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How Bloomberg Can Become President

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Running as an independent third party candidate and relying solely on his own money, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg definitely can win the presidency in 2008 – if he follows my advice.

The numbers are on his side. Take all the people who generally vote but are lesser-evil voters, without any loyalty to either of the two major parties and who view themselves as independents or centrists. Now, take the even greater number of eligible voters who are so fed up with the political system that they don’t vote. These are more than enough to dump the Democratic and Republican candidates.

The trick for Bloomberg is to passionately appeal to all these Americans by boldly doing the following:

1. Explicitly condemn the two-party controlled political system for being subservient to special interests. Make the case for true political competition -and that only an independent president can reverse the many negative trends that the vast majority of Americans see as ruining our nation. Focus on all the dishonesty and corruption in BOTH major parties. Apologize for previously being associated with the Democratic and Republican parties.

2. Forcefully condemn the free-trade globalization movement because it is killing the middle class and feeding massive trade deficits. Make “Put America First” one of your campaign slogans. Condemn the current efforts to form a North American Union.

3. Focus on reversing the terrible increases in economic inequality and insecurity by cutting corporate welfare, providing more money for worker training and education programs, and making the wealthy pay more taxes.

4. Pledge to cut federal budget deficits by vigorously cutting wasteful federal spending. Place emphasis on cleaning up the entire contractor system.

5. Be the first presidential candidate to support the use of the option in Article V of the Constitution for a convention requested by two-thirds of the states to consider constitutional amendments. Make it clear that Congress has proven its inability to enact many necessary political and government reforms. Note the need to remove obstacles for third parties.

6. Totally support an immediate effort to create universal health care. Explicitly condemn the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries for taking advantage of Americans and creating the world’s most expensive health care system that performs poorly.

7. Take on the illegal immigration issue by pledging to vigorously enforce laws against illegal employers and sanctuary cities, and promising to more vigorously use federal resources to protect our borders.

8. Actively support a number of electoral reforms to increase voter turnout, such as making Election Day a national holiday, permitting same day registration everywhere, making voting mandatory, creating a none of the above option on all ballots, and reducing the voting age to 16.

Bloomberg should proudly boast of his enormous earned wealth and tell Americans that it allows him true honesty, independence and total commitment to what’s good for the nation. Be a proud populist and centrist.

A Bloomberg presidential run is exactly what the third-party movement in the United States desperately needs. He is a far more qualified presidential candidate than recent rich candidates, namely Perot and Forbes.

Every American who recognizes the pervasive corruption and dishonesty in our political system should welcome Bloomberg’s candidacy for president in 2008. With his own vast wealth and honesty he can single-handedly revitalize America’s political system. We need a breath of fresh air after the bipartisan stink that has fouled our nation for far too long.

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About Joel S. Hirschhorn

Formerly full professor Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, and senior official Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and National Governors Association. Author of four nonfiction books and hundreds of articles.
  • jmegill

    Bloomberg’s politics are little different than mainstream politics. Bloomberg just happens to have a nicer personality than most other politicians. A kinder, gentler Giuliani, if you will.

    As responses to your numbered points:
    1. Bloomberg has used his wealth to influence the party system. There is the little matter of the 250K he gave to the Independence party to secure their line on the ballot.
    2. Bloomberg strongly supports free trade. He wants increases in legal immigration.
    3. Bloomberg’s company has been the beneficiary of corporate welfare.
    4. Bloomberg has not slowed down spending in New York City.
    6. Universal health care will necessarily increase federal spending. You can’t want both 4 and 6.
    7. Bloomberg strongly supports illegal immigration. New York City is a sanctuary city. Bloomberg goes out of his way to tell illegal immigrants that they can use the city’s medical services. He has prohibited city personnel (including cops and firefighters) from asking about immigration status.

    It would be nice to have a billionaire run to avoid party politics. But it is a rare combination to have both the personality and the politics right. Perot had the politics, but was ill suited personality-wise.

  • The Committee to Draft Michael Bloomberg is eeking delegates to assist in making Bloomberg the independent nominee. Sign up at http://www.draftmichael.com

  • Joel,
    Are you a comedian? 16 year olds won’t even do their school home work. And just like me and maybe you, I don’t know you, but when I was 16, I couldn’t even think wisely enough to keep my pants on. Hello. Is this really who you want deciding who will run the worlds most powerful country? Maybe you don’t think of the U.S. as the most powerful country. You’re in denial if you don’t. But, since I know you were only kidding about Bloomberg being President, I’ll just join in the laughter that you’ve brought on to the blog scene. I know, I got a good one, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, ’08. Yea baby. But only if he takes my advice. Don’t pick Bloomberg as a running mate.

  • midwhitecrisis

    How about a commitee to draft Michael into the U.S. Army? Probably doesn’t pay enough for his lifestyle, you know, champaign and caviar. Why would anyone want another elite president, I’d rather have Billy Bob or Jimmy Joe run this place at this point.

  • JustOneMan

    Although I like Bloomnerg here are reasons he is to unelectable.

    1. Too much of a New Yorker – people in Ohio dont care much for strap hangers

    2. Too Jewish – The country isnt ready to vote for a Jewish president. Look what the Dems did to poor Joe Leibermen.

    3. His personal life ie sexual orientation is a mystery..

    Great mayor…terrible national candidate.

  • steve

    no thanks. bloomberg is far out of touch with the american public

  • Join the growing grassroots effort to draft Mike Bloomberg for President.