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How Do You Spell Boring? American Idol

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After a red hot show three weeks ago, American Idol could not have been more dull and boring the last two weeks. Even the fights between Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest have been, well, boring. Even Sanjaya failed to liven things up this week. He was, well, boring. By now I guess you get the picture; on to the contestants and predictions for this week.

Sanjaya, you are safe. I have been with you all the way man, but after last night you could be getting close to the end of your roll. You better come up with something new and different over the next few weeks because the competition is toughening up.

When will LaKisha live up to the expectations she created on the first real week of the show? Ever since that week she has steadily worsened. I predicted last week she would end up in the bottom three and I’ll stay with that prediction this week. When LaKisha goes before Sanjaya we will really have something to write about.

If Melinda keeps up her present course, she will go the way of Constantine (did you see him in the audience last night?). It amazes me that these contestants never learn. If you sing a song we have never heard of, we won’t pick up the phone and vote no matter how good you are. I don’t care that she gave an excellent performance last night; I would be willing to bet that she has dropped out of first place for the first time in many weeks.

This of course brings us to Jordin. She has improved dramatically since the first weeSanjayak of competition; Jordin is now the one to beat. The most important thing to remember about Jordin is that she gets it. If Sanjaya goes, she is the one most likely to benefit and that is a real wild card factor in the weeks ahead. Will Sanjaya instruct his loyal legions of fans on how they should vote? Stay tuned.

I really like Chris Richardson and I have since the beginning. Oddly, his performance was so bad last week I predicted he would go. Like Melinda, this week he just doesn’t get it. He is going to get a chance to drink all the Cherry Coke he wants soon enough, but it won’t be this week. If this young man wants to pull off an upset next week he is going to need to sing a song we want to hear and not a song he wants to sing. He better do it with some pizzazz while he is at it.

I like Phil, but its time to say "bye-bye." You can only get so far on a big smile, bald head, loving your wife, and blowing kisses to the fans. Enough already. Paula thinks you have a career in country. I have a nice bridge I would like to sell to her.

Nice job Blake, you definitely pleased your fans. You do get it.

So to recap, Phil is going home. The bottom three are: Phil, Chris and LaKisha.

By the way if there is a surprise this week it will be LaKisha going home.

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  • LaKisha again? Are you kidding? I didn’t even *see* last night’s show, and I can tell you that LaKisha isn’t going home.

  • I am astounded. How can you continue backing up Smugjaya, after he basically spit in your face with that horrendous,lackluster, half-assed performance? Haven’t you noticed that he isn’t even trying anymore? If he came out this week in pajamas and read a menu, I bet you people would still vote for him.

    All hell will break loose if LaKisha goes before Smugjaya.

  • Derek

    Hi i am from the uk i used to love watching the american pop idol because i love these types of programmes but i have not watched this one because there is no one there that is amazing they are trying to be like other american artists simon cowell does not care about this singers only himself look how many of this programmes he has i hope people dont vote on this one because that will be your money down the drain four a one hit wonder.

  • Nelson

    “Sanjaya, you are safe.”

    Ha ha.

  • Well Phillip, your girl LaKisha almost went home tonight. Not much of a surprise if you ask me.

    I have no qualm with Sanjaya taking the “boot”, his performance Tuesday really lacked his special touch.

    Meanwhile I am sure if LaKisha had a concert performance tomorrow night you would be there with LaKisha and her best friends. If Sanjaya gave a concert at the same time you wouldn’t be able to get near the place. This would prove once and for all who is preferred by the public.

    La Kisha is going to need to really belt one out next week or hope for Phil to return to his usual form in order to stay. I will admit LaKisha is capable of better; but, the real question is can she take the “heat”.

    Quick note to Kaonashi, after being way wrong all season you finally got your wish. I guess your sphincter is feeling much better for the first time in months. You must learn how to accept what is rather than trying to force your already formed conclusions on others. In other words, try looking at the evidence before concluding.

  • Bob, you’re so delusional on this topic I don’t even think I should bother, but I’ll give you a point for suggesting LaKisha would be in the bottom three. It’s the *only* thing you got right, and you got it wrong last week, but you still get one point. Out of 100. 🙂

    I don’t think LaKisha will win, and after I finally watched last night’s show a few minutes before tonight’s show, I do think last night was her worst performance yet. Still ahead of Chris’ pain-inducing awful gruesome nasty piece of crap performance, but yeah, not great.

    Blake being in the bottom three was simply a travesty. Sanjaya finally being voted off is just.

    Chris was so bad, he actually gave Sanjaya a run for the “worst of the night” crown. I actually think Chris might technically have been slightly worse. Barely.

    Overall, Blake and Melinda continue to rule.

  • Phil, do you and Kaonashi date?

    You are just too funny. If anyone cares to they can go review the articles I wrote right here on BC and decide who is delusional. You are more than welcome to review the American Idols I wrote here and the one that missed publication here and is over on my blog. But Phil we already know what is going to happen. You have conclusions and no amount of evidence can change your mind. Its ok Phil, really.

    I won’t bother to explain all the weeks I had Sanjaya staying. And, all that time you could not understand how things work in the real world. In others words, you know how it should be Phil and millions of Americans don’t. Seriously, you really should make an effort to understand what is going on instead of making it seem that everyone but you is an idiot. Your dysfunctional dislike of Sanjaya was interesting. I mean who knows what was really going on in your head? Pretty strong emotions for someone you have not yet met in person. Hehe.

    I won’t bother to mention how delusional I was last week when I had LaKisha in the bottom three. Yeah, I was a week early but the trend of things was clear to me.

    So let me ask you two simple questions Phil. First, how many people had it right like I did on Sanjaya right up to this week (I really believe I did better than one out of 100)? Second, anyone else in the entire country have LaKisha in the bottom three this week? Yeah I was a week early. Its not unusual for me to be early on a trend.

    Phil trying to predict what might happen on American Idol is not a science. And some of us undertand how to sell newspapers and have fun.

    And let me assure you, I am having fun.

  • Um, sorry to rain on your parade but I had Lakisha in the bottom three this week over on Kaonashi’s board. I also thought Blake should be in it but thought Chris and Phil had a better chance of being there coz out of Blake-Chris-Phil, Blake is the one with the biggest appeal.

    He’s like Sanjaya for a slightly older age group and isn’t half as bad.

    I didn’t think Sanjaya’s time had come though. Not because I thought he was good – I haven’t thought that since the Final 24 took the stage – but because I didn’t think he’d played his audience out yet as is evident from your own post.

  • Nelson

    If you think Sanjaya is a good singer, then it’s you who are delusional.

    “I won’t bother to explain all the weeks I had Sanjaya staying.”

    That’s easy because some people want to mess with the show, like Howard Stern listeners and votefortheworst.com visitors. If you think only people who think Sanjaya’s the next Sinatra are voting for him, then you do not understand how things work in the real world.

    “If Sanjaya gave a concert at the same time you wouldn’t be able to get near the place.”

    Get near it? You wouldn’t be able to find it.

    And tone down the narcissism. Lakisha is the least attractive of the remaining women and her performance was so-so yesterday. I told my girlfriend it was bad. Three out of seven is almost half, and if you remove the good performances, it was pretty easy. Still, she’ll definitely have a bigger career in music than your Sanjaya who is just a few weeks a way from his own VH1 reality show.

  • Robert- I’ve been wrong all season? Fat chance. There were a few times that I called it correctly. You’re just experiencing what most people would call “sour grapes”.

    You are rather snippy tonight, making crude remarks and suggesting that Phil and I are going out just because he happens to agree with me. If that’s the case, then Phil is also going out with Amrita and Nelson, and hmm, everyone in the country who voted Sanjaya out.

  • juanita

    I managed to predict the bottom 3 fairly accurately – My prediction was Sanjaya, Lakisha and Chris.. Got 2 out of 3. And I also made a mental prediction that Sanjay would go home -correct.

    Now, if I were to predict for the future, I would say that Melinda, Jordin and Phil will make it to the top three, probably in that order.

  • Bob, chill out a bit, m’kay? It’s just a tv show!

    “some of us undertand how to sell newspapers and have fun.”

    That pretty well sums it up, doesn’t it? You were proud of your track record until it started going to pieces, and then it’s all in fun. Nice!

    Sanjaya survived for many reasons, including attempts to skew the vote, a nice demographic, and the simple fact that he managed to avoid being the worst singer most weeks. He was consistently the second-worst singer almost every week for a while, but different people took the bottom spot. This week it was Chris, who was just awful. And yet Sanjaya — as usual, the second-worst singer of the night — went home.

    I know how the show works, buddy. It’s all about the phone calls. In previous years, I’ve watched two excellent singers end up on the short end of the stick because they split up a demographic pool, I’ve watched cute people stay while ugly people went home, I’ve watched younger people stay while older people went home, and people of one color stay while people of another color went home, all with little or no regard to singing ability.

    At the same time, I remember when Jennifer Hudson was voted off, and how the judges protested that America had made a mistake. The judges were right, and America had indeed made a mistake, as time has shown. Clay outsold Reuben by a wide margin. And so on. The votes don’t reflect intent to purchase, and William Hung sold more than a few albums.

    If Sanjaya is smart, he’ll move on quickly, putting all of this behind him. There’s no career in music for him.

    There is for Blake, though probably not as an American Idol. There is for Phil, possibly, but in country music. There is for Melinda. There may be for LaKisha. Jordin needs to get a couple of years older. And Chris just sucks.

  • Grandpa Idol

    Between Sanjaya getting the boot and Clyde Drexler getting it over on “Dancing with the Stars” my week is complete. The non-talented have finally left the house. On Idol, from this point in, I hope America can recognize talent and vote to keep the best alive until the final votes are cast. So far, no Idol winner has been sent home and I hope that will be the case for the next few weeks. I’m not sure what went down with Blake this week other than the voting dynamics just did not go his way. I’m not sure if he can win it all and may end up following the premature departures of Constantine, Jennifer or LaToya from prior years.

    If you haven’t seen the show Idol Extra on Fox’s entertainment channel you might want to tune in tonight and see Sanjaya’s interview. It should be interesting.

    My bet is still on Jordin to take the prize and I really believe she is not too young to handle it. I think it will be her and Melinda in the finals.

  • I hope it will be Melinda and Blake in the finals, with Blake winning (because Melinda doesn’t need to win to sell well).

    I don’t think that’s what will happen, though.

  • BT

    American Idol Gives Back—as Simon would say…that was as boring as a cabaret singer on a cruise ship. Come on producers, American Idol is show-business. It is suposed to entertain–not drag down the viewers with the troubles of the world. we can watch Fox News if we want that.
    Get with it–entertainment!!! Lets escape reality for awhile.