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How about dem Dems?

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The Dancing Democrat Wannabes’ two hour debate last week (9/25/03) makes
me think that the Wolfowitz-Ashcroft-Abrams [see
may be around for a while: the show wasn’t all that impressive.

Kucinich, Braun, Sharpton simply aren’t in it – they wouldn’t beat Bush. [Though
I’ll bet Sharpton’s reasoned performance surprised the hell out of Tucker
Carlson, the
Stepford-Republican on CNN’s ‘Crossfire’.]

Graham is probably out [I almost forgot to list him].

Lieberman keeps playing weak Bush positions, a "Baby W." with a "Democrat" sticker
on his forehead [the real W. has already
beaten him once so who needs a rematch?]

Leaving Gephart, Edwards, Kerry, Dean and Clark.

Gephart is the "Old Europe" of pols and overly-unctuous
for my tastes.

Edwards: "nice hair" is about all I got out of the debate, but
there may be more there there.

Kerry seems solid (in spite of a bit of waffling on support for invading
Iraq), and has the potential to beat the incumbent. His anti-Dean-isms were
a bit annoying, but it’s only the run-up to the primaries so I can live with
them as long as his main focus remains on policy and the country’s problems.

Dean may not appear "presidential" to some but George
W. certainly didn’t before being elected, and Dean at least understands the
major issues facing the country, proposes solutions.

Clark is the great unknown [and frankly, seems creepy to me, although
I can’t put my finger on why I feel that way]
. He’s still a novelty
item so he’s getting media mileage. It can go up or down from there, but
here are a few factoids:

1. I did remember something about Clark since watching the
debate: when he was in Kosovo,
he ordered a British General to attack the Russians:

" …when Russian paratroopers seized Pristina airfield in advance
of Nato troops, General Clark told General Sir Mike Jackson, the K-For commander,
to ‘confront them’. General Jackson is said to have replied: ‘Not
unless you’re prepared to see lots of Russian bodies’. The British general
has also been reported as telling General Clark: ‘I’m not going to start
the third
world war for you.’ The

That may have contributed to Clark’s later "retirement," but in
the meantime:

" General Jackson was replaced after refusing to prevent Russian forces
from taking Pristina airport…" BBC/UK

2. General Shelton of the Joint Chiefs of staff wouldn’t get specific but
last week said that Clark left Europe for reasons of "integrity and character".
Altos Town Crier

3. And Clark was still buttering up Bush and the Republicans last year, then
a couple of weeks ago said that he’d be a Republican if Karl Rove had returned
his call – I just can’t buy anyone with no moral center [we’ve got one
of those already]

In spite of all that, it’s far too early to tell who’ll get "the spark".
Hell, Carter won an election! And it’s a long way to the primaries.

Anyhow, that’s what I think now. I wonder what I’ll be thinking in six
months 🙂

[Re: Elliott Abrams. In 1991, he pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges
of withholding information from Congress about activities with the Nicaraguan
contras. President
Bush (Senior) pardoned him in 1992. See the "Final
report of the independent counsel for Iran/Contra matters.
He’s now in the White House under another Bush, hand-picked by Condoleeza
Rice for the post of director of Middle Eastern affairs (National Security
Middle East and North Africa

What do you think?

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  • How ’bout dem Dems? None, save Kucinich, are even worth my time. Sad situation.

  • Taloran

    I echo Dawn’s comments, but about all Republicans and Democrats (politicians, that is – not humans). I can’t be bothered paying any attention whatsoever to anything any of them say.

    Vote third party!

  • If Nader or a worthy Green runs, this Independent likely will.

  • Nat,

    Whats wrong with Dean?

    (this is NOT a setup, btw)

  • He supports Jim Crow rather than marriage equality for all Americans. He is a pro-business centrist. And while he opposed the war in Iraq, he is pro-war in other situations.

  • Jim Crow? Now HE’S a tool.

  • But not as big a tool as Bill O’Reilly. 🙂

  • “…but about all Republicans and Democrats … I can’t be bothered paying any attention whatsoever to anything any of them say.” (2)

    If everyone were to take that approach, the Republicans and Democrats would likely be able to do anything they wanted to do with the country.

    Oh, wait … epiphany!

  • lol