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How Batterers Abuse the Child Custody Decision Process

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The negotiation of child custody is difficult and emotionally charged even between spouses who have split amicably and made a conscientious decision to be reasonable. Child custody goes nuclear when parasitic counsel seize the opportunity to enflame the vengeful, vicious and paranoid agenda of a batterer.

Confronted with a loss of control over his partner, the batterer uses family court as a new means to seek attention from and control his ex and children. Though the American family court purports to prioritize the needs and best interests of children, the system still ably provides room for threatening and harassing behavior by a batterer and his overzealous attorney.

The remedy for this litigious harassment can be found in sharp, intuitive judges who recognize and strongly diffuse extraneous filings by imposing punishments in the form of attorneys’ fees and sanctions. It would be beneficial for more judges in family court to become familiar with the dysfunction and abuse imposed by batterers and their negative effect on children. Institutionalizing a response to abusive litigation by codes and statutes would help to uniformly protect abused former spouses and children.

Batterers come in all shapes and sizes but are all inherently the same: They are cowards who cannot tolerate reproach nor accept responsibility for their behavior. Incapable of remorse and compassion, they would rather spend their time and resources on attempts at revenge than on anything beneficial for their children. Batterers have been known to pay their attorneys to torture their exes rather than pay child support.

The family court system needs to start analyzing this kind of behavior, especially when it presents itself in the form of hard evidence such as financials, and protect the interests of battered spouses and children.

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  • Leigh Anne Trivette

    I couldn’t agree with this more. However, nothing will change until there are better judges on the bench who actually follow judicial procedure, prepare for each case and live up to the title bestowed upon them.

    To further exacerbate the problem, judges and lawyers collude after hours and whereas they may not be discussing cases, relationships are fostered that hinder impartiality.

    Family court is a well honed machine designed to financially and emotionally rape a family.