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House, M.D.‘s Lisa Edelstein Visiting The Good Wife

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It did not take very long for Lisa Edelstein to score a juicy new role after deciding not to sign on to another season of the FOX medical series House, M.D. Michael Aussielo reports in TV|Line that Lisa Edelstein will appear next season on The Good Wife.

According to Ausiello, she will play a sexy, smart lawyer and  “born poker player” during a multi-episode story arc early in the season. Starring Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife follows the life of attorney Alicia Florrick, a wife and mother forced to re-enter the working world after a sex and political corruption scandal lands her husband in jail.

Edelstein’s role is rumored to have had a past with Will Gardner (Josh Charles), Alicia’s old law school classmate and a partner in her firm. Although she will be missed on the Fox series starring Hugh Laurie, this is great news for Edelstein’s many fans. The Good Wife airs on CBS Tuesdays at 10 PM ET, but is moving to Sunday evenings in the fall. 

So what do you think about it? Good move for Edelstein? Will it turn into something more permanent for her?

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  • Keys

    I remember Lisa Edelstein and Josh Charles in Sports Night; I think they had two episodes together and they were fantastic together. Great casting here for The Good Wife!

  • Leah

    Any word on replacement additions to the cast of House, MD? Perhaps the speculation that Tom Welling might be a good addition to that cast…

  • sara

    ”Heck, even Cameron got one episode”

    Cameron deserve better, I hope they bring back her.

  • Bea

    This is awesome news. I’ll tune in. Their loss at FOX 🙂

  • I am sorry to see her leave HOUSE and feel that whatever she wanted to stay-if they could give it to her- the producers should have come up with it (especially for one final year).
    I dislike TGW for some reason, although I like Juliana Margulies. Maybe LE’s presence there will make it more interesting. But I believe that Cuddy NEEDs to be on House at least for a few episodes, not just for an apology from House (who surely seems to have a long way to go before he’s ready to apologize), but to complete the entire arc of her character over the years. Yes, she may have moved away with Rachel to be safe from House (tho she should know he can find her anywhere!)… but it’s a bit of an insult to such a wonderful character to just have her be gone without a visual farewell. Heck, even Cameron got one episode. I hope maybe LE will do a few appearances on House to help finish things up properly.
    I wish that they would bring back STACY. She is the only one HOuse has ever loved as much as he loved Cuddy. But I did have a dream that he was speaking with Cate (“Frozen”) and she was in a major role. Maybe they’ll get her to be the new director of Princeton-Plainsboro! I guess it may be time to start doing something new when one starts dreaming about one’s favorite shows!

  • Glad she has somewhere to go, but it will leave people feeling so up in the air regarding Lisa Cuddy. I have been hoping she could make guest appearances as L. C. in order to help tie up the loose ends of the House story line. Barbara, will this now be impossibk, in your opinion? I feel Fox et al treated her like S##T and have made a major creatve error. House will be the worse for it.
    The only thing I can see saving our beloved medical show now (on a personal basis)is for STACY WARNER (Sela Ward) to make a return. Perhaps this could help House dig himself out … or he could die… but I’d hate to see that happen.
    Sure, he could meet someone new, but will this “fix” what happened? Will anything?
    Will Shore, Jacobs and co. just leave it hanging> Hope not.

  • Lucy

    People leave friends and jobs every day when they have to make a decision about their personal lives. They are not penalized and neither should LE. No one knows what all was involved behind the scenes, but she made a decision about her life and it wasn’t about leaving friends. Fans turning this into a martyrdom and/or power play depending on what side your on makes more out of this than necessary.

  • lobentti

    Seriously? She moved from ‘the best job in the world’ (in HOUSE M.D. – The official guide to the hit medical drama – 2010 – Cuddy/Lisa Edelstein part) to this cliché ? Well, everybody lies! Or the problem was much more serious! We´ll probably neve know. Good luck,Lisa!

  • El

    I like TGW but not because of Julianna Margulies. Her Alicia is totally boring IMHO. I don’t remember Lisa E. before House M.D. and just hope this so called smart move would be for better.

  • Gill

    Dont really care, never watched The Good wife and wont watch with LE, dont think I want to watch anything with her in again. She walked out on her friends and her so called love of her character and the show!! sorry I really dont care about her anymore. JMO. For those that are happy, good for you, me I am not! Sorry to be so down, but thats just the way I feel.

  • Luc

    It is a real loss for House, which will only really be fully felt as S8 begins. TGW will start the season strong with the addition of LE. What a coo!

  • Stan

    Let’s hope TGW writers live up to expectations. Critics and fans believed House writers were up to breaking the Moonlighting curse and writing two complex, screwed up individuals dealing with adult issues, emotions and life in general together. Instead, the passed on the opportunity. TGW is great writing right now. I want them to sustain it and write something good for LE!

  • Betty

    Thank you for this wonderful news! Very happy for Lisa. Yes, it is House’s loss and The Good Wife’s gain. After some more thinking, I hope she doesn’t return for a guest appearance in all honesty after the writers put themselves in the corner like that. It’s time she moves on w/ her career.

  • BrokenLeg

    11 @lmg0517 & @24 Doya

    THIS!!! LE demonstrate everbody she is a smart woman!CBS wins.FOX/NBCU lost.
    Ah!In my country we can see both…on FOX!(really strange world the world of show bussines!!)

  • Doya

    That’s just it, Anna. The writers made them the point of the show as a means to deconstruct the relationship and characters they’d been building for years.They wrote the relationship a mess and the pathetic shells of once strong, complex characters to destroy the ships they had created. They shouldn’t have built them up if they were too threatened by their popularity to truly explore the character issues within the relationship. They were self-sabotaging. The show will go on, but without the diverse, obsessed fan base as a stabalizing viewership, it will not go out with the bang they hoped. As much as everyone talks through the view points, the bottom line is THEY focused on Huddy, fans followed. They could have split them up without deconstructing the characters and canon and pulled off the House decline back into misery. Lisa will do good moving on to stronger, more consistently written roles. TGW is known for that. Hopefully they will maintain their focus on maintaining characterizations. Good for CBS and LE; Bad for Fox and House.

  • Anna

    Shinmigami,while I agree that House will never be the same, I vehemently disagree with your assertion that “House and Cuddy’s relationship was the whole point of the show most of the time.” I think the series lost its uniqueness and edge when the writers began to make that relationship “the whole point” of the show, but that didn’t happen until the last couple of seasons. Instead of our House as Sherlock Holmes, we got some unrecognizable schmoopy drip of a man who was just a hollow shell of the House we used to know. I can’t possibly imagine the writers wanted us to believe that House would rather be Cuddy’s lover than a gifted, unique doctor.

    I hope Lisa Edelstein is lucky enough to get better writing for her character on The Good Wife. I definitely don’t want to see the New (but not improved) Lisa Cuddy on a show that I watch every week. I think she’ll do well if given the material.

  • Trendy

    This is great news and a smart move by LE. I’m happy for her, and since I already watch TGW, I have no catching up to do.

    BTW, Josh Charles was also in “Dead Poets Society” which ties him to RSL. What a small, small world!

  • Jane E

    I am very happy for Lisa and wish her good luck. House is my favorite show and I had really hoped it was a hoax that Lisa wan’t coming back, but now the reality sets in. Good luck to Lisa and a great addition to the Good Wife, but bad news for House

  • Isabel

    The Good Wife will win a lot of viewers because Lisa Edelstein has many passionate fans!

  • doddle

    I don’t think her return is necessary, especially if it’s only to see House’s apology (or Cuddy), House could write a letter to Cuddy and that’s it.

  • ruthinor

    Great news for Lisa Edelstein. TGW is one of my favorite shows. I agree with the commenter above who said that the writers of this show really know how to write female characters, unlike House writers. Females are the center of the show which is a pretty realistic look at politics in Chicago. The show is not only popular with viewers, but with critics as well. The acting is terrific. I believe that this will reunite LE with Josh Charles…they appeared together in the short-lived show “Sportsnight”. I hope I remember this correctly! I think LE was also on the only live ER show during its long run, so she has also worked with Julianna Margulies.

    In thinking about the House finale, I wonder if it was more than money that caused LE not to resign. I know I found myself wondering what they could possibly do with her character given what occurred in that episode. I can’t see her as anything but a peripheral presence in House’s lunatic world. She made the right decision.

  • Miss Duffy: Absolutely!

  • Miss Duffy

    @Barbara — Either way, we still get to see Lisa Edelstein back on TV this fall. I wish her the best of luck and hope her career continues strong with all the success that she deserves.

  • Miss Duffy–Not impossible, just more difficult (esp. if she ends up doing a full season at TGW

  • Miss Duffy

    @Barbara, @Jenny

    If Andre Braugher was able to reprise his Dr. Nolan character in “Baggage” during the second half of Season 6 while also starring as one of the main protagonists in the TNT series “Men of a Certain Age,” then I don’t see why TPTB would be unable to convince LE to return for a guest role or two next season (assuming, of course, that not every bridge was burned during the re-negotiation debacle with FOX\NBCU).

  • Jenny,

    I’ve been asked that a lot this afternoon. If LE ends up as a permanent cast member on TGW, it will be harder for her to do a guest stint at House. They film on opposite coasts (I believe TGW films in NYC). On the other hand if her role ends after this story arc or she becomes a recurring character, then it’s possible if NBC/Uni and she can come to an agreement. It would be fabulous if they could entice her back for a couple of episodes, especially if this will be House’s last season.

  • Jenny Be Good


    It warms my heart to know that Lisa E’s career remains in full-swing and as hot as ever despite her unfortunate set-backs with FOX/NBCU. However, do you think that her recurring, multi-episode role in the upcoming season of “The Good Wife” will prevent her from ever re-visiting “House” (if only for an episode or two) at some point during its 8th and possibly finale season? I’d hate to think that the last moments of “Moving On” will ultimately come to represent the nadir of House and Cuddy’s relationship without a sense of genuine closure or even much of an understanding between them over what happened.

  • lmg0517

    I am so happy! TGW is my (other) favorite show!!! I particularly love the way they write female characters. I will keep watching House til Hugh is there, but I agree that House writers have done a terrible job writing female characters. TGW will get even better with Lisa!

  • Good move for her AND for The Good Wife, whether it turns long-term or not.

  • Stan

    I think Lisa will put some new dynamic in the role that will clearly differentiate it from Cuddy. The fact it’s another strong femaile character, probably confident in her sexuality is such a great thing for her and TGW. She will shine. She’s talented and can pull subtle nuances into the role. Excited for her!

  • MusicandHouse

    BTW just curious, does anyone think they will have a hard time seeing Lisa as a lawyer so soon after leaving House…especially since the description of here character “sexy enhanced by intelligent” sound a little um similar to Cuddy?

  • MusicandHouse

    I wish Edelstien the best, but I really hate The Good Wife as a show. She will be greatly missed on House though and I am sure she will do good in her new role, even if I won’t be watching.

  • Shinmigami

    House will never be the same. It will be cancelled after this new season is over, unless they do something really amazing. Cuddy and House’s relationship was the whole point of the show most of the time.

  • I agree it’s a great move for her. I just might have to start watching (or at least DVRing).

  • doddle

    Wow wow wow! she rocks! great decision to leave House, The Good Wife ratings go up, House’s go down.

  • Stephanie

    I love that Lisa E will be on TGW. She and Juliana Margulies are two of my favorite TV actresses. I hope this role leads to a more permanent presence on CBS. Maybe her own show? Most Lisa E/Cuddy/Huddy fans will like TGW if they don’t already watch it. Way to go CBS! CBS cares….

  • Elisabeth

    Their gain/our loss… guess I’ll have to start watching “The Good Wife”.

  • Stan

    House has a huge loss here and I really don’t think they understand the impact, yet. Many fans were surprised themselves to feel how tied to Cuddy they were, and that finale hurt the show, even if Cuddy remained. This is good for Lisa Edelstein. She deserves it and will do well! I am proud of her!