!

    Did I read about eye surgery? Good luck with that, guy.

    I know I’ll be waiting for your next piece!

    Be well!

  • Thanks Savvy, to both eyes on Wednesday afternoon.

    I’ll that you good wishes with me.

  • Well Jet, when I read it, I’ll let you know if that’s how I’d have answered…

  • No no Andy, I’d never put words in your mouth. I used your questions and I answered them. I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with it.
    Thanks for the inspiration

  • Okay Andy here’s your link and I hope you like it…Gay Pride: A Few Answers For A Friend To Some Honest Questions

  • Chantal, I promist I’ll get to you tomorrow, I’ve got to take care of something tonight.


  • sharon needles NY

    Not mentioned are a few more US Diving Olympians, such as Patrick Jeffrey and David Pichler, both who fought against Louganis’ allegedly homophobic coach, Ron o’Brien.

    Also, there’s figure-skaters like Rudy Galindo, John Curry,& Brian Orser.

    Recent names like Sheryl Swoopes, and a Canadian Olympic swimmer whose name escapes me. He’s been involved with the Gay Games, or OutGames.

  • Sharon #45 you let the cat out of the bag-that’s David Pichler upside down at the top of the page, I was going to challenge everyone to name him and you already did before I could!

    The other guys and some lesbian ball players I was going to save for the sequel because of how long this article is.

    Thanks for your contribution to the discussion!

  • Chatal and Jet –

    Jet – I know – I hope it doesn’t take that long either.

    Chantal – I’m not advocating people to put up with crap or keep quiet. I was just noting the struggles of the ‘unseen’ (women, racial minorities, gays, even children) seem to take a long, long time.

  • Mary in a solemn tone I say thanks…

  • sal m

    This is a good retrospective of an interesting issue.
    However, your conclusion is faulty, as you wrote;
    “It’s refreshing to see that in other parts of the world the only thing that matters is how you do your job, perform your task, or excel in your sport.
    If only that were the case in the sports world here in the United States, but sadly it’s not.”

    Deriding the United States is off-base and demonstrably untrue. Martina and Billie Jean have always been considered icons and have always held a special place in the sports world, especially in America.

    They have also become very rich women thanks to the support from the American public.
    As a matter of fact Billie Jean’s girlfriend tried to drag her through an ugly lawsuit, and the general public was completely supporting of Billie Jean through this ordeal. The American press didn’t put Billie Jean through this, a greedy and vindictive ex-girlfriend did.

    Also, you include the story of a British soccer player who killed himself because of a smear campaign launched by “bigots.” There is still a huge problem in England with regards to racist – and generally intolerant – hooligans who openly deride black soccer players. There is no such problem in America, as black players in all sports are millionaires thanks to the American public.

    In the tragic case of Ed Gallagher, where is the United States at fault? It seems from your account that Gallagher committed suicide because he was so conflicted over his sexual orientation. Is he the only man anywhere in the world to have this problem? Or have men and women in other countries done the same?

    You seem to be confusing the prejudices of groups of people – and in the insular world of the lockerroom – with an cultural prejudice against gay athletes that is ingrained in American culture.

    Is there ignorance with regards to gays? Of course there is, just like there is racial and ethnic ignorance with regards to all groups. To single out any one country as being more guilty of this is misguided and incorrect.

    You mention that the gay Australian rugby star is a huge hit in his native land. That may be so, but check out this list of horrid gay bashing crimes that have occured in Australia before you make it sound like all is perfect elsewhere
    google search on gay bashing

  • Being a gay sports icon in the United States, however, is not something many can do. The Football industry, in and of itself, is completely homophobic in nature. Yet, if the truth were available, I honestly believe that at least 40% of professional and semi-pro football players have bisexual tendencies.

  • Mary….I was afraid that my comment #26 would come off as combative, and it wasn’t meant to be. I’m just saying that I know these things take time, but my point it they shouldn’t take THIS long. It doesn’t make sense that we force minority groups in this day and age wait so long for equality. It says an awful lot about how far humankind yet to go before we are fully evolved.

  • Thanks for contributing Sal M, but if I’d included all that the article’d take forever to read so I hit the high points.

    Maybe in the sequel

  • Mary….I was afraid that my comment #26 would come off as combative

    Ohh, so I can take off these gloves now? : )~

    Yeah, I sort of sensed that, I just wanted to be sure we at the same place.

    I think things will still take a while –

    but you’re so very right – it shouldn’t be that way.

  • sal m

    my point isn’t that you should have included any of what i wrote.

    if you hadn’t come to the bafflingly incorrect conclusion there wouldn’t be a need to include the info i provided.

    the point is that you came to a pretty damning conclusion that isn’t supported by the evidence that you presented.

  • Mary #53
    If only…

  • Sal #54 In your opinion… In your opinion. Are you going to persist in damning me or are we going to leave it at that?

    I said I had a lot to learn, and I do.

  • Jet, I don’t think Sal was damning you. I think his observance is that you came to a conclusion that wasn’t supported by the rest of your post.

    (I’m not saying I agree – just saying that’s what he’s trying to say)

    I think you both make some good points.


  • Cool, I just have a lot on my mind. By the way I added a couple of chapters to my Brokeback Mountain string.

    Thanks for moderating…

  • Thanks for the heads up about this page Jet. I was not aware that there was so much info out there about athletes and thier struggles with thier sexuality. Its going to make for some very interesting reading over the next few weeks.

  • Your’ve very welcome Eric. I saw your contribution on my personal page and appreciated it. I’m going in for eye surgery on both eyes so you may not hear for me for while, but I’ll be back. Looks like you had fun in Paris?

  • By the way Eric, I’ve been fighting with my own site and finally got the pictures to publish on that article. If you liked it there’s a few more here you might be interested in too.


  • I agree with Jet’s conclusion, because while athletes like Billie Jean King & Marina Navratilova are icons, they lost endorsements (in the case of King), or didn’t recieve them (Navratilova), when their sexual preference came to light.

    The public affection that Martina recieves today only came about in recent years. At the height of her tennis glory, a majority of people use to openly boo Martina and root for “America’s Tennis Sweethart,” Chris Evert (then) Lloyd

  • It’s not just us Rebecca, when was the last time you saw an interacial couple in a commercial?

    Thanks for contributing…

  • “From early on in high school sports, most athletic adolescent boys tend to seek out the weak in gym class to pick on and give verbal and physical abuse. To them anyone who didn’t play sports were sissies and fags to be beaten up in school parking lots in front of their friends. So it was no wonder that openly gay pro athletes are rarely heard of, or from.”

    Nonsense. When I was a kid, I knew plenty of bullies but only one who was an athlete, Vinnie Buscemi, and he was thrown off the high school football team because he couldn’t get his weight down to 200 lbs. (Vinnie was 6′ and 270. A few years later he killed a guy, but got only one year in jail, because his old man had been police commissioner. Vinnie slugged a guy, the guy fell down, hit his head on the pavement, and died.)

    After learning of Mark Bingham’s story (the gay rugby player who helped bring down Flight 93 before it hit the U.S. Capitol), I wondered what other sports pros, out of the approximately 4,000 active in the U.S., had the guts to face the inevitable judgment and fan hatred by coming out.

    I was appalled to discover most had to wait until after their careers were over. There’s no doubt in my mind that in all corners of professional athletics from boxing to football, the ranks are full of gays. You’ve just never heard of them. This also includes the ranks of coaches, owners, or general managers.

    That’s wishful thinking on your part. There are so many gay pro athletes around, that you had to fish out some guy who played college ball for two years thirty years ago?

    You cited two former NFL players who admitted to being homosexual. (The late Jerry Smith doesn’t count, since we have only Dave Kopay’s word that Smith was gay.)

    Another problem with your essay is its hyperbole and contradictions. At one point, you insist that the homophobia in sports is so intense that it could drive a man to attempt suicide; later, you insist that no such homophobia exists, claiming the gay rugby player who came out suffered no nasty consequences.

    Your mutually contradictory claims cannot both be true. I don’t think you’re at all concenred with the truth, but rather that at any given moment, you simply say what you think will best serve your agenda.

    We’ve heard about any number of big-name lesbian or bisexual women athletes but virtually no big-name men athletes. (There’s one likely candidate, but you didn’t even mention him!) That’s because homosexuality and bisexuality are much more common among female athletes than among their men counterparts. Why that should be the case I don’t know, but it’s been well-known for some time. If you must write on a subject, you need to do a lot more research, and write more honestly.

  • We went to two different highschools in two different eras, the contradictory players are from two different countries.

    You’ve got so many contradictory statements in your own comment it’s hard to figure out what you’re trying to say.

    you poor thing.

  • Your post has definitely inspired a lot of my readers as well as myself. I had no idea how many people were gay athletes, and totally closeted about it. The idea of a gay athlete seemed more like an abstract idea then a real thing. Ever since I started writing about this, I have received more comments and emails on this subject than I have on anything else that I have ever posted! You helped me to figure out that I am not alone out there with my problems and my insecurities. Just by posting this I was able to find an entire support group of like minded people out there, and it feels awesome! Thanks

  • You’re very welcome Eric. I got ahold of the tech department over at Bloggers and got the photos fixed, but I lost your comment in the process. I’m glad you followed me over here


  • Eric, did you link them to this article or the one on bloggers as I had to delete the bloggers and repost it again after we straightened out the photo fiasco?

    Are all those guys on your blog really commenting about this article or did you write one of your own?

  • Nicholas #64 Exactly what made you thing the only purpose of this article was to bitch about highschool bullies?

  • Oh wow! I just noticed that I’m the blogcritic of the day! Cool and Thanks!

  • Speaking of Gay Athletes we have this from Reuters-SUPERMAN REFUSES TO COME OUT OF CLOSET!!!

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – After weeks of Internet buzzing that the new Superman movie portrays the Man of Steel as gay, the director of the film issued a strong denial on Friday and said it was the most heterosexual character he has filmed.

    Superman “is probably the most heterosexual character in any movie I’ve ever made,” said Bryan Singer, director of “Superman Returns,” a new movie about the crime-fighting superhero that opens June 28. “I don’t think he’s ever been gay.”

    In recent months, the movie’s ability to lure its target audience has been questioned by Internet buzz probing the superhero’s sexuality.

    Young men are the movie’s target audience and the film needs to attract millions of them to earn a profit and relaunch the “Superman” film franchise.

    A major gay magazine, The Advocate, ran a cover story with the headline: “How Gay is Superman,” and the Los Angeles Times weighed in with its own story on whether being gay might hinder or help the movie’s box office receipts.

    After all, gay romance “Brokeback Mountain” won awards and raked in $178 million worldwide.

    So he wears a leotard and flies around in a red cape. Big deal, Singer said, noting Spider-Man wears tights. The X-Men do too, and they aren’t gay. Singer ought to know, he directed 2000’s “X-Men” movie and 2003’s “X2: X-Men United.”

    Singer said his version of the Man of Steel, who is played by Brandon Routh, is a “very romantic icon” — handsome, virtuous and vulnerable.

    In the movie, Superman comes back to Earth after a five- year absence. Early on, audiences learn the love of his life, hard-charging reporter Lois Lane, has moved on from her infatuation with him. She has a new boyfriend and a child.

    Yet when he re-enters her life, Lois still has that sexy gleam in her eye, and he can’t wait to fly her to the moon.

    “We were all scratching our heads,” said Paul Levitz, president and publisher of Superman owner DC Comics. “He’s not a gay character.”

  • so he’s not gay, he’s a home wrecker.

  • Re #71: Gay activists start a hoax circulating, then when the targets of the hoax deny that it is true, activists and media supporters charge, “SUPERMAN REFUSES TO COME OUT OF CLOSET!!!”

    For several years now, gay activists have started hoaxes in circulation that very manly sports greats such as Mike Piazza and Sandy Koufax are gay, in order to give the gay movmment prestige. Now, they’re doing it to fictional characters, too.

  • #65. Jet in Columbus: We went to two different highschools in two different eras, the contradictory players are from two different countries.

    You’ve got so many contradictory statements in your own comment it’s hard to figure out what you’re trying to say.

    you poor thing.

    If I had so many contradictory statements in my comment, surely you could show at least one. You didn’t, because you couldn’t. I caught you out in your contradictions, and you responded by projecting them onto me.

    Someone who writes and thinks as poorly as you do has no business being patronizing to anyone.

  • Steve #72-And he’s a cute one at that!

  • Nicholas, You’re absolutely right, I made the whole thing up. Nobody’s gay, not even me.

  • Nicholas, You are absofuckinlootly right and I’m wrong, No one’s gay-not even me-you caught me I’m lying my fat ass off! I admit it, this is just a pathetic attempt at attention by a mind who craves pity and love.

    I should be ashamed of myself for being so mean to you.

    I bow to your superior knowledge and intellect, you are a man among men, and I will retire to put my nose in the punnishment corner of my room, whimpering and praying for your forgiveness, and hoping all those brave and heterosexual athletes and superheroes that I’ve lled about don’t sue me for writing and publishing all those fictional autobiographies under their names years ago, just so I could write this pathetic little article so many years later to get your ungiven sympathy and admiration.

    I am a terrible, useless and ugly faggot/fairy with nothing better to do than sit naked at my keyboard every nignt and morning, anxiously waiting and hoping to see if anyone… ANYONE has paid attention to me, in the vague and childish hope of love and approval.

    You are right in everything you have said, and will say…

    Now… do you have anything else to add to that?

  • Damn it, Jet; I’ve just read your article and comments and waddya know, I just turned gay! Please send Nicholas over – I’m in need of correction!

  • Oh dear god what have I done??? I was right, I was right Gonzo, I am a bad influence…

  • Jet, sweetie, I think you’re getting this month’s microwave oven for conversions. On a side note, I am thrilled that people are actually discussing this gay athletes issue. I said earlier that I’d bet my left nut that truth be told at least 40% of football players are bisexual at best. The Ancient Greeks had it right. Their approach to sex was far healthier than what we have today in the States. Perhaps if we had an Alexander the Great type of soldier or President, we’d finally win a war since Korea.

  • Hear that Nicholas, I’ve caused us to lose every war we’ve fought in since Korea Too!!!! Ohh I’m such a bad person

    Has anyone read the text of my bio beneath each article lately?

    bad bad bad bad bad bad
    Solus mei sententia

  • Seriously Silas, thank you for the smile. I’m about to post a new developement on my other string and you’ll see why. thanks…

  • Pssst. Billy Bean is gay.

    Please send Nicholas over – I’m in need of correction!

    Wow, not only did you turn gay, you went right for the hardcore crowd.

  • Frightening isn’t it?

  • Jet in Columbus: Nicholas, You are absofuckinlootly right and I’m wrong, No one’s gay-not even me-you caught me I’m lying my fat ass off! I admit it, this is just a pathetic attempt at attention by a mind who craves pity and love.

    I hate to rain on the parade of someone who claims contrition, Jet, but some people actually are gay. Maybe not you, but some people.

    I should be ashamed of myself for being so mean to you.

    I bow to your superior knowledge and intellect, you are a man among men, and I will retire to put my nose in the punnishment corner of my room, whimpering and praying for your forgiveness, and hoping all those brave and heterosexual athletes and superheroes that I’ve lled about don’t sue me for writing and publishing all those fictional autobiographies under their names years ago, just so I could write this pathetic little article so many years later to get your ungiven sympathy and admiration.

    If you insist, but I intend to hold you to the part about retiring.

    BTW, which autobiographies would those be? The ones by the locker-rooms full of gay NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL players?

    I am a terrible, useless and ugly faggot/fairy with nothing better to do than sit naked at my keyboard every nignt and morning, anxiously waiting and hoping to see if anyone… ANYONE has paid attention to me, in the vague and childish hope of love and approval.

    You shouldn’t talk like that about yourself, not even in a lame attempt at projected irony.

    In your brief autobio, you suggested that once you took your irony supplements. If so, of late you apparently have forgotten to do so, and today have instead taken glib tabs.

    You are right in everything you have said, and will say…

    Now… do you have anything else to add to that?

    No, that would seem to about cover it.

  • I guess as long as you enjoyed yourself that’s all that matters. Pettiness fits you well. Now look what we did to Christopher Rose #78 -aren’t you ashamed?

  • Nicholas wants to know what autobiograpies? there’s 15 of them at the botton of the article!

    Either contribute something intelligent other than hate mongering and missinformation, or get lost.

    You poor thing.

  • Arch Conservative

    Jet do you ever author a blog or make a post that isn’t concerned with sexual orientation?

  • Arch, do you ever make a post that doesn’t induce projectile vomit?

  • Arch Conservative

    My posts don’t so that to normal people Chris just to ultra liberal assholes and I’m happy that it does.

  • I hope that answered question 88 Arch?

  • Arch Conservative

    Oh I already knew the answer was no.

  • Not too many gay athletes because usually a good athlete is someone who had a good childhood, two great parents and had to work extremely hard in their life.

    Usually people who choose to be gay didn’t have a great childhood and two parents. So consequently a gay athlete is extremely rare.

  • How appropriate that you and ArchBingBat would answer one right after the other, you know the 3rd anniversary of Gay marriage in Canada was yesterday, maybe you two should consider it.

    As I’ve said before Tony there are no gay athletes, I just made the whole thing up and all those 15 book covers I just made up on photo shop and they doen’t really exist. When the orders from Amazon.com come in, I’m really going to be in trouble.

  • Look at Jet putting words into my mouth.

    Show me where I said that there were no gay athletes. I said that gay athletes were rare.

  • No no you’re right there’s only 2.5 gay athletes in the world right now. I lied again you caught me.

    I’ll go stand in the corner now.

  • Not too many gay athletes because usually a good athlete is someone who had a good childhood, two great parents and had to work extremely hard in their life.

    Or a good athlete is someone who worked hard in the prison gym because there were no rehabilitation programs made available. I’d love to know how many electro shock patients came from good Christian homes. The numbers are most probably staggering.

  • Look at Jet putting words into my mouth.

    Could be worse.

    For Jet.

  • I’m telling you guys for the last time-there are no gay people-I made it all up. All those people in the parades are just hired hollywood stunt players that move from city to city, that’s why none of the parades are on the same day!

    I’m sorry but you’ll just have to face the facts. Just ask Tony-He knows!

  • Tony Re:95-Don’t talk with your mouth full (insert joke here)

  • Do you realize that in paragraph 2 Comment 85 Nicholas said he didn’t think I was gay?????!!!!!

  • You’re right Silas, it could be, but I shudder to think about it.


    ESPN and Gatorade have signed on as sponsors of Chicago’s Gay Games, and singer Andy Bell of the British pop duo Erasure is slated to perform at the opening ceremony July 15, organizers said Tuesday.

    The announcement was made during Mayor Daley’s annual Pride Reception recognizing Pride Month in advance of the Gay Pride Parade this weekend.

    Bill Greaves, the city’s liaison to the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender community, saluted the new sponsors for supporting the event despite previous opposition by some anti-gay groups to sponsorships by Kraft, Harris Bank and Walgreens.

    Gatorade has agreed to be the official sports drink of the Games and provide sideline hydration at all sports. ESPN has agreed to underwrite the opening ceremony fireworks at Soldier Field.

    Gay Games spokesman Kevin Boyer said the sponsorships, which now number more than 300, “demonstrate the mainstream support for the Gay Games in the private sector.”

    Bell will join Cyndi Lauper, Margaret Cho, Megan Mullally, Jody Watley and Greg Louganis in the Games entertainment lineup.

    About 11,500 people have registered to compete in the weeklong sports and cultural event-which takes place every four years-and organizers expect up to 100,000 people to attend.

    Under a banner that read “Working to create a bias-free city,” Daley praised Chicago’s gay community for its accomplishments and showed his political solidarity with the gay cause, vowing to “come back with a candidate to bring the White House to where we want it in the future.”

    Daley said the Gay Games will be “a time when we can really show what Chicago is all about.”

    By Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz
    Published June 21, 2006

  • Right on Chicago! We’ve got the Gay Games. We’ve got the Gay Rodeo. We even have a Gay Church. Gay Marriage will be comin’ around the corner!

  • From your mouth to Jerry Falwell’s ear Silas…

  • I had someone else’s ear in mind, Jet

  • Okay you got me on that one Silas

  • MCH

    “My posts don’t so that to normal people Chris just to ultra liberal assholes and I’m happy that it does.”
    – Archie

    Would someone please diagram that sentence for me? I’m confused.

  • Coming out as gay in pro sports would definetly hurt an athlete’s career. Their teammates, the media, and the public would treat them worse. They would lose endorsement opportunities, and they might even get cut. I was reading a book that said how NFL teams spyed at gay bars and sometimes they wouldn’t sign someone because they thought the truth might get out to their teammates that the guy was gay, and that would hurt team chemistry, because most teammates, especially in football wouldn’t want to play with a gay guy. Just look at the whole conspiracy surrounding Jeff Garcia just because Terrell Owens called him gay.

  • MCH-Huh? I must not have been paying attention and Archie posted something before I could read it. Since I missed it, all I can say is that the Subject was obviously confused, and didn’t know how to use his verbage properly. I have a particular adjective to describe him, but it’d be deleted by the fine editor too so I’ll just describe him as an {explitive deleted}


    I lovvvvvvvve being my own sensor

  • Mitchell 109-Or when Skip Bayless publicly speculated that Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Troy Aikman was gay.

    I published this article in hopes that pointing out this senseless prejudice would stop.

    Some day…

    Thanks for contributing Mitchell

  • jet:

    great article. i really enjoyed it. as an aging gay tv gasbag, i have had the chance to interview esera tualo and david kopay. very cool guys. esera is a wonderful dad and an incredible spouse. dave kopay is still very handsome. billy bean refused to come on my show because he thought it would ruin his corporate speaking gigs.

    i met ian roberts at a dinner party in sydney. he was so freaking sexy with that aussie accent and handsome face……i could not eat.

    a guy named dan woog wrote a book about atheletes who are gay…..your article is far more concise and the selection of photos..excellent.

    jack e. jett
    queer edge with jack jett

  • I was going to include his “Jocks” and “Jocks 2” books in my recomended icons below this article, but as you can see I already have 15 there.

  • Mr Jett, I just found an article on you right here on our little site, and I must say I’m very honored that you’d take the valuable time out of your busy schedule to compliment me on my little article.
    Thanks ever so

  • A friend just called to ask if he is my alter ego-no definitely not.

  • FAGS!

  • For someone to leave the word FAGS in caps on this string takes a lot of guts. Dem damn hetro troublemakers again probably… I wonder what it tells me that the comments editor left it there for 5 hours?.

    I feel sorry for you Carl Lews and I’ll say a prayer for you too.

    There aught to be a law against hetrosexuals.

  • Condor

    Jet, I’m serious… you really need help (i.e. prozac). NOBODY cares who is gay, straight, what goes on in the bedroom… and I’m sure that those people REALLY don’t need (nor appreciate) prying eyes into their love/sex lives.

    Get over it.

  • This article wasn’t in fresh comments-so you had to dig to find it, to leave your little message-any explanation of why?

  • sr

    Jet you old fag. Just kidding my friend. Since you know we dont see eye to eye. No pun intended. Pray all is well for your eye situation. You lib, me conserative. Want to add this for your list. Emile Griffith. Six-time world boxing champion. Middleweight champ April 25, 1966 at MSG in NYC. Born 2/3/1938 St Thomas Virgin Islands. Watched him fight and KO Benny Kid Paret. Paret died the following day. Emile was never the same. The History channel did a special on Emile several months ago. Never knew he was gay nor do I care. He is still alive today and helping kids to better their lives. Just for your info Jet. If interested do a search on Emile Griffith. Im a boxing freak and know boxing history. Did fight amature umpteen years ago. Take care dude.

  • Good grief! As many comments as have been deleted by the comments editor on this string I looks like I’m talking to myself here!

  • SR, thanks it’s always a pleasure

  • sr

    Your welcome Jet. Did you do a search on Emile Griffith and what do you think? sr

    PS. What has been deleted? As for talking to yourself thats something I do all day. At times I make myself laugh just telling jokes to sr.

    Welcome to THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

  • SR, thanks, but not yet I drove out to Pittsburgh to help settle my dad’s estate and I have only had time to answer a few e-mails and finish editing my new article.

    I’ll get to it I promise. My next eye surgery is tomorrow.

  • good luck with the eye surgery, Jet 🙂

  • Thank you Chantal…

  • I was going to do an article on the 2006 Chicago Gay Olympic Games, but three things acted in concert to sabotage the event, though it was the most successful so far, and despite Chicago welcoming them with opened arms…

    1. the heat

    2, The event was so large it was spread far and wide all over the city.

    3. A lot of international athletes sensed the hatred towards gays coming out of the far right with all the campaignes against gay marriage (it’s legal in Canada) and instead decided to compete in Canada’s Out Games because the environment for them was more welcoming.

    Personal #3 disgusts me.

  • Stay tuned for the sequel: How many professional athletes are republican!

  • Attention: I’d like everyone to investigate the right side menu. That button marked BC Forums….

  • Stewart M

    I was really disappointed by the politcal crap that split the Gay Games into the OutGames and Gay Games. It’s pretty ridiculous. As a university level athlete, I got asked several times why people would bother with a Gay Games type event – for me it’s just as simple as the ability to meet other gay men interested in sports, because quite frankly they are damn hard to find.

  • Stewart, thanks for taking the time to comment and I agree completely. The Gay-Games political problems were national, not internal. Canada was more welcoming in the face of the national environment and political elections when everyone seems to become temporarily a born-again christian here until after the elections.

    I’ve been planning a sequel to this article for some time now but the sports dept. here isn’t exactly friendly, so I’ve shelved it… again

    Recently I was invited to be interviewed by the BBC about this article, but unfortunately they asked me the day of the interview and I was due at a doctor’s appointment that I couldn’t get out of.

    Stay tuned. For bigger pictures than what are presented here, try my home page, just click on my URL above.

    Thanks again…

  • Jet, don’t let a bunch of Yankee jocks put you off writing anything you want to.

    The BC Magazine editor’s role is to edit and publish only, nobody cares what they think of what anybody chooses to write about.

  • Thank you Mr. Rose.

    I’ll take that into consideration


  • You might also want to take into consideration that to many non-US folk, all the major sports there are a bit gay anyway.

    I’ve said this before of course but your “American” football is a weak variety of Rugby League (itself a poor cousin of Rugby Union), played by a bunch of sissies wearing shoulder pads rescued from “Dynasty”; basketball is a version of a girls game called Netball and baseball is derived from another girl’s game called Rounders!


  • Why do I suddenly have a feeling of impending doom?

  • Is anyone else having trouble with the way the baseball card of Glenn Burke is displaying above?

  • Not me.

  • S.T.M

    “A weak version of rugby league …. played by a bunch of sissies wearing shoulder pads.”

    Lol! But they do look fetching don’t they Chris … almost as nice as the nancy boys in sleeveless tops who play that other abomination that carries the tag of football, Australian Rules Football (only played I might add by the philistines in the heathen southern and western states of Oz).

    My answer to the rabid but often-defensive supporters of both American Football and Australian Football is this: If they’re so fucking good, how come no one else has caught on yet these past 100 years or so?

    Even rugby league has struggled to get a world following, and it IS a good game. Just nowhere near as good as real Rugby … which is the only oval-ball game worth watching.

  • Obviously neither of you have been to an Ohio State Game?

  • S.T.M

    None of this frivolity should detract however from the fact that Ian Roberts (who Jet loves), the Australian gay rugby league star, was universally regarded by his peers in what is anyway a really, really tough game as the toughest bastard to lace on a pair of footy boots in the modern era of Rugby League.

    No one without a death wish was ever game to make comments about his sexuality on the field, and one guy who did ended up in hospital and didn’t play again for six months while the bones healed (all of ’em) …

    One really fearsome mutha.

  • S.T.M

    “Obviously neither of you have been to an Ohio State Game?”

    Nah, I watch a bit of NFL on TV and I’ve tried to work out all the subtle nuances. Then I realised: there aren’t any!

    As a former Rugby League player, however, I do appreciate the fitness these guys require to play the sport. I just wish they’d switch to proper rugby … actually, no, on second thoughts – I’d like Australia to be the first nation to win three Rugby World Cups (sorry Chris!), and we don’t need big Americans running around ruining it. The Poms, Irish, Welsh, Kiwis, French and South Africans are doing a good enough job of that.

  • STM take one look at the photo, and you’ll understand why I like him. Thank God he didn’t use his beaded purse on the bitch or some real damage could have been done!

    Thanks for contributing.

    Even today, I’m finding websites that are ripping off paragraphs or this whole article!

    makes me kinda proud so many are interested.

  • CJ

    You’re an idiot to think that all athletic adolesent boys think of other kids who don’t play sports as “fags or sissies”. Some kids are fags and sissies – don’t project you’re youth on the youth of america.

  • Jet

    I’d say you’re laughable if I didn’t think you were serious, which you apparently are. Have you experienced this personally?

    somehow I doubt it.

  • Jet

    Out of curiousity CJ did you read the whole article of just the first couple of paragraphs before you rushed to post you ridiculous comment?

  • chad

    If I had to guess at a gay professinal athlete then all my money would be on Cristiano Ronaldo, the pro soccer guy

  • Jet

    While I’d agree that Cristiano Ronaldo is a hunk and a BABE, exactly what are you basing your assessment?

  • Jet

    He was brought to my attention while I was doing a follow up to this article.

    There seems to be a lot of speculation (especially on U-Tube), but until he actually comes out, I respect his decision not to. I’ve actually found as many photos of him and girlfriends as he is in “gay” poses.

    He’s an athlete, so he’s built like a brick shit house, which causes more fantasy speculation than actual fact.

  • Oh geez, but an interesting statistic to follow. Overall, I would imagine the number is the same as the general population. But, I’m sure there is some variance from sport to sport.

    Say, in the NFL or NBA or ML, those sports have well over the 12% average of the USA population of blacks. Which poses the question: What is the gay average of various sports? Is gymnastics or equestrian more gay than greco-roman wrestling?

    Back in the early ’70s one of my football coaches, Jim Norton (University of Washington-All American, Washington Redskins–under Vince Lombardi) talked about that very subject (he was my English or other literary subjects teacher). I remember him talking about the hidden life the gay player had to maintain, although all the team players knew they were gay. But overall, they did exist. Pretty much as many as in the general population.

    As far as the question of racial and cultural discourse, ‘what could be worse than being black AND gay?’ ‘Canaaadian’ said Scott Thompson of the Kids In the Hall comedy troop.

    Overall about this gay thing in general, since homosexuality is about SEX, shouldn’t we catagorize sexual orientations to a much more scrutinizing degree? For men, if you are not attracted to blonds with big boobs, wouldn’t you be considered not much of a man? If you don’t like oral sex from women, doesn’t that make you less of a man?

    Get the picture? Then, how about if you had a girlfriend who was so sleazy that you could only have anal sex with her because it didn’t smell as bad? What sexual orientation catagory does that put one in?

    Sexual orientation? Geez… the only sexual orientation that deserves scrutiny is if (no matter who you are having sex with) is a preference to rape, violence, oppression, etc. Gee, I’m attracted to brunettes with champaign glass sized breasts. Should I go thru massive social predjudical attack? Don’t real men screw big boobed blondes only?

    It is amazing how many heterosexuals are on the Olympic Interior Decorating team….


  • Chris Rose #134, I’ll use this thread to put to rest that age old question of Rugby vs. US Football, since you brought it up.

    Rugby is tougher because they don’t wear pads… What an idiotic analysis. US Football is by far the toughest team sport there is (except for international war in theaters of rough terrian).

    If you played US Football with NO PADS, there would be death and severe injuries pretty much every play of the game. Take the worlds top Rugby player and put him in an NFL combine? It would sure be an experience. Especially if you put him on the front line (offense or defense). In USA Football, every play is way more intense than the most violent barroom brawl…

    They are two different sports. Oh god, I’ll just keep quiet about all that because the validity of the question comes down to male hormonal posturing and cro-mag mentality…


  • Jet

    Doug, thanks for your thoughts and contribution to the discussion. I would take issue with one of your statements though,

    Homosexuality is not all about sex.

    If you had five blue-eyed blonds in a room and one brown-eyed blond in the room, would you catagorize the reason for any difference on his eye color.

    Sexual preference is the only difference between hetro and homosexuals. Just because it’s the only difference doesn’t make it the dominant personality trait, just as would be that brown eyes preferring beef steak over chicken breasts because of his eye color?

  • Jet

    Then again; what do I know Doug?

  • Jet (#151), well yes, true… It is not all about sex in an in depth analysis of the psychology of the subject.

    I was just mouthing off a bit for sake of debate and surface example….

    Anyway, good article….


  • Jet

    That was nice of you to say Doug, I’m still getting requests to reproduce it on this or that website.

  • Of course, in US football, the center might have some worries if the quarteback was gay…LOL

  • Jet

    Doug… I uh… you really… oh never mind. 🙂

  • Sorry Jet. I just could not resist a punch line like that…

    Well, at least you got the joke. The center wondering “why such a long count?”…

  • Jet

    I dated a quarterback from a pro team once Doug, that might explain my reaction.

  • Michael Johnston

    Gays are gay and gayness is so gay that it makes me feel gay and thats really gay. Keep gays out of non gay country, and do it right boys!

  • It must be very lonely in your closet Michael, I feel for you that you would go to all the trouble to leave your little comment just for me.

    You are welcome here…

  • Today is “Harvey Milk” day across the country.

  • ladibug

    Nasty nasty nasty, sick sick sick

  • SKT in Los Angeles

    Boy, I guess we don’t consider figure skating a sport then. Rudy Galindo came out in 1995/96 just before he won the US National Championships and later the bronze medal at the World Championships before he turned professional. A biography has been written about him. Brian Orser, the 1984 and 1988 Olympic Silver Medalist was outed after an ex- filed a palimony suit against him in Toronto in 1998. And most recently, Johnny Weir has come out of the closet, probably to promote his autobiography as well. Of course, don’t forget Matthew Mitcham of Australia, who broke the string of Gold Medals won by Chinese divers in Men’s Diving at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

  • re 162… a little too easy to judge there SKT, I covered Rudy Gulindo in the follow-up to this article. How Many Professional Athletes are Gay Vol. II and did a very good job of it too… complete with pictures.

    Don’t rush to judge

  • He’s on page 4 at the above link, and I praised what an athlete he was and illustrated it with two pictures

  • todd

    “overzealous religious influence imposed on the US”—do you really think this is the reason for athletes not wanting to come out of the closet? Come on. The reason gay male athletes in team sports do not come out is they would (a) be ostracized by their teammates, and (b) likely be removed from the team due to being a distraction.

    Keep your personal vendetta out of this story and it is a good one.

  • mark

    Who cares. Is this really an article. You know wht people hate gays so much is that they keep throwing it our faces. A “day” parade. If we had a hetrosexual parade we would be called big gots or gay haters. the proper term is athlete not gay athlete not straight athlete not bi athlete but ATHLETE.

  • Todd in Australia openly gay Olympic diving champ Matthew Mitcham is considered a hero to the point that they put out a postage stamp in his honor. Openly Gay Rugby Star Ian Roberts is one of the most respected athletes the game has ever seen despite being openly gay,

    Openly gay Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas is a celebrity in England to the point that a major movie is being currently made about his life.

    I’d say yes U.S. prudes have a lot to make up for to catch up to the rest of the world.

  • Mark, Blacks in the sixties marched for their rights “throwing it in your face” too.

    Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

  • Amazing, according to google adsense this 6-year-old article is still getting between 150-250 readers a day here.

  • todd

    168—gareth thomas is the ONLY current team sport athlete in the world who is openly gay..that does not make it a u.s. problem and definitely does not support your religion dig.. anyone who has played an organized team sport (or served it the military) knows the real issue

  • Oh yes I can see those poor defensless muscle bound and well-trained virgin soldiers and rugged pro athletes now, frantically screaming for help while those fairy queen beasts have their way with them.

    I’d be frightened too
    …well maybe not frigntened

  • Woah, I just noticed that E-harmony is running ads for cay couples at the top of the page…

    …we’ve come farther than I thought!

  • 25 up-to-this-second and CONSTANTLY updated Gay Headline tickers in real time from around the corner and around the world using thousands of sources, and on every topic that concerns Gay Pride, Legislation, Tourism, Entertainment, Soldiers, Athletes, Sports and Gay Life.

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    You’ll also discover Gay butchers, gay bakers, gay candlestick makers, Lebanese lesbians all in a row, big hunky footballers begging to throw. Queer actors, gay sailors, queer generals! gay tailors, gay bankers all pleading for a deposit, G-O-P Senators still in the closet, the headlines all read of a closeted thespian, and Iceland’s Prime Minister’s an out-and-proud lesbian!!!

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    I’ve also earned over $21 on 24 ad clicks today and gained 30 Diggs

    JUST TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You’ll note this article was published in June of 2004!

  • This is an excellent article and deserves as many readers as it can attract for as long as there’s an Internet.

  • Thank you, appreciate the compliment…

  • Total for today at 1AM eastern was 66,549 readers on 28 ad clicks! Someone has linked this big time and it’s the number ons search when you ender Gay Professional Athletes into google, Bing and yahoo search!

    Sorry, but I’m kinda proud!

  • [high five]

  • I couldn’t believe it Doc until JS e-mailed me that it was true confirming the figures from my Adsense report.

    On the 28 ad clicks I’ve made $25.87 in commisions! so they’re buying stuff too.

  • What are the odds of getting Vol. II’s url tacked on to the end of this article. It’s hard to find because it’s in Culture instead of Sports where it belongs.

  • Jet Gardner (#181), when you refer to Vol. II being “hard to find because it’s in Culture instead of Sports where it belongs,” I assume you mean your BC article “Openly Gay Athletes Break Stereotypes and Serve as Role Models.” In comment #38 thereto, dated Sep 04, 2009, you write: “I want to sincerely explain why this article isn’t in Sports, but I’ve been asked not to by the editors, so please let it rest. Suffice to say it wasn’t my idea.”

    However, last fall there was a clean sweep at the top of BC’s editorial hierarchy, including a new publisher, co-executive editors, and sports editors. Are you still forbidden from discussing why Vol. II was deliberately misplaced? You don’t have to name names, but it merits an explanation.

  • El Bicho

    “What are the odds of getting Vol. II’s url tacked on to the end of this article.”

    They’d be better if you sent the request and pertinent info to the Editors group

  • Alan, I’ll e-mail you privately, there are still some people here I respect, that I’ve promised to keep my mouth shut to…

  • EB, I tried several times when it came out but the request fell on deaf ears, however on your suggestion I’ll send another one in.

    By the way the latest tally at 2:39AM EST is 68,588 readers in one day on 28 ad clicks.

    Keep an eye out, I’m about to send it to the editor’s list

    And thanks for the suggestion.

  • Greg Randles

    Why don’t all those filthy sodomites move to San Fransisco? They can all hold hands and die from AIDS together.

  • You went to all that work to find this article… and this is all you can say for yourself???

  • Greg, great news! We’ve launched a search to find the most reprehensible comment posted to our site, and yours is on the shortlist! Congratulations!

    [cheesy grin, two thumbs up]

    [sharp knee in nuts]

  • zingzing

    alas, there are too many greg randles upon the earth to hunt them all down and subject them to “reeducation.” by which i mean endless torture. by which i mean reading them their own comments in front of their family. hateful fuck.

  • Rednecks… now them’s good eatin’