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House, M.D.: Gregory House’s “Fall From Grace”

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I suppose this commentary might be titled: “Why I Didn’t Hate This Week’s House, M.D. Episode.” But it’s not my job to offer a defense of a series, even one that has fed my obsession for nearly seven years. Each person has to decide for him or herself whether the series is what you bought into whenever you began watching; whether it’s better or worse; whether you still enjoy it or it aggrieves you to watch it. For my part, I’m on this ride for the duration (or until I’m not). I may not like every minute of that ride, or where the driver is taking us—but I won’t know until I get there (or get off). 

This week’s episode “Fall From Grace” ups the ante on House’s (Hugh Laurie) increasingly out-of-control behavior. Last week, nothing seems to ring his bell until he jumps from his balcony into a swimming pool, leaving Wilson disgusted and frustrated that not even he can put a crack in House’s newly-constructed (and probably lead-lined) armor.

He’s a guy on a high wire (with not much of a net). Bringing everything from a Segway to monster trucks to a bride-to-be into the hospital confines, House hopes to get some sort of rise from Cuddy (Lisa Edesltein). Whether it’s a subconsious (or intended) provocation to an argument (and then a finally serious talk about what happened) or simply a way to wound Cuddy as badly as she’s wounded him (or a combination of the two), it doesn’t really work until Wilson finally intervenes.

I know many people didn’t like this episode (and frankly, I thought doing a differential diangosis in a monster truck was insanely over the top), House’s behavior here reminds me of how he acts in Season 3’s “Needle in a Haystack” and Season 4’s “Whatever it Takes.” In both cases, House is unsure of how to act; he’s out of his element, challenged by someone who refuses to enter into the wild vortex of House’s insanity. In “Fall from Grace,” while he’s not really being challenged meaningfully by anyone, he is in such dire straits that he’s just grasping at straws. He’s lost, and without the healthy coping mechanisms he had internalized when under Dr. Nolan’s (Andre Braugher) treatment.

Stevie Nicks wrote a song in 2001 bearing the same title as this week’s House episode “Fall from Grace.” In the aftermath of “Bombshells” and the following two episodes, the lyrics seem to me so poignant and appropriate that I wonder if John Kelley, the episode’s writer, had them in mind while crafting this week’s script. The song could easily serve as narration to the story of House, Cuddy and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) at this juncture.

What is Wilson’s role at this point? He is House’s confidante—and Cuddy’s. But more importantly, Wilsons sees himself as the one to keep House from truly going off the deep end. As Nicks’ song says,I choose to be his confidant /And to keep him from the fire/I choose to be quietly discreet /If that is his desire…” 

What must be in House’s mind two weeks after Cuddy so abruptly breaks off their relationship? He’s tried for two years (nearly), doing nearly everything within his ability to stay off drugs and to win (and keep Cuddy). She’s someone he’s wanted for so long, he has to be feeling rudderless and completely and profoundly lost at this moment. No matter what he has done (or couldn’t do) for Cuddy in her hour of need, he did the best he could. As Wilson tells her in “Out of the Chute,” no one really knows the right thing to do when the person you are closest to are dying. House does what he needs to do in order to be with her. And maybe it isn’t the most courageous thing—or the most noble, but House of three years ago would have been sitting in a bar getting plastered while Cuddy had her surgery.

By the end of “Out of the Chute,” it’s clear that House has no idea what to do or how to cope with the loss. Back to the song; this time, the chorus: “Wake up with a stranger/It’s not something you plan/One night in a world of pain/And you finally understand/Not all the king’s horses, not all the king’s men/Could put it back together.” 

In “Out of the Chute” House tries to distract himself from his pain by taking to his bed a long line of hookers (not convinced he slept with as many of them as he would suggest). But now in “Fall From Grace,” he proposes marriage to a complete stranger. Why Dominika? Why anyone? To get back at Cuddy? To try to convince her (and himself) that he doesn’t need her—that he’s not bleeding inside? Why not continue the debauchery instead? House tells Wilson that he’s made all the calculations. His proposed marriage to Dominkia is a business transaction: loveless, emotionless, strategic.

Has House also calculated that no matter how hard he tries, he’ll never be “normal” enough to carry on a serious, long-term relationship with Cuddy—or anyone else? No matter how hard Wilson or Cuddy have tried. House is still in pieces: Humpty Dumpty, indeed.
Nicks’ lyrics so perfectly capture what I believe to be House’s innermost feelings, despite his act-outs, antics and annoying behavior (alliteration, anyone?)

“And now alone in my room/As it all begins again…In this same place I sit /The same place as before/Well I came all the way here/Just to watch you walk out that door.” Cuddy feelings are reflected in the next verse: “Well it’s not enough that you depend on me/And it’s not enough that you say you love me …”

Working very well (for me) as an anthem for this week’s episode, the lyrics suggest a meeting of minds. House’s actions are intended to provoke Cuddy—perhaps to stop him; to say Enough! Instead, she gives into her guilt, but who is she actually helping? Not House, certainly—and not her authority as his boss and as someone for whom she deeply cares.

Cuddy finally does say “no” to House, and it’s after that the wildest antics cease. The song’s final words explain Cuddy’s (and perhaps also Wilson’s) feelings about House, knowing how desperate he is; fearing for his sanity and even his life. Say Nicks’ lyrics: “Maybe the reason I say these things/Is to bring you back alive/Maybe I fought this long and this hard/Just to make sure you survive/Just to make sure you survive.”

In the long run, I want House and Cuddy to be together, if not on the same page romantically, at least on the same bookshelf. Right now, House is a wounded lion: thorn stuck in his paw. He’s not going to let anyone near enough to remove it, especially not Cuddy—at least not now.

Rumor has it that Dominika will be around for awhile, and maybe she’s the one who can stop the bleeding. Their relationship has no baggage and no illusions. And House has often allowed himself to be more open and vulnerable to strangers than to those who can hurt him.

Maybe she is a way station through which he must travel before he is ready to even think about trusting his heart to Cuddy again. Six episodes provide us many miles to go before we reach the finale.  And the next episode looks to be very intense. I’m going to be taking a bit of a House break (as it were) for a couple weeks, so no new House articles until the show comes back on the air mid-April (unless I change my mind.) The series returns with new episodes April 11 with “The Dig” and the return of “13.”

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  • Anna

    House MD has indeed FALLEN FROM GRACE!

    1) This show is now over the top SEXIST towards women. The writers should be BANNED from writing Female characters.
    We’re either:
    A bitch
    and now personal slaves to men

    2) If the writers are trying to alienate their female audience, they’re on the right track! keep on making a fool out or yourselves writers

    3) This show is dying a slow death with the ridiclous plot lines of a russian hooker, green card marraige, numb cuddy, Pastor Chase,confused Wilson, Ms. Perfect Masters, Midget Taub, OOC Foreman and a Pathetic HOUSE, the MAIN character!

    4)And in 3 weeks serial Killer Thirteen will join

    5)Fanfiction at it’s best

    Who will seriously tune in to watch this ludicrous storylines in 3 weeks, NOT ME.

  • Mars

    Yeah, I think we all need a break Barbara!

    Thanks for the analysis anyway…I know this week’s episode was a hard one to do. It just seemed so out there. I even watched it twice just to see if maybe I just perceived it wrong last night. I didn’t haha! It was so bizarre to me. The DDX Monster truck??? The flying toy helicopters??? The BAD green screen spx??? Just a random episode if you ask me.

    Having said that…I too am in this for the long haul. Gonna definitely finish the season and hope TPTB give me a hell of a season finale…they gotta have something up their sleeve. If I get 6 more epi’s of THIS…well, it might be time to move on in my book.

    End Note: Not a fan of Mrs. House! And all this talk about wanting to keep her on for the rest of the season and maybe next? I’m just confused on this one.

  • Anna,
    may I respectfully direct you back to the rants and raves open thread. I’m really hoping to keep the conversation beneath this article more related to understanding the episode and what it means for the characters, etc. thanks 🙂

  • Jaim

    Sorry, but I don’t want to see Dominica become some kind of hooker with a heart of gold that he falls in love with in his tough times. Gag. This show is just really becoming a joke. The last two episodes have been really over the top and ridiculous. There was very little about this episode that was even watchable.

  • Jaim–I agree that there were parts over the top (helicopters and monster trucks in particular). But think back to season four and the hiring arc (Survivor challenges–remember Cuddy’s Thong?) “Whatever it Takes” and House’s foray into the CIA? A lot of people sounded the series death knell then. And then came House’s Head and Wilson’s Heart, two of the best episodes in the series history.

    In season three, I thought “Airborne” was cringe-worthy for House’s behavior, as was “Needle in a Haystack.” Both of those portrayed House as out of character.

    Bombshells, Out of the Chute and Fall from Grace are no worse (and actually, in my opinion, better) than a lot of what we saw in Season 4’s hiring arc.

    Every season has episodes we like or dislike. But your mileage may vary. These are opinions: mine and yours.

  • Epix


    It goes without saying that you possess an incredibly keen ability to cut through the quick and easy passions elicited by this show and offer instead the longer, more informed view of a scholar/researcher.

    I may be the only one who saw it this way, but I thought House was acting the way he did in order to help get Cuddy past her guilt which had made her incapable of doing her job as far as relating to him. He was being mean to be kind, or if “kind” is too strong a word, to get things back to “normal” and to move on.

    If anything, House has felt guilty about the breakup not only because going back on Vicodin was a major factor (or the chief excuse), but also because he knew since that first night in “Now What” that their relationship was not going to work. His declared self-image to Cuddy proved to be prophetic. But he gave himself to the (false) hope that she offered him that day, and it all ended up crashing around him. House’s ego refuses to let him see himself as anything but the ultimate agent responsible for this entire mess, and the nicest thing he could do at this point was to help Cuddy get past her own guilt.

    And I did not see the end scene as an expression of his missing Cuddy as much as it was his wanting to make it clear to his “bride” that their “marriage” is a business arrangement and nothing more. He uses hookers to avoid hurting women, which in many ways is much kinder. He does not seduce women only to give them the equivalent of the “I’ll call you” sendoff. Add in his own natural reluctance to enter into an “emotional” relationship at this time, and it was the logical thing to do. I am not saying there are no feelings of regret, but it was only one factor.

    Furthermore, despite his statements to the contrary, House needs boundaries and for those around him, especially Cuddy, to fight him back. In this episode, his team literally played along with his antics. In the earlier seasons, TPTB explored how House groomed his fellows to not just agree with everything he said, but to come up with their own ideas and challenge him. We also know that he needs Cuddy to control him on the job — something Cameron couldn’t handle in the past, and Masters couldn’t handle this season. Cuddy is much better at choosing her fights, and they both often seem to enjoy their brand of brinkmanship. Their romantic relationship was making it difficult for both of them to maintain the balance, and now the break up is causing a similar problem. They need to find their footing with each other on unfamiliar ground. Part of his relationship with Cuddy, even before they were together, had always been made up of challenges and battles of wills, and I think House honestly craved for it to return. Wilson was right, he was pummeling an opponent who didn’t fight back, but House wanted Cuddy to respond back.

    By the way, the writing of that POTW was actually very carefully crafted. He was a metaphor. House may have been abused and he may have done something in the past that harmed people, but I think this is leading ultimately to redemption for those actions or absolution of guilt in some way. Some of the episodes that have echoed this theme this year point to accidents that were not anyone’s fault. But the guilt remains. This chaotic situation is going to result in a very, very powerful ending. I can just feel it. And Hugh Laurie better get his long overdue Emmy this time around.

    On a separate note, as much as we dedicated fans enjoy the angst and art of [H]ouse, it is a business. Add to that the simple fact that every arc is going to have special appeal to certain parts of the fan base, then any transition from one arc to another is going to look like a realignment of fan support. It is natural. Hamerons were happy for a while and then not. Huddies loved the beginning of this season, not so much the Non-Huddies. It will continue to shift back and forth, and if your major investment in the show is your ship, then there will be disappointments.

  • Epix–thank you for your kind words 🙂

    I agree that people who are only invested in one “ship” or another are going to be sorely disappointed. As you say, it happened to the Cameron/House fans and also with the Wilson/House fans. There are bitterness threads abound extolling the hate some people have felt during this Cuddy-House focused arc. Personally, I love the House-Cuddy relationship. But I also know that breaking them up can give us some pretty powerful drama, which is what I’m anticipating as the season begins to draw to a close.

  • Liz

    Question: why does House always need to ‘test drive’ his emotions after getting hurt? Having sex with Lydia, and now with Dominica. For all we know Dominica will stay a maid or assistant to him, and won’t have any connection with him, or just be a casual confidant.

    I am beginning to tire of the assumption House has to get close to a stranger in order to get closer to the person he really wants.

  • Jaim

    This is actually the first time, since I started watching this series in season one, that I felt that the show was going in the wrong direction. Every season has its moments that I may not like, but this season has especially seemed over the top, out of character, and heavily sexist. The last two episodes were very poorly executed and just made me dislike House, which I never have. This episode was not good. The writing was juvenile at best and it appears that all of this is to appeal to a younger male demographic. This use to be an adult show with complex characters. So far, I’ve seen a degradation in quality. It saddens me. I’m hoping Thirteen’s return may improve the situation but even this arc makes me nervous. They could either really do that character justice or go down another ridiculous route.

  • sherlockjr

    For some, perhaps, this episode wasn’t all they’d hoped for. (I’m reminded of the people who hated the Vogler, Tritter, “Survivor” and other arcs, as well as individual episodes in every season.) I hope those folks who need to rant will follow Barbara’s advice and go to her previous thread, which is a good place for people to rant and rave.

    For me, I’d rather get back to analysis of House and his environment and situations.

    It’s not unreasonable for House — who has always had moments of being totally over the top — to use extreme behavior to sort out how to deal with his extreme hurt at being dumped by Cuddy. At least with Stacy, he saw it coming. This time, after months of working so very hard at his relationship with Cuddy, followed by the intense emotion of her illness and his fears about losing her, he’s been blindsided. It’s happened so suddenly, he’s got to be feeling completely off kilter.

    I think Barbara has hit the nail on the head when she talks about how he’s spent the last two years trying to improve himself, trying to play by the rules, trying to be the good boyfriend, trying to reach out to other people. And what was the point of it all? And where does he go from here?

    I always figured that when Stacy left, he hid himself away and refused to deal with the world at all. Certainly, at the beginning of the series, his fellows are shocked when he actually goes to see a patient, and there’s conversation about how they go long periods of time with nothing to do because he can’t get it together to take on a case.

    This time, he’s trying the opposite. He’s playing at being very social, even if it’s a superficial sociability. He’s not hiding from the world; he’s confronting it, pushing against it, daring it to knock him down again. He’s putting on a tough veneer to hide his wounds.

    In a sense, he’s mocking everything he’d tried to accomplish, because the end result of all his efforts was that no one gave him much positive reinforcement, and in the end he got very badly hurt, he’s back on the Vicodin and he’s no better off than before.

    I mentioned on the other thread that I think a primary motivator for his current behavior is a terror of going back to being alone. If Cuddy’s not going to be there for him — and if he can’t provoke her into a confrontation that might (in his mind anyway) get her to open up and come back to him — then he’ll find someone to fill at least some of that void.

    And speaking of the woman who is now sharing House’s home, I’ve thought a lot about the comments about the role of women in the show, and it seems to me that this has been a long-standing weakness. But I also think no woman on the show is ever going to get the approval of all the fans. When Cameron was still a regular character, although some fans really hoped for a relationship between House and Cameron (one I never could quite understand, but that’s a different issue), I read really horrendous comments online about both the character and the actress who plays her. I’ve seen similar comments about Cuddy, Thirteen, and now Masters and Dominika.

    Is it that we think no woman can be good enough for House? Is it that the female characters are not well-written (despite the fact that many of the show’s writers and producers are women)? Do people dislike the casting? Or is it that you can’t please all of the people all of the time?

    Lately, and especially in the last couple of weeks, I keep hearing that people are nostalgic for the Cuddy of earlier seasons, that people miss the “strong” Cuddy. For me, she’s never been a terribly strong character (except in the Cuddy-centric episode, which I thought really showed her strength). I’ve tended to find her inconsistent, shrill and domineering — which carried over into her romantic relationship with House. But that’s just me. Your mileage may vary… and probably does.

    The short version (if there is one) is that women on the show get attacked by a lot of the fans. Even though the male characters have their fans and their detractors, I’ve never read comparable scathing remarks about Chase, Foreman, the late lamented Kutner, Taub or Wilson. Maybe their characters are written better… or maybe they don’t bring out the same kind of strong feeling that the female characters do.

    It’ll be interesting to see where this goes from here. I’m sure there’s more to say, but I’ll give someone else a chance.

  • tigerfeet

    Hi Barbara,
    I haven’t commented in a long while, but I read everything you write. As much as I’d like House and Cuddy to have stayed together, the break-up also provides for a new side of House the character to explore. So far his reaction has been very “Housian” in my opinion. He does extreme things to numb his pain, rather than deal with it in what can be called av more grown-up manner.

    There has been some very angry, bitter and sad comments on this site lately. It’s somewhat understandable. The long built-up relationship was over too soon in my opinion. But the show runners don’t owe us anything. House is their fictional character to play with however they want. And I am still very much in love with House, both the man and the show. So I can’t see myself ever stop watching.

    Thank you Barbara, for all your great reviews – especially after the break-up of H/C. You alway bring new layers and interesting insights, to my great comfort.

  • sherlockjr

    EPIX: Your comments were… epic! I agree with every word. Can’t wait to see what you say next.

  • ruthinor

    Sherlockjr: The writers of this show are incapable of presenting a fully fleshed out female character, and they have been since the beginning. We know more about the life (current and previous) of Taub, Chase, Foreman and Kutner than we ever did about Cameron. All we knew about Cameron was that she married a dying man. We have no knowledge of her family at all or her previous history. 13 is bisexual and has Huntingtons. Do we know anything else about her? Likewise, Cuddy’s been around for the whole series, and yet we knew pretty much nothing about her until this year. She was married? What happened? We only met her family this year and got a hint of how her mother treated her and her sister. Until 5 to 9 we never knew that Cuddy actually had a job outside of controlling (or trying to) House at his worst. No wonder the women always get the shaft in this series, and the misogyny runs rampant. We know House so well that excuses are made for his behavior, time and time again. Oh the abuse (of which there is very little of substance that has actually been told to us) blah, blah, blah. He’s trying so hard, blah, blah. Personally, I’m sick of it. How can we explain Cuddy when so little is known about her outside of her relationship with House and Wilson? We have no idea of what she’s lived through previously because the writers haven’t told us. How can we understand a relationship when only one of the two characters has really been fleshed out? IMO, it’s made this season pretty much irrelevant because the writers never really explored “Huddy” in any depth. And the break-up was far too pat. Sorry, I really disagree with those who believe that the episodes this year have told us anything new or of interest about the major characters.

  • sherlockjr

    ruthinor –

    You’re certainly entitled to your opinion. Sorry the show is no longer meeting your expectations and that you’re so unhappy about it.

  • BeeJ

    Been a few weeks since I commented on the board and checked out the fandom…and BOOM! Everyone has lost it lol! It just shows how much this show means to so many people IMO. I agree w/ Epix #6, so many of us see the show through our biases, whether they are ships or others. that’s a hard damn thing to stop because to many fans, and they’ll tell you, “That’s why they watch the show!” So, I can’t be mad at all the comments in the ranting and raving thread…their ships are personal, their love of characters are personal, etc. Frankly, I love the passion! I’m sure the indifferent, neutral, “along for the ride” fans like me are a little annoying haha.

    I actually saw through all the antics and comedy in this episode and after rewatching it, found it very melancholy. I mean House is rather pathetic right now. He’s grieving and wounded…he even looks a little disheveled and deranged. Everybody understands what he’s doing is all an act right now. Cuddy also has been putting up a front the last two episodes but we finally saw her break in this one.

    The looks House was shooting at Cuddy in the episode were very telling. The way he looked back at her when she signed the insurance form, the look when he was flying the helicopter, and the incredible staring at her as he said his “I do’s” or in his case, “Yep!” That’s why I’m a little perplexed at the House/Cuddy shippers who have given up…the Huddy arc is still very much alive and kicking! It has been the underlying narrative the entire season and I imagine will be so through the finale. It was NOT simply resolved in “Bombshells” as GY or TPTB want to lead you to think. That’s their job to stir up the fandom and create buzz…no matter the hate Tweets or negative forum comments. Things have to get worse (in this case a little over the top and strange) before they get better. Energy and tension has not diminished since “Bombshells”…it’s been building. My best bet is that House and Cuddy are on a collision course for the finale. I for one am excited for the finale! I just remember “House’s Head”/”Wilson’s Heart” and the fact the same writers are scripting this season’s last two episodes. Something big is in the works I hope.

  • Westell

    I may be whistling in the wind by saying the following, but I honestly don’t think House is back on Vicodin. To clarify, I think he slipped in “Bombshells” and continued on his intentional slide in “Out of the Chute” but went back on the wagon after that. Whatever he was popping in this episode was candy, aspirin or whatever Nolan recommend he use instead of his long-standing narcotic medication. When he’s not on Vicodin, House’s facial expressions and physical mannerisms tend to be vigorously animated and his vocal inflections aren’t as flat. For example, when House finally decided to visit Cuddy right before she went into surgery in “Bombshells,” his body language and facial affect were unusually self-contained and reserved (at least compared to his long-standing behavioral patterns) as if he were in the midst of narcotic-induced numbness. Later, Cuddy (correctly) called House on his relapse.

    I think House was trying to get to Masters so she would go run and tell Cuddy, thus making her feel further guilt as the one responsible for his downward slide. It should be noted that the only time the audience saw him popping pills in “Fall From Grace” was when he was in front of Masters, and he probably knew he would predictably get a rise out of her. In fact, she even asked him not to do that in her presence. But other than those aforementioned moments, we didn’t see him using Vicodin throughout the entire episode, which is highly unusual given his tendency to “turn the dial to 11” with virtually every aspect of his life. House knows how to get to her because guilt is to Cuddy as Vicodin is to House. I’m not sure what game he’s playing, other than to give Cuddy and Wilson what they’re looking for, but I don’t think he’s still using his favorite painkiller.

    That’s my story, and I am sticking to it.

  • gg

    #13 exactly.a charming greg is in and of itself a farce. and i think it’s good that david shore is now mocking this fairytale crap to the bone.

  • cath

    “I want House and Cuddy to be together, if not on the same page romantically, at least on the same bookshelf.”

    I am with you. I hope someday the time comes for them to be at least in the same book shelf – level with each other.
    But what I am most afraid is that it has taken them 7 seasons to reach the culmination of their relationship,
    now that it’s broken, how long will it take for them to clean it all up? I keep hearing from all the interviews from TPTB
    that this show is about House and the Cuddy part of it is just part of knowing House. What then will we be able to expect
    out of this? For a Cuddy-fan, I’m guessing whatever that’s left will be just the same as that what we’ve seen the past few
    seasons, seasons 1 – 4 to be exact; which is really practically non-existent.

    I am not jumping ships or TV shows yet. I still love this show. It’s just that the past couple of episodes is effectively
    breaking my heart. It has come to a point where it is already most painful to watch. House may not be a sadist but I am no
    masochist either, maybe it’s also time for me to stop causing pain to myself. I’m not saying that I don’t trust TPTB anymore,
    it’s just that I seem to have been very trusting lately, and now that I have been hurt, it’s only naturally for me to be protective and guard myself against those that cause me pain. I hope you get what I am trying to convey here. It might sound like an overly emotional fan’s reaction, but I guess this is what happens when one gets too invested.

  • LadyA

    What bothers me is not the breakup…People in love break up for good or
    bad reasons all the time…As much as I hated the timing and the reasons I can live
    with it. What bothers me is the “mistakes” made in the last episodes :

    1. House popping Vicodin publicly with noone in the hospital saying a
    word about it…He lost his licence because of the drugs in S6 for God’s
    sake !
    2. Chase performing weddings !!!
    3. The monster truck ! Don’t people get arrested while driving that ? And
    how can House get in and out ?
    4. Cuddy attending her ex’s wedding !!! Even GY says it’s odd (check his
    5. The team who doesn’t care that their boss is back on drugs and getting
    married a week after his break-up to a complete stranger to fraud the
    All these details are hard to explain…It’s kind of a mass hysteria we
    are looking at…

    As much as Hugh Laurie was amazing in Out of the Chute (the episode was
    good even if I hated the hookers parade…),I hated his performance in
    Falling from grace…It seemed too much, too childish…it lacked depth
    and I can only excuse him with the dialogue he’d been given.
    This being said, I am too curious and I won’t give up on the show till the end of this season !

  • Sarah

    Barbara, thank you for attempting to preserve this space for thoughtful comments rather than just ranting — there aren’t many impartial places to discuss House these days — a testament, at least, to the power of the show and the importance of it in people’s minds.

    Epix, thank you for your words. And BeeJ, I agree that this is certainly going somewhere. I can’t really expect a long-lasting romantic reconciliation between House and Cuddy, if any at all, but I want to see where they’re taking it.

    There wasn’t a lot to like, IMO, in Monday’s episode, but I think that’s purposeful — again, I agree with BeeJ, House is currently deeply depressed and getting perilously close to pathetic (YMMV if he’s already reached that). What’s different for me about this time from the other times when he’s been out-of-control, over-the-top, etc. is that he seemed to get some hope or at least a moment’s enjoyment from his antics. Hugh Laurie made a comment in the intro to one of the House books about how, for an atheist, House’s jokes are a spark of the divine, a way of spitting in the eye of convention and expectation, a way of laughing at death itself. The difference to me now is that I see no spark in House in “Fall from Grace”; the jokes, however over-the-top they might be, give him nothing. In “Out of the Chute”, his balcony jump seemed to enliven him a little, but it was telling how quickly “My Body is a Cage” chimed back in, even in the midst of his “celebration” in the pool. The ailments of the POTWs and their backgrounds also grow darker and more violent — depressed boy blowing things up, rodeo guy trampled on, serial killer/cannibalist with an abuse history. The next episode looks to continue this theme with 13 having done jail time for something and a POTW who may or not have body parts around his home. They are definitely building to something with all this.

    As for the bride storyline, I also think that House would’ve loved more reaction from Cuddy, somehting to show that he was worth it to her to do something to stop that wedding or, at least, to be more visibly affected. At the point that she walked away, House looked resigned to me, resigned that she didn’t call his bluff and that he had to go through with what he’d promised Domenica. I’m uncomfortable with the premise of him being somehow saved by this woman, but it also feels somehow as though House has built in a safety valve for himself — he’s not going to be sitting in his apartment alone with his Vicodin (which, Westell, it’s an interesting theory — what has struck me, especially when he was newly back on Vicodin in “Chute” was how super-clear he seemed in the ddx’s, not at all muted like he was at Cuddy’s bedside and having been off the pills for 2 years, it’d be hitting him a lot harder now than it did in the past). It may become very useful for House to have an impartial person to point out to him when he’s really losing it as Cuddy can no longer do that for him and Wilson’s sympathies seem to have shifted almost entirely to her. Since most of his team literally played along with him this week, Masters is leaving, and 13’s stay/influence is unsure, he doesn’t have really anyone else to help pull him back to center.

  • Jeena

    I just started watching House. I don’t know all of the old episodes. I quite like it though. He has a very odd, strange personality that kind of keeps me guessing from one minute to the next where that ride is going to take me. So far, it has had quite a bit of drama for me, which I like. I guess in the end, drama is what makes or breaks a show for me!

  • Ladidah

    I think House was looking for a reaction from Cuddy with regard to the marriage (though I don’t think it was the only reason he did it – fear of loneliness was also a factor) – he seems disappointed at her lack of jealousy in the health insurance scene and obviously reacts when she walks out. I think he wants to know she still feels something for him, other than guilt/pity. And of course, House is House, given any uusual degree of liberty/ kindness he has to test it’s boundaries, to know exactly how far he can go before being smacked down.

    Did anyone think that the reason House pushed Dominika away at the end was because she said she liked him? In his mind, that can only lead to her having expectations of him and eventually rejecting him when he doesn’t meet those expectations. Hmmm.

    Barbara, what did you think of the POTW story? I was interested in how he seemed to manipulate the team (minus Taub). Playing up the victim/ wannabe med student to Masters, religious hopeful to Chase, he even seemed to hit buttons with House as regards the Daddy issues talk (I find it interesting House called off the search for his identity after talking to him… was it only for medical reasons, or did he identify with POTW’S need to avoid his dad?) I wonder how much of what POTW said was actually true. Do you think Master’s is going to become hardened after the patient she connected with turned out to be a sociopath? (I’m starting to really like Martha. I don’t want her to leave!)

    Sherlockjr & ruthinor: Female characters often get a worse rap than male ones in internet fandoms generally. Even when they are well written. I think there are valid criticisms to be made regarding how women are written on House but I disagree that we neccessarily know less about them than the male characters. After all, we know a lot about Taub’s marriage, a little about his student career but nothing about his childhood. We know a lot about Thirteens Huntingtons issues, a fair amount about her relationships, a bit about her childhood, nothing about her student career (I actually think we know a lot more about thirteen than we do about most of the cast…. we’ve even seen flashbacks to her childhood which is more than we’ve had for House even). We find stuff out about people based in the storylines the writers want to write – not their gender IMHO. (Although I agree with ruthinor, Cameron’s backstory could have been explored more fully…)

  • HI Jenna, and welcome 🙂 There is drama!

    I like the idea of Dominika as someone there to pull him back from the edge–impartial and not involved emotionally (at least from his end). Interesting too about the Vicodin, but I’m unconvinced so far.

    I’m wondering if House’s desperation to find 13 (sorry for the mini spoiler from the promo) has to do with him trying to anchor himself to someone who knows him, won’t take his BS and whom he sees as another wounded soul. (Just as patients have seen him in that role–almost instinctively)

  • huddycat

    Interesting article!
    Well, you’re apparently a Huddy fan, and I’m very glad of it. I’m a huge Huddy fan and I really hope that your theory about the role of Domenica as a sort of valve for House’s anger will be true.
    I hope that Cuddy and House will grew on their own way and so be able at the end to be together, to form a real couple, to have a real, intense and tender relationship. But I think the road will be long. Hope not too long because I really miss Huddy in his good moments.
    Maybe with the return of 13 who doesn’t know for House and Cuddy, House will find someone to help him. 13 looks broken and House seems to care, he can thus learn from her and so be ready to get back at Cuddy.

  • fatOlady

    Best review I have read. You are “spot on” with this one. It should be required reading as a companion to the episode (if you want to understand the episode anyway).

    The review actually was way better and more enjoyable than the episode. BTW, I loved the song, fits very well.

  • Heather

    I found the entire episode very unconvincing.

    I understood what the episode was *trying* to do, but I felt it failed in a big way.

    It was like a fanfiction author trying to write like Joyce…I could recognize at a distance what was being attempted…but the end product in front of me was forced, ridiculous, and shallow.

  • RobF

    Excellent review! I had no idea the episode title was a reference to that song, but it fits.

    This episode was House being depressed and reverting to his old “jerk” defense mechanism to keep people away.

    People who are depressed and discouraged about relationships often say things like “any (wo)man is like any other — marriage is only tax benefits and rubbing naughty bits, so it doesn’t matter who your partner is.” Following this logic, House has found a woman who will cause him no heartache while saving him lots of money. He even prints out some colourful charts to prove the advantages of the deal.

    Of course it is all nonsense, and a normal person is soon talked out of this way of thinking by his friends and family. House doesn’t have that support group. The show is a look at a man who lives outside of society, making his own decisions while deliberately avoiding convention and peer influence. Sometimes, this freedom allows him to have brilliant successes nobody else would have. Other times, like now, he makes horrible choices. That is the character.

    From a story arc perspective, the main function of this episode was to put a definitive end to the House-Cuddy relationship, at least for the near future. We know they love each other and want to be together; the writers had to find a way to keep them apart so the story could go elsewhere. Resuming their relationship was made impossible once Cuddy signed the insurance form. She knew it, and so did House.

    As for the rumours that events on the show are another dream or hallucination, I can’t believe the wild theories. There is no way that Masters is an hallucination, some imaginary alter ego of House. The only situation that seems at all plausible is that House didn’t land in the pool, and is once again dreaming while in a hospital bed. But I don’t think that’s very likely.

  • Ladidah! You make some really interesting points. All during the episode I found the patient creepy, and didn’t realize why until the end, of course (great acting, imho). I hadn’t noticed that he’d pushed each persons button specific to that person. Even more creepy. I do think what he says to House resonates very deeply. You can see it on his face, and the closeup suggests that’s what we’re supposed to take away from that encounter.

    huddycat–it will be a long haul (if it ever happens). We’ve seen this very long arc drawing them together; we’ve had them together a very short time, before it exploded on House (especially). Now comes the damage–and eventually the repair/damage control/and hopefully eventual redemption. If the series were ending next week, I’d say “no hope” but it’s not. 🙂

    fatOlady–great to see you over here on this thread. Thank you for your kind words. I think the last couple of episodes were probably meant to be uncomfortable to watch and not enjoyable in a way. We see the world through House’s POV, and he is very, very bad off right now. This arc (as all the creative team have said) will play out over six episodes, and that’s a long time. Will he fall further? Maybe it will get worse before it can even begin to get better.

    Who knows? Maybe we’re all meant to feel as crappy as House is feeling at this moment in time.

  • RobF

    @ladidah / barbara — the patient was definitely a violent psychopath who revealed several phony sides of himself, each designed to win sympathy from a particular doctor. Taub was onto him (perhaps because Taub was recently disappointed by trusting the disturbed high-school student and is now on guard), but Taub’s attempt to expose the psychopath’s tactics failed. You may be able to con a con man, but you can’t do so if you are as obvious about it as Taub was.

    Psychopaths often instinctively know what will work to gain the sympathy of anyone they encounter.

    When dealing with Masters, the patient played the part of a fundamentally good person who has regrets about the past and just needs somebody to show faith in humanity. Masters wants to prove to House (and to herself) that showing faith in people does help them be better.

    Chase is trying to change himself, and his background is deeply religious, so he bought into the patient’s story about being reborn to follow God’s plan for himself.

    Foreman, as usual, didn’t care one way or the other. The patient had no need to fool Foreman because Foreman doesn’t care. This says a lot about Foreman.

    House didn’t believe anything the patient said, but was too wrapped up in his own drama to give the patient his full attention.

  • sherlockjr

    Cath —

    I found it fascinating that you said:

    “…it’s just that I seem to have been very trusting lately, and now that I have been hurt, it’s only naturally for me to be protective and guard myself against those that cause me pain. I hope you get what I am trying to convey here. It might sound like an overly emotional fan’s reaction, but I guess this is what happens when one gets too invested.”

    Because, of course, that’s exactly what House is doing in reaction to Cuddy’s dumping him. Or did you intend to draw that parallel?

  • Yes! Yes!

    In my post above, I said that perhaps the whole point has been to make us feel terrible. It’s a brilliant observation, Cath–and Sherlockjr.

  • rjw

    Have to admit that at first viewing,I wasn’t all that thrilled with this episode.I may like it better once I’ve seen it again.The truck scene was definitely over the top,but then again,House is back on the Vicodin,and pretty much off his rocker!The ending (with the patient) had to be the creepiest ending ever.It had that ewwww! factor.House’s diagnosis gave the patient the idea that his cannibalism was okay (not that they knew he was doing that).I was glad to see Cuddy finally stand up to House (not that I liked the breakup),and felt bad for Dominika,even though she knew the marriage was a sham.Can I assume that it’s not even legal,since Chase performed the ceremony,and was only designed to get back at Cuddy? I have liked Kelley’s previous scripts,and his interview does give some insight into what he (and the writing staff) was thinking.

  • fatOlady

    Barbara – If it is true that the intention was that WE all feel as “crappy as House is feeling at this moment in time”, then BRAVO to the writers, as they have most definitely hit their mark.

    I will have to grudgingly give them “kudos” for masterfully touching a raw nerve in the fandom “if that is their intention”.

    I have re-watched the episode twice looking for some redeeming quality tossed in with all the “stuff”. Your review made that SO MUCH EASIER, thank you. I have decided that I am “over thinking” where the writers are taking us this season. I EXPECTED it to go a certain way, and it didn’t, so I was disappointed and disappointment created anger.

    I have decided that I am taking this all too seriously AND too personally (a big drawback to being a super fan). I need a bit more objectivity. I need to just accept what is; and go with the flow. So, I re-watched the episode with more objectivity (and after reading your review). It is amazing how much more I appreciated a great deal of the episode and actually thought parts were funny. The POTW is still a little to “dropped in from outer space” for me.

    I know it won’t be popular, but I actually like Dominica. Aside from the obvious obstruction she creates for House and Cuddy, I think she is a nice, cheerful, generous, and likable character. I won’t mind seeing more of her and I think she actually appreciates House (even CRAZY House). It might be fun, hey, it could happen.

  • fatOlady–I applaud what you have to say. I know everyone’s been upset ’round these parts. And part of the reason for wanting to do a second article (after I said to some I wouldn’t) was to give people a chance to distance from the episode and perhaps take an alternate view of what was going on. So thanks so much for that!

  • ruthinor

    Barbara, interesting analysis about the Stevie Nicks song. I haven’t seen most of the episode due to DVR failure, but I’m assuming that the song was not part of the episode? If so, I wonder why not?

    But I have to say that we part ways when you say things like this:

    “No matter what he has done (or couldn’t do) for Cuddy in her hour of need, he did the best he could.”

    You and others always excuse House’s behavior by saying he’s doing the best he could. He really had to annoy Cuddy with all the stupid little things he did at her house, door slamming, toothbrushes, toilet seat etc.? All small things but cumulatively very irritating. He HAD to get drunk tell her that he just loved her to death but she made him a crappier doctor? He managed to show up for Wilson’s surgery and stayed by his bedside afterward. After finding out that Cuddy wasn’t dying after all, why wasn’t he with her? Why did she have to come to HIS place to have it out? So they end the episode on his bathroom floor? I think he was continually testing her limits. I don’t think he was doing the best he could do. I think he was doing the best he WANTED to do. There’s a difference. I guess I’ve just lost all empathy for his character, and these last few episodes haven’t helped. I know I’m in the minority here!!

  • Ruthinor–actually we agree on this to some extent. House’s annoying behavior (and there are many, many men who annoy byt the little things while being wildly romantic at the same time). Those things add up, and I completely get where Cuddy is coming from. Her breakup with House has much to do with a cumulative effect of his actions, and I don’t excuse them.

    But those are all things that are “him”. To him they are trying. To her they are trying. I think in Bombshells he believed himself less than useless in comforting her. In his warped mindset about himself, House believed that sending emissaries or doing nothing at all was better than screwing it up. (This is what he believes in his screwed up sense of himself.)

    He was afraid and in pain (and he deals with both things badly). To come out of himself he needed (again, not excusing his behavior) what he thought was help to face his pain enough to face hers. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  • Heatherb84

    Ruthinor- I wondered the same thing about him staying by Wilson’s side and not Cuddy’s. Hmmm. Things to think about now!

  • simona

    barbara, I have loved so much this episode, so sad and painful. The abused patient who returns to the repetitive cycle of violence because no one has been able to help him develop his past as a battered child.
    This season is surprising me, in a positive way. About Huddy, the more I watch the episodes, the more they seem odd, the more my faith increases (do you know that around the web there is a very smart and brilliant theory about the meaning of all the characters acting OOC after Unwritten? I don’t know if I can post here a link…tell me if i can).

    I think that the promotional pics of House the Clown were really appropriate.
    So much sadness hidden under the surface.

  • ruthinor

    Barbara, I guess we’ll just have to disagree about this! To me, when you say that he behaves a certain way because it’s HIM, and that it’s the best he can do, you ARE excusing his behavior, and furthermore, putting all the blame on Cuddy! My point earlier was that the writers have made Cuddy less sympathetic because we know so little about her (and the other female characters) other than through her relationship with House. We tend to excuse House because we think we know him. But what do we know about Cuddy’s prior life? She’s lousy at relationships, but why? How has she been hurt? How easy could it have been for her to get to the position she’s in now? I actually hate the fact that she’s been made to feel so guilty. I wish she would just smack House in the puss and be done with it!! Again, I know I’m in the minority here!!

  • A Terrible Spectator


    “Who knows? Maybe we’re all meant to feel as crappy as House is feeling at this moment in time”

    It is a very good appreciation on your part. Maybe the writers intended us to feel at the same point in which House is now. Really are getting. the viewers are sad, we feel anxiety, we are concerned, we do not know what will happen, we are distressed … WOW … Really, we feel like House. We are lost!

    On the other hand, my congratulations again for your always encouraging comments!
    You were right about this new space. It seems that we are gradually leaving the black hole.

  • josie

    #39 ruthinor–I think the writers want us to be more sympathetic to Cuddy than House. Although I still find it hard to be believe that while they had been together, she would not have encouraged him to follow through with his therapy. Here’s my theory about why she’s terrible at relationships: As a child, Cuddy’s mother recognized her as smart and pushed her to succeed. She did not coddle her, pushed her a bit too far, and they did not form a strong bond between mother and child. Arlene did not do this with Cuddy’s sister Julia, and they are close. Cuddy was probably jealous of Julia and Arlene’s relationship, became resentful, resulting in a poor relationship with her sister, too. I believe the reason that she’s terrible in relationships is because she has in the past felt insecure within her own family. How do you take an emotional risk with people outside of your family when you don’t feel love and anchored within your family?

    Speaking of family, it’s about time to see Mama House! It’s waaaaaaay overdue. How’s she going to feel with a hooker daughter-in-law?

  • RedTulip_Ana

    38 – simona

    The theory of hallucinations (well, that House is in a coma) and was published in a post on the review of the previous episode.
    In this blog, there are people who want to cling to that theory. Many of the things he says Maya make sense. I think that makes a really good analysis. It all fits. But I think it’s better now that we dedicate ourselves to analyze everything we’ve seen (which has appeared in episodes) rather than speculate on anything that we believe there is (but we have not been shown).
    It is possible that in the end, the whole history of coma is real, but if the writers are showing us this other view (but ultimately is at the head of House) is because they want to see what they show us that we reflect on what we see. And what we now see is a broken relationship, a fake marriage, an excess of drugs and alcohol … but above all two people sad: Cuddy (who could not handle his relationship with House, but she loves him dearly) and House (who could not do better with Cuddy). Both are depressed. Now they have to fix things.
    Lisa Edelstein said, “things will get worse and then get better for everyone.”
    I believe in it. And I sincerely hope that House and Cuddy finally may have a relationship. Maybe all these bad times worth it. Because there is nothing sadder than to love someone with all your strength, but you can not stand by his side.

    A Spanish singer: Jarabe De Palo: “How do you want to be my friend?” If I give my life for you …”. It is very pretty. And express that feeling.

    Just say, we’ll have to wait until the end to see the end!

  • Jaim


    I always love your comments. You are not alone in thinking that House has not done his best. I really don’t understand why everyone always excuses his behavior but then dumps all over Cuddy. He is a 51 year-old man. He needs to act like it once in a while.I think that is another aspect of this episode that really annoyed me. He’s always been immature but never to this extent. The whole Dominica thing seems even out of character for him, because he never takes these types of connections lightly. I also don’t know what is happening with the images of women on this show. If he does get romantically involved with her, then what message are they sending? A submissive woman who lets him do whatever he wants equals true love? This is really disturbing to me. Even though he didn’t sleep with her in this episode doesn’t mean he won’t eventually sleep with her, especially if she sticks around. There are so many other ways that they could have explored House’s post break up coping and they chose one of the most absurd story lines to use. The realism seems lost with episodes like this.

  • RobF

    @fatOlady(33) — I also like Dominika. She is very nice, and isn’t kidding herself about the situation. I will like to see more of her back story.

    Now that they are actually married, House realises he doesn’t want to be the oppressor in a relationship in which he has all the power. She would naturally despise him, and he would despise himself.

    But he is also somewhat responsible for her now. House has spent most of his life avoiding having anyone depend on him (he has always resisted even Wilson and Cuddy looking to him for support), but now he can’t escape the fact that this girl’s future depends on him.

    There is also the problem that he will go to jail if they are discovered to be in a sham marriage.

  • Joan

    Given that Dominica’s contractual role is that of agreeable companion/housemaid/whore in exchange for a green card it seems highly unlikely that she is going to do anything other than continue to enable House in anything he does, not exactly be the voice of control or reason. She went through the whole ep apparently unaware of any of the dark currents going on under the surface and just did whatever House wanted her to do. For an addict with House’s narcissism she is the perfect enabler — he gets whatever he wants and she makes no demands on him. Developing her into someone who will be able to stand up to House or confront him about any of his behaviors seems unlikely and a stretch since she risks her benefits if she gets annoying.

    I too thought that House was hoping Cuddy would refuse to sign the papers but he also should have known that when they match wills she is just as likely to call his bluff so he might have had a plan B in mind. I thought they both looked let down here at the way it turned out in that scene. Even more so at the wedding when he was staring at Cuddy the whole time he said the vows. That said, why would he actually go through with the marriage? None of the possibilities seem very credible — just to call her bluff, to hurt Cuddy, to make really really sure they can’t get back together, to need company so much he is willing to share his private domain with a complete stranger, to save money on maids/hookers? The show is so down on all relationships and marriage ever having a chance generally, and now this bizarre sexist business arrangement of a marriage seems even more of a mockery.

  • Elisabeth

    Thanks everyone – it’s good to have a non-ranting review and analysis space.

    I really liked the POTW – he was perfectly creepy and really sucked me in with his false identity. I did NOT see the serial killer thing coming and I congratulate the actor and the writing for that.

    While I don’t worship them all equally, these writers generally have the ability to surprise me and that’s what draws me back to the show (in addition to Laurie, of course). After watching the preview of this episode, I was convinced that Cuddy would somehow “speak now or forever hold her peace.” When that didn’t happen I was watching in disbelief as the “marriage’ went through. But my expectation would have made for a somewhat pat and predictable show, so what actually happened was much better because it was surprising.

    I agree with a few posters above that we are expected to be feeling lousy right now about the House-Cuddy breakup. David Shore and company are doing JUST what they planned. And as I’ve said before, I don’t think they are anywhere near finished exploring the House-Cuddy relationship. We’ve never seen a heart-to-heart discussion of why they loved each other (besides House being “amazing”), let alone why, at that particular time, Cuddy broke it off. I think and hope there is much more to explore here.

    In a perverse way, we should all be expecting, and maybe even rooting, for House to spiral out of control after the breakup. The harder he falls, the deeper his feelings were for Cuddy. If he had treated this as a bump in the road, and gone back to his lonely life, I would be much more upset.

    I also can’t get behind any of the various proposed dream explanations, alternate universes, or other hopeful scenarios that explain away the breakup. But I will admit there have been some crazy pieces of coincidence and possible red herrings in the last three episodes.

    And WHAT was that unicycle doing in House’s bedroom closet in the Wilson comforting Cuddy scene?

  • AnotherHouseIsPossible

    I believe that House did not his best in his relationship with Cuddy. Indeed, I believe he did the best she wanted. I acknowledge that House struggled a lot, but ultimately failed to achieve its objectives.
    But I also think that Cuddy gave up too soon.

    “Honestly, I think their relationship has not been explored in depth.”

    Well, actually, that’s what I thought before. Maybe I’m wrong. Come to think, before we knew nothing about Cuddy’s personal life, nor, her problems with her mother. It is possible that the writers have pretended that we know Cuddy a little better during these episodes (EP9 and ep13). It is possible that a way to deepen the relationship between Cuddy and House, has been to deepen the knowledge of the character of Cuddy. I agree with the person who said that Cuddy also has trouble relating to others. And these problems may come arising from family relationships. Perhaps these problems (accumulated over the years) are responsible that she has given up too early in their relationship with House.

    Cuddy said: “I can not fix your problems. I am your problem.”

    House did not understand why he broke up with Cuddy. Perhaps the problem is House. I’m not going to apologize. But perhaps the problem is Cuddy. Perhaps House now has to try to understand the reasons for Cuddy to break the relationship. House may have to go beyond their own fears. Maybe the fears are not the head of House. Maybe the fears are in the minds of others.

    With the latter, I mean not only the relationship of House and Cuddy. House has trouble relating to people who really want. But House always ends up surrendering. Never goes further. I mean, House needs to feel that someone needs him.

    House told Wilson: “You can not donate a liver. If you die you leave me alone”

    House Cuddy told him about “the need in my life.”

    But House just feel that it is necessary for their patients. House never think someone might need him as a person (as a friend, boyfriend). Rather, he believes that he can not help others (it is underestimated.) So he was afraid of not being able to be next to Cuddy at its worst.

    House must know what he can bring to others. (Much)

    House Is raised, which was what brought him to Cuddy? No. It simply asks what was what he needed her. House doubts began in Unwritten (“we have nothing in common,” she break me when she realizes that “).

    House and personal relationships …

  • RedTulip_Ana

    I do not understand…Chase said he could only marry one day, or that the marriage was valid only that day?

    Yes, And WHAT was that unicycle doing in House’s bedroom?

  • Elisabeth–about the unicycle. House has all sorts of bizarre artifacts in his apartment, many presumably from days gone by: his childhood and certainly Pre-leg. He has golf clubs in his closet. That unicycle looks antique, and would go along with House’s penchant for antiquities.

  • Dmcky

    Thanks Barbara, as always..and great use of the Stevie Nick’s lyrics..

    Before I read the other comments I will post my thoughts (as not to be swayed)
    Barbara I agree that I didn’t hate this episode either. I admit I went in with low expectations after Out of the Chute which I was quite disappointed with that one.

    Fall from Grace gave us more than I expected..

    House: Well he is still being an ass, but this ep (thanks to HL’s brilliance) showed more of wht is underneath this asshood. Everytime Cuddy caved he had this particular look on his face..Wht was it? was it to say please argue with me? please give me a reaction? Something, anything? I actually got a sense of hurt form House at times during his interactions with Cuddy..when she tells him it was his problem to make other arrangements for his “mock” wedding..maybe he was waiting for her to try and stop him? Or atleast ask him why he was doing it..i think I saw hurt..he certainly felt like an ass when he saw that he hurt Cuddy at the wedding..House has always been a game-player. He is super emotionally stunted. He has a contradictory personality. He is straight forward and blunt in every other aspect of his life, except with matters of the heart. I’m actually surprised he openly admitted to liking Dominika… he needs to really grow up..enough with the games, literally and figuratively. Monster trucks and remote control helicopters? Seriously?

    Cuddy: I loved LE in this ep! She had perfect symmetry of showing guilt for House, and hating herself for caving to him. Brilliant! After the segueway cave, her expression was spot on. I was glad to see her tell him no (thanks Wilson!). House is a master manipulator, and his easiest victims are those closest to him. Cuddy needs to be who she is, and not be “afraid” of him because he knows her weaknesses, and he’ll milk them for all its worth. It’s who he is. It was nice to see her stand up to him, even though she didn’t like telling him no.

    Wilson: well for a minute I to thought he would make a move on Cuddy..thank goodness he didn’t..we really don’t want to go there, do we? He’s just what H&C need, someone to speak on behalf of them both when they are both to afraid (childish?) to speak to one another..

    So, inspite of the over the top stunts, and random green card marriage, im convinced there is a method to the madness. even if it isn’t, a girl could dream right? Great POTW twist btw!

  • ruthinor

    #43 Jaim: Thanks for the support! Nice to know I’m not the only one out here with those thoughts!!

    #41Josie: Yes, I agree with you about Cuddy’s relationship with her mom. Hearing her tell her Cuddy that she likes her sister better could not have been easy. But, the last scenes in Bombshells lead me to believe that while Cuddy and her sister are not very close, due to the differences in their lifestyles, there’s plenty of love there. Plus she’s entrusted her sister with guardianship of Rachel should anything happen to her. They both have been criticized by their mother and share that bond. There was also an incident in an earlier episode, when House defaced a photo of Cuddy, taken on a trip with her dad, that perhaps showed she was particularly close to her father. But we really don’t know anything about the dad. In fact, we know really nothing about any of Cuddy’s prior relationships (other than Lucas), including her short marriage. The writers just drop these little “facts” and never explain them. Not knowing much about Cuddy makes it difficult to explain her motives, actions and reactions. That in turn, IMO, makes for a poor starting point for the writers trying to communicate about the House-Cuddy relationship. Personally, I don’t think they did a very good job of it.

  • 60 plus

    Cath, Sherlockjr and, from Barbara 31…”I said that perhaps the whole point has been to make us feel terrible…”

    In Ian Jackman’s official guide to the show, he quotes David Shore as saying,

    “When you are doing a show like this you have to know what reaction you want from your audience at any given point. The second scene of act six, I want the audience to feel something and you have to know what that is. Even if it’s ambiguity, you have to get the audience to feel ambiguity. I want them to be sixty percent sure House is thinking that. You are to some extent trying to be a puppet master.”

    An added note. This type of quote is one reason I find the book a good complement to your “Chasing Zebras,” Barbara. It certainly does not have the richness, paassion and depth of meaning that yours does, and I don’t refer to it nearly as often. It does, however, especially through quotes, give a broader insight into the thinking of TPTB as to how they see the characters and why and how they (TPTB) did what they did with them and the show over the years (and still do, in my opinion). For example, here is just one of several places where Shore discusses the House character. Obviously, he sees more than “Just a jerk.”

    “I personally don’t think he has the heart of gold that many people in the audience think. I do think he is a human being. I think that’s one of the great things about the way Hugh plays it..it would be very easy to play as simply an automaton and we get that sense with High that there is humanity behind those eyes. I think that’s the only reasons the audience forgives him for those things.”

  • SuzyQ

    It always seems to be that whenever any fan claims extreme ‘sexism’ or ‘misogyny’, griping about the way “women” (really, Cuddy) are treated, it’s because they’re only seeing the surface – and they’re watching as if this were a ‘real’ story, without all the symbolism, motifs, allegories, etc that a written drama will have. I believe that since they are usually also female, they’re putting themselves into Cuddy’s place, and getting righteously peeved, because *they* would HATE to be treated “like that”. And naturally, viewing things from their own point of view – they are in the right, and the person hurting them (House) is in the wrong. (We all do that, I’m not assigning blame, I’m just saying it’s a natural reaction.) When ultimately, there are always two sides to every story, and neither person is 100% blameless. (I especially hate the ‘feminism means down with males, and always getting what I want’ angle.)

    So my point is – stop taking this show, and these characters, SO seriously and literally, that you can’t see the forest for the trees. Just because something is shown, doesn’t mean it’s endorsed. It’s like banning Huckleberry Finn because it uses the n-word. There are reasons for it, and they are not today’s reasons. Similarly, there are reasons for perceived sexism and misogyny, and they are in the service of the story, not ‘real life’ reasons. They exist not for their own reasons, but for larger literary reasons. Literature and storytelling are *not* real life, and should not be expected to behave like it.

    To speak directly to the episode – I really liked it. I liked OOTC more, perhaps because I could see the meaning and thread more clearly there. But I love Dominika, and I think she could be good for House as he heals.

    I think it shows how far House had fallen for Cuddy, that he was so ready to commit to her, that he was still in a commitment frame of mind, he just needed to put someone else into the scene so it didn’t collapse on him. (There are plenty of other reasons too, but I think that’s one of them.)

  • 60Plus–absolutely. I’ve never interviewed Shore, but I have interviewed Katie Jacobs, who told me the exact thing (it’s in CZ somewhere in the “Mad Bad and Dangerous to Know” Chapter of the book.

  • Eloise

    Ahh its less heated over here thankfully! I actually enjoyed this episode very much because it was so Housian! The only thing I didnt like was the monster truck and that was only cause I couldnt hear properly over the engine noise! I did enjoy Chase’s obvious enjoyment in that scene.
    I dont understand all the hate for this episode and I’m happy to wait to see where everything is leading.
    I think Dominika was rather sweet and hope she is going to appear a bit more as it seems she might.
    House definately seemed to be looking to get revenge on Cuddy but also for her to stop his OTT behaviour. He is very hurt and spiralling down as you would expect from him. Bring on the next episode I cant wait!

  • josie

    #51–ruthinor In a previous episode(s), it was mentioned that Cuddy did not get along with her sister. When you’re in a time of crisis, such as having kidney cancer surgery, you need your family to help out whether you’re bossom buddies or not. Or, the writers have been so sloppy this season, they forgot that Cuddy and Julia were not close. I don’t think the writers want us to analyze Cuddy too much, however. I think their message this season is that House is not ready for a real commitment to another person.

  • josie–my sister and have never ever been close. But when 2 crises hit we were completely there for each other. That’s pretty common.

  • ruthinor

    SuzyQ, you make some good points. However, as for me, I can’t put myself in Cuddy’s place, because I don’t know where that place is. That’s my point. The writers have told us virtually nothing about where she is coming from, based on her OWN life, not on her interaction with House. For example, why does she dress the way she does? w/o knowing why, she’s just a sexist’s dream come true, and it has really hurt her character. Maybe you can find some deeper meaning in the way the writers handled both the House-Cuddy relationship and the break-up. I can’t. I thought it was rushed, ill-thought out and poorly written. In other words, what was the point? What did we find out that was new? What allegory or motif am I missing?

    The same can be said for the Cameron-Chase relationship. The break-up was ridiculous. We also knew nothing about Cameron’s past life that might help to inform us about why she did what she did.

    All I’m asking is that when the writers spend time on developing a relationship between two of the characters, that they tell us about both of them, not just one. The more we know about someone, the more likely we are to see their point of view. For whatever reason, the writers on this show can’t seem to do that with their female characters.

  • RobF

    It’s not just the female characters, though — the writers don’t tell us much about Wilson either, or any of the team members.

    House is the only character that is really fleshed out.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    59 – ruthinor—> What did we find out that was new?
    I agree with you, the writers do not delve into the characters. I do not think so only with the female characters.
    Anyway, I do not like the breakdown of the relationship between Cameron and Chase. I think it was treated very superficially. Everything happened very fast (as in the case of House and Cuddy).
    But the relationship between House and Cuddy is different. House is the star of the TV series. His love relationships are more important than the other characters. So I agree on what we should know more about the life of Cuddy. I think the other writers have shown us something new about it. They have taught us things we did not know. This may not be enough, but it’s something. At least, we can guess why Cuddy has struggled to maintain a relationship before. Why marry someone only for six days? (for example)
    But now (not surprisingly) the writers have to focus on the “heart ” of House and his complicated mind.
    Perhaps House will carry us to learn more about Cuddy.
    I hope that at the end of this season, all our doubts are resolved.

  • MHM

    The heated reaction to the episode was not surprising.

    I don’t think it is fair to blame people for taking things so “literally”. Why would people watch the show every week for years if they didn’t become emotionally invested in the characters?

    [As for the episode]

    I was very blah about all the gimmicks in the episode. I especially cannot believe that House can make it up and down that monster truck. At certain points, I had to stop and wonder about the hallucination theory, which I do not believe in.

    The Good
    I am increasingly interested in 3M. AT does a great job portraying her on the show. I am sad to see her go. I’m greatly interested to see how she will leave the show.

    The Very Good
    I also liked Chase’s one-liner at House’s wedding. I think that line, and the look he gave House+the look that House gave Chase, was tinged with the incredible combination of “bluntness laced with ambiguity” that made earlier episodes of House so amazing. I wish we had more of these “bluntness laced with ambiguity” moments on the show now because the writing and plot structure seems to have gotten more and more blatant and heavy handed.

    The Bad and the Ugly
    I was bothered with the use of Dominika as a plot device. I am frankly more disturbed because I found myself almost liking her at the end of the episode in her last scene with House. I am disturbed that I was interested in her as a character because of the following reasons.

    If she is supposed to be a breath of fresh air for the show as well as a new possible love interest for House as he “heals”, I have to say I do not agree with the writers’ choice. While the writers are entitled to pursue their creative interests, I have a strong visceral reaction against the idea that House can or will develop a meaningful relationship with someone who came into his life the way she did. The construct bothers me. According to House, her cooking, cleaning, sex, and other services under a marriage contract will save him 33,000 a year. His marriage to her was rushed and motivated in part to get back at Cuddy. If he does develop feelings for her and they have a romantic relationship, I have to say that I would question the writers. If they are entitled to their artistic creativity, I am also entitled to feel an innate sense of disgust at the construction of House falling for a maid/masseuse/prostitute in what started as a fake marriage. Art provokes responses, and the construct within this “art” I believe invokes an innate sense of discomfort from people. That reaction does not make them irrational or hysterical. It makes them viewers of the art who feel.

    I think that many people have a point that the idea of Dominika is uncomfortably misogynistic. I do not think they are unreasonable for thinking so. If Dominika becomes a factor in House’s life, is it because he, a force to be reckoned with, needs a sweet, submissive, and docile woman instead of an equally strong force to be reckoned with?

    In addition to these thoughts, the very idea of fake marriage unintentionally falling for each other is IMHO, blatantly cheesy.

    I know people may rightly say, “Hey, no one said they would become involved!” But, the last scene between them made me uncomfortably looking at the possible future of those two characters, as I thought they planted seeds for further exploration between their dynamic.

    I do not like Dominika as a plot device because I am a viewer of the show who has reactions to what the writers present to us as their work of art. My reaction to it is immediate and innate, but I do not think that it makes me any less of a viewer. I am disturbed that her character is portrayed as slightly likable because that goes against my immediate and innate repulsion at the idea of her as a character and her as a plot device. I do not think we need to suspend our sense of values in viewing the show. The show has always been interesting because it has made us think about our own values. I think the Dominika device is a challenge that perhaps cannot be stomached well because, to me, the initial reaction is too innately negative for me to justify or rationalize her existence on the show.

    I’d really rather House met someone at a bar, pursue a casual relationship with her, and etc. than the use of Dominika as a plot device.


    I do not think certain people are angry just because House and Cuddy are no longer together. I think that a good number of them are angry because the construction of their relationship and their breakup was not dealt with in the depth that they expected it to be dealt with. Their feelings for each other were built up slowly for years, and the complexity with which that was explored was lacking this season, IMHO.

    When a good many people have such a visceral reaction to something, I do not think that it is unreasonable to think they have valid points, too. Their passion does not mean that their points are any less valid.

  • ruthinor

    Thank you MHM!! The paragraph below (as well as the rest of your post) says it very well. And it’s pretty much the sentiment I’ve seen expressed here by those unhappy with this season.

    “I do not think certain people are angry just because House and Cuddy are no longer together. I think that a good number of them are angry because the construction of their relationship and their breakup was not dealt with in the depth that they expected it to be dealt with. Their feelings for each other were built up slowly for years, and the complexity with which that was explored was lacking this season, IMHO.”

  • ruthinor

    RobF, I agree with you about Wilson. We do know about his brother and his many marriages, but not what informs his decisions. OTOH, we know the following:

    Taub was a plastic surgeon who did good deeds with doctors w/o borders (or similar org.). We know about his marriage and his brother-in-law. His parents are still alive and living in (forgot!)

    Chase was a Catholic seminarian whose doctor father left the family when Chase was very young. Chase’s mother was an alcoholic who died as a result of her addiction. Chase’s father
    died of lung cancer. Chase was not close to his father as a result of the above.

    We have met Foreman’s whole family. His parents seems to have had a good marriage. The mother had Alzheimers disease, and she is currently deceased. His brother was in jail and Foreman was in some early trouble with the law as well.

    Cameron…married a dying man. Anything at all about her family or anything else? Nada.

    Until this year we knew virtually nothing about Cuddy’s background other than how it tied into her relationship with House. We didn’t even meet her family until after the affair began. We have no idea why she got married and why it lasted for only a second.

  • josie

    Ruthinor, do you think Cuddy got married immediately after her one night stand with House back when they attended school in Michigan? Perhaps it was a rebound relationship?

  • ruthinor

    Josie, we were told nothing, so we can speculate away. What seems particularly strange in retrospect is why House never asked her about it. House wants to know everything about everybody! If I remember correctly, she was just a freshman when she and House met at Michigan, so I kind of doubt that the marriage occurred then. Of course, I could be wrong!

  • RedTulip_Ana

    66 – ruthinor
    (S07Ep08)Cuddy se casó en el año 1986. En ese año ella debía tener 19 años (este año fue su cumpleaños 43)…Es posible que se casara justo después de aquella primera vez con House.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    66 – ruthinor
    (S07Ep08) Cuddy married in 1986. That year she should be 19 years old (his birthday this year was 43) … It is possible to marry right after that first time with House.

    (sorry, I put it in Spanish)

  • Jacksam4eva

    Just like many of you I believe in the theory saying that the point of this whole thing is to make us feel as crappy as house does right now. Not only does David Shore talk about that in the book you mention but the writers have also done this for real in the show. I have nod idea what it means but I’ve also noticed that lately the lighting in the episodes of this season has been mug darker than it was before (back in season 4 or 5 for example). Lime I said I’d hate to over-interpret this kind of details but still I’d like to know if anyone else noticed and what you think about it. I’m thinking it’s part of wanting us to feel house’s pain process.

    As for those who say that House is not believable anymore (and by that I mean both the people who say that some his actions are too over the top and this who tell us to stop making excuses for a machistic jerk – I know no one said that, I’m exaggerating this I know) I don’t really know why to answer. On one hand, I do feel lime the show’s been frying worse and worse lately on the topic of women for example and that sometimes you can’t justify everyhing by saying youre trying to be not politically correct but on the other hand, I still think that this is TV and even of a character like House would never last more than one second in real life, TV is actually life with exaggeration and therefore the whole situation still works for me.

    Overall I actually liked this episode. Not as much as the one before but I loved it nonetheless. I – as opposed to lots of people all over the fandom – found it really Housian and in character. House is guy that goes all in in everything he does: he didn’t want an affair with Stacy he wanted a realationship, he goes to all kinds of lengths to treat his patients, now when he’s decided to “have fun” aced his breakup, he doesn’t just buy a boat or change jobs like most people do, he jumps off a balcony and gets married. I didnt find the whole idea ooc at all.

    Anyway, thanks Barbara for keeping the non-ranting thread open. And sorry if there are any typos in this post, I’m writing on my phone lol.

  • ruthinor

    RedTulip_Ana: I can’t remember if Cuddy turned 43 or 44 this year. I suppose it’s possible that the marriage happened after the brief affair with House, but wouldn’t he have noticed that? 19 or 20 is pretty old for a freshman, so I don’t know!!

  • Committed

    If TPTB intended for us to really feel House’s pain, then I take back all that I have said in previous posts and bow to their brilliance. I can only hope this is true – it makes sense.

    I hope that House improves his relationship with Cuddy. I prefer to see them as a couple but will take whatever form is offered other than this one. If House goes back to Cuddy, here’s hoping that Dominica ends up with Wilson. Maybe that is House’s plan in the end.

    Happy hiatus everyone !!!

  • Barbara-

    Although last week I was not in favor of the rant/rave thread first, then painfully long wait for your review, I now realize and appreciate the value and need for these two devices. I still must admit that leaving for work with the rant/rave printed posts in hand and NOT your review still feels to me like Merrie Melodies versus Looney Tunes 😉

    You make so many good points in your review. And I’m continually impressed and intrigued by the insightful comments from your readers. Regardless of my initial reaction to an episode, I always come away fulfilled and satisfied after stopping by here. That is what I love about your site, and also what I love about the show, House. There is always so much more under the surface.

    The phrase ‘there is method to the madness’ keeps popping to mind. I’m hoping for an amazing pay-off. I get that the outrageousness of it all has a point, but, Chase marries House and Dominika??? Seriously?

  • RedTulip_Ana

    70 – Committed
    I love this: “If House goes back to Cuddy, here’s hoping that Dominica ends up with Wilson. Maybe that is House’s plan in the end.”

    Happy hiatus for you too! I think we all need it!

  • He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best

    No I think Dominica, ends up with 13.

  • housemaniac

    MHM #61: You make some excellent points. But your musings about House and Dominika are frightening to contemplate. If House and D end up in *any* kind of romantic relationship, that’s it for me. I’m hanging in there, still, but that would be so OOC for House, I wouldn’t know what show I was watching anymore.

    Barbara, I’d like to believe Dominika could serve some sort of need for House. Besides being another person in his apartment, though, I don’t see what she could possibly do for him. House has never been into fluzzies (which is how D is potrayed); he merely uses them instrumentally, never emotionally. He’s a complex person who chooses complex friends and girlfriends. If that changes, then I will have lost sight of the character I thought I knew. Here’s hoping….

  • SuzyQ

    #61 MHM –

    “I do not think we need to suspend our sense of values in viewing the show.”

    Actually, that’s exactly what you need to do. [H]ouse is not a morality/values show. It never has been, and it has never pretended to be. I think that the fact that it’s on broadcast TV is the only reason it’s not even darker than it often is.

    There’s a *lot* of TV you need to ‘suspend your values’ for. Breaking Bad. Dexter. Sons of Anarchy. Big Love. Shameless. And I could go on. When writers tell stories, not all of the stories will be stories you like, or stories that adhere to your value system. Nor should they be. If a show offends you, there’s a button on your remote for that. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that the portrayal of a thing is the thing itself – or that it’s being endorsed.

  • Whiskers

    Please ignore the following if it has already been mentioned, but writer John Kelley said something interesting about this episode’s POTW in an online interview he just recently gave to the L.A. Times:

    “Ferris Bueller (Dan or whatever his name is) tells a lot of anecdotes: stint in rehab, dad burned him as a kid (with cigarettes?), that he had been a scholarship student and intended to become a doctor, that he nearly beat his girlfriend to death. Something happened to make him into the monster he is. Which stories, besides “I’ve done some evil things,” are we supposed to believe?

    John Kelley: Like all good liars, our patient never strayed very far from the actual truth. Almost everything he told our team was true — the major exceptions being his real name and the story about his girlfriend in college. In the real version, her roommate didn’t arrive in time to save her life.”

    So it seems that there was some veracity to most of the patient’s claims, although he was sufficiently manipulative to overcome the collective suspicions of the team, with the possible exception of Taub.

  • ruthinor

    SuzyQ: I totally accept that House is a fictional character and it bugs the hell out of me when some folks complain about some action he or his team members have performed in a particular episode with the words “that can’t happen in a hospital” etc etc. My thought is, what show have they been watching? No hospital in the “real world” would have a drug addicted doctor popping pain pills in public who handles a case a week, breaks into patients’ homes, and nearly kills his patients before he has an “aha” moment and saves the day. I accept all this and it doesn’t bother me.

    I don’t think it’s a matter of suspending your values. The father in Shameless is a prick, but the show is entertaining within its own framework. I don’t approve of his activities. The same with Dexter. I like the show because the characters are interesting to me. Do I think that what Dexter does is OK? No, but I accept it within the framework of the show in which he is somewhat of an antihero because he only kills people who harm others.

    I and others here realize that this is fiction. That doesn’t mean that we don’t like consistency among the characters. What I and some others object to is the fact that House and Cuddy during the relationship and after the break-up do not appear to be the same characters we watched for years. The whole affair seemed rushed and the break-up precipitous. So, within the framework of the show, some of us have objections to the way things unfolded. Others may disagree. Fine. But don’t ascribe false motives to us!

  • RedTulip_Ana

    I will invite you to that you see again the chapters of the seventh season.

    In many chapters, repeat the same scene:

    – 05 – Unplanned Parenthood – The patient is a mother and her newborn daughter. The mother dies and his eldest daughter responsible for her sister.
    House makes Rachel’s nanny.
    – 07 – A smallpox at home – A father dies of smallpox. His girlfriend will care for your child.
    – 08 – Small sacrifices – A father who sacrifices himself for his sick daughter.
    – 09 – The daughter of “hero”has the disease that has infected her father.
    – 10 – A mother dies and leaves her son with his father. The child does not know that his “instructor”is his father.
    House helps Rachel to be admitted in the nursery.
    – 11 – Cuddy’s mother is sick (another story of mother and daughter).
    – 15 – Cuddy is sick. Looking for a tutor for her daughter if she dies.

    I find it quite strange. Seeing again the chapters. There are too many cases of Father – Son – Daughter – Mother …

    It’s just a reflection …

  • RedTulip_Ana

    I forgot to say that the episode Two Stories takes place in a school with children.
    Well, the stories with children, end up in Chapter 15.
    From this episode, we heard nothing or children or Rachel …

  • andree c

    Barbara, really loved your take on this latest episode and how you phrased your willingness to continue watching the show (or possibly not). : ) Like you, I am a fan of Huddy and I see this as a major drama bump in the road to House eventually having to deal with why he is the way he is – sarcastic, detached and unwilling to open up to people. It stems from his abusive childhood. Until he does so, he’s no good for Cuddy or anyone. I only hope this foray into the metaphorical serial killer’s own abused childhood brings us some opportunities to broach the topic through the rest of this season. FYI to someone in this long response list who questioned why House could stay by Wilson’s bedside in donating part of his liver (or was it kidney?), Wilson was not likely to die whereas with Cuddy, it was completely possible given the appearance of metataszed cancer in her lungs. House thought she was already dead before the surgery ever took place.

  • NewHouseWatcher

    Hello – first time posting – anywhere

    I just started watching House October 2010. Since then I’ve watched some of seasons 1&2 and all of seasons 3 thru 7×15. I have only read summaries of 7×16&17. I love the Cuddy and House relationship, that’s what drew me to the show in the first place.

    I also would like to believe in the theory that DS is trying to make us feel as crappy as House. If it isn’t true, then I feel like he told me the end of a novel before I had a chance to finish it. I can’t enjoy watching when I know what’s going to happen.

  • MHM


    I appreciate your insight, but I think that your comment is based off of that one particular sentence you quoted and not in the context of what I said overall in my post.

    I have never claimed that House is a morality/values show. Nor did I claim so in my post.

    As I stated, the show has actually pushed people (and me) to question the boundaries of moralities and values.

    That’s one of the reasons why I loved the show.

    In pushing the boundaries, there may be certain things that strike an audience as a eureka moment or something that makes them feel uncomfortable. Perhaps, as you suggest, if one feels uncomfortable, then one should change the channel or turn off the TV, but I don’t see why an audience member has to make the choice to completely stop watching a show because something bothers him or her about it.

    Feeling uncomfortable with an aspect of the show can be part of being a viewer of the show.

    The engagement of questioning one’s values while watching a show is, I believe, a way to question oneself and reflect on one’s view of the world.

    If a show wholly offends me, I would not watch it.

    And I am not so naive as to think that writers need to adhere to my value system or tell stories that I like.

    I can disagree with them, however, and I am entitled to watch shows that I choose to watch, engaging in them, questioning my own values in the face of whatever reality or alternate reality the characters are faced with.

    I think that we all can interpret or watch TV shows differently, and our different interpretations should be equally respected. I think that different opinions should be respected, and I certainly don’t think that anyone needs to be told the correct way to watch TV shows.

  • sherlockjr

    After reading all the thoughtful and analytical posts, one sentence (by AnotherHouseIsPossible) really jumped out at me:

    “House needs to feel that someone needs him.”

    You’re right, of course. And I never thought about it that way. He has admitted that he needs Cuddy and he needs Wilson, but who has ever really needed him up till now? Other than his patients, who need him — or his brain — to cure them.

    Now he has committed himself (at least legally) to Dominika, and she needs him (at least legally). It will be interesting to see how the show explores a situation where House is needed and not just needy.

    As for the ongoing discussion about the breakup, it seems to me that it’s perfectly valid to feel sympathy and root for either of these characters. However, like most real-life breaksups, though, I don’t think the entire — emphasis on entire — blame for the split can be laid at the feet of either one of them.

    No matter what your feelings about what happened and how it happened, it’s more complex than just “House was an ass” or “Cuddy was cold and demanding.” Yes, both of those things could be said to be true, but it takes two to tango, and in this case, two to cause a breakup.

    Both of these characters are fundamentally flawed, and their Achilles’ heels clashed in a way that led to this situation. In real life, I might not have the patience with House that I do for this fictional character, but the same is true for Cuddy.

    That said, I tend to be more sympathetic to House than to Cuddy, but I could never say that she didn’t have her reasons or that she isn’t also hurting.

    Perhaps I’ve come to this conclusion because I was the eye-witness to a similar breakup in real life. I have a pair of very close friends who got involved years ago in a short-lived and painful (for them and for their friends) relationship.

    One of them had doubts from the beginning but was convinced that the relationship could be made to work. The other partner was whole-heartedly in love. After they moved in together, the first friend suddenly couldn’t tolerate the second’s quirks and abruptly kicked the second friend out.

    I felt then, and still do, that although I love them both dearly, the friend who encouraged the relationship despite concerns and then ended it ultimately had a different level of responsibility from the one who had been so delighted to find that feelings were being reciprocated.

    In other words (and bringing it back to the show), Cuddy knew the job was dangerous when she took it. She started the relationship with House when he was at a dangerously low point, and to some extent took on the responsibility of helping him with his weaknesses. To then hold those same weaknesses against him doesn’t strike me as fair.

    But life is often not fair.

    Something else that occurred to me while getting caught up on all of your messages is that we’ve only known about three real relationships that Cuddy has been involved in: her brief first marriage, which ended after a few days; her relationship with Lucas, which she terminated right after accepting his proposal because she chose House over him; and now House, who she has dumped equally abruptly.

    This is a pattern, and not a terribly healthy one, either for her or for anyone brave enough to get involved with her. Ever wonder how hurt Lucas might have been when Cuddy dumped him so fast, or how he might have behaved as he tried to work through his feelings of hurt and rejection?

    Based on these three relationship (only two of which we have details about), it seems very much as if Cuddy is a hit-and-run lover. She gets involved, tries to make things work up to a point, and then switches gears without signalling, leaving a wrecked relationship and a damaged ex in her wake.

    As Craig Ferguson says at least once every night when he has said something provocative, “I look forward to your letters.”

    I’d like to thank Barbara for giving those of us who want to discuss the show in an adult, non-ranty manner a safe-House, as it were. And I’d also like to thank all of you for taking the time to share your thoughts here – you are enhancing my appreciation of the show, and adding layers that I might not have thought of on my own.

  • emmyforhugh

    I’m a lurker who started reading the boards early in the season because I was disappointed in the superficial treatment I though Huddy was getting after “Now What?” I had hoped for so much more after so much buildup. Now I find that I am not so disturbed by the breakup as others seem to be even though I want Huddy. The reason is that I see House’s excessive response to the breakup as proportional to the mostly unspoken depth of his feeling in the earlier episodes of the season. Then it occurs to me that in the big picture these earlier episodes of the season were the true “baby steps” of two wounded people who were both bound to relapse in their way, put up new defenses in their way, and break through to new levels in their way (I hope). BTW on the surface, was no one reminded of “The Greater Good” in reverse, where House refused to react when Cuddy continually pranked him (trip wire, replacing his Vicodin with laxatives, stealing his cane) until Wilson, Voice of Reason, intervened?

  • Kim


    Another wonderfully written analysis of the show, but at this point nothing can really save the show, not even if Stephen king, Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg teamed up. As someone mentioned earlier the show itself has “fallen from grace” and it has been for awhile. I’ll still watch until they pull the plug, but it’s not as exciting as it once was.

    Great lyrics, very interesting spin on the episode and their relationship. I think another great song would be John Mayer’s “slow dancing in a burning room” which depicts the shows direction as well. This break would most definitely help me “miss” the show and give me a break from the over the top, fan fiction-ness we’re getting.
    Like stevie nicks was in your mind, slow dancing in a burning room has been playing in my mind since “bombshells.”
    Let’s see where this crazy ride takes us…

  • Andrée

    I haven’t commented now for quite a long time, but I’ve been reading everything on this site.

    In Belgium they just started showing this season, so I can only say that, reading what will happen, I am relieved to see that this Huddy-thing seems to come to an end. I am in fact more a House-Wilson fan, but how many shows do you know, especially US shows, which are courageous enough to show a homosexual relationship? And not the kind of “the birdcage”, please. Anyway I love my House series. And I do hope that the writers will not kill House with unconvincing and over the top storylines.

    Barbara, as usual, you do a very good job with your comments and analysis and I keep enjoying reading them.


  • Emma

    #10 – sherlockjr
    I have to admit that your comment about the role of women in the show, struck a previously blind chord with me and I found myself contemplating what you said. You are absolutely right. I personally never found Cameron,Cuddy, Lydia or any other woman good enough for House….other than Stacy. I know it sounds weird and the chances of them getting back together are basically nil, but I always felt that all the other romantic choices for House simply never measured up to Stacey.I never hated Huddy but in all truth their relationship never had that special romantic chemistry that makes you feel a pang in the pit of your stomach. Also, did anyone else get a weird vibe that Wilson and Cuddy are starting something? Here’s to hoping that this vibe is wrong.

  • fatOlady

    sherlockjr – I have to admitt that I REALLY enjoy your posts, they are very thoughtful and thought provoking. Your prespective is intellgent, mature (lacking the “emotional over the top “stuff” I have been guilty of), and incredibly perseptive.

    Thanks to you and to Barbara for being the voice of reason.

    Keep it coming!

  • Sad

    I am sure Jennifer Morrison is right now on her knees thanking God she left this DEAD show now or probably laughing about it. I wish her all the best in her career and also I hope her new show is successful after the House writers crashed her. SHOUT OUT TO HER!

    Right now if I was Lisa Edelstein I will start looking for a new show FAST. her character has been reduced to nothing. It seems the cast and crew DESPISE her or even they don’t RESPECT her. Lisa if you ever read this, QUIT NOW! you are a wonderful woman, I can see great success ahead for you but if you don’t leave this show it will not happen. Money is important, but not when it makes you look STUPID…look at Charlie sheen, Michael Jackson… The sooner the better. I for one will never be happy about this storyline if I was in the show. LEAVE NOW!

  • may be spoiler

    may be spoiler

    ausillio reports Dominica might be around next season.
    Q: House and his new “wife” are going to break up soon, right?!
    A: Wrong. I’m pretty sure they’re together for the rest of the season. In fact, there’s talk the actress playing Mrs. House — Karolina Wydra — might be back next season.
    Q: There’s a rumor going around that Wilson will die in the season finale of House. Say it ain’t so, Ausiello!
    A: It ain’t so. There are no major deaths coming up on House. This season.

  • ruthinor

    No one is dying on House this season. Rumors, rumors, rumors!

    As for House needing to be needed…all through Bombshells, Cuddy was calling his name. She actually needed him to be there for her. He wasn’t.

  • RobF

    No way would they put Cuddy and Wilson together.

    This isn’t Melrose Place.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    92 – RobF
    “This isn’t Melrose Place.” OR Private Practice!!!

  • sherlockjr

    Dear Emma — I’m so glad that something I said got you thinking about things in a different way. I, too, don’t see the chemistry House supposedly has with most of the women on the show. I did see it with Lydia and Stacy, and my personal favorite, Cate Milton. But not the more obvious females. Your mileage may vary… and that’s okay.

    And fatOlady — I can’t tell you how pleased I am to know that my posts are appreciated. Thank you for thanking me.

  • Referring to John Kelley’s interview with the LA Times…

    He talks about so much of this week and last week being House’s efforts to find a distraction from the emotional pain he is in right now–how badly he hurts. Kelley says…”I’m more worried about what happens when he runs out of distractions.” Hmmm.

  • Also–(sorry for the double comment) Sad…

    Rants really belong in the open thread I started Monday night. Hoping to keep the discussion in this comment thread more content-analysis oriented. Thanks for your cooperation.

  • bluehue

    @Whiskers, interesting comment…from the J.Kelley interview.
    “All good liars..never stray too far from the truth.” Yes, which is helped along by let’s say good people, who don’t stray too far from what they want to believe.

    In “Fall from Grace” when the bone fragments showed up on x-ray, I thought they could have called in Dr. Brennan for a House-Bones crossover moment..I could also hear “Bones” challenge House unequivacolly, “Why are you acting that way?”

    Besides making me glad I’m a vegetarian, cucumber slices anyone?..the episode did make me feel for the potw, even after learning his identity. I sort of ignored the monster truck hijinx, & House toying with Cuddy’s conscience via remote control helicopter and took away that there is a fragile line in the formulation of behavior..saving or taking lives..even the sad monster had a “fantasy” of being a doctor. These tortured souls with brilliant minds can just as easily go one way or the other..but they fall from grace & all manner of society & will likely repeat or relapse even if given a second chance.

  • fatOlady

    Okay….where did the TPTB “Ghost” post go, and why isn’t anyone talking about it? Please don’t tell me I dreamed it. I should have printed it when I had a chance. Did anyone else see it???? Am I crazy?

  • MHM


    I read the “Ghost” post. I didn’t know that it was gone. What did you think about ti?
    I was half, “this cannot be from an actual insider, this is just a joke” and half “can this please be true?”

  • Leesa

    Where did it go? I liked reading the speculation and should have printed it out.

  • RobF

    @barbara (95) — I had noticed House had fallen back into using his distractions to avoid dealing with the real issue, but this time he is also using Vicodin.

    At least when he was cooking gourmet meals in the middle of the night, he was able to stay off the pills.

    A relapse makes sense; the only question I have is how they will make another descent into drugs and misery by House into a new and interesting story.

  • ruthinor

    Yes, it suddenly disappeared. I wonder why??? It wasn’t rude or beyond the pale in any way. I thought it was interesting, but strangely written and I have no idea whether or not it is in any way close to the truth. I guess time will tell. I intend to watch till the end.

  • carpenter

    98 – fatOlady

    I’ve seeh it too. But I couldn’t read througt because I had to go to work this morning. After reaching home 5 hours ago the comment was gone. I thought I dreamed it.

  • MHM

    I wonder if the moderator deleted it or someone asked for it to be removed.

    Why am I reminded of “thunder road trip”, the existence of which was disputed–poof, gone, like a ghost?

  • hrl40

    For the uniniated, what did the Ghost post say?

  • ruthinor

    I wish I had copied the “ghost writing”! It was not well-written, it kind of went all over the place, but the gist, as I remember it (and I AM getting old!) was for those who like the House-Cuddy relationship to not give up all hope. The writer realizes that many people are unhappy with the way the season has gone. He/she tries to reassure the fans that the writers plan the whole season out in advance and that things will look different once the season is seen as a whole. In other words, have trust in the writers. The next few episodes are going to be bad news but that things will get better. The writer then asked a question: will we be satisfied if House is just a little bit happy as opposed to the way some would like to see him? (I assume the writer means VERY happy). The writer compliments the fans for some astute analysis. That’s about all I can recall. Anyone else remember more, or can correct what I’ve said?

  • Bertnernie

    I must admit that it took me until last evening to watch this episode. I could list a variety of reasons for this, but in all honesty I did so with hesitation and then resolve. Like you, I have invested six and a half years and have enjoyed every speed bump and pot hole along the way, but have had difficulty with the current direction.

    I decided that in watching this episode I would need a clear head. I had to push away all emotions that were running rampant in my head prior to watching. Had I not of done this I am sure that I would not have appreciated the episode as much as I did.

    Sitting back after the episode had finished various thoughts ran through my head. Out of these thoughts two things struck me. The first thought was that the complexity is still there. The second was a congratulations to David Shore and company.

    If you would be so kind as to permit me to explain the last thought, I will try to do so here. As like most of you it really burned my nuggets when the House/Cuddy relationship ended as abruptly as it did. I think it was the shock of it that was more upsetting than the actual breakup. Knowing that there would still be 7-8 episodes left to the end of the season I had reason to fear that it would all go south. With things being written, or “tweeted” regarding the episode, people lost hope fearing that it would go back to “square one”. We were not prepared to go back to the Vicodin-popping House. We had seen him come too far to watch him backslide that far back. And while I will admit that I was one of those who lost hope momentarily, I never felt that that the relationship was completely over, as there is too much history between House and Cuddy.

    These last few episodes have been completely off kilter and surreal. I feel though that we are missing something, at least I am anyways. The writers have always been known for throwing carrots and other tidbits into each and every episode. Some of those carrots are not acted upon until a few episodes down the line, but they are acted upon. There is something niggling in the back of my mind that I just can’t place my finger on. There have been tidbits and carrots in these past episodes that I am sure I have missed. What has been said (or not said) regarding these episodes has been well planned knowing that we as fans are going through all sorts of turmoil right now. I for one do not believe that what we are being shown (or not shown), or what the writers have come up with is not something that has not been planned since the beginning. We are aware that each season is well planned before hand and that every detail is hammered out prior to shooting, whether it is for the entire season or as each episode arises. We also know that the producers (ie David Shore, Katy Jacobs etc.) have the final say before filming each episode, and if these episodes didn’t fit into the overall arc of the season and show they would not have been allowed to progress. We know that the writers have never let us down, and I would not be the first to say that they are the best there is for episodic television. While we may not agree or even like some of the episodes that are being aired, there is no reason to jump ship. In our emotional connection to the members of PPTH, and the frustration we are feeling currently, we are missing what is between the lines.

    Barbara has been fantastic at guiding us through these tough episodes with her beautiful way of looking at things through a different lens. I know for me they have kept me sane, when I would have been running around swearing at the television. I think these next three weeks of going through new episode withdrawal will give me the chance to re-watch these episodes and look at them with different glasses. Maybe I will be able to find some carrots that were previously missed.

    I do know that whatever is coming down the pipe will be unbelievably fantastic and probably be quite shocking and will leave us all summer to ask one simple question……..WTH??

    What will be hard will be the crater sized potholes that lie between now and the end of the season. The congratulations mentioned earlier is for throwing such a monkey wrench into the mix that our heads are still spinning. I am sure that as this season ends, we will sit back and go……Holy Crap I so did not see that coming. While they may or not be completely aware of our thoughts and speculations I think we owe it to them to give them the benefit of the doubt and to not lose faith in these murky times.

    Thank you for letting me post this. Barbara once again THANK YOU for steering the ship in the right direction and for allowing us to see a different viewpoint to one of the most complex characters ever to hit the small screen. I for one will watch until it has run its course.

  • hrl40

    Ruthinor, thanks!

  • Leesa

    I want to know what happened to the post. Was it deleted by the author? I’ve never tried to delete a post, so I don’t know if that is possible? Did Barbara delete it?

    Ruthinor did a good job summarizing, but I think the writing was deliberately trying to seem like a non-English speaker was posting. The post was very long. Which is why I would have liked the chance to re-read it!’

    The main theme, was, “Don’t give up on us.” Meaning the writers and how they understand the characters.

  • fatOlady

    I wanted to reread it to and that is why I went looking for it. The writer said the had written once right after BS “to give comfort to the fans”. There was a copy of that post as well that began with “Salute”. The writer stated he/she would not say “Salute” again because it gave some fans the impression he/she was not from the USA. The writer said he/she was in fact American. I had the impression it was leggit.

  • fatOlady

    On Twitter this afternoon, Maya295 was upset about something copied off her site and posted in Barbara’s comments. I am wondering if this is not the post she is upset about and Barbara removed it. Interesting.

  • ruthinor

    I saw # 89 by “sad” on Polite Dissent as well. It is a strange post! Could it be that one?

  • MHM

    Hi, everyone.

    The gist of the “ghost post” was, as fatOlady said, don’t lose faith in the writers.

    To share what I remember further, the writer said:
    (1) something along the lines of every single crew member and producer on the show knows fans’ reactions to episodes
    (2) you guys know House and Cuddy, who they are as characters so well. Do not give up on them.
    (3) Would you be satisfied if House was somewhat happy? Would you be satisfied with something common or would you not be satisfied with anything less than uncommon?
    (4) Have faith in the current episodes as they fit into the larger scale of things.
    (5) I’m impressed with the deducing going on. Keep DDXing.

    There were two dates of entries posted, one was right after Bombshells and the other was, I think, the day after the most recent episode aired.

    The writer wove House dialogue from Season 7 throughout the post, like the “uncommon” mention, and, in urging people to have faith, I think he or she quoted the faith dialogue House said to Cuddy in Small Sacrifices. He or she also said, apparently in reaction to fans jumping ship, basically to keep faith in the face of everything, and, in apparently a reference to how some fans were not ready for the recent turn in events, quoted Cuddy in “Now What”: but, argh, “we didn’t even ask?”

    Basically, the post said to trust in the bigger picture of things and told us to keep faith in the characters. It emphasized that every aspect of the season was planned with the bigger picture in mind. It also hinted that we have to wait for “happiness.” I remember that it said something like “I know you don’t want your characters ruined and I understand you want a happy ending but would you be satisfied with a common happy ending and, like Cuddy, how long have you known House?” It also said something like “I know you don’t want to feel like an audience who has a carrot being dangled in front of them but please be patient.”

    I’m sorry if I’m promoting speculation here! But I know that I personally would be dying of curiosity if I saw the mention of a ghost post, so I contribute what I can 🙂
    I’m also sorry if I’m misremembering anything.

    My reaction was, as I mentioned before, one of skepticism and hope at the same time.
    IF TRUE, the thing that made me feel somewhat better is IF TRUE that everyone on the show knows and is aware of fans’ reactions. This was welcome to me because I did feel that certain people on the show were dismissive of fans’ reactions.

    Another thing that IF TRUE that I liked was the emphasis on have faith in the bigger picture.

    BUT what I didn’t like about the post was:
    The timing of the posts were right after Bombshells and Fall from Grace, right after the two episodes that sparked a lot of heated reactions from fans. The post said something like he or she was posting because he or she knew that reaction was so strong and he or she wanted to calm? people down or bit or give people hope. This bothered me because it can be construed as this person, if an insider, just making people keep on watching the show–a worry that rating would drop so hold the carrot in front of people, tell them to keep watching.

    I didn’t know quite what to make of the numerous, numerous interwoven references to S7 dialogue in the post. I didn’t know whether that was meant to convince the reader that he or she was really an insider or an indication that he or she was an imposter who just liked to fool people.

    Sorry for the long post.

    I really wonder why that post was deleted.
    Even if it’s not true, I haven’t seen rants or other speculations deleted before. Go figure.

    Cheers, everyone.

    Trying not to be so invested in the show but failing,


  • Leesa

    NHM~ Thank you for your take on the post. You did a good summery of what I remember reading. I don’t know why it is called a “ghost “ post? What is a ghost post? Why was it deleted?

    I wonder if you also felt the poster was trying to post like someone who did not speak English, and failed.

  • Again thanks to everyone for your kind words. I’ve tried to make this column a place to pick apart the show, and you have done a great job of that here!

    Re: the post you’re speaking of. I was asked to delete it for very good and valid reasons (and not by either the show or network). Sorry I can’t be more specific.

  • Leesa

    I guess I need a valid reason. Not the network…was the poster unhinged? Beyond credibility?

  • MHM


    I do not know what to make of the type of language used. I didn’t really think about whether the person spoke English fluently or not, but was more curious about his or her attempts to weave in House dialogue into practically everything he/she said. That was…odd, particularly the last comment which I think said something like “Sorry I can’t be more specific, but I’m not Recession Proof.”
    I don’t know whether I should be impressed or grimace.
    I will say this, though, if it is some elaborate, long post by someone just to mess with the fans, as House said once (and I realize I’m quoting House dialogue like that poster did haha) “that’s just mean.”

  • Leesa

    Yes. “That’s just mean.” But maybe just Recession Proof. I was less grimace and more impressed.

  • There has been considerable interest expressed on this thread in a “Ghost Post” that Barbara Barnett (#115) deleted “for very good and valid reasons.”

    I hope it’s not a violation of Blogcritics’ Official Comment Policy to suggest this, and I certainly don’t question Ms. Barnett’s action, but I’d be happy to publish the “Ghost Post” in its entirety on my own web site, where curious readers could freely access it.

    If the “Ghost Poster” is agreeable, I invite her or him to click on my hyperlinked name attached to this comment, and utilize the email address at the bottom of my web page. Once the “Ghost Post” is published there, I’ll post a follow-up on this thread to alert everyone to its availability.

  • As I have permission of the person who requested the removal, I can elaborate a bit more (and then the end of the meta on my part here): apparently the “ghost” post was plagiarized from a private (locked) fan forum and shared publicly here. The posting violated the TOS of that forum. That’s all there is to the story.

    There is nothing more to see into it. Now back to the discussion.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    Good morning to all,

    I’ve been two days without anything to comment on this blog. I just read something about a “ghost post”. I sincerely hope that nobody has written here something I wrote in another forum (private). I do not know if I have anything to do with it, but the story of a ghost, reminds me one of my speculations (I´ve never told it like “ghost”).
    I don´t think this is the place to express our speculations.
    This blog, who kindly gives us Barbara, is about what we have seen in the chapters, and I think we should not go further. I will not write my views here. And I sincerely hope that the person who has asked to delete that comment, there was Maya. If you want to know (speculate, think, go crazy …) to join our discussions in that forum. These thoughts are very valid and well thought out. I’ve seen all the episodes again, and I have many things clear. Others are not so clear. And my thoughts are evolving as the days go by.

    Thanks Barbara for giving us this place to talk.


    Straight, what comment a day about the songs in the episodes. This morning, someone else has said about the song that appeared in Family Practice. I find it interesting that the current. Is the song that appears at the beginning, when Cuddy is in the clothing store and Julia Arlene. Did you ever think about it?

    This is the song “The Sandman”, is very interesting, for what it says and what it means. I think it is very interesting for the references in it, about “Pagliacci”. This is an opera with clowns.

    I am increasingly confident Something That great awaits us at the end.

    Actually, I believe.

    I think the viewers have been watching House this season very passively until Bombshells. Bombshells effectively changed our minds. We said: What the hell is going on here? But we did not realize that everything was going before. I do not think Bombshells, to establish a “before and after” in the series, I think Bombshells established a “before and after” in our heads.

    The writers are making us think. I think that’s very good. Maybe for a while, I was pessimistic. But honestly, I now believe that this House that we see is the Great House of ever. David Shore is fantastic. I think he has a privileged mind. And I don´t think he has been improvising. I think he had in his mind the development of this season HouseMd 7 from the pictures in the promo.

    Believe me, we will enjoy the show! Perhaps the season will not end as we would like, but might end up better than we would like ….

  • RedTulip_Ana

    Sorry about my previous post. I know he was not referring to anything of mine. I remember the post of which you speak. I read it. I assume you have been erased for good reason. Keep the idea of not speculate at this blog.

    And I apologize for not reading before you comment!

  • screamingmimi

    This is my first post; other folks are better at expressing what i feel about this show. But i just have to say, i haven’t had this much fun since my coworkers & i met in the break room to discuss who shot J.R. And further back, when we played our Beatles records backwards to determine if Paul was really dead. Maybe it’s my love of mysteries, but i love all the speculation about what’s going on. The writers & TPTB are up to something, they’re teasing us. I wonder if they all meet after hours, share a drink, & laugh about it.

    This is the only show i’ve watched for so long and not gotten tired of. (Gave up on The X-Files after five years.) I love the House & Cuddy dynamic, but they’re doomed by their own flaws. It’s more dramatic that way anyway.

    And, Barbara, I am so glad you created the “rant” section for sufferers of HDS (Huddy Derangement Syndrome.) There are some interesting posts there, but mostly i just scanned the topic sentences.

  • hi screamingmimi–I can totally relate. I like that: Huddy Derangement Syndrome. I think many of us have a spot of that (myself included with a very, very mild case :))

    Happened to see the season 2 episode “Need to Know.” (USA Network is doing one of its periodic marathons–this afternoon it’s season 2.) It’s incredible how much the breakup with Stacy is echoed in the Cuddy breakup.

    House is nothing if not perceptive about people (and he’s much more self-aware than he suggests). He broke it off with Stacy because he knew that he would be himself, and even though that would be okay for “a few weeks or a few months, one day you’ll need something I won’t be able to give you.” “I can’t go there again,” he tells her tearfully.

    That was four years ago (after a breakup that occurred five years or so earlier–he was still hurting that badly). So he’s progressed to where he CAN open himself up to “go there again.” And what he said to Stacy has now come to fruition with Cuddy.

    House went off the rails (as Wilson put it) after “Need to Know.” The build up to getting together with Cuddy was over a longer period of time, and the breakup will hurt all the more because his normal defenses weren’t working. He had removed them.

    I’m not saying Cuddy is at fault. Not at all–except that to think House’s normative behavior wouldn’t matter to her. It did in the end.

    Also, happened to watch the end of Bombshells again (and yes it made me cry again). Cuddy tells House that he wasn’t “with” her, and I’ve always thought she meant because he was high and therefore didn’t mean it literally. But I think it was meant as literaly as well as figuratively. All the time Cuddy was worrying at the beginning he wasn’t with her–hence House’s “I wanted to be.” I think House must’ve felt he was there for her (even though it took Vicodin to allow him to get beyond himself). But even he would acknowledge that he hadn’t been there from the start–but only when he thought she was dying.

    Anyway–thoughts for a Friday afternoon. BTW–I’m participating in a book party tonight on Facebook just before 10 p.m. ET. C’mon by if you have any questions or for a chance to win a signed copy of the book. pump up your book’s march 2011 authors on tour facebook part

  • el

    can I have a link to “rant” section please. I don’t understand where it is.

  • ruthinor

    el, if you hit your mouse over Barbara’s name you can get to a site that has the rant section plus what’s on this section. The rant section is just below this one.

  • AreKay

    Guess I could disect this episode bit by bit but the bottom line is I think the HOUSE writers have been watching too much Charlie Sheen!

  • Committed

    So RedTulip_Ana – do you think the season finale will include a further understanding of the the House/Cuddy relationship, a reconciliation or something totally unrelated to it? Maybe just a further understanding of House himself.

    Anyone else have any thoughts? It’s hard to tell based on where we are now but it is interesting to speculate. I really enjoy reading the comments here – they are well thought out. Better than mine. I have really learned how much I have missed even though I have watched every episode.

    That said, I have decided to watch the episodes leading up to where we are now but I want to begin with “Broken”, skipping to “Baggage” from last season and move forward from there. I had always watched this show with a thought that the two might someday get together but didn’t take it seriously until “Baggage”. So I am going back to the day in my mind when this changed from casually hoping to see it someday to Wow – they might give this a go! Maybe I can see exactly where I put the House blinders on. If I can’t, then maybe I didn’t … or maybe I’ll still be blinded.

    Something to do while waiting for the next episode…..

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @129 – Committed: Well, just say we’ll have to wait until the end to see the end. But I also say, that after review all the episodes, I´ve seen things that I hadn´t seen before. I don´t think everything was so simple. I believe that this season would be understood like a “whole”: We won´t understand everything until the end.
    The promo for this season: House with painted clown face; House with a lollipop saying “I like suck”; A picture of all the characters in bed with House, House offering an apple “bite” and the most important : an image of House with the chest open and we see his heart!. I think the idea of ??this season of House, is the study of House´s “heart”.
    In many chapters the writers speak of fathers, mothers, sons, daughters … family relationships … Well, actually, I will not speculate at this blog. I have made comments in the livejournal of Maya. I suppose you read it at that. All right. People say things that they see. I think there are very valid thoughts. But as I said in my previous post, I’m changing ideas all the time. Rather, my ideas are evolving.
    Honestly, YES, I think everything we see has a hidden depth not seen.
    I think that, or I should think the writers have suddenly gone mad!
    I don´t think that since Bombshells ALL is horrible. I believe since Bombshells we have begun to participate in this “journey” of House.
    – Do you like House? Enjoy watching the series.
    – Do you like much much much House? Speculate, think, dream, share your thoughts with us!

    What to do until the next chapter? Well, now we are on spring! We can go out and enjoy the sun! 😉

    I have a question: Does anyone know what movie are watching House after his wedding? It is a black and white film. We see a woman running for a man dying on the floor …

  • Committed

    RedTulip_Ana – thank you for your comments. I too have many thoughts regarding how this season will end and they change almost daily so I understand why folks might hesitate to guess. One thing stays the same though – I just want to be convinced that House can eventually be happier and I want Cuddy to find some peace no matter what the outcome. I think it would be too limiting for that to come in one form.

    Just watched “Broken” again – nothing of House and Cuddy in there. It was very eye opening for me to go back to the time where they were not the focus. He again has many of the same problems he battled then. I want him to win a few of the battles this time. It’s too sad continually seeing him in relationships that end.

    Without a doubt HL is absolutely amazing in this episode – I just scratch my head as to why this guy has not won an Emmy.

  • Ella

    To Anna-
    Good Riddance.

  • Amie

    I was wondering about that film! It can’t be just some random one.

    From a user review on IMDB:

    “This is definitively the best film ever made in Quebec. It is literally a study on the human behaviour, on the emotions, on life and death.

    A little girl who always wants to have the upper hand and who always says what she thinks (played by Charlotte Laurier, fantastic), lives with her mother and Guy, the mother’s brother, played by Germain Houde, who delivers an impressive performance of an alcoholic simpleton.

    The screenplay and dialogues are from novelist Rejean Ducharme, which we can recognize the highly ironic tone. Ducharme fans will undoubtly fall in love with this film.

    It is a beautiful masterpiece, lyrical, poetic, touching, with ironic humour and unforgettable scenes. It’s filmed in a way that makes the audience think. I give a 9/10”

    Reminds you of a show?

  • el

    Barbara, ruthinor,
    thank you a lot.

  • Susan

    Just thought of an example of Houses’s humanity which I always found touching –

    In the episode where House diagnoses Carl Reiner’s pancreatic cancer (the “squawking parrot” noises and swollen belly), he calls Taub over and tells him to take the obviously frightened Reiner immediately for a scan and, as an afterthought, says “and stay with him”.

    Now, how about a scene with Mel Brooks as a delusional “2000 Year Old Man”!

  • Bisou Bisou

    Barbara —

    I have been a fan for some time, yet your precise ability to decipher hidden meanings and parallels beyond what is presented to the audience never ceases to amaze me. I cannot truly appreciate each new episode until after I’ve read your interpretations/reviews as well as your discussion comments. You truly are a gem among the vast field of television critics that aspire to your talent, but lack your vision.

    Because English is not my mother tongue, could you please help me to understand what you wrote in Message #124:

    “Also, happened to watch the end of Bombshells again (and yes it made me cry again). Cuddy tells House that he wasn’t ‘with’ her, and I’ve always thought she meant because he was high and therefore didn’t mean it literally. But I think it was meant as literally as well as figuratively. All the time Cuddy was worrying at the beginning he wasn’t with her–hence House’s “I wanted to be.” I think House must’ve felt he was there for her (even though it took Vicodin to allow him to get beyond himself). But even he would acknowledge that he hadn’t been there from the start–but only when he thought she was dying.”

    When you wrote that House “hadn’t been there from the start,” are you referring to his typically complicated (albeit usually poignant) behavior since the beginning of Season 7, or just to his personal struggle to both acknowledge and confront the myriad implications of Cuddy’s medical crisis throughout “Bombshells”?

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @132 – Ella – Wow, thank you! Incredible! How do you recognize the movie? Honestly, I think this movie is put there by something. I think that happens as with the songs they choose for the most important scenes. Everything has its meaning.
    133 – Amie – Thanks for the link and the comments! “Good Riddance”: A mother who had to take care of her simple minded brother is in trouble with her ??rebellious daughter. Probably I should watch the movie to find the relationship between it and House. In French (original version of the film) his name is “Les bons Debarrás”. Well, as a first impression, it is again about “family relations, parents, children … We have to think about them, right?

  • RedTulip_Ana

    131 – Committed – Oh, it was a pleasure to answer. I really love these discussions. Yeah, I love breaking my head thinking! Several things about what you say:
    – First, yes, I also think that House can be happy, and yes, I think Cuddy can reassure he to be happy. Cuddy’s character (in my opinion) has lost a lot of “force” in the later chapters. I’ve always thought that Cuddy was a strong woman and self-sufficient: director of a hospital from a very young age and a single mother. So I think that her reasons for breaking the relationship with House are not well informed (well, it is true that she never was on the verge of death … “No one knows how to react in such a delicate moment”) . I still think that the history of these two characters has not ended.
    – On Broken: It is true, when House is in the psyquiatric, he is alone, trying to fight him addiction. But you must also remember what was the reason for detention, no? The “straw that broke the camel’s back” was a hallucination with Cuddy. At the end of the fifth season, House had many hallucinations (with Amber), but Cuddy hallucination was the reason for his detention. Well, sooner or later, he would have had to detox … but “curiously” with the only person “alive and real” with whom he had a hallucination (a night of passion imaginary) was with Cuddy. House’s mind did not choose someone else. If you remember, too, in his last session with Nolan (Chapter S06Ep21), House was angry because he had not found happiness. The last conversation with the psychiatrist was about Cuddy and the book of his grandfather. House was the whole episode trying to get that book so important, keeping away for years, to give to her. Perhaps, I should be more objective, but I honestly think that Cuddy is a very very important in this “journey” of House.
    – Finally, YEAH, Hugh Laurie deserves an Emmy. He has wonderful performances, not only in that episode.

    Finally, What we choose: Go out and enjoy the sun? Or Do we still beat our brains to find an explanation? As Cuddy said: why do you have to analyze everything to death? 🙂

  • Committed

    RedTulip_Ana – unfortunately where I live there is still snow on the ground. Not to worry, I have plenty of distractions in my life – like family, friends and work. This is just the filler in between. Hopefully we will see the sun (and warmth) soon.

  • Eve K

    I must pester you with my idea that Laurie should play mr Higgins in My Fair Lady. If it should ever be made. (Yes they are planning a remake, Emma Thompson is writing the script and she really wanted Laurie to play Higgins) This young actress who plays House wife reminds me of Audrey Hepurn. Im delighted to hear that she is not just in one episode.

    I must say, for now im sick of Cuddy & House lovestory, thats old. I really hope that she soon becomes a powerful boss again.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    139 – Committed – Ooh, well, the sun will come soon for you too. In the south of Spain we have the sun all the year.

    I have this: It is the poster of the film “Les bons Debarras”. I don´t know french. But I made a poor translation, and it´s a very sad film. And, unfortunatelly, links good with Maya´s theory and with my sad theory that you can see on her livejournal.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @132-Ella – @13-Amie –
    Sorry, but the film after the wedding of House, you can not say. The film should be in black and white. Still leave my previous post. Just as an illustration, in case anyone wants to see the movie.

  • ruthinor
  • leesa (ppth Mod)

    I just wanted to clarify that I am not the leesa who has been posting here making references about a removed post. As the post was originally copied the forum I am a mod for and confounded, I am well aware of why it was removed. I thank Barbara and the editors at this site for their diligence in this matter.

  • Elisabeth

    The writers never do ANYTHING just for the heck of it, so what do you think they were saying with the “Good Riddance” movie reference?

    Is House seeking “Mother’s” sole attention with his acting out antics?

    Is murder/death (of an alcoholic, mentally imbalanced brother or a cannibal serial killer) ever justified?

    Or is it as simple as illuminating another part of House? Intellectual? Cultured? Lonely? Tortured?

  • ruthinor

    My question is, who the hell has even heard of this movie? I don’t think the casual viewer will be familiar with it. So why put such an obscure reference into an episode of House? Maybe someone is just a fan? Perhaps we shouldn’t be reading a lot into this. Again, I haven’t seen the episode yet, so I don’t know how this would or would not fit in.

    I’m just trying to amuse myself so I won’t think about the fact that is has been RAINING in the Portland OR area for about 4-5 months now w/o a sunny break of more than a day or two. Today we have a short sunny breaks and then HAIL. It’s also so damn cold, not one day over 60 degrees this year. When I was in school in Wisconsin I expected that. But this is the west coast…where is that warmer weather??

    Done complaining!!

  • RedTulip—Ana

    I repeat! This can not be the film! The person that say that it was the film, I think is wrong! I believed his/her answer, but after I saw the images I think that is not the film that House was watching! I ask again: Do anyone know what is this film? Can, please, the person who answered before, tell me Why he/she thought this was the movie? Because, I really, believed before to he/ she…

  • ruthinor


    How much of the movie did they show? What was in the scenes shown?

  • Amie

    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but I don’t get all the fuss about re-posting (…or not) something from another site. This IS the Internet…

    And on another topic, I just wanted to congratulate and thank Barbara for finding the link with Stevie Nicks’ song.

    I did have fun watching the episode. The only thing that bothered me is that Foreman went along with House’s game, he who was always calling him on his non-professionnal behaviour. I was really ticked by the pingpong scene, more than the monster truck (which annoyed me cause I couldn’t hear a thing). It’s time they got new fellows…

    And I was bothered also by the interview given by Kelley. It seems I misinterpreted yet again House the character. For me, he was trying to get a reaction from Cuddy, not “he was trying to have fun”… I worry more and more that I don’t get it…
    Maybe Hugh Laurie is overdoing his job and putting in feelings he’s not supposed to give the character…
    There lies the misunderstanding from the start.

  • RedTulip?”Ana

    Yep, here is an image
    This is a capture, it is only the final scene. The scene is about a woman running because a man is dying on floor…

  • Elisabeth

    … or maybe the point is that House has just gotten married and he is sitting on his sofa watching an old black and white film instead of doing, uh, what you might expect newlyweds to do. TPTB might be shaking their heads in amazement at we devoted fans who try to read meaning into every word and every image.

  • ruthinor

    Sorry Red Tulip_Ana, can’t see enough to tell anything from that scene of the movie.

  • vicpei

    A good thing would be for writers and executive of the show to stop giving interviews. We would all handle the story much better this way. No need to throw their interpretation in our faces, I don’t need people to explain me what I have to understand all along a story.

  • vicpei, the writers and producers (and the actors) generally give interviews upon request. When I occasionally requests interviews of the creative team, they (the writers) can agree or not.

    I’ve always operated under the assumption that fans of this space would enjoy the inside peek at the process. If not (or I perceive that’s not the case), then I won’t continue to request interviews.

    My interviews tend to focus on their process and what they are trying to say (or not). I never take an advocacy stance one way or another. It’s their work for us to interpret.

  • vicpei

    Barbara, I don’t think you asked for the last interview of John Kelley I read. In his words, House is “trying to have fun”. This sounds so wrong it angers long term, invested fans (not only me). I understand they have to keep the end of the season hidden, but it would be better not to hear this sort of feeble explanations.
    I had no problems with the writers interviews until Bombshells, when TPTB started hammering us with House being a jerk and only a jerk. Whether we misunderstood the character from the beginning, or they are bending him now in this shape, I don’t like it at all. But I agree : it is a recent feeling. And certainly not your fault.

  • vicpei

    I did not intend to rant here, sorry. One week after the episode, I still have problems with processing this marriage thing. I hope the show did not shoot itself in the foot with it. It adds to the feeling of “unfinished business” I get from the Huddy exploration. And I am frustrated about Rachel, too. I wonder if we will see some kind od aknowledgment of her (beginning) interactions with House, but I am afraid it will be dropped, like all the concerns we should have seen at work, concerning the end of Huddy (what with love contracts? administrative boundaries?)

  • I just wanted to say I loved the “Survivor” episodes in Season 4, and that the actors were also eliminated in the same way (too bad about Anne Dudek though– even though she had her wonderful role as Wilson’s beloved and House’s hallucination, I’d have liked to see her a member of the team AND Wilson’s girlfriend).
    I’m amazed to learn that some people thought it was a bad season until the end. (Didn’t like the CIA episode, but oh well.)
    Let’s hope for the best for the end of this season. I’m sorry they’re taking 3 weeks off, but the cast probably was happy to have the break.
    I imagine Shore and Jacobs can come up with something fascinating for the end. If it has nothing to do with Cuddy, some people will be very disillusioned, and perhaps stop watching. That story still needs to be finished, I think. Perhaps there’s one more season in this show. I hope so. It’s my favorite. Thanks.

  • Also, didn’t Lisa E. say that we’d see more of Lucas? What happened to that? Maybe still to come, or maybe Michael Weston wasn’t available.
    I am always baffled when things don’t happen that someone “promises.” Will Cameron be back? Someone (?) told me she will for an episode or two this season, but I don’t know if it’s true.

  • fatOlady

    With all the frustration and heartach in the fandom, I was “thinking” the 3 week break was a good thing. Now I am not so sure. Now I am just wondering what we are going to talk about for the next 2 weeks.

    After all House IS really the only thing we have in common.

    We need some (fat’n sassy) spoilers leaked to fuel speculation and imagination. However, and (I am just speaking for myself), I have had a’plenty of the negative (House will NEVER change interviews). My emotions are beaten to a pulp, so if DS & company intended that I/we feel as crappy as House is, well I’m there.

    We need HOPEFUL SPOILERS. The fandom needs some POSITIVE peace offerings (from TPTB) spread around; just to keep people talking and excited about the show. Now, I ask you….is that to much to ask?

  • vicpei

    I am afraid that the complete absence of hopeful spoilers leads to a heartwrenching finale – again. I wonder who TPTB is trying to attract- a lot of critics were unconvinced by this back move. I remember not-so-unhappy finales (season 1 and 3) and it did not refrain me from watching the season after.

  • fatOlady

    Also, season 6 was kinda “not-so-unhappy”. I say we are due for a HAPPY finale, they have broken our hearts through part of the regular season….it is time for the fans and the writers to “kiss and make-up”. Please no more heartbreak…how much can we be expected to take for the sense of entertainment?

  • Susan

    #163 – “Oklahoma Grandma” – Amen!

  • bk75

    I don’t think the movie House has on his TV could possibly be “Les bons débarras”. The characters look like they are wearing clothes from the 50’s or early 60’s (instead of 1980) and are speaking English instead of French.

    The bit of dialogue that I could hear sounded like:
    [child or woman]”Oh Bill!”
    [man]”There’s nothing to worry about. You’re more scared of him than he’s scared of you”
    [child or woman] “Are you sure he won’t bite me?”
    [man] “Are you kidding?”
    The rest is interrupted by House and Dominika speaking but I think there’s talk of “going for a walk” in there as well.

    It made me think there was either an animal involved or maybe some kind of “monster”, like a Frankenstein, or zombie-like creature. Maybe what we are hearing and what we see don’t even match. It’s very curious and it’s driving me crazy trying to figure it out!

    Can any of you hear more dialogue that can help us figure it out?

  • josie

    In the House Daily Dose web site, there’s discussion about how the show is like the game Clue, and that TPTB have been leaving hints for the fans to figure out. A few clues are listed. There’s also a supposed leak from a show insider about what is going on with the man House himself.

  • fatOlady

    Okay……josie! HAHAHAhaha I think we get the point that we should check out House Daily Dose for clues.

    Thank you, LOL:)

  • RedTulip—Ana

    163-fatOlady–> Writers please, read that post! No more heartbreaks… 😉

  • RedTulip—Ana

    149-Amie–> Ohh,no problem…Thanks for answer…I only want to know the title of the film,maybe it is nonsense…

  • fatOlady

    Speaking of all the speculation. I had another thing strike me as strange yesterday. I rewatched BS, and I wondered why Wilson is doing the ultra sound on Cuddy instead of a regular technician who (would be) an expert? Then there is usually a specialist who reads the test results THEN it goes to the attending. Why not in this case?

    Also, during the ultrasound you can hear a heart beat that sounds A LOT like a baby’s heart beat when you do a prenatal ultrasound. Any thoughts?

  • RedTulip—Ana

    -163—> bk75
    Oohhh…thank you very much for the transcription! Yeah, I know…this can not be the film! But nobody answer me anything else! Reading the conversation…mmm…I am still more intrigued!…

  • RedTulip—Ana

    168-fatOlady–> i think it is better to talk about our speculatons at another place (lj) and here only talk about things we really saw on the episodes. I started folow you on twitter. DM if you want

  • RedTulip—Ana

    168-fatOlady—> about your comment. Yes! Wison never does this things! And I hear this beat’s sound too…mmm

  • vicpei–I understood John Kelley’s remarks differently. He said in total these actions are House trying to distract himself. In the first of the eps, he went on a hedonistic bender, trying to make himself forget himself. Last week, he was, in a sense, trying to “get happy”–the Segway was for fun; the monster truck was for fun. He’s trying to fly, I guess in a way–maybe even trying to duplicate the feeling he got leaping off the balcony. Living on the edge.

    I didn’t at all hear JK’s remarks as painting House as a jerk. There has always been a diff of opinion among the entire creative team regarding how much of a heart House possesses. From season one–on. They’ve talked about it since then as well.

  • Amie

    @RedTulip #167 -> I was talking about the ghost posts being removed not your wanting to find out which movie is shown in the end

  • housemaniac

    fatOlady #168: One of the few things I have always wondered about on House is exactly this: doctors doing tests that they are not qualified to do, or at least that are outside of their speciality. Chase, in particular, seems to do all manner of tests and surgery. Usually, for example, a surgeon doesn’t also do/read an MRI! I just think this is one of those things the writers are asking us to take a leap of faith about and is not unique to this situation with Wilson.

  • simona

    @RedTulip_Ana #150
    About the image that you posted, the movie on House’s TV, you got me curious.
    The actors look like James Dean and Natalie Wood in “Rebel without A Cause” (I don’t remember every scene of the movie because I watched it many years ago).

    I did a little research and i found out this (look at 0.35), and this (look at 6.51).

    The movie location was the Griffith Observatory “located in Los Angeles, California, United States. Sitting on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood in L.A.’s Griffith Park. The observatory was featured in a number of scenes in the James Dean film Rebel Without a Cause; a bust of James Dean was subsequently placed at the west side of the grounds.”

    Look closely at the column on the background of the photo you’ve posted, doesn’t it look the same?
    I hope to be helpful but probably I’m wrong…

    P.S. great comments everybody, as always.
    Actually my brain is taking a break 🙂

  • ruthinor

    #174 housemaniac: I agree with you. So many things about House require suspension of reality. Doctors doing procedures that others should be doing etc. Maybe Cuddy just asked Wilson to do the ultrasound because she wanted to keep things close to the vest instead of spreading rumors throughout the hospital. Plus she trusts him. Wilson must have done ultrasound before! However, I have a hard time believing there’s a baby. The hospital would surely check that out before surgery, right? Even in Houseland??

  • fatOlady

    I actually was sendig this idea of the baby in the ultra sound theory more to the believers of the “altered reality” House is in a coma group. I didn’t think of it as an actual occurance. Just another STRANGE thing to add to the list.

    If you buy into the coma or “altered reality” theory (at all) then consider this, remember in Resession Proof the wife told the guy in the coma she was having a baby.

    Well, what if (we believe House is in a coma) and Cuddy was talking to him at his bedside? What if she was the woman who told the man she loved SHE was having his baby?

    In the world he was presently in, House would have had a hard time accepting what she was saying at face value. Could be, this sceen (with the patient) all took place in Houses mind to explain it in a way he could accept. Then as “real time” went on she came back to visit him again and to tell him she had an ultra sound.

    His subconious had to make sense of this again (in a way he could understand) so he filled in the pieces of the puzzle with a medical emergency. BUT still somewhere in his mind he remembers or acknowledges (the baby) so as his mind plays out (Wilson) doing the ultra sound, you hear the fetal heartbeat.

    I know it’s a stretch but still cool huh?

  • eileen

    I don’t think it’s a stretch at all. Very plausible.

  • fatOlady

    This is actually fun and there is more that catches my attention and seems “strange” each time I rewatch an episode. And…..if we are to look to the patients for our clues, then it gives a new prespective to the episode.

  • ruthinor

    It’s an interesting theory fatolady..(I guess we should be discussing this in the other thread, but what the hell), and there is lots of that speculation going around about House in a coma. On another site they also mentioned the possibility of the patients in season 7 relating to House’s life in some way, that most of this season is somehow within his damaged brain. One could certainly see that with the military father and son, harkening back to House’s life. Oh well, guess we’ll find out soon enough!

  • fatOlady

    Sorry, I did not realize speculation was supposed to go in the rants thread. I will move to that area. Thank you “ruthinor” for clueing me in.

  • ruthinor

    I think this thread is meant for discussion of the episode only. The other thread is a free-for-all!!

  • morphine a violin a friend and a mystery

    Just found your site. This is probably my favorite show, ever. I think it is terribly misunderstood, under-appreciated, over-criticized, and sadly lumped in with shows that have nowhere near the brilliance and insight that House has. I have read people’s comments here and there that say they think the show has gone off course. I disagree, even after kind of “looking to see” if it was. I thought one ep this season was poorly written, but other than that the show has always been A+ stuff for me. I look forward to reading your blog and viewers’ comments.

    I just want to say again how important I think this show is and how I wish it wasn’t lumped in so much with typical shows. Although, the fact that it has the range of being seen in so many ways says a lot. It is a comedy, a drama, a study of ourselves, a plethora of insight into our behavior, and what has meaning for us. The fact that they have succeeded in appropriately (for the most part) incorporating characters with mental illness is something I applaud and admire. I could go on and on.

    And I will! Just not now.

  • Boeke

    House, like Holmes, is too flawed to be anyones idea of a hero. He’s a monomaniac, sociopath, addict, etc., and not even a very good musician according to Watson.

    But he’s a curious character, and to the extent he reflects ones own pathologies and suggests ways to improve ones own behaviour and outlook, he’s useful as an example of bad outcomes from a persons own distortions.

    For example, his constant belittling of doctors around him should make anyone cringe who has responsibility for other peoples work.

  • sherlockjr

    Just ran across this article, about how, for the brain, “pain is pain.” Seemed pertinent somehow.

  • Exfan

    Here’s a q&a from EW:
    This “secret” of Thirteen’s on House, why she went to prison. Yes, I need more details on that…stat! — Margo
    No amount of doctor puns will get me to divulge the secret, but I can tell you that she isn’t crying over just anything in that preview you’ve seen. The secret/reason is incredibly heartbreaking. And Olivia Wilde says once it’s out there, we can expect to see it bring Thirteen and House closer than ever (…but not romantically). “She really does appreciate his acceptance of her, and sometimes, I think that she feels he’s the only person in the world who understands her. Certainly after this episode,” she says.
    What does House say to Thirteen to make her tell the secret? Is it Cuddy related…? – Jordan
    Yup. “It’s shocking to her because of the vulnerability that he expresses along with it,” Wilde says. “He’s been perfectly happy in the past to drop bombs about himself that he doesn’t seem to be very emotionally affected by, but it’s the fact that he seems thrown off his comfort base a bit. He’s reaching out to her and showing her his rawness.”

  • morphine a violin a friend and a mystery

    Boeke, I think House is a hero because he is trying to cure his patient no matter what. I believe he only has good intentions, both as a doctor and a person. I think he is a man of good heart, of good conscience, good faith, and of sound mind. He gets caught up in life like everyone else. His difference is not that he is flawed. He holds himself to a higher standard. Everyone is flawed. The world is flawed. House is almost everything I would want to be.