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How 9/11 Changed Everything for Giuliani

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I thought I'd note the recent revelation – at least, recent for most people – that Rudy Giuliani was slated to be a member of the Iraq Study Group, but quit to pursue his lucrative speaking career

This is notable on several levels. For one thing, Giuliani's behavior, like so much else, has been always been a matter of public record, and has been roundly ignored for months.

Mainstream media coverage has been sparse. The media would rather cover really substantive topics, like which candidate smells the best. You would think this would be a bit of a big deal, but it isn't, because the media would rather stick to the benevolent demi-god narrative that they've been spinning out about Giuliani, despite all the facts against him, ever since he entered this race, and really ever since 9/11.

The Giuliani camp has since said, by way of explanation, that Giuliani didn't want to join ISG because he was afraid it would become a "political football," and because he was considering running for elective office. As others have noted, this doesn't hold water. Giuliani told the Associated Press that he was considering a run several months before agreeing to join the ISG. And he quit the ISG after he was told to either start attending meetings or else quit the group.

It was a bad move politically for Giuliani to play hookie on the ISG in favor of raking in piles of dough for 'inspirational' speeches, but the real shame, as Steve Benen points out, is that Giuliani missed a golden opportunity to learn what the hell he's talking about: "Just last week, asked about the future of the policy in Iraq, Giuliani said, 'Iraq may get better; Iraq may get worse. We may be successful in Iraq; we may not be. I don’t know the answer to that. That’s in the hands of other people.'"

Giuliani had a chance to become something of an expert on Iraq. In a presidential campaign, he could have had real experience to point to. Instead he gave vapid speeches for big bucks.

This is sort of a side issue, but Giuliani's friend Bernie Kerik, lately convicted of ethics violations and ordered to pay $200k, reportedly said that he "couldn't afford to be here" (in Iraq as police commissioner) because he was raking in money speaking about 9/11 for Giuliani's slush fund, pardon me, "consulting firm.'" Rajiv Chandrasekaran's book reports that Kerik did nothing as police commissioner other than issue rosy, false reports about the state of the police force and wait to return to the States to continue cashing in on 9/11 (that, and start a vigilante Iraqi force, which he then failed to supervise).

So when people like Giuliani and Kerik say that "9/11 changed everything'" we know they mean it, but we also know that the change they're referring to isn't a "time to buckle down and really serve the country" sort of change; it's more like cash in quick before the magic wears off. Actually, that could be the motto of Giuliani's presidential campaign.

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  • Dr Dreadful

    And Clavos, I’m not going that far. I do have one lobe of my brain still tuned into reality.

    Of course there were aliens at Area 51, once upon a time. But here’s what happened:

    Were you ever a houseguest of a family who wouldn’t stop bickering at each other, even in front of you? Didn’t you wish you could get the hell out of there as quickly and quietly as possible? Didn’t you feel… well… alien?

    Now you know how our green-skinned friends at Area 51 felt and where they went.

  • Dr Dreadful

    Beer from a can that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to heaven? Now that is indeed miraculous. Most beers I’ve drunk from a can make me feel like I’ve been transported to the aluminium foundry…

    A can


  • STM

    I have a miraculous beer can. It says Victoria Bitter on it, and the smell of beer remains after 10 years. But when it was full, and I drank it, I felt like I’d been transported to heaven. A true miracle …

  • Clavos

    Dave, DD, Stan,

    You guys take the cake!

    Next you’ll be telling us the US doesn’t have a whole barracks full of aliens at area 51!

    Can’t you see the evidence right in front of your noses?

    Have I shown you my “miraculous” tortilla? The one with the face of Gandhi on it? Oh, wait…


  • STM

    Tin foil beanies are no good any more Dave .. the ultra high frequency radio waves/microwaves can cook your brain. The trick is, just have an ordinary beanie and use super glue to stick mirrors all over it, thus giving it super reflective power.

    I love the way thdese guys call themselves truthers, BTW, when they are swallowing the greatest pack of lies every disseminated.

    Any idiot with half a brain knows the real truth … oh, wait … half a brain

  • Dr Dreadful

    Come, come, now, Dave, you were there. You saw the black helicopters circling as the towers collapsed. They were airbrushed out of the footage in later news bulletins, of course. By order of the Skull and Bones Society under the leadership of Elvis Presley.

  • Dave,

    Childish comments like that do not refute the data, it merely reaffirms the validity of my claims. Thanks!

    Everyone else should watch the new 9/11 film “September Clues”

  • And don’t forget to wear your tinfoil beanie…


  • All interested in evidence based analysis of 9/11 should visit here:

    The Twin Towers did not “collapse”, they were pulverized

    Also watch the new 5 part series “September Clues” on livevideo.com / youtube.com

  • That’s just one of the ways that 9/11 changed everything for Rudy Giuliani. For example, it also made people forget that before 9/11, he had a 36% favorable rating in NYC.