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House M.D.‘s Lisa Edelstein on “Huddy,” Hugh Laurie, Go-Karting and More

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I last interviewed Lisa Edelstein mid-season five, just as her House, M.D. character Lisa Cuddy was preparing to adopt a child (“Joy”). That episode began a story arc that led straight (well, maybe not so straight) to where we now sit at the start of season seven.

House (Hugh Laurie) and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) are poised to move more deeply into a relationship that provides challenges for both heavily-guarded characters, but one  for which both seem willing to compromise and build together. Episode four, “Massage Therapy,” which aired tonight on Fox, forges into some of that rockier terrain as both House and Cuddy seem reluctant to move past nice and easy and into the realm of a serious relationship.

The always-gracious Edelstein took a few minutes from her busy schedule to talk by phone with me about the season, the House-Cuddy (or, if you prefer, Huddy) relationship—and an upcoming series guest star. 

Although some fans wonder why the show has seemingly once again made a big directional change, Edelstein doesn’t so much feel that it has. It’s less a new direction, she believes, than inevitable development. It’s not so much new as a logical next step. “That’s the funny thing,” she told me. “I really feel that we’re exploring the relationship because it needed to happen at some point.” 

The first couple of episodes (especially the first) certainly had a different feel, but by last week, said Edelstein, the series seems like it’s “back to the normative House that everyone knows. Yes, it’s a newly existing relationship [in the series], but [House and Cuddy] still have their wonderful dynamic. It’s there; we deal with it, and move the story along, getting back to House as we know it.”

I wondered whether she had some insight on whether the new relationship will sustain or (as with so most relationships on the series) crash and burn. Edelstein noted that (of course) “It is House, so nothing really works” with relationships. But it’s also clear after “Massage Therapy” that both are really, really trying. Of course, most of us expect Cuddy to be the serious one, but even House is taking the relationship very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that he wonders why he hasn’t yet interacted with Rachel. 

That will apparently change by next week’s episode. “There is a little bit coming up exploring family life for Dr. House,” noted Edelstein. Of course, balancing motherhood and House—both as a boyfriend and a subordinate can be tricky. “I think in terms of being able to handle House as a boyfriend, and being a mother,” said Edelstein, “I think Cuddy has that all under control. She really is happy to be in the relationship, so it does enhance her life.” Cuddy has always had to deal with House’s crap, Edelstein pointed out, and she’s used to it; that much hasn’t changed. 

Although she’s enjoying her increased presence in the storyline, fundamentally, Edelstein said, the series is “is about House’s journey and his troubles, and every once in a while we get to see her in it. But in the end it’s really about House and how he relates to the world.”

Although Edelstein views this new story arc as a natural progression, I wondered if it offered the actress any new challenges—playing a larger role—and an intimate relationship with Dr. House. “I’m just having a great time,” she noted. “I’ve been on the show for long enough and know this character well enough I don’t have to worry about all the kinds of stuff you have to worry about when you first get on a show like ‘who’s this person’ and ‘how’s she going to respond?’” 

Edelstein knows her character well. “I can trust my instincts on that; the directors trust me on that, and I have fun playing with that. Hugh and I have now been working together forever. There’s a nice relaxed freedom with that.” And whatever increased work the storyline requires, she sees it as a pleasure. “It’s been great fun and I love my job, so when they make work harder, I love it!”

The sexual nature of the House-Cuddy relationship requires a substantial number of intimate scenes between the actors. The fact that Laurie and Edelstein have worked so long and so well together makes the potentially difficult scenes “easier for me. I feel very safe with Hugh. It’s not uncomfortable; it’s not inappropriate. There’s a lot of warmth and he’s my friend. I couldn’t ask for a better acting partner in having to do stuff that might make a person nervous or uncomfortable.”

I wondered whether after all these years, whether she has much input into her character’s development. Not surprisingly, she told me that it’s not very much: House is very much a writers’ show. “You just sort of step into the story that the writers are telling. I don’t have that kind of say in those matters, but I think the way you perform or play a character influences the direction your character is going. I think that happens over an extended period of time.” She noted that that often “storylines come out of the way people relate to each other: if there’s chemistry—or if there’s no chemistry. If something was funny they didn’t expect, or if something takes a turn that is surprising, those things can inspire story lines. It’s never like: this is what I want to have happen to my character.”

Last week, House, Cuddy, Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) and his girlfriend Sam (Cynthia Watros) went go-karting. It was an interesting experience for the actors, Edelstein said. Although she couldn’t quite recall if she’d ever done it before, she did rememb a track on Coney Island from when she was a kid growing up in Brooklyn. 

Shooting the scene “was fun.” But, she added, “It was a weird day because it was during a really bad heat wave in LA and where we were shooting it was about 115 degrees.” And someone decided that no air conditioning was required. “It was so deadly hot in that place, and I was wearing a cashmere sweater, so that was overriding all the fun I would have been having. But we made a good time out of it. I think about seven hours in they were forced to turn the air conditioning on.”

We will soon meet Dr. Cuddy’s mother in the guise of the legendary Candice Bergen (Murphy Brown). “She’s awesome. There are many things great about Candice, but one of the things really wonderful about her is that she’s so smart. All her humor comes with an enormous amount of intelligence, so she’s very interesting to watch; always surprising. She adds lots of layers you might not expect and it was really a fantastic experience working with her.”

With House and Cuddy now in a relationship, and the series now in its seventh season, I asked Edelstein how many more years she thought the show might continue. “I have no idea, but we’re now in the last season we’re all contracted for, except for Hugh who is contracted for one more. So at some point this year they have to ask us for whatever else they’d like. And that hasn’t happened yet.”  

And—yes, I did ask her about those “leaked” promo shots taken of House and Cuddy at the beach and at a concert venue. “Will we ever see those scenes on House?” I asked. Or were they subterfuge to throw fans off the scent of any spoilers? “Subterfuge,” laughed Edelstein. “Subterfuge.”

House airs Monday nights on Fox 8 p.m. ET. My review of “Massage Therapy” will be up sometime tomorrow morning. So stay tuned.

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  • Andrea

    Interesting interview. So far the talking points seem to be that it’s still House, people shouldn’t worry that romance will soften House up or change things that much. Given their track record with House and Stacy, Cameron and Chase, Foreman and Thirteen, Amber and Wilson, I suppose it would be more surprising than not if the House and Cuddy relationship did work long term. On the other hand, I expect it to be a disaster so allowing House and Cuddy to actually be a successful long term relationship would be the surprising, different thing. Thanks for doing the interview.

  • Orange450

    THANK YOU Barbara for this terrific treat. Thanks, of course, to Ms. Edelstein – but what a great job you do of channelling her for us!

    Being that she’s given so many interviews over the past few months, kudos to you for drawing her out on several topics that I hadn’t heard.

    And even tho’ this comment of mine might better belong on your episode review column – I was really glad to see that House and Cuddy have both been holding back. I think their mutual difficulty is important in maintaining the balance between the characters.

  • Grace

    WHY in the world would they NOT turn on the A/C???? That is insane!!

  • sdemar

    Thank you for this wonderful interview/article. I love how you incorporate both so it isn’t just a question and answer format.

    How lovely that the chemistry that I have always felt between these characters seem to be the real deal. At least that is how I interpret what LE said about how it felt to do their intimate scenes together. She trusts Hugh as an actor and a friend.

    I really think this season is really exposing how terrific of an actress that LE is. Nothing over the top but instead it is all very natural.

    I am going to join the ranks that believe TPTB are going to allow this relationship between House and Cuddy to work. Lots of drama/lots of angst/lot of comedy but when all is said and done, H/C are the only ones for each other. Otherwise, they are alone.

    I sure hope TPTB renew the contracts of both LE and RSL because either of them missing will hold a huge void.

  • SeraG

    Thanks, Barbara!
    I always love your interviews and this was a fine one with Ms. Edelstein. To me she is a delight and a treasure. I am glad to see more screentime and emotional depths allowed to her character. Her scenes with House are always amazing.
    Should I worry that there are no negotiations for the rest of the cast underway?
    Can’t wait for your take on “Massage Therapy.” It had a much more melancholy feel than “Unwritten.” I will have to rewatch (and rewatch) to appreciate it fully.
    BTW, did you let her know what devoted fans the show has? I am sure she doesn’t read a lot of the online commentary, it might make a person nuts, but I hope the House team realizes that there are really
    dedicated fans.
    Again, Barbara, thanks.
    P.S. Boy, they fooled me. The beach and concert scenes looked realistic. Also, wasn’t there supposed to be a scene shot at a basketball game? Those tricky devils!

  • David

    Great interview, Barbara. It’s always refreshing to see someone who actually watches and understands the show interviewing cast and/or crew – as opposed to all the crap we’ve been fed with lately.

    I love what LE had to say about her chemistry with HL. You really do see it onscreen and I’m glad it’s a reflection of their friendship in real life.

    Now, I don’t know about everyone else, but I hold ZERO interest in watching the show without Cuddy or Wilson. If they don’t renew LE’s or RSL’s contract – as much as I love Hugh Laurie – I’m gone next season.

  • Amber

    Subterfuge? Sorry, Lisa, don’t buy it. House and Cuddy were kissing “in between takes” and looking intimate. You’re telling me the show has enough in the budget to set up a dummy beach shoot, to film House and Cuddy macking on the beach, only to be fake? *shrug* To quote House, everyone lies. More likely, they cut the scenes after they leaked so early.

    Pretty standard stuff from her; everyone seems to towing the party line. I would like Huddy if they were in the background, but so far, they’re eating the show. It’s killed my interest.

  • In the grand scheme of things what’s the significance of the beach shoot? That they altered a script and threw out those scenes? That they went to extremes to defuse spoilers they didn’t want out? Who knows their motives?

    As far as negotiating for next year, it’s pretty early, so I wouldn’t sweat it quite yet. A lot seems to speculation with no other basis but I have no clue. I don’t imagine that 7 will be the final year however.

  • sdemar

    Oh, I forgot. Kudos to you for asking about the beach scenes.

    Subterfuge? Is that the same as “landmine” that LE often referred to in her tv guide interview. She definitely has it down pat.

  • Michele1L

    Amber – sorry to hear that House and Cuddy’s relationship has killed your interest in the show, but it can’t really be in the background, as you would wish it to be unless House himself is in the background. Since he is the show and he is now in a relationship with Cuddy, his issues will now be explored through how he deals with her and their relationship. Before his issues were explored through his addiction, but, as Hugh himself has said, ‘it was a risk, but we had to do it (put House and Cuddy together) because you can’t just keep doing the same thing over and over’.

    By the way — I didn’t think the beach scenes were real. — Did you see those stilletto heels? Who wears those to the beach?

    I think the only way Robert Sean Leonard and Lisa E’s contracts won’t be renewed is if they decide not to do the show anymore or Hugh decides he wants to opt out of that eighth season. No way would the powers-that-be drop one of those characters — unless of course the story goes that direction (Cameron) … (cringe)

  • andreec

    Yaaaaay, Barbara! Thank you for the excellent interview with Lisa Edelstein. Love this actress. She’s the reason I watch House. If she isn’t renewed for season 8, DEAR GOD, give this woman her own series! And if there’s no Cuddy in season 8, I won’t be watching ever again. David Shore isn’t stupid. No Cuddy, no House. Please interview LE more frequently. Love her responses. Now how about her private life? Us nosy fans just want to know she’s happy off the set too. Thanks.

  • Jay

    Loved this interview. I always love how articulate LE is, but that’s probably because you, Barbara, put her words in such a great context.

    I think that the show will definitely renew LE’s contract for Season 8 (if Hugh decides to do it) since she’s been such an integral part of the show since Day 1. And Lisa has always voiced her devotion to the show. Figures crossed!

  • Somy

    I second the poster above who said this show would be nothing without Lisa Edelstein and Robert Sean Leonard. I don’t understand why they would leave them in insescurity regarding their contracts, I am not watching this show without them.

    I loved last night’s episode. It’s moving a little fast with the “end of romance” arguments though – there’s barely been any romance, only the premiere which had lots of choppily edited nudity, but no passionate kissing or anything… But I guess that’s House, nobody stays happy, and when they are, they’re happy offscreen, it’s kind of depressing to the viewers.

    I love how they are giving Cuddy more to do this season though, I hope this means she’ll have a more consistent presence throughout, I was so sad last season when we barely saw her!

    Thanks for the interview Barbara 🙂

  • DOB1234

    Nice interview. Sure hope we hear soon about those contracts for next season.

    I am puzzled about those beach scenes. Would they really spend all that money to take a crew out and fake filming just to throw a few fans off on spoilers? That just sounds crazy. Why would they care so much?

  • Nicole

    A great and candid interview from Lisa Edelstein, as always. You asked some great questions, Barbara! As for the beach scenes, I don’t know, but I was in Redondo Beach when they were filming in front of the club and that was CERTAINLY no subterfuge. They filmed for hours and hours. I left at 10:30pm and they were still at it. There were cameras and everything, and LE and HL were wearing the same clothes as in the beach pics that came out a few days prior. Seems like LE is drinking some of GY’s kool-aid on that one. But otherwise, great interview!

  • Neo_nono

    Thanks for this article! What an amazing interview!! 🙂

    I really liked what she said about how actors can influence the storyline… Really interesting.

    I don’t buy the ‘subterfuge’ thing either; from what we’ve read and heard since last Summer (like for instance what Nicole wrote in the previous comment), I don’t understand why they go on with this theory of ‘fake beach pics’ and why they don’t want to (or can’t?) say they just wanted to change the storyline afterwards. At least it’d be more credible…
    Anyway… It sure is not Lisa’s fault! 🙂

    Thanks again! Great interview 🙂

  • Alex

    Huddy sucks. It has taken a edge off this show and those two are boring. The whole friggin show is about them and every episode now has Edelstein’s naked ass in it. It’s dumping the ratings of this show. The show used to be a top 10 must see show. It is barely cracking the top 30 now. The sooner this relationship dies the better.

  • Casey

    Couldnt agree with above comment more. Huddy has tanked the show and house isn’t acting like house he’s acting the way cuddy wants because it’s easier and cuddy isn’t professional enough to leave home life at home. Lisa e is an appalling actress who isn’t nearly talented enough to pull off this increased air time. Huddy needs to die because moast fans ans the critcs hate it, have always hated it ans the ratings show just how bad it is. This used to be the most watched show in the world. Now look at it barely raking 4million viewers. Pathetic David shore needs to wake up and see how damaging this is. Ugh
    please th beach shots were totally done for the press, to leak the photos so during hiatus all the rabid huddy fans would remeberto watch. It jjust turned the stomach of everyone else.
    God let huddy die. And seaon 8 without lisa would be incredible. Rhe show can work beautifully without her. Kill the character for all I care.

  • Cath

    @Casey: If you don’t like LE (or should I say, you hate her) and the show, why do keep watching it ?
    Thanks for this great interview and I hope that LE and RSL’s contracts will be reniewed because without them, House can’t exist !

  • Zay

    @Alex and Casey: This negativity is ridiculous and unwarranted. Ratings are not all about one aspect of the show – have you seen Barbara’s other article on this? Please, take your irritation elsewhere and leave room for mature discussion.

  • Casey

    @cath. I watch the show because until this season cuddy was a bit player in the background so only a few minutes per ep to put up with her two facial expressions. She turned cuddy into a joke of a professional women with her wardrobe (LE chose to dress her that way so she was hot) and the cuddy as mom arc should have died after le didn’t get pregnant. It hasn’t made her character more deep it just shows her as a selfish bad mother. She never sees her never semms to care to. Wilson is important. All the critics agree as do most fans even if at the moment he’s been pushed To the side. House the show and house himself cannot work withot Wilson. The house Wilson friendship is critical it’s the only long term relationship on the show ans the most important.
    Just because I hate a character of many I should stop watching? It’s huddy that’s made me not care to watch and house acting like he’s on cuddys little leash were he has to bow to everything she wants, he has to apologise all the time but she never has been called on allthe stuff she’s done to him not least of which his leg. Kissing his scar??? God purple prose of mills&boon proportions. House isn’t house. And that’s killing the show.

  • Anne

    Just want to express my appreciation for your wonderful insights and articulation of them! : )

  • Diane

    Great interview with Lisa E. She is amazing, bright and sweet and I would hope that tptb will renew her contract. I don’t think I could watch House and not see her there. She’s one of the OT3 afterall 😉

  • Freya

    Thanks Barbara for this interview. Nice to hear LE’s articulate thoughts on how the show and her character are moving forward.

    I am a fan of the House/Cuddy storyling and think it will take the show House and the character of House in new and interesting directions. Being able to see this talented actress get a little more scenery to chew on screen each week this season has also been a joy.

    As to the signing of contracts, I certainly hope if there is a season 8 that LE and RSL will be a part of it. The loss of either of those characters would certainly make the show poorer. I must say if they take the decision to kill off the Cuddy character I would seriously debate if I could continue watching the show, I would be dissapointed in it as an easy and obvious out.

    re: The Beach Pics – I must admit to being very bemused by the “subterfuge” line that TPTB are taking in regards to the beach/restaurant/club scenes that were filmed and appear to have been cut from the show. I remember at the time that a number of candid pics (motorbike, restaurant, club), paparazzi beach shots and tweets from bystanders and even Extras on the shoots appeared referencing the filming (over a four day period). Why TPTB don’t just say they cut the scenes due to a change of direction/script change seems ridiculous. Their current approach seems quite childish and I am sorry that LE is being made to toe the party line by endorsing this foolishness with the word “subterfuge”.

    Re: @Casey’s comments – Casey I can sense that you dislike LE but blaming the actress for the direction the character has taken is ridiculous. The writers and producers determine the storylines and the direction of the show, they even influence the characters wardrobe (certainly the Director does). By all means comment on the show and the characters but taking shots at the actress for decisions that are outside her control is unfair.

  • simona

    Barbara let me say that only a person like you, who feels House MD with her heart, may be able to give an interview so well done.
    Thanks, you are brilliant and not at all obvious and congratulations to LE, so nice.
    About the beach pics, sorry but I think that they all are kidding us (and this is sad) or they are money’s squandering people. All that money could be used for a 24 episodes season!
    I’m obviously hoping for a season 8 with both LE and RSL. OT3 forever 🙂

  • Huddy sucks. It has taken a edge off this show and those two are boring. The whole friggin show is about them and every episode now has Edelstein’s naked ass in it. It’s dumping the ratings of this show. The show used to be a top 10 must see show. It is barely cracking the top 30 now. The sooner this relationship dies the better.

    Your opinion about the relationship. The show was in the top 10 when it followed American Idol and it was in its first few seasons. I would venture a guess that the relationship is not losing anymore fans than its gaining, except by normal attrition. I’ll be interviewing the TV By The Numbers guys tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to ask about that.

    Casey: House is still House. He’s always been a romantic. Lots of evidence of it. This relationship has been building since season three (at least). If they didn’t do something with it, people would complain about that. Seems they can’t win.

  • Giova

    Great interview Barbara, thanks! As many others, without Edelstein or RSL I’ll immediately stop watching, so House people, renew their contracts, NOW. 🙂

    LE is a funny, intelligent and talented actress and seems a brilliant and generous person, but the ‘subterfuge’ explanation from TPTB is ridiculous. Nobody stops traffic, hires extras, spends hours on different locations, throws away hundreds of thousands of dollars just to mislead fans. And then which mislead would be, from a romantic episode outside to a romantic episode inside? Shocking change 🙂

  • madfashionista

    I believe LE when she says the pics were subterfuge. Remember how much freaking out there was when they were “leaked”? House has a huge budget, and to be honest, to film the scenes they did would not cost very much. And given the way the show is playing out, the scenes don’t make sense within the context of the show.

    The show is very savvy in terms of the fans and the Internet, as most shows are.

    LE is great but the Huddy, it does not work.

  • Andrea

    I think House and Cuddy can work, with continued thoughtful, intelligent writing. It remains to be seen whether the writers will fall back on their own original concept that House must always be miserable. I’ve suspected that they mean to end the show with House and Wilson growing old together. Personally I think it’s more interesting to see a character grow and change and form new relationships instead of staying static. That’s what they’re doing right now with House and Cuddy and I have appreciated it greatly.

    As for Lisa Edelstein, I’m sure she and the other actors have a list of approved talking points when it comes to their characters and she’s unlikely to say anything that isn’t approved by the producers or the network. No big surprise there. She has a contract and bosses to answer to. I don’t think you’re going to get any unapproved spoilers or the actual direction of the story. I think the photos likely were subterfuge and perhaps the actors’ talking points about how it’s House so relationships never work out might or might not be misdirection. They’re hardly going to say if they plan to break House and Cuddy up in the next episode or if they’re keeping them together through sweeps. Maybe they haven’t written ahead that far. I enjoyed the interview.

  • Subterfuge, really?

    Those pictures were NOT subterfuge. Anyone who read the original script of the premiere is aware of that fact. HL, LE and RSL were the only ones to reshoot all of their scenes for that episode. Medical case remained the same, so did most of House and Cuddy’s dialogue. The only thing that did change was location. In the early S7 promos, everything we saw was actually footage from the original premiere (bathroom close up with clothes on the floor, Wilson calling saying House’s bathroom was redecorated with a sledgehammer, etc)

    In fact, they reshot those scenes in the week and a half break between episodes 2 and 3. Those are facts. Why they decided to reshoot everything without changing much of the dialogue is anyone’s guess.

    It’s safe to say those scenes won’t be used later on because of the context. It’d be nice to see them on the DVD, though. It’s a mystery why they keep lyinng about it.

    Anywho, great interview, Barbara. I’m enjoying this season but am scared for what they have in store, specially with contracts being up in the air and the possibility of season 8 being the last one.

    Any chance you could interview Shore or Jacobs next?

  • Somy

    Thanks so much to #30 for the explanation.

    It’s odd that they didn’t change the dialogue – to be honest the dialogue was actually the weakest part of the premiere.

    I loved the concept of House and Cuddy staying inside for a whole day to bask in the glow and discuss their relationship, but some of those lines were so out of character and cringe-worthy, like when House said he had to go to the bathroom to “poo instead of pee” (good lord) and when House wondered if she wanted to be “casual” like he was having a conversation with the stupid girl from Sex and the City. There wasn’t the usual wit and banter, and it’s a shame, because it was visually stunning and I loved the concept…

    If you can, because I’m so annoyed by this, was there any proper kissing in the cut scenes? Because I really find the complete absence of kisses after seven years of sexual tension jarring.

    Like others, I hope we get to see the alternative takes on a DVD or online or something. A lot of people’s time and energy went into creating those scenes, so why not, if it can give the online community a little bit of joy?

  • blacktop

    Excellent interview, Barbara, with an intelligent, talented, and generous subject. Lisa Edelstein has brought her charisma, smarts, empathy, and great comedic sensibility to give life to a difficult character who could have shrivelled into a cardboard caricature of the “kick-ass boss.” Instead she has delivered, in a brilliant collaboration with Hugh Laurie, an iconic portrait of a tough, guarded, and troubled modern woman.

    I think that the exploration of this stage of House’s journey through the prism of an important romantic relationship, has been handled with consummate skill and delicacy so far this season. These first episodes have sparkled with a welcome return to the balance, strong guest performances, sharp writing, and gripping medical mysteries that characterized the show before season six.

    Now, once again, it is a true pleasure to watch “House.” The relationship between House and Cuddy has been developed with pains-taking attention over the past six years. The pay-off this season has been well-earned and is playing out in delightful and fascinating fashion now. I see no inherent reason why the House/Cuddy relationship could not become a continuing feature of these final seasons, in the background, but an integral part of our examination of House’s character and psyche.

    On the “subterfuge:” That is just the puzzling nonsense of company-dictated talking points. LE brought pictures of the beach smooching with her when she appeared on the George Lopez show and she talked about them with great relish. Most certainly, the initial script was shredded after the beach, restaurant, motorcycle, concert, and bus scenes were in the can. Were the changes made for time considerations or to strengthen the plot or simply to scuttle the leaked information? We may never know the real answer, unless you can get Doris Egan to spill the beans.

  • Jen

    Great article! Lisa seems like such an amazing woman. She really has it all! She’s funny, kind hearted, REAL, always seems so happy, infectuous, and drop dead gorgeous to boot. I love how she is so true to herself and always speaks with such truth and candor (well, except for maybe the beach scenes! LOL….still scratching my head on that one).

    Thanks for a fabulous interview with a fabulous woman!

  • Patricia

    it seems the house team can’t win. the complaining from the Fandom is very bad. if an episode is good today, they don’t complain. As soon as another episode is not that good, the anti-huddies or whatever is it is called start blaming it on the relationship. House has been on for seven years, do you want it to be the same everyday with a cranky doctor on drugs saving lives without a character development? also about the ratings, it’s like every other show, it’s either up this week or down the next, or steady. People should enjoy the show instead of criticizing it, and if you cannot stand how the show is going, stop watching it. the writers cannot impress every house fan. i hope house ends next year with an eight season, then finally there will be no more complains about the show. i’m glad LOST ended, it was also getting complains from the fandom.

  • Michele1L

    Someone said the ratings were down to four million. I don’t know where they got this information from, but it’s wrong. The ratings have been consistently in the ten million range since the start of the season.

  • Nunya

    This show has become horrible, horrible, horrible. I can’t wait for the Huddy nonsense to fail so that the show can hopefully get back to what it was.

    I hate that television thinks that everyone MUST be paired up with someone to be happy. I’d be fine with happy, drug-free, alone House. I can barely take watching the crap they’ve been shoving at us this season.

  • Cath

    “I hate that television thinks that everyone MUST be paired up with someone to be happy. I’d be fine with happy, drug-free, alone House. I can barely take watching the crap they’ve been shoving at us this season.”

    It’s what we call life ! we all try to be happy in couple . About House, we saw him UNhappy when he was under the vicodine influence and alone ; why don’t give him a chance to be happy, he deserves it !

  • Sally

    I agree with Alex and Chasey, sorry. I wouldn’t mind Cuddy leaving the show at this point, she just annoys the hell out of me. And Cuddy is as expendable as everyone else except for House, of course. And maybe Wilson. Huddy fans might have a hard time to accept that, but that’s just the way it is. Nothing against LE though, she seems to be a lovely person. One more thing: Huli doesn’t exist, why can’t some people accept that?!

  • Cath

    Why do you talk about the Huli stuff ? itsn’t the point here and I didn’t read one comment about that then why trying to start a ridiculous debate .
    And sorry but without Cuddy, the show wouldn’t be the same , House (the show) is what it is thanks to the supporting characters . Hugh Laurie is a great actor but he can’t support all the show on his shoulders .

  • Amber

    Cath, I have to disagree with you there. As we saw in Broken, Hugh (and House) is the show. He is entirely capable of carrying the show on his shoulders. Sure, that premiere was sappy, but it completely focused on House, placing him with a completely different supporting cast, and it was amazing. House wouldn’t be the same, yes, but it also would still be successful. The number one reason this show is still on the air is because of Hugh Laurie. Of course RSL and the others add to it, but he is the main draw, for me, and I’m sure many others.

  • Susan

    I only became interested in the show in the first place because of the House/Cuddy dynamic. I don’t think I could watch it if they broke up. He loves her, she loves him and he would fall apart if he lost this chance at happiness/redemption whatever. The series has built towards this for 6 years and as everyone says – we have to trust the producers to make this work – to most fans’ satisfaction.

  • Susan

    Why can’t they use the beach scenes later in the season? Is there a reason everyone assumes they will never be used because they weren’t used yet?

  • Elisabeth

    When I saw those pictures of House and Cuddy on the beach, it didn’t look like House had the cut on his nose (from “Help Me”). So it would be a surprise to me if that scene was supposed to be in the original premier. Just saying…

  • Boo

    I agree with Amber. House only needs HL to exist. Remember back in seasons 1-3 when Cuddy was the one in the office, who House argued with and then did what he wanted anyway?

    Now all we get is naked Cuddy and some poorly worked out plots. No wonder people are unhappy.

    I’m glad some of you enjoy the House/Cuddy bits, but LE was much better in small intense doses where she argued and fought for the hospital. I was invested in what she had to say. Now, I don’t care about her character as she’s been diluted into a bloated cast with half-hearted storylines.

  • Subterfuge, really?

    susan, because of the dialogue. It is pretty much the same as the one you saw in the premiere. Same issues that were dealt with and even exact same lines.

    Elisabeth, look closely, the nose cut is there. Those scenes were for the premiere. Those who are hoping to see those scenes in later episodes are deluding themselves.

  • Michele1L

    Amber#40 – How right you are! Hugh Laurie has been carrying this show the entire time — especially the first five seasons. It didn’t become popular because of Wilson and Cuddy. Their roles were fleeting in the beginning. It wasn’t until recent years the Wilson and Cuddy roles have been broadened. This is why when people say they wouldn’t watch if Robert Sean Leonard and Lisa E. were no longer on, I scratch my head. I love Wilson and I enjoy Cuddy –but only because they are interacting with House. You could get rid of the both of them and surround him with new people and I would still watch. The show is called “House” for a reason.

    There seems to be a lot of concern about whether everyone would be asked back for an eighth season. I wouldn’t worry too much about the supporting players’ contracts being unsecured as of yet. When you consider that Hugh Laurie is the star of the show and the only cast member who is also an executive producer, it makes sense that they would first secure him — the rest is a numbers/waiting game — will the ratings hold well enough for them to have everybody else contracted for an eighth season in the first place. That remains to be seen.

  • David

    Of course the show is about House, he is the title character. However, part of what makes ‘House’ great is the characters interactions with its supporting players, whether you’re a fan of House/Ducklings or House/Cuddy/Wilson. I have absolutely no desire of watching the show without those supporting characters I’ve grown to love in the last 6 years. ‘Broken’ was an exception and one I loathed because of how extremely stand alone it felt. It was like I was watching a complete different show. It was ok for one episode. An entire season of only House and the additionn of an entire new supporting cast would not be enough to sustain the show.

    Ad it might be insane, but there are quite a lot of people who watch the show for the supporting cast only, whether for RSL, LE or JMo. They all have an insanely huge following online and among critics as long as their characters interactions with House being all time favourites within the show.

    Sorry, but it wouldn’t work without them, in my opinion. Having said that, I wouldn’t worry about it, specially regarding RSL. There is no way he wouldn’t be back for a possible final season of the show, even if for a few episodes; same goes for LE.

  • Michele1L

    Alex#17 – The show hasn’t been in the top ten since season three when it was on Tuesdays at nine following “American Idol”, so, the fact that the show finishes in the twenties ratings wise has nothing to do with Huddy. By the way, for a procedural show like “House” to be on the air for seven years and still be that high on the ratings chart is impressive.

  • Michele1L

    Susan#41 – Absolutely right. I love that the producers are willing to take risks and go where the narrative takes the characters. Just as House was headed for the wall with his drug addiction and eventually hit the wall and finally had to get help, he was also headed into the arms of his boss and finally got there. As Hugh Laurie said, “Buckle Up!” Let’s just all relax ( for those of us who are stressing) and see where this goes. I suspect that House’s involvement with Cuddy’s family will resurface issues about his own — his minister father whom he has never met, his still unresolved anger over the man who raised him. This new direction, once again, re-sets the show and opens up new or unresolved avenues. I absolutley LOVE more and more that these people who do this show are willing to take such risks. In season 4 they dumped House’s ducklings. Pretty much everyone hated that move (although I do miss Kutner) and the show did dip a bit in the ratings as a result, but it survived. This is going to be interesting. I look forward to seeing Candice Bergin in January. Not to worry, House will continue to try and find reasons to make himself miserable. He can’t help himself.

  • Cascia

    Great article. I am really enjoying HOUSE this season. He’s actually interesting again.

  • andreec

    I would love to see the show House move to the 9pm slot. A lot easier to get things out of the way in time to watch it than at the too early 8pm slot. As for those who hate the Hous-Cuddy relationship, change the channel. There are millions of viewers (male and female) who are enjoying the reveal of House-in-love. I like the new direction and frankly, was growing a bit tired of the miserable Dr and major jerk to everyone including Wilson and Cuddy. It was about time and if ratings are any indication, S.6’s Cuddy/Lucas arc upset many viewers as did the bad scheduling with month-at-a-time chunks without a new episode. If TPTB who produce House want it to succeed they should:
    -continue with the Huddy storyline
    -give LE as much screentime as possible
    -let Huddy battle it out at the hospital
    -move the show to 9pm
    -keep casting great guest stars (Candice Bergen?-woot!)
    -do not allow more than two weeks without a new episode (six weeks btwn Nov and Jan ’11 without a new episode? WTF?)
    -Use Wilson more, less Taub, less Foreman
    -renew RSL and Lisa E’s contracts NOW.
    -Did I mention more Cuddy/Lisa Edelstein screen time? I’d like to see a little conflict in her life about her romance with House from the hospital’s Board of Directors POV.
    Stepping off my soap box now.

  • HotRod72

    I personally do not like the Cuddy/House story line. It HAS ruined the show this season. I just cringed watching them on the 1st episode this season 7. Cuddy isn’t tough on him & puts up with his disrespect to her? He’s already doing things to upset her & not caring what she thinks. I LOVE Lisa E totally, & would love to meet her. BUT, i don’t like what this pairing has done to the show. It doesn’t even seem real. The only part so far i liked was (was it 2nd or 3rd episode), where she yelled at him saying “We aren’t here to play God” (or something to that effect?) Now that’s the Cuddy i like to see. As a couple, they’re just unbelievable (sorry Lisa, just calling it as i see it.) But as friends & co-workers, yeh, that works. But not this. I like Olivia Wilde, miss her, & i really miss Jennifer Morrison (seems someone wants to get rid of the women on this show). Lisa stays prob cause they want to use her for House’s playmate for a while. Her job is secure for the duration of this show, i think. I think tho, when this show does pull the plug, i hope they don’t kill anyone off. There’s no reason for that to happen~~maybe just sorta seque it back thru the seasons, showing all the different doctors, strange illnesses, & maybe at the end, showing everyone in their home element, doing whatever they usually do when not at the hospital. Anyhow, just my thoughts, my mind is sort of mingled with it all! Thanks for a great interview, & thank you, Lisa, for your wonderful words & always being a gracious, humble person. Keep up the good work.

  • DebbieJ

    I may have missed something. Is there video out there of the beach scenes? If so, is there somewhere on the net I can view/hear it? How is it known that the dialogue is the same as in one of the first episodes and not part of an upcoming episode?

    Also, if it was supposed to be a scene from an already viewed episode, I don’t understand what all the hoopla is about. There are many scenes from many sucessful, well produced dramatic series that after it is filmed, it gets canned for a different scenario. I would think TPTB felt a different setting would have more impact (witht the same dialogue). It comes with the territory. I don’t think they set the stage just to throw off the scent of eager fans. Who would have time for that?

  • SeraG

    andreec, #51, I agree!
    (The network will never change the time.)

  • Elaine

    The 8:00 time period works well for many people, as the 9:00 time does for others. We’re ALL busy, but that time period should never be used as an excuse for the lower ratings when there are many shows that do quite well at 8:00. (How I Met Your Mother is currently nipping at House’s heels at 8:00, and NCIS is drawing 19 million viewers at 8:00 AND competing with Glee.) With DVRs and Tivo, you can watch House later at your convenience, and if it is watched within seven days of the original airing, it counts in the ratings. I think declining viewer interest is not only reflected in the ratings, but on the forums as well. If you look at the episode threads on forums that used to draw hundreds of comments, you’ll see that people are barely responding. That apathy has little to do with the time slot or whether it follows American Idol or not, and quite a bit to do with what is on our screen right now. Blaming the dropping ratings on Season 6 is certainly an option, but now that everything is all wonderful in Huddyville, wouldn’t the people who want House and Cuddy together be back?

    I like Lisa Edelstein, but I’m sick of Cuddy. I haven’t liked her for the past two seasons and now there is MORE of her than ever, not to mention we are seeing more skin from her than ever. Enough already! We got along just fine without Cuddy’s nudity extravaganza for several seasons. Is that what this show is reduced to now in search of ratings? Like a few others have said, I’m ready for Cuddy to move on, or at the very least she should go back to the tertiary figure she once was, but the more they sexed her up to pair her with House, the more ridiculous and unbelievable her character became, in my opinion. If the show really wanted to take a risk, they’d create a world where House has to manage without Cuddy as his boss.

    @andreec #51 – There are only 22 episodes. There HAVE to be large breaks because that means there are 30 weeks with NO new episodes. At the risk of repeating myself, other shows have to deal with breaks as well. It’s not as if there are delicate threads that need to be picked up in House the way they are in a show like Lost. If you get five or six weeks of new episodes in a row, you are going to pay for it later with long breaks BETWEEN episodes. Look at Mad Men, for example. Sunday night will be the 13th straight week with a new episode, which is lovely, but the price we will pay after that is 39 weeks straight with NO Mad Men.

  • I will keep watching House no matter how offtrack it gets cos i am primarily a HL fan…but the huddy thing does seem to have taken the sparkle out of the show…seems to be missing something..ah well hopefully the writers and producers will get us to a better place soon.

  • Ivan

    I think the “Huddy” thing in not that cloying as it could be treated .. or other shows “private practice” or “sex and the city” alike
    I miss the 3D animated explanation of the disease process with the voice over (Paternity) and the medical cases are lame .. I would’t blame huddy for the decline

  • GL

    Tvbythenumbers says House is down about 34% in viewers this season, so guess other people aren’t interested in Huddy. Just saying.