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House, M.D. Creator David Shore Talks Season Eight, Episode 150 and More

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It’s been widely reported for several months (and making Variety’s breaking news this morning as an April 15 deadline looms) that FOX (which airs the series in its first run episodes) and Universal (which produces House) have not yet reached an agreement to renew the hit series TV series House, M.D.Olivia Wilde and Hugh Laurie in House, M.D. courtesy of Fox

“I would be absolutely astounded if there wasn’t a season eight,” noted House, M.D. creator and Executive Producer David Shore during a conference call with television journalists Friday afternoon. “FOX wants a season eight; Universal wants a season eight.” The question is, whether Universal, which produces the series, and Fox can come to a meeting of minds. It won’t be until after an agreement is reached that the studio can proceed with negotiating contracts with the supporting cast and David Shore himself. (Only Hugh Laurie and Olivia Wilde have contracts that extend beyond season seven.)

Shore explained that the series is moving forward on the assumption that there will be a next season. However, as Variety is now reporting, the sides are still far apart. If no agreement is reached, says the entertainment newspaper, FOX may lose the series, a mainstay of its schedule. Earlier this week, TVLine reported that Robert Sean Leonard is returning to Broadway, which may affect his role on House moving forward. Although Shore didn’t want to speculate, he is “operating on the assumption that [Leonard] will be back. That relationship [between House and Wilson] is one of the cornerstones of the show.”

Creating an unlikely hero in a misanthropic, cynical, atheist genius, Shore continues to be astounded by the success of the series, seen in more than 65 countries by millions each week. Although Shore has often described House as someone without a heart of gold—not a “good person,” House has always written as a multi-dimensional human being. But does he have a compassionate side beneath it all?

“That is a question that’s been on the table since day one,” replied Shore. Noting he doesn’t like answering questions that require interpretation, he prefers to  let viewers decide for themselves, and let “the work speak for itself.” But House’s humanity (or lack thereof) is something Shore is particularly reluctant to discuss.

“Everybody has their own interpretation.  I want them to see what they want to see; to challenge [the viewers] in that regard.” But, he continued, “of course he’s human; he’s not an automaton.”

Cognizant since “day one” that they didn’t want the character, who is all about rationality, and a seeker of objective truth, to be “Spock” (who fought his own battles in Star Trek to overcome his half-human emotional side). “[House] is a human being, and intended to be mutli-dimensional.”

The show’s 150th episode will air Monday night on FOX (8:00 p.m. ET) as Olivia Wilde returns to her role as Remy Hadley (“13”).  Shore is stunned that they been able to “take this character and explore him for 150 episodes. It’s been amazing.” Originally Shore hoped only that they’d get a “niche audience,” but his expectations have far exceeded anything he might have imagined. Although House’s creator admits he’s not been “thrilled with everything [he’s] done” on House, he doesn’t “lose sleep over it.” Shore would rather not say publicly what those things may have been, but hopes they’ve learned from those experiences and been able to move forward from them “with a slightly different perspective.”

Shore commented briefly on the House-Cuddy relationship “I’m very pleased,” he said, “with what we did with that.” Acknowledging that with millions of fans, some are going to be disappointed with the ultimate resolution to the story arc, he said that it’s impossible to please everybody. The trick of pulling off the relationship (while it lasted) was keep the characters in character: “to keep House, House—and to keep Cuddy, Cuddy.” One of his directives to writers in developing the story line was never to have them “too content or happy.”

Keeping the series fresh and story ideas fresh is a challenge, Shore admitted. You have to keep challenging yourself, he noted, and not to get complacent and assume what you think is fresh, actually is fresh. “What is it about this story that is interesting?” is something to explore with each episode. “What is it about this story that enlightens us about House” and the people in his universe.

With Olivia Wilde returning Monday night in “The Dig,” does that mean Amber Tamblyn’s Martha Masters is on her way out? Shore was coy, noting that an upcoming episode (“The Last Temptation,” Episode 7×19) will answer that question.

However, Shore’s comments suggested that Masters’ days are numbered. “The plan was never to have her stay forever. But, he added, “it became very tempting.”

House’s 150th episode, “The Dig” airs Monday at 8:00 p.m. ET on Fox. If you don’t mind being mildly spoiled, have a peek at yesterday’s preview article.


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  • Sacha

    So they want Olivia Wilde and are uncertain about the ‘supporting cast’. I think that speaks volumes. I hope Jesse Spencer, Omar Epss and Lisa Edelstein will get their reward in the contract negotiations for being always enthusiastic and supportive about the show and won’t be axed for stupid budget reasons. Moving on? I will if OW is becoming as important as Hugh Laurie.

  • Orange450

    Thanks Barbara!

    Sometimes I wonder whether DS’s reluctance to delve into the discussion of House’s “heart of gold” or lack thereof stems from the origin of House’s character. Wasn’t House’s nature supposed to have been modeled somewhat on Mr. Shore himself? If so, I can certainly understand his reluctance to speculate publically on the nature of his own inner depths 🙂

  • Belle

    This is an article that pretty much tells us nothing to be honest.

    I was actually interest to hear DS say ”
    The trick of pulling off the relationship (while it lasted) was keep the characters in character: “to keep House, House—and to keep Cuddy, Cuddy.” One of his directives to writers in developing the story line was never to have them “too content or happy.”

    His prime derective in keeping House and Cuddy never content and never happy as a couple is what soured me on the show. I kept hoping for sustaining moments of happy and all we got was misery and misunderstanding. In terms of character development of House and Character making them constantly doubtful and misery made what should have been an exciting, complicated, flashy and erotic pairing into something half formed and for many episodes dull. I loved Huddy and I’m dissapointed they wrote them the way the did and broke them up so lamley, I thought at writers they were better and braver 🙁

  • vicpei

    Well, read the conference call, read your insights, thnaks for it. It does not deserve more comments. End of House for me, if he is very pleased with what he has done. The channels and the polls and critics clearly do NOT share his delight.

  • Lily

    Don’t be overdramatic. OW has a contract because it was probably part of the agreement when she left to go do movies this year. DS wants to hitch his show to a rising star and keep her for a significant period of time. It’s perfectly logical. And we all know that HL is signed for eight seasons. The rest is of course, undecided when the show is undecided. But I don’t think they’ll cut any of the cast. It’s just a matter of re-negotiating contracts.

    Besides, if we’re going by starpower and name recognition, OW is certainly second only to HL.

  • Sascha–Contract length has nothing to do with preference. OW signed her contract after the others last time evidently or had a longer contract than Peter, perhaps. She doesn’t have a new contract. Don’t read more into that than is there.

  • Freyah

    I really don’t care if Olivia Wilde has a contract on the show. I do care about Lisa, Robert, Jesse and Omar and would like to know what is happening with them. I know that OW has a fledgling movie career but the show hasn’t lived or died by her absence and 13 was never that big of a fan favourite in my opinion. The absence of Lisa and Robert though would make a hug difference to the show if there is a Season 8. I have no problem with OW as a person but can we just away from the OW train for a minute and find out about the futures of cast memebers that the majority of House fans actually do care for and about????

  • I do get what Shore says about things open to interpretation. Escher makes a sketch. What’s in the sketch? It means different things to different people.

    Spock is created as emotionless, tamping down his human soul–eventually, his humanity began to overwhelm the rational Vulcan. But when that happened is open to interpretation.

    Characters in film, literature and on TV mean different things to different people. Paintings and photographs mean different things to different people based your personal experience and how the character resonates with you (or doesn’t). So I understand his reluctance to be definitive about his creation, That was one of my questions. I didn’t expect him to answer it directly, but his response satisfied me.

  • Freyah–we don’t know right now. I think I actually broke the story originally back in October when Lisa E told me about the contract negotiations. Fact is, we don’t know. Variety broke two stories today about House. The latest was this afternoon’s, which was breaking news for the paper.

  • Jane2

    Thanks for the write up! Each interview from TPTB is more dispiriting than the last. I have no hope now. I think they are lost.

  • Anne

    I should be more surprised, but with his doom and gloom campaign of late nothing surprises me.

    It’s not uncommon these days to wait until the very last second to come to contractual terms, so we just have to wait it out. House still has a lot of popularity, so it wouldn’t be in the network’s best interest to let it go.

    On another note, his directive should have been “explore the characters to the fullest.” Not keep them miserable and unhappy. What kind of direction is that for a show that has shown the creativity, complexity and depth of House? That’s an inexcusably, limiting directive. The assignment with House and Cuddy should have been to explore fears, magnetism, passion, anger, and the inate complexity of these characters in the context of how these two broken and damaged people can possibly face the challenges in love. Exploring this relationship to the depth that they built these characters in the first place would have been much more interesting than “keep them unhappy.” Get for real.

    If DS really gave those directions, he’s lost his creative genuis and the shows doomed anyway. The other option is that he’s full of crap and yanking the audience’s chain for a greater purpose.

    That’s all I’m saying.

  • tauwja

    “Shore commented briefly on the House-Cuddy relationship “I’m very pleased,” he said, “with what we did with that.””

    I’m sure you are. Too bad you’re the only one.

    “Acknowledging that with millions of fans, some are going to be disappointed with the ultimate resolution to the story arc, he said that it’s impossible to please everybody.”

    Absolutely. But with the way they did it, they haven’t seemed to pleased *anyone*. And that’s why it’s been such a complete failure. And I hope one day they will finally come to understand (because it really doesn’t seem they’re listening to the bucketloads of — very valid IMO — criticism they’re currently getting from all sides) it wasn’t so much the *end* of the relationship that bothered us (although that also was rather random and OOC), but pretty much the *entire* relationship that made no sense. It was all just one big gigantic mess and most of it a huge disappointment.

    “The trick of pulling off the relationship (while it lasted) was keep the characters in character: “to keep House, House—and to keep Cuddy,””

    Yup. And — aside from shallow and silly storylines — that’s where you failed, BIG TIME. House was okay, but Cuddy has just WAY off since early in the season. Her character was all over the place and just didn’t make any sense anymore after the first few episodes. And she’s been behaving completely contradictory to how she was in the earlier seasons. Which is odd, considering DS &co are so convinced people don’t change….. then what do you call what happened to Cuddy??

    Seriously, just….. never mind. *deep sigh* This is just hopeless. These people just really don’t get it it seems. If he is serious about this, if this is really it, then I’m done.

  • Celia

    I think the Networks have destroyed the [H]ouse that Shore build. The state of their contract debacle explains RSL’s outburst yesterday. I so wanted to see [H]ouse go out on a high note… and I was silly enough to think it might run for 10 Seasons. I may need a differential diagnosis on my poor litttle, broken [H]ouse heart. 🙁

  • Anne–what he’s saying is no different than he’s said since day 1 about House. Why would he change that?

    Orange–I think you may be on to something.

    Jayne–what dispirits? DS said very little about anything new. Not everyone dislikes OW (some people have been highly anticipating her return). Not everyone lives and breathes House-Cuddy.

    DS has to follow his own vision. It’s his character and his story. I’m still very engaged in this exploration. I understand that many are not for whatever reason(s). Each has to judge for him or herself. That’s all I can say. I wish he’d said more; I wish he had news of the negotiation, but I can’t say that what he said dispirited me–he didn’t say anything that we didn’t already know he felt.

  • tauwja

    Re: Anne, #11:

    “On another note, his directive should have been “explore the characters to the fullest.” Not keep them miserable and unhappy. What kind of direction is that for a show that has shown the creativity, complexity and depth of House? That’s an inexcusably, limiting directive. The assignment with House and Cuddy should have been to explore fears, magnetism, passion, anger, and the inate complexity of these characters in the context of how these two broken and damaged people can possibly face the challenges in love. Exploring this relationship to the depth that they built these characters in the first place would have been much more interesting than “keep them unhappy.” Get for real.”

    OMG. THIS so much!! That’s perfectly stated! I really couldn’t agree more.

  • Anne, tauwja–how do you know that the only directive? Trust the writers, but remember: House is an unhappy guy. I think that sort of caveat is always crucial when writing a love story about a fundamentally very unhappy man. The rest of it would come naturally.

  • Jill

    What with Robert Sean Leonards comments yesterday, the stalemate in contract talks, and now David Shores comments! This all really does make me feel, that this is the end of the show, there will be no season 8, I had a bad feeling about everything when they added an extra episode to the season. I just have saddness in my heart with all this negativity thats been coming out this week. Can they really let a great show like House, that has brought in so much money for the networks, and has delighted so many around the world, end like this?

  • josie

    Mr. Shore believes the central character of a television show should never change, however, after 6 1/2 years, he is losing his audience. Since House never changes, it’s just getting boring. There’s nothing to look forward to. House has faced drug addiction, failed at romance, risked his job, and risked his life on numerous occasions. The character is 51-years-old, and as an audience member, I’m just shaking my head, saying to myself, “Grow up!”. The writers have drawn the character so broadly that I don’t think he resembles the Gregory House of Season 1. Every cast member of the show is miserable, and I can’t understand why David Shore would think audience members would find this appealing. I also don’t understand why the show is “drawn” so broadly. There’s too much slapstick, such as in “Now What” with the only one neurosurgeon storyline. When this show first aired, I thought it was a class act. To save this show, I think it’s time for Gregory House to finally learn “how to balance on the type-rope of life”. If this season ends with a downer, I truly think a staggering amount of audience members are going to stop watching.

  • espejoses

    Basically what you expose does not say anything not said before in other seasons, because he never to wet with any shipers. If anything the only difference is that you no longer qualify as an absolute selfish and a jerk, and talks about the character with certain degree of humanity (which we have always seen.) Of course this contradicts the categorical statements that all have been telling us that House for being such a jerk, he can not be husband material (and therefore in our view a reason very simplistic explanation).
    I think they made a mistake to think that we the viewers want complete happiness for the characters, far from it we have always pensadoo in a complicated relationship, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, moderately happy, not without problems, but yes functional in its dysfunctional way. I think they have underestimated the same hearing in which he is both amazed and proud.
    In any case, their opinions are quite biased and devoid of any hint of what really will come. We are so blind to what is going to give the final.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    Thanks, as always, Barbara, for this report. I’ve been unhappy with the show, and I’m afraid the more I hear from TPTB, the deeper my heart sinks. I’m definitely going through Kubler-Ross’ stages of grief. The House and Cuddy “arc” should not come to an end, not after building it up for 6-7 years. I fear they’ve made a big mistake and miscalculated the depth of fans’ passion for the show. I have bad feelings about the future of the show.

  • MusicandHouse

    This whole contract negotiation thing is making me really nervous. Especialy since Shore says he is operating on the assumption there will be a season 8…meaning this season probably ends with some type of cliffhanger that won’t get resolved if season 8 doesn’t happen. Although I guess the fact that Variety considered this to be important enough to be breaking news shows that people really are concerned and want to see the show continue.

  • You may all disagree with me, and this is the last thing I can say before I need to prepare for Sabbath, but we actually don’t know what’s going to happen, who’s going to interact with who, or how the final 6 (well, for me, 5) episodes will unfold.

    I’ve never been one to jump to conclusions, believing that the people who created the show and have the most invested in the characters know what they are doing, even if I don’t always agree with them.

    If I ever get to the point where the show no longer does it for me, I’ll stop watching. I watch so few television series now, it’s unusual for me to grab onto one as hard as I’ve grabbed onto House. The series has had its narrative ups and downs in my opinion, which is why I asked DS that question. But even at its worst, there is so much there (whether I interpret in there or its intentional–it really doesn’t matter in the end) for me, I’m still captivated.

  • vicpei

    Barbara, I would love to agree with you. Just love.

  • tahina

    Why is it so hard to trust David Shore anymore. Im getting to that point mentioned by Barbara where the show no longer does it for me anymore, and Im not even a Huddy.

  • josie

    I’m sure there’s a plan to this entire season, but I’d like to enjoy each episode on its own merits. There hasn’t been an episode this season (and very few from last season), that I have completely enjoyed from start to finish. I have no desire at the end of the season to watch an episode again to see how it fits in the general storyline. Some of these shows have been down right offensive–House drugging Cuddy’s mom, House conducting a DDX in front of his team with a hooker in his bed. Shame on the FOX network for airing that at 8 p.m.

  • sherlockjr

    I’m still with the show. As long as they can still surprise me, delight me and move me emotionally — and there have been episodes like that this season — then I’m in it till the end.

    That said, I do hope that the contract snafu gets resolved soon, if only because the fans are twisting themselves into knots over it.

  • vicpei

    #24 Tahina : Thing is, not only Huddies have been dissatisfied since Bombshells. A lot of viewers have been upset about the Vicodin relapse, the hookers, and, mainly, the “back to square one/ House is a jerk” declarations.

  • Cate

    Does Olivia Wilde have a contract beyond this season or not? There are conflicting reports between your article and what Ausiello is reporting from the conference call. According to his site, Shore “was less certain about the fate of Olivia Wilde, whose return as Thirteen after an extended absence serves as the centerpiece of Monday’s milestone hour. ”That’s yet to be worked out,” Shore said of the actress’ status beyond this season. “I certainly hope we have her. She’s wonderful.”” I’m just curious as to whether she has a contract or not.

  • Eileen

    I can’t believe how sullen I feel. Forget it. No hope for House to find happiness with his true love: Cuddy?

    And on top of that…Barbara, you seem okay with that? I just don’t get it. You have always pointed out the amazing love and chemistry between these two people. Wow. I am just floored. Sad and floored.

  • espejoses

    15 – tauwja #
    Totally agree with your comment. It’s like I always see and what I think it would have worked while staying in character.

  • Flo

    I’m not a shipper and I do believe that every season has to be judged as a whole. I’m very curious about where the few remain episodes will take House and us. I also believe that there is as many way to watch the show as there are viewers.
    However, so far this season has been disappointing in some regards. It does feel like the beginning of the end and it’s not this interview that will reassure anyone.

    For once I’m gonna be really mean: this interview is a complete joke! The only thing that it proves is that Shore is the master of stonewalling. He really doesn’t stick his neck out! Perhaps that the main problem with the show as it is today, I don’t know. But I do know that Anna is right to say that to “explore the characters to the fullest” is always the best thing to do. Every cinema scriptwriter/teacher will tell you that. I mean it’s basic scriptwriting 101 for Whatever’s sake! I agree with Barbara that it must still be on of the directive. TPTB still do explore the characters. Only this year they did it more superficially than before. We haven’t learn nothing new about House yet. The season is less cohesive because of that so far. And it’s not a question of H/C or no H/C. As someone else pointed out on another Barbara’s article, even the secondary characters (like Chase) were not that well written this year. That’s why I really hope for a big finale.

    It’s even pretty weird to have the creator of a show doing a conference call like this where he is sure to receive plenty of interesting and I’m sure a few somewhat critical questions, only to listen to him dismissing things like this. If you don’t have anything to say then shut up.

    Now 150 episodes is something huge. When you can measure the difficulty to write just 45 pages for a scripts imagine doing 150!!! There’s a reason why a lot of shows go downhill past the 6/7 seasons. Anyway they still have my biggest respect for what they’re doing. Let’s hope the last 6 episodes will be great. If there is a 8th season I really believe it should be the last though.

  • Useless

    I don’t mean to criticize you barbara barnett but once again after reading your comments you are aggravating me. I’m stunned that as a woman you are okay with the direction of the show, they just cast this SHALLOW USELESS woman who is half house age to play his wife, and now they’re writing more crap…yet you agree with it. I assume you work with them to promote their show. If no one has told you how ridiculous you’re sounding by defending this show, I will. At first you had more comments, now it’s getting less, I say stop writing these reviews supporting this men, especially the creator, whose now going through male menopause by writing a may-December ridiculous relationship, more hookers, and basically saying women are assets. I will call the men on this show MALE CHAVUNIST PIGS like someone said! I for one I’m done with the show, so should you, open your eyes and stop lying to yourself. The show is dead just like other critics have said, it’s time you do the same. THEY SHOULD CANCEL THIS SHOW ALREADY!

  • Cate–it’s an option year for Laurie and Olivia as I understand it. He said that they can pick up the options on the two of them (unless he misspoke), but that’s what he said. Interestingly, there were only a few people asking questions in the CC. Ausiello wasn’t one of them.

  • housemaniac

    Orange 450 #2:

    House was foremost modeled on the character of Sherlock Holmes, as I understand it. Interestingly, Holmes had no personal life whatsoever and was portrayed as incapable and non-desirous of having one. Obviously, TPTB did not stick rigidly to this aspect of the Holmes character (while they did with many others). Yet they came close, as I think TPTB has recently made it clear that their assumption has always been that House could never have a successful (whatever that means) or fulfilling personal life. And then… the story evolved, as any good story should. (I recently asked a friend of mine who just published a book why the end product turned out so differently than the book he conceived of and began to write a number of years ago. He replied that after a certain point, a book begins to write itself. Well, I think a high-quality television series does too. But for whatever myriad reasons, TPTB just was not willing to let that happen with “House” beyond a certain point. At that point, they started reining it in. This is what I have found so maddening about this season.)

    Barbara #8: I agree with your notion of leaving characters open to interepretation. And I think the analogy to Escher’s art is an excellent one. BUT of all the perspectives one might have on an Escher, it would never be interpreted as, say, an impressionist still life, or, say, an eighteenth-century rococo. Art cannot be all things to all people. There are limits to the interpretive possibilities in any given case. And what I find so infuriating is that on the one hand DS acknowledges this reality by saying House cannot be, say, “a good guy” or a great partner. On other hand, he wants people to interpret House in any way they would like? That comes close to being a form of artistic or intellectual dishonesty. DS should own TPTB’s decisions about the character. That, in any case, would be my second choice since I don’t like a number of those decisions, which in my view represent sharp u-turns from what we have come to expect of the House character. My first choice would have been for TPTB to have let the character evolve (and devolve!) in a more organic fashion rather than making decisions up front about what could never be possible for House and for Cuddy. Thoughts?

  • Susan

    I’m with Eileen #29

    Also, it’s a shame that a show with such great writers and storylines, and a (generally) intelligent audience, has to toe the party line and only write the story to have one outcome (an unhappy House).

    I could do without these interviews from these miserable producers.

  • Housemaniac: I think a lot of people only see House as a jerk, and if that’s how they see him, that’s how they see him. I disagree with that notion, and I’m constantly arguing with people trying to get them to understand the complexity of the character as I do (I teach a class on House and ethics and am constantly doing that as the course’s guide).

    Shore was refusing to dispute other explanations of House, preferring to let people draw their own conclusions. He noted House’s complexity; he’s written House’s complexity. House can be an adolescent child, petulant, stubborn and irritating. He has a great deal of humanity. Interestingly, I always saw the character of Spock as a deeply layered character constantly at war with his emotions. I see a strong similarity to House here. House hates the idea of his emotions getting the better of him and is always fighting that.

    If you ask a writer or an artist to interpret their art: what are you trying to say? The artist is much likely to come back: what do you think I’m trying to say. I accept that.

    Characters do write themselves in a way, but the writer (especically if there are multiple writers writing) has to take some sort of control of the character. They probably had a finite story line in mind for House-Cuddy. Do I like that? Not really. I agree that it would have been interesting to see where it went.

    But it’s not my show. I’m not a writer on the show; I don’t work with them, and I doubt most of them have ever heard of me. But as long as the series still engages me, I there.

    I want to see where this all leads.

    In every season there has been great criticism of the show from the fans (and the TV critics): Vogler was 2-dimensional; the Stacy arc stole from the Cameron-House relationship; The Tritter story arc was ill-conceived and landed House right back at square one. The firing of the original fellows was a bad idea and the hiring arc was stupid. And, by the way, “Foreteen” ruined the show. Until House’s Head and Wilson’s Heart.

    Every season has its clunkers, and I haven’t liked every episode of every season. There are seasons I’ve loved more than others. But I’m still watching. I still care.

    Useless: thank you for telling me how ridiculous I am for supporting the show. I’ll stop now. Promise. Hate to seem ridiculous in your eyes. The reason I’ve commented less on the last few articles is that I feel that I’m saying the same thing in response to the same comments. Better to let you all hash it out. I’m hear and I read everything. But I say my piece in the article. And to be honest, I’m a bit disheartened by the community.

    I almost feel these days that when I post any new article I need to duck for cover, whether it’s an interview or a commentary. But one thing I refuse to do is defend myself for enjoying a series still enjoyed by millions of incredibly intelligent people. It’s still the best of network TV; and Hugh Laurie still amazes me. Full Stop.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    Barbara, Please keep doing what you’re doing. There are many of us who appreciate the reports, the insight, and the gentle nudges to keep an open mind.

    Obviously many fans are currently upset and looking for someone to blame. TPTB are in the middle of tense negotiations with a lot on the line. Doesn’t help one bit to have the fan base in an uproar, but there it is. I must admit that I’m amazed and entertained by the zeal of so many people who clearly care a great deal for this TV show and characters. It’s quite unfortunate that fans have to turn on each other in trying times.

  • Useless

    Barnett, even Hugh laurie cannot save this worhtless and ridiclous writing and direction the show is going, if he didn’t win an emmy for 5 or 6 years for House, he will never win one with this writing. Other self destructive characters like Walter White played by the brilliant bryan Cranston from breaking bad are wining one beacuse their characters are growing, not staying the same by acting like a jerk and marrying a shallow dumbass hooker. His time for an emmy is done. In additon this show is nowhere near the best show on network tv , infact it’s the worst…the best network TV now is the GOOD WIFE, try watching it, they have great character developments, STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS and shocking storylines, not gimmicks like monster trucks and a hooker marraige. The GOOD WIFE is now recieving great awards, it might not be popular like House, but it is has dignity, something House has lost and will keep loosing if that wretched creator shore doesn’t realize it’s time to end it… and I’m not unintelligent if you’re refering to me…even a fifth grader will notice how much of a travesty this show has become. Enjoy this parody while you can.

  • Kate

    I’m glad he at least acknowledged that he was glad they did House and Cuddy. One of the things that has upset me the most (not to the crazy levels of some people though) is that we all care a great deal about these characters and many of us really wanted House and Cuddy to finally have a relationship. To have it end so quickly was so disappointing. Can you imagine waiting 6 years for two characters to get together, being happy they finally did and then it ending so quickly? 6 years and we get 15 episodes. I want to acknowledge that I know they didn’t owe us a single episode at all. It was really great that they made House and Cuddy cannon. The problem is it feels like they don’t understand or care about how we feel, how this could upset us.

    The other thing was that the interviews have made it seem like they don’t care about it as much as we do. On one level I know it’s just a job to them, but this is also a part of them. House and Cuddy have had that special spark since season one and it just grew each season. They built that tension carefully over all these years, they nurtured it and made it so obvious that many of us cheered for them to finally be together. They even created this cool history between them as college students who lost each other and then found each other again. They wanted us to care, right? They succeeded. And I can’t believe with all those years of their lives they have put into these characters and all the hard work they’ve put into their relationship that they don’t care about House/Cuddy a great deal. I love House/Wilson and think it’s important. But just because it’s love instead of friendship, just because it was “doomed from the start,” doesn’t mean that what House and Cuddy had wasn’t just as important. And the few comments David has made about them haven’t really made it seem like he cared about it or valued it like we did. I don’t expect him to ramble on about it or anything. But a few words saying he understands would go a long way for someone like me at least in at least feeling they haven’t just fulfilled their duty to the storyline they set up for House/Cuddy, got it over with and tossed it aside just to get things back to normal. As if it never really mattered in the first place. It matters to us.

    All that said, I’ve read some of his comments from other interviews and David Shore seems like a good guy. I like that he’s straight with us fans and that he tries to see other points of view besides his own. I’ve noticed he’s been like that since early in the series from some interviews and I’ve always respected him for it. Besides, he did create my favorite show. He deserves some recognition and respect from me for that. And he has it.

  • Eileen

    @Kate 39 – You said,

    “And I can’t believe with all those years of their lives they have put into these characters and all the hard work they’ve put into their relationship that they don’t care about House/Cuddy a great deal. I love House/Wilson and think it’s important. But just because it’s love instead of friendship, just because it was “doomed from the start,” doesn’t mean that what House and Cuddy had wasn’t just as important.”

    That’s it. There is NO OTHER couple on TV that compares with H & C. Even the new season 7 promos in Belgium and France say this, too. DS & Co. marketed this beautiful relationship and destroyed it without giving it a fair chance. It’s sad.

  • ruthinor

    Useless, I don’t agree with the way you said what you had to say, but you do make a good point about “the Good Wife”. It’s a terrific, adult show. And the contrast between the way the writers present female characters when compared to the writers of House is quite stunning. The women in “The Good Wife” are actually the most interesting and smartest characters on the show and the writers are not sexist pigs. LE is an attractive woman, but does she really need to show T&A in every show? That’s the writers’ decision.

  • Betty

    Barbara, Please continue to write your blogs. I can see why you would feel that way after posting a new one, especially since Bombshells, but I’ve always appreciated your insight and have learned something new from your articles.

    I agree with much of what Kate #39 wrote along with most of the other commenters. Unlike a lot of fans of the House and Cuddy relationship, though, I actually didn’t see a potential relationship from the start. I always felt from the beginning House was meant to be alone (but not necessarily miserable) because who could put up with someone like that! It wasn’t until the end of season 4 that I saw some real possibilities between House and Cuddy of course in a screwed up, messed up loving way. Yes, it looks like DS and the writers just didn’t care enough about this relationship which in turn affected the writing and storylines. There was so much potential and the writing could have been phenomenal. When you come into it with their kind of mindset, I guess we’re lucky to have gotten the 15 episodes. It is a shame.

  • Carla33

    38 – Useless

    Your comments are extremely rude and in no sense or form a definition for a debate. YOU don’t like the show anymore…who cares! why don’t you just not watch then instead of coming here to mock other people for enjoying it and trying to get them on your side to watch other shows. Who do you think you are? You used to like House now you don’t but obviously you still care because you wouldn’t be coming to a site to vent your frustration to an innocent victim (Barbara) who still enjoys the show and provides us with reviews and interviews. If you are really that frustrated and angry then i would suggest you should stop watching or go to the “TV without pity site” which invites that sort of rude behavior.

  • Susan

    Kate 39 and Eileen 40 – I am cheering you on from the sidelines.

  • Cate

    Barbara, thanks for taking the time to personally answer questions that are asked of you. Although I haven’t been happy at times with the direction House has taken, I can’t seem to break away from it. Like you, I suppose I’ll be here to the end. Thanks for your intelligent and thorough recaps. Much appreciated.

  • LovingTheJourney


    Thank you for the interview and for everything you do on this site.

    I know you asked questions regarding what he thought House the character was really like (not just a jerk) etc but was he really there to answer questions of that description? I feel he called the CC to answer questions about the future of the show and the cast?, not that he would have given a different answer in a more appropriate setting but i am confused why you would asked that question in this situation?

  • housemaniac

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful response to my last comment I do understand why DS would want to leave it up to the viewers to decide for themselves what to take from his show. It’s just that in his comments this season he–though perhaps not as much as some other writers, directors, and producers–has seemed to have foreclosed certain possibilities for the show’s future and thus certain interpretations of its past. It has been a strange decision on the part of TPTB and I think, in the end, not the wisest. (I am referring here, of course, mainly to the statements that House and Cuddy are over and that they were never meant to have a long-term, serious relationship.

    Thanks too for reminding me about the griping in seasons past. I have come to the House show and the House blogs only this season. (I began with a marathon, watching every episode until I caught up with Season 7.) I am sure I lack some perspective because I am a latecomer and I am grateful to have your much more studied views.

    Finally–and most importantly–thank you, Barbara, for putting up with so much whining, including some of my own. That may be expected in an open forum, but still you are to be commended for wading through all of our comments, good, bad, and ugly.

    I do not see a place here for rudeness, however, and I think those few of you (you know who you are!) who are directly criticizing Barbara or diminishing what she does should remind yourselves that you could do neither of these things but for her generous, labor-intensive, and incisive efforts on this site. Try directing your bitterness elsewhere and appreciating what Barbara has to offer, even if you disagree with her. I often disagree with her, but nevertheless have tremendous respect and appreciation for her efforts and her love of the show. If I did not, I wouldn’t be here!

  • housemaniac

    LovingtheJourney #46: What is the CC you are referring to? I am interested in your comments but do not quite understand what you are getting at.

  • rjw

    You do a great job writing show commentaries,as well as interviews.It’s too bad that some people have a hard time being civil.Unfortunately,it’s a widespread problem with our society today.If I stop liking a show,I don’t read commentaries and articles on that show any more.I certainly would not attack someone else’s view of that show.That said,I still love House.There have been some excellent episodes this season! Sure there have been some I haven’t particularly cared for,but for me,the worst House episodes are still better than most of what’s out there on TV these days.I actually think there’s less “clunkers” than in the early days of the series,and I still enjoyed them.I hope there will be a season 8,and that I will continue to be entertained by the left turns the episodes often take.

  • LovingTheJourney

    48 – housemaniac

    CC = Conference call

    I just meant that DS had done the CC to address and discuss what he knows of the future of the show and the actors involved so didn’t understand Barbara asking a question about what the fans perceive of House the character.

  • Masochist

    I’m probably setting myself up for a huge fall by placing so much faith in the finale, but I’m hoping for some twist or turn at the end that will make me understand why the House/Cuddy story was written the way it was. I’m not asking or expecting them to get back together, but I’d like to have things make a little more sense. I’d like for there to have been a purpose other than “well, we ‘explored’ it; time to move on and act as if it never existed!”

    And if we don’t get a twist or some revelation and everything written was straightforward and as it seemed, then I really don’t know how I will react.

  • carpenter

    Sorry for my English.

    Barbara, please don’t go. I’ve read every article of yours and I’m awaiting about every week. I live Berlin, Germany, on the other side of the world, but your reviews and opinions are very important to me.

    I’m certain I’m not the only one.

  • Balso


    This. All of this. Pretty much sums up a bunch of my feelings towards this whole situation thus far. I don’t really spend much time reading most of the comments here or elsewhere (some posters are itching to start a fight), but thanks for sharing that one.

    Why is this message not getting through to TPTB? Why are they not taking it seriously?

    It’s like they’re hearing a completely different message than the one so many people are sending. Or, and this is probably more likely, they’re refusing to hear anything at all.

    It’s not about “Huddy”. It’s not about breaking them up, or not getting what we wanted. It’s about doing a sub-par job with characters and a show that used to push the envelope even farther in ways that most other programs might not be able (or willing) to do.

  • carpenter

    And I love love love love very much your book.

    You’re under my favorites on the internet-browser.

  • Jill

    Barbara, I hope you will countiue to write your fantastic blogs about the episodes! for the rest of this season. My main fear is that with all the negative press that has been this week is that this is the last season of the show. I dread that thought, I am crying to think that the show might not go on after this year, because of Fox and NBC not agreeing to a next season. It has nothing to do with your wonderful thoughts on the show.

  • Jane 2

    Barbara in response to our comments,

    “what dispirits? DS said very little about anything new.”

    That’s part of the problem. He didn’t discuss or hint at the narrative arc for the rest of the season which I think is pretty ominous for those of us who aren’t happy about the way the last three episodes have unfolded. My issue isn’t the what BTW it’s the how.

    David Shore’s response to the reset/return to normalcy question in particular left me feeling hopeless. I guess I’m maxed out on House resets.

    “Not everyone dislikes OW (some people have been highly anticipating her return).

    I have no issue with OW or 13, they just aren’t on my radar which is why I never discuss them (apart from this response lol).

    “Not everyone lives and breathes House-Cuddy.”

    Neither do I. I’m a House/Cuddy fan, a Cuddy fan, a Chase fan, a Wilson fan and a Masters fan. My issues with the show run deeper than House/Cuddy, it’s the resets that lie at the core of it for me.

  • Christina

    Barbara, I’m sorry but David Shore pulls it out of me, so I am going to use my Houseian behaviour to respond to this: he’s a big, fatass IDIOT!!!! I don’t even want to comment on season 8, because frankly, if the writing of what used to be a brilliant show keeps going like this, then they should just end it while they still can do it with some sort of dignity. How DARE he say that he broke up House and CUddy in order to keep them in character? Has he maybe realized how OOC Cuddy has become (toothbrush, trash??? honestly?)? I can’t keep watching a show when its creator comes out and says that, 1st, he is pleased (OMG, i am banging my head on the wall with this statement) with what he did with the relationship, when in fact hit’s more than obvious that he wanted to play with it and its fans just to say he did it, and 2nd that House is doomed to always be miserable. This is not a message to keep fans watching. Most of us love House and want to see him DEVELOP and be happy, and he had his happiness in his hands, but unfortunately, with David Shore being in charge of his “life”, he lost it in the worst written possible way ever.

    I can totally see why FOX is displeased. This is definitely NOT a serious show anymore, it’s destroyed and that is more than sad, because it always felt brilliant until 2 years ago…(with rare exceptions in the latest 2 seasons… RARE)

  • smk46

    useless: it is not the function of art to portray men/women as they “should” be. house is not an exercise in political correctness. any good drama reveals a character in its human complexity, and people are notoriously weak, self-destructive, and unlikeable as well as noble, brave, ethical, etc. these characters aren’t meant to be role models; they are mirrors held up to ourselves.

  • troyica

    Thanks for the interview, Barbara. But as expected I don`t think we`ve learned anything new. If anything, I`m honestly more and more scared about this season finale – they seemed to have filmed it under the assumption that season 8 was a sure thing, so they probably couldn`t pass it as a series finale. And that really scares me, because a show like House deserves an ending episode for which the show creators will know it is the last one and write it accordingly, so they can really wrap up this (once) magnificent show and end it on a high note, not an episode that just happened to be the last this season and became series finale because the negotiations didn`t work out.

    Barbara, do you think they have a backup plan if there is no season 8 and this season is last? Or do you think that this season finale is ambiguous enough that it could lead to season 8, but it could also wrap things nicely enough to be series finale? I really don`t want House to end on a cliffhanger that was meant to be resolved in season 8!

    “Let the work speak for itself”
    Ok, I get what he`s trying to say here. I agree that art should be open enough for interpretation so that different people could find things that are important to them and see aspects of it that others would miss. But we are talking about a TV show and its main character here, not an abstract painting. If I give a rather simplistic example: you write a novel and if it`s good, sure, people will see different things in it, but you can`t be so vague as to have half your readers interpret your character as a nice, happy guy, when the point of your whole story was to show how screwed up and miserable he really was. There are some things that should be clear when writing a believable character. Yes, the viewer gets to decide how he interprets House and his actions, but what bothers me is that I`ve read interviews with writers where they specifically stated that they don`t have a “guide-book” on House – basically, that they often don`t agree about the essence of this character. I get that House is a multidimensional character and that`s one of the things why I like(d) this show, but to hear writers say that they don`t operate under the same basic assumptions when they write an episode – that is just disheartening and leads to many confused fans. I love that House is a character with many layers and it`s up to the viewer to decide how he sees him, but when it comes to writing a character for 7 years, the show writers should have a clear-cut idea what he is like and therefore should be able to present at least the essential characteristics without a doubt. Either they think he`s a complete jerk, or a complicated man with a bunch of emotions beneath the tough exterior – they need to be clear on that, otherwise they cannot possibly write House consistently. Not absolutely everything should be open to interpretation.

    But I think the main reason why so many people see House as so much more than just a mean jerk comes from HL`s brilliant interpretation, not so much from writing. It is (was) brilliant, don`t get me wrong, but if you just read the script, House says things that could easily make him the most hated TV character in the history, had he been portrayed by a lesser actor. But add one HL`s look, and House`s whole character makes a 180 degree turn. That`s why I think the writers assume they can take all the liberty they want and push House to the extreme, and HL will still convince us to let House get away with murder. Well, there comes a point when enough is enough (case in point – marrying a random hooker).

    “…never to have them “too content or happy.”
    I think this is where DS made one giant mistake. The opposite of too content or happy isn`t shallow and superficial. I get the feeling that they were all afraid that H/C relationship would stray them away from the whole “House is miserable and should stay miserable till the end”. I think they were so focused on where they wanted to go with this arc (back to square one, back to hopeless, miserable House) that they didn`t let the story unfold naturally. They seemed to just rush through this relationship to have it done as quickly as possible and be back to their comfort zone. And that`s why it didn`t work at all. They had the opportunity to write one of the most intriguing, complicated couples on TV, but they completely blew it. The chemistry and passion were gone, they were acting out of character, the stories got increasingly worse and it seemed like the writers were just going through a shopping list – problems at work->check, babysitting Rachel->check, House lying->check, but didn`t care at all how it was presented and how it would come across to the audience. Instead of a deep exploration of these characters, we got superficial, common, even cliché problems (toilet seats and toothbrushes, come on) and it`s no wonder so many fans were disappointed by this. I always liked H/C interactions and was thrilled when they became a couple, but if I knew that this poorly written mess was where this show would go if H/C got together, I would`ve rather not have that storyline at all.

    I get that DS`s vision is to end the show with House miserable and hopeless as ever. But in the meantime, there are several seasons where certain storylines have lead (or should lead) to the characters developing and evolving and for him being so fixed on the vision he had in season 1 with no regards to what happened in seven years is just not going to work. Frankly, I don`t think anyone got much out of this H/C relationship. We didn`t learn anything new about House, because they seemed to put on the breaks every time House and Cuddy were about to have an actual conversation, so it`s no wonder people who are opposed to this couple are now convinced it was forced and ridiculous. It was exactly that, and if they thought H/C fans would be happy just to have them as a couple and wouldn`t care for the story and how it was done at all, then they clearly underestimated their audience.

  • josie

    Taking Cuddy’s comment to Wilson in “Out of the Chute, “You can’t go backwards.” David Shore made the mistake that the fans will accept House back at square one, taking Vicodin at work again. Knowing that he can end up hallucinating again, it’s just too unbelievable that House’s boss (and ex-lover) and co-workers would accept it. I think David Shore should have had House abusing alcohol if he wanted him miserable again.

  • Barbara barnett

    The reason I asked the question was that it’s of interest to me and he has addressed it befOre at times. I was also the one to ask about the state of negotiations and the regrets. The Q about his perception of house is one I’ve asked every writer on the show one time or another. I had an unexpected pop for an extra Q so I asked. It was not inappropriate. I was actually the only one to ask him about the negotiations, tho someone else asked about RSL.

  • Julia

    Barbara # 36 – “They probably had a finite story line in mind for House-Cuddy. Do I like that? Not really. I agree that it would have been interesting to see where it went.
    But it’s not my show.”
    I agree with you. I’m a huddy fan, but I never expected them to last as a couple. I wish they’d written their relationship a bit better, but I get the point that for Shore, House is a messed up guy who can’t be a good and reliable boyfriend and Cuddy, despite what she says, wants a good and reliable boyfriend – and so they can’t really be together. It’s his vision; I’d have done something different but as you say, it’s not my show.

    I’m still watching House, I know there will be great episodes and great moments and I still immensely enjoy HL’s performance.
    But I confess that for the first time, I have doubts about the general direction of the show. I’m starting to think that there are not many interesting and original storylines they can come up with. Now House is on vicodin. Will he try to get better? detox? therapy? ok, but we’ve seen it already in S6. Will he fall in love with Dominika? doubt it but even if they went that way, nothing new. Will they get rid of Cuddy and introduce a new administrator? it could be a good idea for the series but I like Cuddy and Lisa E so I wouldn’t be very happy with that.
    I really hope they surprise me and keep me intrigued with the season finale, but I honestly doubt it.

    Also, I respectfully disagree about House being the best show on network TV. I still think House is the most interesting character, but for example, series like The Good Wife or Fringe are, at the moment, more solid and consistently written than House. YMMV, of course – and I get that comparing a series in its 7th season and series in their early seasons is not probably fair, but still…

    Kate #39 – thanks for expressing so well what I also feel. I always knew Huddy would not have lasted. But the most disappointing thing, for me, is that Shore and the writers seem so uninvested in this relationship. It was just another arc for them.

  • fatOlady

    #32 – Useless – I am like #41 – ruthinor, in that I think you make some good points but I don’t agree with your method (reviewing the reviewer) is not cool. I think you had some interesting things to say and I am disappointed that you ruined your credability in this forum by biting the hand that feeds you. Barbara Barnett goes to a lot of trouble to bring “us” (HOUSE fans and who are also HER fans)information we would not have access to ANY other way. Do I always agree with her? No of course not. We are different people and have different perceptions. BUT I value her opinion tremendously. It is called respect.

    Like you, I tend to react before thinking things through and often have to eat my words and apoligize. Barbara has the ability to see things from more than one angle and process it quickly. Then she puts it together in a “yummy” format serves it up to her readers.

    I get it, when people are upset they tend to shoot the messenger. This has got to be a very difficult job to do when so many people are so unhappy so PLEASE don’t shoot the messenger.

    #53 – Balso, this season is already written, filmed, and wrapped up for the year. What is done is done. Even if Mr. Shore wanted to he could not change things this season. Honestly from what I have seen of David Shore’s interview think he has heard and understands much of the fan disapointment. Even though he may not agree with everyone, he does appear to be more sensitive to fan’s feelings. For one thing, he is not calling HOUSE a jerk in this interview but instead choosing to let viewers decide for themselves who he is. That is HUGE.

  • I think part of it too, which is why it ended abruptly (and in a way that makes sense for me) is that although Cuddy really, really, really thought she could fully accept House and who he is (and who he isn’t). That what he believed would, in the end matter to her, actually did matter.

    The tipping point was that House couldn’t be with her through the entire cancer scare (although he took vicodin in the end to muster up the courage). The little lies, the little annoyances, all the other stuff suddenly was in high relief and Cuddy believed it all to be a mistake. This is why, IMHO and YMMV as they say it was so abrupt.

    This is my interpretation, and for me it works. You have yours, and perhaps for you it doesn’t. We all have to watch, appreciate (or not) within our own understanding of the characters, relationships and stories. That’s why we all perceive things differently.

    I intensely dislike it when House is written over the top (and when they go too far with him)–and they have. I’m not crazy about Foreman’s whining in previous seasons. But I’m really getting to like him this season (for the first time). I think he got a real understanding of who House really is at the end of “Help Me”. I like where the writers have him now. I adore where Chase has traveled, and after a rocky start to season 7, I like where Chase is now. He’s returned to himself.

    Taub is in flux right now. He doesn’t really know what he wants or who he is. But he’s quite interesting this season as well. House has had a taste of something he’s long for for years (maybe since Stacy) and it’s over. His reaction to the breakup was dramatic (House is ever the drama queen), and spectacularly over the top as he wallowed in self pity, tried to find distractions for his hurt rather than dealing with it, etc. Now that he’s getting past that (The Dig strongly suggests that), he can begin to deal. I think he will ultimately blame himself and learn from the experience. Now. Whether he can eventually win back Cuddy in the end (at the series end), I don’t know. But maybe he’ll try, Green Card wife notwithstanding. Boy wants girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy tries to win girl back. Classic drama.

  • fatOlady

    #64 BB – “I think he will ultimately blame himself and learn from the experience. Boy wants girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy tries to win girl back. Classic drama.”

    I think the same could be said for the writers NOW and “if” they do decide to go there again (HOUSE/CUDDY), I think it will be MUCH more FUN. I think they will have something to prove and (the fans) will get one terrific ride.

  • fOL–YES! The writers haven’t banished House and Cuddy from each other. The fallout with them having to be with each other, deal with each other, deal with the hurts big and small inflicted on each other are the stuff of drama. They haven’t pushed reset (at least I have no evidence to support that). There is, however, a new reality for both characters–and how do they move forward from that? How do they deal with each other and their own mistakes. I don’t want that to be front and center or even what the series is about (ever), but it will be interesting to see how they react to each other now that the dust is beginning to settle a little.

  • Barbara 64

    I complete agree with your interpretation of House and Cuddy’s breakup and in that context it makes sense. It made sense upon the first viewing of Bombshells and I think it was really well done.

    Troyica’s (59) point that the episodes previous felt like a shopping list ‘problems at work->check, babysitting Rachel->check, House lying->check,’ is what felt awkward. Someone also made the comment about having wished the writers used the opportunity to explore the characters to the fullest. I really hoping that’s yet to come and that once we see the picture as a whole we come to appreciate the method to the madness.

    Based on what you’ve shared about The Dig and the previews I’ve watched, I’m really looking forward to Monday night. It appears to include everything I love about House and ‘House’ – his compassion for someone he cares about, his 12 year old boy gawky side, and his obsession for solving a puzzle and his respect for the truth.

  • RedTulip_Ana (mentally stressed)

    Barbara, thanks for telling us this interview with David Shore. I read the interview and any comments. I really don´t want to say anything, because I’m “mentally stressed” with the latest developments of this show, and honestly, the interview with DS has not helped me in anything.
    David Shore is always very “restrained” in his words, and really has not told us anything new. I think he’s a very sure of himself and his product. He doesn´t need to be especially friendly with the viewers. He created House and sold it around the world. If we we go back to the past (season 1), we see that it´s very difficult to sell to the world a character like House, but DS still got it. The whole world follows his show (although House is not a sympathetic character).
    And precisely this is one of the points that worry me. Often the geniuses are enclosed in themselves. And perhaps, it is not good to get away much of the public. But I still trust him. I was surprised since season 1, I hope he will continue to amaze me (positively, of course).

    I am still expecting a good ending to House. I am still expecting a good ending for House and Cuddy. During my recent comments, I began to take on this: “The relationship between House and Cuddy could not last forever”. But no, now I no longer associate myself with that train. I think so, a relationship between these two characters with such personality, can work. I am quite sure. House and Cuddy will work as a couple. At the time they act like them: a relationship full of irony and tension, but, also full of trust between them.
    David Shore says yes, we have explored the depth to these two characters as a couple, and have always tried to keep House and Cuddy like House and Cuddy. He also said that his premise was that they were not happy as a couple.
    Well, this is my personal opinion (and I repeated along many of my comments): the only way this makes sense to me, is that “everything we see, doesn´t happen like we see it”, that “everything we see, we see only from House´s mind”. So yes, then I can understand David Shore. If, finally, this isn´t true, and I’m wrong, I don´t know if I’ll want to see a new season of House.

    I would like to make an important point. You said that you were the one who asked for the renewal of contracts and procedures in the negotiation. I think this is a very important point, as for anyone else, ask about it.
    I really care enough, the end of this season. Just shooting a season finale, not knowing if there will be a new season. In the event that there will be another season, not even know which characters will be.
    *How to get a season finale that may (or may not) be a series finale?*

  • FantasticOLady 65

    Wow! What a comparison! You’re AWESOME! I lobe you!

  • fatOlady

    Even though I now accept that HOUSE is not supposed to change, I am glad he is allowed to experience growth. Pain produces character growth so he should be growing plenty (unfortunatly that takes a little rain falling on your head). “Little flowers never worry when the wind begins to blow, cause if it never ever rained, they would never ever grow.” Maybe we can just consider this season “Growing Pains” for the characters, the writers, the fans, and even TPTB.

    It finally makes sense when I put it that way.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @65 – fatOlady
    I think the same could be said for the writers NOW and “if” they do decide to go there again (HOUSE/CUDDY), I think it will be MUCH more FUN. I think they will have something to prove and (the fans) will get one terrific ride.
    OoOoh, really good! I wish they catch this train!

  • Eileen

    Very beautifully said. I adore your eloquent writing.

    @64BB and @65fOl –
    I’ll keep rereading your words as my new mantra.

  • fatOlady

    You have all heard of PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder). The DSM V (next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) which is due for publication in May 2013, has just added a new variant to the PTSD catagory of mental disorders. This may diagnose many tramatized HOUSE MD fans.

    PHSP (Post Huddy Stress Disorder).

  • vicpei

    Barbara and fatOlady : as much as I would like to see a House-Cuddy reboot, I’m afraid it’s unlikely. What bothered me was HL’s comment on this being a bumpy ride : we did not get to see many bumps before the final ejection… So, if what we have seen is only a part of this “bumpy” ride, I’d be happy to watch it.
    Not very optimistic about anything now, I wish I could share your faith in what House will become. But, Barbara, your explanations are always much better than TPTB’s ; more soothing. I feel quieter about House after reading you, so thank you for that.

  • sara

    I don’t understand all the worry about House being renewed. Fox and NBC have been negotiating for months over who gets it. That means they both want it. If they didn’t it would take about two minutes to figure that out. “you want it?’ “nope, do you?” “Nope, glad that’s settled”

    It takes money to conduct these talks, and the fact they have spent so much time and energy on this means they want it to happen.

    And why not? House consistently ranked in the top ten. Its audience is made up of the most educated and affluent viewers. That is gold.

    What network would not want a guaranteed audience rather than take a chance on another “lone star” and wind up doing nothing but wasting time and money.

    David Shore is right, I will assume this is going to happen.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    #73 FOL: Too funny!!!! (in a sad, mental health kind of way)

    -Fellow Victim and Sufferer

  • Piece

    I’ll ADVICE all of you to stop watching this show now while you can. JUST HEARD info from people who work in the crew that the FINALE is one the WORST FINALES and all of you are going to be more disappointed, in fact you’ll regret having hope about it being a great one.

  • Amy

    If they’ll get rid of Cuddy and the stupid huddy arc once for all it’s going to be a good final for me! Time to end this silly huddy thing

  • Boeke

    We humans are naturally hopeful, so we saw Huddy as the salvation of House, in a traditional fictional way. But House is really flawed and his flaws may be extremely destructive. So the Huddy story may lead inexorably to a dreadful catastrophe. I don’t see anything in Cuddy that is strong enough to stop it. Maybe he’ll beat her. Maybe he’ll betray her. Maybe one day she’ll kill him in self-defense.

    Maybe this is the best time to end the story.

  • LovingTheJourney

    61 – Barbara barnett

    Thank you for the reply! My question to yours was merely out of curiosity and was in no way intended to mock you for asking it.

    Thanks for asking it, i liked his answer.

  • @yahnis14

    ?77 – Piece Who said this? boy courier or cleaner? does not provoke panic we are so scared enough:(((

  • Sneaky Microbe

    Well, gosh. I dare say that every day, with every new post, with every new interview, my heart sinks deeper and deeper into House MD despair. I think I cried enough after Bombshells…as though that was truly THE end. I keep reading every tidbit that comes along, praying for a twinkle of hope. But, alas, no. Just the opposite. This DS conference call did absolutely nothing to make me feel better. I’m bracing for impact at warp speed.

  • ruthinor

    I love rumors! I read somewhere that someone talked to a crew member outside “Cuddy’s house” and that they were working on a car crash scene. Is it true? Who the hell knows? Given how close to the vest TPTB keep these finale episodes, do you really think a crew member knows what’s happening in that episode? Last year even some cast members were in the dark. So don’t believe everything you hear or read…and especially not from someone who, to my recollection, doesn’t generally post here.

  • Jaim

    I wish that David Shore had elaborated on some things. He was very vague and didn’t really offer any new information. When I catch episodes from season’s 3 through 6, I get kind of nostalgic for the way things once were. The arc’s seemed to flow better then. I also felt more invested in the patient story-lines in these old episodes. The personal stuff was there and very well crafted too. I wonder if the creators and writers have just lost that true excitement and joy about these characters. I don’t see the same kind of thoughtful writing or portrayals anymore.

    I miss Kutner. I miss Amber. I miss Alvie and Nolan. I miss the intricate manner that they developed the Cuddy/House/Wilson connections. I miss the clinic patients. I also miss those moments of quiet contemplation that House often engaged in at home. There were so many great past story arcs and now this season just seems very pale in comparison. I want to enjoy this show again, but I wonder if it has permanently lost its luster.

  • Mary Marguerite

    This is the first interview with David Shore in years. My hypothesis is that he’s coming out of hiding because the negotiations for Season 8 have reached a critical stage, and elbows have been sharpened all around.

    As others here have noted, [House] is not only popular in the US, it is madly popular in the many other countries where it is shown, a truly international hit series.

    Barbara noted a few columns back how much Hugh Laurie’s acting talents make us care about this fictional “jerk”; as someone once noted on a blog about this program (maybe even this one), “David Shore created a jerk, but Hugh Laurie gave him a soul.” His acting talents transcend the limits of the translations needed for international broadcast, and make it possible for millions to see into the soul of this deeply flawed and fascinating character.

    On another note: Barbara, I am sorry that some persons who post here seem to believe that complaining about “how horrible the show has become” is a contribution to the dialogue here.

    My thanks to you for all the time you spend bringing us interviews and directing this forum to share our opinions and passions about this program.

  • MHM

    All I can hope for at this point is that House goes out with a bang (a good bang) and not a sputter.

    I doubt the veracity of Post #77 Piece, but, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true, either.

    I am a huge fan of Peter Blake’s writing and though GY can be a troll, his season-end directorial skills have always amazed me. I hold out a glimmer of hope that the finale will be better than the rest of the season, but that’s one tiny, tiny, ray of hope. If the finale is a “bang” I hope that it is as in-depth and complex as “Help Me” was, because a “bang” along the lines of the shallowness of S7 will be like an action movie/soap opera gone bad.

    PS Barbara, you do not deserve personal bashing on this site when you provide a forum for us to discuss our opinions. Hang in there!

  • Orange450

    housemaniac #34

    The following is excerpted from a 2006 interview with David Shore, which appeared in MacLeans Magazine. While House’s *character* was originally based on Sherlock Holmes, I’ve often read that his *nature* owes much to David Shore’s own, and that’s what I was referring to.

    Q: Can I read you something you said when you received your 2005 Emmy Award for outstanding writing for a drama series?
    DS: Yes, I vaguely remember that moment.

    Q: Let me jog your memory about what you said.
    DS: Thank you. I appreciate it.

    Q: You said: “I want to thank . . . Hugh Laurie for making me look like a better writer than I am . . . and my parents for making me happy and well-adjusted enough to enjoy this. But I also want to thank all the other people who have come into my life and made me miserable, cynical and angry because this character wouldn’t be the same without them.” So can we talk about these ideas one at a time, starting backwards?
    DS: Okay.

    Q: “I want to thank all the people who have come into my life and made me miserable, cynical, and angry”?
    DS: Yes, that was you.

    Q: I thought so. So the idea is that House — who is cranky, mean, misanthropic — is an extension of you?
    DS: Yup.

    Q: C’mon David. That’s not true.
    DS: Well, I do have a cynical and cold attitude lurking within me. I’m not House, but those words that come out of his mouth — I almost always agree with them. And I’m writing them because I believe them. They are my thoughts and my philosophy.

    Q: How would you describe that philosophy?
    DS: House could care less what people feel about what he’s doing, good or bad. He could care less about whether people tried their best. The only thing that matters to him is the result. Surprisingly, that makes him a bit of a rebel in our society. But while I may agree with his philosophy, I’m more tactful than House because I don’t have his confidence. Plus, I have the burden of being real.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    86 – MHM
    Thank you very much for sharing this interview. I had never read it. As always, David Shore, is very discreet in his words. But I think in this interview it was quite clear. Actually, DS is a genius. And as such, especially, introverted, pessimistic … Maybe, he thought of a much sadder House, but Hugh Lauriegave him that point of humanity that was missing.
    Let me highlight this expression: The only thing that matters to him is the result.
    I think this point is what makes House, well to our eyes. “The words do not matter, what matters are the facts” (Now what?). What matters to House is the result. House is no hypocrite. This is reflected in many of his actions. Generally, House helps people he thinks should be helped, but never never expect appreciation for these actions, and generally, he tries to get the people he helps not know that he helped them.

    For all of that, I think we may have a good end of season: No matter what way we follow, what matters is the destination. (At this point, I cross my fingers)

  • RedTulip_Ana

    Oh, sorry, I mean Thank you to 87 – Orange450.
    Also, thank you to all the people who write here, I think is to constructive for us read different thoughts about the same thing!

  • Oo

    Thank you Barbara for sharing this interview. One of the thing that hit me is if they write off Cuddy (as some have speculated), surely no administrator will be able to stand House’s ways and he would surely get fired. I mean this is evident in when Cuddy hired him, he has been fired from numerous hospitals and Diagostic Dept. was created esp. for him. So if Cuddy goes, House might be finished too.
    Anyways, i enjoy all your articles all the way from Fiji

  • Piece

    @ruthinor, FYI-Even though I don’t post here, I read Barbara’s great reviews on House…. I thought it was good to pass it on since I can see how you guys are hoping for a great finale-take my advie or leave it…

  • ruthinor

    OK Piece. I guess I’ll leave it! I MAY be terribly disappointed by the finale, who knows? Certainly not a crew member. No matter what the finale is, some will like it and others will not, so how can anyone predict that? If you’re going to post something like that, back it up with some real info. Why will we hate the finale? If you can’t do that all you’re doing is “stirring the pot” and upsetting some folks w/o good reason.

  • MHM

    I agree with ruthinor #92. I appreciate your input, Piece, but please back your statements up with some reason because otherwise other folks are just going to be upset while left dangling and wondering.

  • bluehue

    Thanks for sharing the interview & thoughts.

    Interesting to read & come to understand that Mr. Shore, like many creative individuals must keep a safe emotional distance to be able to hear his own heartbeat. In a recent documentary
    I viewed about David Lynch, I likened his form of expression taking on the power of a verb, in that we say something is “Lynchian,” to that of noting the verb Mr. Shore created, “Housian.”

    I keep the “verb” in mind when following the story of House
    as it allows for acceptance & appreciation of Mr. Shore’s directive or artistic impulse. In that way, the break-up/fallout simply presents a new challenge & opportunity for the teller of the story to reveal aspects of the characters we’ve been watching. House & Cuddy have shared the journey & intimacy, that has not been “taken away,” it is woven within & will inform behavior & interaction moving forward.

    Perspective & interpretation is open to each of us & tho fans may point out “weaker” points, the creation of (H)ouse is not “all of a sudden” ruined or a total failure..bc part of the story
    is not in favor with part of the fans. In fact, Housian is indeed part of our (pop) culture speak & has found not only a niche but a wider audience than it’s creator imagined.

    Having fun with words..to say, I see Dr. Gregory House as full of Hugh-manity & Hugh-mor that is extremely unique, complex, engaging. Housian=unconventional, anti-authoritarian. I have no doubt that DS or HL believes in their character.

    As Mr. Shore mentions in this interview, he thanks those that put him through pain & misery because he learns things he otherwise might have missed. A spiritual olive branch worth taking.

  • I believe, the Variety-article doesn’t say, that Olivia has a contract for next season. It says that “While NBCUniversal will exercise the options for Hugh Laurie and Olivia Wilde, Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps and Lisa Edelstein are unsigned for a new season and their deals would have to reupped if they were to continue.”
    That could be interpreted both ways, but TV Line wrote, that “Shore was less certain about the fate of Olivia Wilde, whose return as Thirteen after an extended absence serves as the centerpiece of Monday’s milestone hour. ”That’s yet to be worked out,” Shore said of the actress’ status beyond this season. “I certainly hope we have her. She’s wonderful.””

    This definitely means, that Olivia doesn’t have a contract yet. So Hugh is ‘signed’, and the rest of the names in that sentence belong to the ‘unsigned’ category.

  • Love those comma questions: Eats shoots and leaves. What does that sentence mean? It all depends on where the commas are placed 🙂

    exercise options for Hugh Laurie and Olivia Wilde (comma) the rest of the list is unsigned. To me that means that Laurie and Wilde have options to be exercised, the rest do not.

  • Nahla

    The best way for House the show and character to move on is if Lisa Cuddy’s character is killed off the show or leaves permanently… and I think it can help fans of their relationship move on and enjoy watching the show again. I know it’ll be sad if she leaves for fans but she has serve her purpose to House, so now what since they’re really done?…also bringing in a new administrator will bring intresting storylines. (if the writers write it right that is). Also I agree with pieces, the finale will be a dreadful one, probably to the whole House and cuddy arc since the show is not a happy show. they will probably kill Cuddy off.

  • Coby

    I’m looking forward to “The Dig” if only for the fact that House will finally have an opportunity to truly express some of his inner anguish about the end of his relationship with Cuddy to someone else without fear of judgement or criticism or failed expectations. House is in the mist of a terrible, shattering loneliness that is suffocating his mind and choking his heart. There’s such an emptiness within him now that it seems nothing could fill him, not alcohol, meaningless sex, endless partying, personal manipulations, or even his post breakup dalliance with Vicodin. His old nemesis, self-hatred spiraling into self-destruction, has come crashing back upon him. And yet, within the vortex of his downward spiral, there’s bittersweet comfort because he has spent so much of his life in that place, loathing himself, hating not only his actions and words but also his very existence. It’s hard for him to imagine anything else, anything better.

    It seems that one of the few things that’s becoming clear to House post-“Bombshells” is that everything in his life must, by necessity, be accomplished on his own. He’s finally learning the valuable yet cruel lesson that ultimately he can count on no one save for himself. Everyone he’s ever loved has abandoned him at some point in his life: his parents, Stacy, even his best friend, James Wilson and now, the final, most lethal blow, Lisa Cuddy. However, I’m not completely exonerating House of responsibility for his actions. He’s a recovering addict, emotionally mercurial, stubbornly arrogant, and secretive about his feelings. From his own perspective, he’s felt completely unworthy for someone like Cuddy and, certainly, not a good role model or father figure for her daughter. And yet, the fact that he believed Cuddy’s reassurances at the end of “Now What,” perhaps because he wanted to so very badly, proves not only that everybody lies but that, most importantly, they lie to themselves as well. House tried so hard to change for her, to be the man he thought she wanted him to be, even when it went against everything he ever stood for or believed.

    And yet, despite his own character flaws, House understands Cuddy like no one else, sees through her deflections and fears to the person inside, to the frightened little girl afraid of rejection and failure. He has never deluded himself into thinking that Cuddy was someone she was not. He understands both her strengths and limitations and accepts them equally as part of the same beautiful yet fragile, fascinating, multi-dimensional, problematic woman that’s intrigued him for years. He’s seen her for the flawed, insanely controlling woman that she often is, and faced with all of that, he still loved her enough to overcome his insecurities and open his heart to her as best he could. And while I still understand to an extent Cuddy’s thought process behind the breakup, she picked the worst way to end the relationship by reminding House of his own terrible self-loathing, his inability to ever feel loved, even or especially by himself. Unfortunately, Cuddy’s propensity to shun confrontation and his own to avoid what is painful has created an impasse between them, so wide and so deep that House is no longer sure that it can ever be traversed.

    I honestly hope that TPTB don’t have House assume the full burden of responsibility for the demise of the relationship. In fact, Cuddy had called most of the shots from the very beginning, from dumping her fiance Lucas to pursuing the romance with House to swearing he did not need to change yet demanding he make changes at every turn. Everything thus far in their relationship and even their breakup had been played according to her terms. He’d not been allowed to speak, to argue, to fight for the love they once shared, probably because Cuddy knew in her heart that she would be unable to put up much resistance against the all encompassing force that is Gregory House. Her behavior pattern is inflexible; as soon as the people in her personal life somehow disappoint and fail her, she shows them the door without hesitation or further consideration. While everyone has to live up to certain standards set for them, when the bar is impossibly high, few will aspire, and when there is no end in sight, few will be inspired. You can’t foresee every eventuality and then blame others when they do something beyond your control.

    Unfortunately, Cuddy either doesn’t understand or chooses not to understand that she automatically sets people up to fail. In every relationship there will be good times, but there will also be a certain level of disappointment and pain, too. And that’s what she can’t seem to handle. When the people in her inner life aren’t as perfect and systematically structured as she wants them to be, needs them to be, she eventually pushes them away simply because they can’t live up to her constantly evolving, arbitrary standards. That means that she’ll never have anyone in her life for very long. Not even Rachel will be immune since it’s easy to love someone who doesn’t talk back to you or isn’t old enough to have a separate personality from you to question your thoughts and actions. But what happens when she gets older and her life starts to go in a different direction? If House and Cuddy ever hope to salvage whatever is left of their relationship, then they BOTH need to take a long, hard look at themselves.

  • smk46

    bluehue #94: well said and well understood. your excellent insights have addressed a couple of important points.
    1. “housian” is now a descriptor in our culture used to characterize a certain type of antiheroic behavior, and david shore and hugh laurie put it there.
    2. the relationship between house and cuddy is not “taken away,” it has been incorporated into their future interaction.
    3.this is an opportunity for house’s character to be further revealed and developed.
    4. david shore has thanked the people who have made him unhappy and miserable as that has broadened his understanding (and thus informed his writing). perhaps we should see the developments on “house” as an opportunity to begin to do the same.

  • The Other Barnett

    Shore does not care about the audience, the reference to his expectation of a niche following says that. House, the series, is his opportunity to act out his own personal demons and thoughts. It is the opportunity for him to present life as he wants it, not as would be palatable or even critically laudible. In some ways this is worthy of admiration , that an individual’s vision has been so welcomed that it is followed by multitudes – without the creator “selling out” to commercial or popular interest. However, the way Shore approaches life (as can be seen in some of this season’s results) deserves some kind of commercial response from viewers and maybe even from Universal and Fox. After all, it is a business.

    Having said all of that, if they want to do a reduction in production costs, send some cast members on hiatus for next year and bring in some younger newbies. Have Cuddy gone for a half-season on some kind of House-induced personal sabatical. Have Wilson gone throughout the season for various reasons. Have Foreman do some kind of Dr.’s without borders leave (I know, a bit like Carter from ER). Bring in some rotating specialists based upon the case….make it about the cases again. Chase, Taub, House and 13 can be a manageable main roster for this series.

    Anyone? Anyone?

  • Sandy

    This article has been making the rounds recently on Twitter and other social media services. I don’t know who wrote it, but it’s the best thing I’ve ever read concerning the mess that is Season 7.

    5 Reasons Why Huddy (House and Cuddy) Was a Mistake

    I’ve watched HOUSE from the beginning and have always been what I would call a soft Huddy (name for House/Cuddy relationship that has stuck even though it makes me feel silly) fan. I loved their banter and bickering but was never anxious for an actual relationship.

    When it finally happened, though, I rooted for it to work in the hope their new dynamic would bring a boost of energy to House while peeling new layers off two characters I adore.

    Unfortunately, that isn’t what we got. I don’t know if the writers waited too long to bring these two together or if it never should have happened at all, but here are five reasons I think the Huddy relationship presented this season was a mistake that hurt both the characters and the show.

    1. Who Are You and What Have You Done with House and Cuddy?

    It would be an exaggeration to say House and Cuddy became unrecognizable during the course of their relationship, but it’s less of one than I would like.

    What should have served as an exploration of the House and Cuddy we’ve known since season one in the context of a romantic relationship instead found two characters being twisted to fit a storyline.

    House’s “I choose you. I will always choose you” in “Recession Proof” still floors me. On what planet would the real Dr. Gregory House decide that being a worse doctor is a necessary and acceptable trade-off for being in a relationship?

    Far worse, though, is the damage done to Cuddy. Once romantically involved with House, she devolved into a brooding, judgmental whiner who over-analyzed almost everything House did or said. Her sense of humor vanished, and worse, her chemistry with House vanished. The House and Cuddy I had enjoyed watching for six seasons faded before my eyes.

    2. How About a Little Medicine with All That Drama?

    The episodes where I thought the House/Cuddy relationship worked best were the ones where it was kept in the background, remaining a single thread in the fabric of House.

    Too often, though, manufactured crises (Cuddy’s mom was sick; Cuddy wanted House to take care of Rachel; House left the toilet seat up) overshadowed everything else going on and dragged down any story in its path. When Cuddy’s anger at House lying about a medical procedure takes over three episodes, you’ve entered Private Practice territory.

    3. The Marginalization of Wilson

    My favorite relationship on House will always be House and Wilson. What would Sherlock Holmes be without Watson, after all? Unfortunately, too often this season Wilson was relegated to sitting behind his desk where he spent his two minutes per episode giving House advice about making Cuddy happy.

    It got a bit better from “Bombshells” on (Wilson at least got out from behind the desk), but even in “Fall from Grace,” Wilson chased after Cuddy, telling her she needs to be tough on House because she is the only one who ever has been.

    First: that’s an outright lie because Cuddy almost always gives in to House and second: Wilson has done more than enough to help keep the Huddy alive. Enough already.

    4. The Break-Up

    I don’t know which was worse: that the break-up was contrived, stemming from a melodramatic health crisis, or that it was treated as inevitable from the beginning. It’s almost like the writers felt Huddy was something they had to do, so they just wanted to get out of the way. The end was telegraphed almost from the beginning of the “Now What?” season premiere, which was not the best way to get me invested in the relationship.

    That the actual break-up comes about after Cuddy has a medical emergency just proves to me that the writers cared more about the spectacle of Huddy than giving the arc any real resonance. We went from Cuddy almost definitely having a particularly vicious cancer to being completely well-so well in fact that she was able to bust House on his pill popping ways and dump him for not caring enough about her to change.

    I’m not going to get into the merits of that particular reason here-have at it in the comments if you want-but it was so jarring and forced in that moment. It makes me wonder if the writers only put House and Cuddy together as a way to get House back on Vicodin.

    5. The Aftermath

    What’s old is new again. House is back to popping pills as he does his best to torment Cuddy. Unfortunately, it’s neither as interesting nor as fun as it once was. The pranks have a crueler edge, Cuddy is a shadow of her former self, and, oh, yeah, House got married.

    I honestly didn’t see the marriage coming and I certainly didn’t expect to like the bride as much as I do, but I just don’t see how this bodes well for the show. I hope I’m wrong, but a married House just does not compute and frankly, I don’t want it to, especially since he seems to have done it almost solely to hurt Cuddy. Once again, it’s too much weight on the show.

    After re-watching much of this season, I think putting House and Cuddy into a relationship was a disservice to the characters, the show, and fans of both the Huddy and non-Huddy variety. Looking back at the arc as a whole, Huddy fans had two or three episodes of pseudo-happiness followed by a relentless march to a manufactured break-up. For non-Huddy fans, the medical stories and other character development were shunted to the side as the show became mired down in melodrama.

    If the House/Cuddy relationship had been truly explored instead of treated as a shallow “How to break up in ten tortuous steps” while getting House back on Vicodin exercise, I think Huddy could have been a good thing. Instead it dragged down the show, hurting the characters in the process.

  • I asked the author of the Variety-article, and you were right. He said: “Hugh and Olivia have an option year left on their contracts, meaning that if the show goes forward, NBCUniversal will pick up that option and those two will be back.

    The other three do not have contracts for a new season and would have to sign a new deal.”

    At first I interpreted it the right way, but after reading what Shore said about Thirteen, I changed my interpretation. 🙂

  • The Other Barnett

    THANK YOU SANDY, great piece

  • Oo

    Nahla #97 where would it leave House if cuddy is killed off as no one will take him on..cuddy has been saving his behind numerous times from losing his job etc etc..he still has to be employed to treat patients unless they think he can be an online consultant which would not be interesting. Cuddy herself wanted not to supervise him in the 2nd ep. but no one wanted to. so if cuddy is killed off then house would be fired.

  • Jane

    When I came on to this article, I was horrified that I have missed 104 comments already. The speed and volume of discussion of this forum is so fast that I nearly gave up the thought of going through all 104 comments. But, as it turns out, 104 comments weren’t hard to get through at all when most of them are irrelevant to what I am interested in. Most of the above comments are banters about the show’s finance/casting politics or ventilations of personal disappointment. I hope to read and discuss what happened in the current episode, not the grief of Huddy fans or gloating of anti-Huddy fans or anyone else. This community is fast becoming the junior school playground with factions of kids fighting each other. People, what happened to us? The recess bell has rang. Let’s get back to the classroom.

    I found this an above-average episode. It was not suspensful or dramatic, but its down-to-earth feel was exactly why I liked this episode so much.

    I can’t quite explain why House is able to tell 13 about the breakup so unreservedly. Maybe because 13 had not been around so telling 13 was kinda like telling a stranger? No emotional burden like if House were to talk through the events with Wilson or anyone else on the team. Or maybe because House didn’t have to pretend to still have it together with 13 since they were not on a case together. I don’t know why, but I thought that the writers have done a good job juggling the challenge of bringing Olivia Wilde back onto the show in a way that was meaningful. Meaningful in the sense that we got a glimpse of House working through his grief, and meaningful especially because 13 is a much needed confidante/companion who is not as emotionally hyped as Wilson.

    I like the shift of focus away from the Huddy thing. Not because I’m an anti-Huddy fan, but because I believe this is the end of the Huddy arc and so I’m excited to see how the show is going to progress from here. It seems crazy, as someone earlier pointed out, that TPTB have ended something that they have been suggesting, nurturing and blossoming ever since episode 1 of the show. But House’s mallowing grief, maturing dynamics with 13 and 13’s return give me hope and curiosity about how House is going to go on from here. Since this show is about House (and not Huddy), I want to see how House moves on (or not) with his life. In real life, people feel like it’s the end of the world when they breakup. Maybe some of us are feeling that right now and so are going through what someone earlier joked about: post huddy traumatic syndrome. I’m really excited to see what House would become after such a significant loss.

    On a similiar point, I just want to point out that it crossed my mind to wish to have a similar episode that let us see what Cuddy is going through internally post-breakup. But on second thoughts, even if TPTB don’t, it’s not too bad because this is a character-study of House, not a whole-cast show like Grey’s Anatomy (no offense, just simply pointing out the difference) where every character is meant to get a chance of their own. Furthermore, I like the idea that maybe I’ll never know what Cuddy is going through post-breakup because House wouldn’t know either. If I knew what Cuddy is going through, maybe I won’t empathize with House’s experience as much. This applies for my feelings on the lack of exploration of Cuddy weirdness during the relationship.

    I liked the coming full-circle of House promising to euthanize 13 it was House who nudged 13 into confirming her diagnosis in the first place. In a very loose way, it’s almost like the writers are giving House the opportunity to be this responsible guy who cleans up the mess after opening a can of worms. ALTHOUGH… this is purely my own impression and I DON’T believe that House made the promise out of guilt. I truly believe that he is promising this out of true friendship–to relieve a friend from fear and pain.

    I noticed that some of us get angry with the show because of sensitive issues like increasing number of sex scenes, feminism and euthanesia in the show. I hope we try to take off these colored lenses and keep an open mind when watching the show. Whether or not these things happen on the show shouldn’t be because whether the audience can accept them or not, but whether they are in line with what the characters believe about them or are trying to convey using them. Things are not always what they seem to be.

    One last thing to point out. Did anyone notice that House was scribbling on a Bible? Working on his salvation?? 😉

  • Jane

    I was angry with 13 when she accused House of not having any emotional engagement. Of course we know that House felt something in him. He’s not a cold and heartless guy. And I think 13 knew that too. What she probably meant was that House was not giving a response that she can connect with. It’s like she’s talking to the wall, like he’s not there. And that’s probably what she thought Cuddy felt. In another show, we would have expected the listening party to say something comforting or supportive or angry, but that’s not House. House doesn’t connect with words, but with deeds. That’s one Housian theme that has consistently ran through all 7 seasons. In the end, House did comfort and affirm 13 with his promise to be there for her when it’s time, didn’t he? House’s silence/absence may be upsetting or even unbearable to the suffering party (13 or Cuddy while she was in hospital), but doesn’t mean he can’t connect. He just takes longer to process and he doesn’t do it the way you expect of most people. Sigh… It’s just tragic.

  • Betty

    Jane #105-106

    The comments for “The Dig” are at Barbara’s new blog. So you might want to copy and paste your comments. You make some good points.

  • To those who do react in that way:You don`t jugde a novel before it is finished or you completely stop reading an won`t think of it anymore.The story of House isn`t finished yet ,so I see no need to go emontional over details.We don`t have all the pieces of the puzzle.Even House wouldn`t be able to do a proper DDX on that basis.And never the less it is the story DS wants to tell.You simply have a choice : Like it or leave it.

  • dago–I think that’s been my point all along. Thanks! We don’t know where it’s going. It’s a long ride with miles to go.

  • anniem

    Hey Other Barnett! Great ideas. My family & I quit watching after the debacle ending of Season 6, where Cuddy (who never – as “Dean of Medicine” – should have been at crane collapse catastrophe anyway) shows up at House’s apt leaving beloved child with God knows whom, having left her ‘new’ fiance – ridiculous relationship from the start – to tell House, “what the hell…let’s give it a try.” And he immediately turns into a simpering sap. Yes, David Shore, you lost FOUR viewers in this household, three of whom are in the sought after 18 to 40 demographic.

    As we have watched this series crumble before we finally abandoned ship, we also thought they could have kept it fresh by NEVER bringing back Cameron, Chase & Foreman (Cameron & Chase particularly in such unbelievable positions). They should have moved on completely to the new team and then even one by one replaced them periodically. That’s fresh, David.

    Also, regarding “Huddy” – I hate that name – we never signed on to watch a soap opera. We were intrigued by House’s personality & the medical mysteries. Why do producers ALWAYS reduce once great shows to relationship woes? The show used to be smart, layered, philosophical & deep. Now, it’s trash.

    So, yeah, Other Barnett, I’m with you.

  • I think I should have another go : If you,say ,visit an italian restaurant and you
    may not like italian food but start ranting
    about the dish that`s served what do you think will happen?Of course the owner of the restaurant will ask you politely to leave and if you don`t follow his suggestion he might call the police an have you escortet out.
    But apart from that you most likely will have in the course of action spoiled other people`s dinner in one way or another.
    Why do you think the chapter “Rants and Raves” was opened on this blogsite? For people like you to rant and rave( and not only concerning House,you may choose other
    series as well to utter your embarrassment.)

  • Fidelio

    While I admit the past few episodes haven’t been my all-time favorites, I would never say that the show should be plugged. I think I am perhaps the only person on the planet who didn’t mind the way DS panned out the Huddy thing. Sure, they could have done better, and I agree with the people who say that it could have been happier, but House is just so emotionally damaged I doubt he could form any sort of realistic long-term relationship.

    I’m going to keep my hopes up for a season eight, regardless of what everyone says.