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House, M.D. Hanging Up His Stethoscope in May

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House, M.D. showrunners David Shore and Katie Jacobs and star Hugh Laurie announced today that the long-running series will be ending its eight-year run in May. “After much deliberation, the producers of House M.D. have decided that this season of the show, the eighth, should be the last,” wrote the three executive producers in a statement issued to the press. After eight seasons, House will have aired 177 episodes. That’s “more than anyone expected back in 2004,” they noted.

When the series debuted in 2004, all involved were skeptical that a series about a misanthropic, disabled, middle-aged genius doctor would take off. But a combination of excellent writing and a brilliant central perfromance by British actor Laurie created one of the most compelling characters in television history.

The decision was made as the creative team have been working on the final few episodes to air later this spring as the series draws to a close. A decision at this point will allow the writers and Shore to put together a definitive and dignified conclusion to House, M.D., something the producers have long promised fans for the inevitable time the series must end.

Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly met the House producers’ decision with “much regret, and a lump in our throats,” adding that they “respect the decision Hugh, David and Katie have made,” Noting that the series is a “true original,” Reilly pointed out that “there is only one Dr. House. For eight seasons, the entire House team has given us, and fans around the world, some of the most compelling characters and affecting stories ever seen on television.”

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  • Brighid45

    My heart is breaking. But I can still see this is a good thing, ultimately. IMO the show needs to end. And it’s time for Hugh to do other things, he’s been ready to move on for a while now.
    So I’m sitting here alternately crying and feeling a sense of relief. This is tough, but it’s been coming for a while.
    Sarah Hess put it best (and thanks for the RT Barbara): ‘Today we start saying goodbye to the man in our lives. He treated us nice.’ Absolutely agreed.

  • DebbieJ

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, Brig (#1). I am heartsick over it but know it is time to put an end to the show. It’s a shame, really, because there’s still so much story they could tell with this amazing, unique character; yet they’ve chosen to keep his story at a plateau. Even last night’s “intense episode that promised to shock”, STILL did not reveal anything new about Dr. Gregory House, MD. Shoot, they even described him as a misanthrope last night. Yes, House is a misanthrope, a pill popper, a non-conformist, a perpetual 12 year old. That was established in the Pilot! It is like they don’t know how to peel off any more layers so they keep going back to the layers we already know 🙁 At this point, I just hope they wrap his story up in a way that will satisfy us diehards and not disappoint us (any further).

  • Jane E

    I am with Bridhid, my heart is broken. I don’t feel this is fair to the viewers. I think Fox should have made this decision in the fall so we could have a true final season leading to a season ending finale that this show truly deserves.
    I am not a writer but don’t see how they can end this show properly with this short of notice.
    I will miss reading your articles on House and very much enjoyed these conversations

  • Jane–This was a decision of the show’s producers, not Fox. I believe the writers were anticipating the possibility for awhile, so they are prepared. Thanks for your kind words. We have until May at least 🙂

  • Linda

    We knew it was coming, but it is still a shock, isn’t it? Next fall will seem so strange without Hugh. It’s like losing a body part, or something. After eight years, House feels like a part of the family, so to speak, so it’s going to take a while to adjust. But I’m sure he’ll continue to pop up on USA Network, Bravo, and other places. And, given the right circumstances and the right project, I would not be surprised at all if Hugh breaks his vow to not star in a network series again.

  • DebbieJ

    In the article they state: “The Studio-As-Evil-Adversary is one of the many clichés that House has managed to avoid, and for that the cast and crew are deeply grateful.” It’s a real shame they can’t say the same thing about “The NETWORK-As-Evil-Adversary.” Why else would they settle (imo, at least) for monster trucks, diving off of balconies, ramming vehicles into loved ones homes, green card wife, hot chickie babe du jour, etc. etc. Sucks. Really, really sucks. >:[

    Having said all that, I will mourn when the show is over. But I will be happy and excited to see Hugh Laurie have the time to pursue his other interests, mainly his music. Brig, what say you and I keep our eyes open for tour dates in our neck of the woods?

  • Brighid45

    Sounds like a plan to me! 😀

  • Patty

    My heart is breaking because I am losing a very dear friend. Arrividerci, Dottore House. All too soon, the time has come to bid addio, even though there are more stories to tell. While I like to imagine Hugh Laurie is Superman and can do it all, it’s time for him to move on and pursue his music, which I’ve loved from the first note I heard come out of his mouth. A TV appearance here and there or perhaps a House movie? I certainly hope he plays a concert somewhere near me. I’m certainly looking forward to whatever he does with his career. In bocca al lupo, Hugh!

  • Brighid45

    Btw I hope you’re right Linda, it would be a delight to see Hugh in a series again. Maybe something structured like the USA dramas, with shorter seasons and longer hiatuses.

  • MeMe

    I had a feeling that this season was going to be the last, but still, it’s hard to imagine my House-fix coming to an end in just a few months. Hopefully, TPTB might be able to lure Lisa E. back to (properly this time) bid farewell to Cuddy and offer a more uplifting resolution to her convoluted relationship with House. It’s the least that Lisa E. deserves after years of steadfast devolution and dedication to this series.

  • buborek

    It’s so strange… It’s just a show but it’s more than that. It opened different perspectives for a lot of people. We discovered people, sort of community on internet. A lot of people, because of House, learned english to watch the episodes online, to share their feelings on twitter or here or on forum…
    It’s an incredible show, with incredible actors and crew, and an incredible and passionate fandom…
    Wow. It’s 6AM,-26C, what a shock this morning, even if I knew it would arrive some day…

  • dvbfan

    I am very sad . House is the most strongest and the most entertaining show I have ever seen, but I hope it will finish in the best way so we can keep good memories of this show for a long time . It is better to end something in a high level , so people can not forget what they have seen for almost 8 years .

  • dvbfan

    I am very sad . House is the most strongest and the most entertaining show I have ever seen, but I hope it will finish in the best way so we can keep good memories of this show for a long time . It is better to end something in a high level , so people can not forget what they have seen for almost 8 years .

  • AreKay

    Thank you, Hugh Laurie, for eight seasons of brilliantly bringing Dr. Gregory House to life. We’ll miss you!!!

  • lobentti

    Yes, I´m sad too. But it´s what it is -‘nobody´s fault’, just time to move on; unfortunately, this time ‘nobody lied’ 🙁

  • hwo40

    Everybody lies? Any chance this announcement falls into that category?

  • Thank goodness for USA Network where the series will live on for quite a while. Stellar is the word I like for a definition of House, MD. Few shows get to elect when they are done. Fewer still go out on top. Leaving the audience wanting more is the best to way to tell a story. We appreciate your coverage, Barbara.


  • tipitinatoo

    Can’t believe I’m sitting here with tears rolling down. This was a show & a character I resisted watching for a long time and once I really watched, I was hooked. I, too, want to thank DS & KJ, all the writers, directors and producers, and most of all the unbelievably talented Hugh Laurie and cast: Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer, Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Morrison, and the newest regulars, Charlyne Yi and Odette Annable, together witl all the brilliant behind-the-scenes personnel who built those fantastic sets and made it all come to life for 177 episodes. Finally, a BIG thank you to you, Barbara Barnett for your spot-on insights and analyses of even the most complex of story lines. You’re a master at this, and I loved reading your blog and your book, Chasing Zebras. I’ve given it as a gift to several House devotees and I still use it as a reference when watching re-runs.
    PARTING NOTE TO HUGH LAURIE: My Post-House Wish List: 1)You’re already in pre-production for your 2nd CD; 2)You’ve begun scheduling your first All-USA Music Tour, beginning on the EAST COAST–NYC, D.C., Philly; 3)You’re casting the starring roles for your new movie, “The Gun Seller,” for which you are the Director. Not much to ask, right??
    Finally, a heartfelt Thanks for the Memories. Sincerely, Tipitinatoo.

  • DebbieJ

    @#18 – tipitinatoo – With the exception of a few of the behind-the-scenes personnel, I agree with you 100%. If this were Facebook, I would Like your comment. 🙂

    I especially love #2 in your Post-House wish list for Hugh!

    Love your name, BTW!

    Barbara, thank you again for all you have done to make each episode more enjoyable by reading your commentary. An episode, IMO, was not complete without it! It is a wonderful place for mature discussion and most importantly, I’ve made a few friends because of it. 🙂

  • Jill

    3 days and I am still really sad about loosing House. The show became like an old friend, coming to my home every Monday night for a hr long visit. I will miss the show a lot. Its been quite the ride with Dr House these last eight years, (yes I have watched like some every episode since E1 S1) many ups and downs. Yes I know it will be in syndi heaven for many years to come. But it wont be the same as seeing a fresh new episode every week. I have never cared about a TV character before, and thats all thanks to Hugh. Who would of thought that geeky looking guy from Jeeves and Woster, and Blackadder, would touch my heart the way he has. Now he is an international superstar, and will no doubt be in high demand for movies, and yes I want more of his music. But the man does deserve to get back to the UK to his family and friends, and take a good rest, even though I see he has lined up concert dates! here in the US:) Quite a ride with the fandom also, many ups and downs, even at each others throats at times. But I know the fandom will all come together to say goodbuy to this remarkable show, and its amazing cast, crew, writers and directors. Greg House will now take his rightful place among other great icons of TV, and I am proud to have been along for the ride.

  • Ijust know that I’ll miss House, Hugh Laurie, and all of them.