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House, M.D. and Hugh Laurie: The Emmy Submissions Game

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Well, the Emmy award nominations were announced last week. Hugh Laurie and his drama series House, M.D. have again been nominated in their respective categories (Best Dramatic Actor and Drama Series). Other than that, House came up dry, scoring only a sound mixing nomination for "House Divided" (which was totally deserved). No writing or acting nominations, and no nominations for any of the supporting or guest cast, which is unfortunate. I would have thought that "Simple Explanation," "Locked In" or one of the finale episodes had a chance. But I was wrong. Again.

Thanks to all 420-something of you who voted in last week's poll to suggest the six episodes David Shore and company should submit for the final Emmy voting. (Readers selected up to six episodes, which is why the numbers don't add up to 100%.)

You selected great episodes: "Birthmarks" (56%), "Joy" (48%), "Unfaithful" (32%), "Social Contract" (36%), "Locked In" (39%), "Simple Explanation" (30%), "House Divided" (36%), "Under My Skin" (58%), and "Both Sides Now" (61%).  Other episodes also go votes, but there was a steep dropoff after "Simple Explanation." They all showcase what makes House unique among network offerings: great, snappy writing, a compelling story to tell, and wonderful performances, especially that of the brilliant Hugh Laurie. (But more about him later.)

Now think good thoughts, and hope that David Shore and company happen upon this humble space to read your intelligent suggestions. The series is overdue, but the competition is very… well, competitive. House and Lost (on ABC) are the only two network nominees in a sea of cable dramas, including Mad Men (AMC), Dexter (Showtime), Damages (FX), Breaking Bad (AMC), and HBO's Big Love.

The House "powers that be" (TPTB) cannot submit a whole season of episodes for the Emmy panel to judge, and although nearly everyone (at least in the Emmy community) would have at least heard of the show, not all would have necessarily seen more than an episode or two. They would have heard the standard hype: it's a medical CSI, featuring a crabby, sarcastic doctor who says and does outrageous things and gets away with it because he's a genius. But you all know that's not the whole story, or even half of it. So, the series producers will have to select their best and most representative episodes carefully. They can submit six. The six episodes are submitted in three pairings; the episode pairs are then randomly distributed to the Emmy panels for consideration.

So. Which six to choose, and how to pair them? If TPTB submit "Under My Skin" and "Both Sides Now" so they are seen together that could be an effective combination. Or how about "House Divided" with "Both Sides Now," if I wanted to give voters the "whole effect" of House's emotional collapse. On the other hand, maybe pairing two different types of episodes would work better, say, "Birthmarks" (which is a "road trip" with some nice comedy, good character development, and some serious exploration of House's psyche) with "House Divided," which had some hysterically funny bits, but was very, very dark, atmospheric—much darker than "Birthmarks." Neither of them are straight-up formula episodes.

I might also pair "Locked In" with "Both Sides Now." "Locked In" is really the start of House's decline, and would lead nicely into "Both Sides Now." Both follow the formula, but are not trapped by it, and have a lot of good character drama, fantastic writing and performances.

"Joy" and "Under My Skin" would work well together, because they, too are bookends of a sort, playing on the dynamic between House, Cuddy, and Wilson. What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below!

Now to the genius of Hugh Laurie. Why that man has yet to win an Emmy is simply beyond comprehension. He's received nominations in all years the series has been on except one (a highly criticized oversight). Unlike the series, Laurie can only pick one episode. But which one? It's not a formal poll, but write your choice in the comments section — and why. I'll tabulate in a week or so. It's a nearly impossible task. But I have faith.

My pick? I wouldn't want to bias you, now would I?  Okay. Fine. Toss up: "House Divided" or "Under My Skin." Brilliant, subtle acting at its absolute finest. "House Divided" had much more humor and the definite advantage of House doing some cool stunt juggling. It was one of those episodes where Laurie could make you laugh and cry in the same scene. But either episode would do nicely.

Special Announcement: Coming soon (in about two weeks, or so):  the "Welcome to the End of the Thought Process" Trivia Contest. Yes, you read it right, folks. Contest. With prizes—several of them. (And maybe even a grand prize, but I'm still working on that one.) So stay tuned, tell your friends, and stop back frequently.

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  • Anon

    Hugh Laurie is a great actor. Deserved an Emmy a long time ago.

  • Barbara S Barnett

    could not agree more!

  • sdemar

    Fingers crossed again for Hugh and House.

    For Hugh’s choice, I think I would go with UMS. I also think Birthmarks would be another one I would pick for him.

    As far as the show, I like your combination picks: Birthmarks and House Divided or Joy with UMS.

    I wonder who Hugh uses to help him make his choice? Would be interesting to know.

    I thought last year Hugh and the show had a wonderful opportunity to win and was sadly disappointed. Let’s hope this is their year.

    On a side note, I am disappointed that RSL or LE didn’t get a nod along with any of the writers.

    Thanks for the article.

  • Pedantic

    The episode Hugh Laurie should submit is “Under My Skin” because it best shows House’s decline and desperation. If he wins, it will be because of the detox scenes.

    The tougher call is which episodes for the show to submit. Any of several episodes could be paired with “Under My Skin” and work. Though it didn’t make your poll, I’d consider “The Softer Side”, to demonstrate the extent (and limit) of House’s desire to change. “Both Sides Now” MUST be included, but it works best with “Under My Skin” for both of them to make story sense. “House Divided” MUST also be included, and it would work with “Under My Skin” or “Both Sides Now”, but better with “Under My Skin”. “Birthmarks” and “The Social Contract” make the most sense together for the House/Wilson dynamic.

    It’s unfortunate that the show is limited to submitting three sets of two episodes each. I guess some shows may even take that into consideration with the writing and order of episodes. Thinking outside that box for this season, a trio of “House Divided”, “Under My Skin” and “Both Sides Now” would give Emmy voters what they need. Similarly, a trio of “Birthmarks”, “The Softer Side” and “The Social Contract” would highlight the talents of both Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard.

  • Kate

    I definitely think “Under My Skin” should be Hugh’s choice. He encompassed so may emotions in that one to a point where you really felt his fear, pain and pleasure.

    I think “House” may have a tough time, so it will detrimental to select only the best, most outstanding episodes that show creativity and range. I need to think more on my pairings, but I do know what episodes had an impact on me this season as a viewer.

    As far as the Emmys are concerned, I was disappointed but not surprised that Lisa E. did not get a nod. I thought she had a remarkable season and was really hoping that she’d at least earn a nomination.

  • Barbara S Barnett

    Thanks for your comments. The only problem I would see is pairing Two House/wilson episodes together. Whoever gets those will only see that dynamic. Birthmarks is really backstory about them, and Social Contract, while a fantastic episode (and shows us a glimpse into House’s feelings about things), I think that the pairings need to show more variation. UMS and BSN work well together not only because they are intended to be together, but they have a lot of variety. So many good choices!

  • Barbara S Barnett

    As far as HL’s submission. Under my Skin was sensational. A whole range of emotion–and that detox scene. I liked House divided because of his interaction with the delusions and his complete change of heart at the end. It was an amazing transformation.

  • Orange450

    To your statement: “They would have heard the standard hype: it’s a medical CSI, featuring a crabby, sarcastic doctor who says and does outrageous things and gets away with it because he’s a genius.”

    It occured to me that so much of what blows all of us in the House fandom away is about the depths of emotion and humanity that HL can convey without saying a word, using only his remarkably expressive body language and facial expressions. Forget “the outrageous things he says and does” – he can act rings around most actors by just standing still with a specific expression on his face.

    Maybe the submitted episodes should be those which showcase this uncommon ability of his. Because I feel certain that he stands alone in this category. And it would take the focus off the “crabby, sarcastic” aspects.

    There’s no question in my mind that if there were an Emmy for “Best Eyes”, HL would win it.

  • Barbara S Barnett

    Orange–totally agree with you. What I liked especially in “House Divided” was the swings between almost euphoric that he can tap into his subconsious and the planning of Chase’s party. And his terror at her presence, especially at the end of the episode. And his admission to Cuddy at the end about not sleeping. He was already beginning to crumble. By Under My Skin, Hosue was already having so much going on internally, that the humor wasn’t as much there. HL’s physical comedy was so great in HD, so the voters get to see both sides (so to speak) of his performance. the light and the dark. In BSN, despite the crash, he was pretty obnoxious to Cuddy. If this is the one shot voters get to judge his performance, it’s not the best.

    That’s why I said it was a toss up between HD and BSN. I think HD has a slight (very) edge.

  • GMF

    I think I also have to go with “Under my Skin”. Hugh was just amazing in that episode. The sheer look of horror in the restaurant when Amber appeared, still gives me the chills. Another episode I thought he was amazing in was “The Softer Side”, again we saw a different side of House, and again so many ranges of emotion.
    For the show as a whole, I would go with, Under my Skin, Both Sides Now, Locked In, Birthmarks, Joy, and Simple Explanation.

  • Jaim

    I think Hugh should pick either Last Resort or Birthmarks. Each showcases his character’s underlying motivations/issues as well as his relationships with his friends and team. Although Last Resort wasn’t a favorite episode of mine, Hugh did do a great job of capturing a wide range of emotions for House to experience.Birthmarks really showcased Hugh’s ability at comedy and drama fueled performances. His interactions with RSL were some of the best of the season.

  • Magda

    My favourite is Birthmarks. It’s just so… so… House!

  • Lucy

    I also think Hugh should pick Under my skin. I agree with Barbara that probably Hugh shows more range in House Divided, but perhaps his performance in UMS (especially the detoxing scene) could have a bigger impact on the voting panel.
    But I wonder why nobody includes Both Sides Now in their list? I though Hugh’s performance was really breathtaking in the final scenes. 🙂

  • Barbara S Barnett

    There were so many “wow” episodes this season. Lots and lots of drama and lots of great acting. Any of those episodes would be good choices.

    It’s not nec. a matter of what the episode tells us about the character; it’s about the sheer acting of the thing. Birhtmarks was great, but didn’t have as much “wow” to the acting as any of the final episodes.

    Even in Simple Explanation, with House really suffering (and silently), was a great performance. but was less “wow.” I thought Hugh portrayed House’s under-the surface agony perfect. It was gut-wrenching. Under My Skin was a “wow” episode; the final scenes of “Both Sides Now” were also “wow” moments. HD and UMS were the most bravura of this year’s crop of HL performances. Either will do. I just liked that HD showed the comedy and physical comedy sides to Hugh’s acting tool box. UMS was a bravura performace. Lots of drama and lots of range. HD was just more in the range game–if that’s what the Emmy people look for (which I’ve given up trying to understand!)

  • Visitkarte

    I think Hugh will be best advised to choose “Under My Skin”. His acting skills couldn’t be better, the emotional range between happiness and utter horror (Amber singing in the bar) was just fantastic, and his detox-scene was almost a teaching place for junior high school. It couldn’t have been better if they showed a real detox from Mr. XY. The scene, where he apologises for prescribing the antibiotics… He touched my heart with it, too.

    I know, his funny and all-round abilities are better showed in “House Divided”. BUT: He never won EMMY before, and they must have seen more than enough from his all-round-genius there. So, he should go for it and choose “Under My Skin”.

    He’d better win this time!

  • blacktop

    In my judgment, Hugh Laurie would do fine with a submission of either “Under My Skin,” “Joy,” or “Unfaithful.” In each of these excellent episodes, House is shown in a broad variety of moods and temperaments. He wields his fierce sarcasm to wound and deflect. But we also get more than a glimpse of the tremendous depths of House’s confused feelings and hopes for a “normal” life free of pain and comforted by love.

    My hope is that some day we will get the dynamite extended speech that bares House’s true soul to another human being, an explosion of words unencumbered by the usual layers of witty armor and humorous deflection.

    House unleashed, raw, and pushed to articulate rather than pantomime his emotions will be the “wow” scene I am looking for. I think that this yet-to-be-delivered scene will be the one that finally wins Hugh the Emmy.

  • Flo

    I already said it on my last comment of the last topic but I say it again the system of vote sucks big time!
    (Two actresses of “Grey’s Anatomy” in the same category but nothing for Edelstein, no writing or directing nominations, are you kidding me????) Again, outrageous!

    A nomination should not be based on a PR campaign or on just one viewing of one or two episodes. Talent and quality should prevail. The voters should be well briefed on the shows. They should be explained what each show is about and then watch episodes.

    I personally think that “A House Divided” is a great episode to show the extent of Laurie’s talent. There’s comedy and drama. The bathroom scene is great. You really can see all the many-sided, extraordinary talent of Hugh Laurie in this one.

    For the Emmys though, “Under My Skin” is a better choice because of the detox scene. It is a more impressive scene (not in term of talent but in the drama, it’s a climax). So I think to win a prize it is a more judicious choice.

    Anyway he better win this time!

  • Barbara S Barnett

    Blacktop–it would be fabulous to get that emotional payoff for us (and the catharsis for House). We get only bits of it when it simply becomes too much for him to continue arguing (Detox — the “of course I’ve changed” speech). The despair underlying his initial speech to Rebecca Adler in the Pilot. Bits and pieces, but he always regains his control in time to deflect.

    Under intense psychiatric care early next season, we just might get that explosive scene.

  • Val

    Everyone seems to be in agreement that “Under My Skin” would be the best submission, and I will just jump on that wagon! House was in midst of his collapse and what Laurie managed to show with all his chops was amazing. I feel like we saw a man at a very vulnurable, yet strong and hopeful moment and Laurie portrayed it brilliantly. Now it just has to not be a delusion.

    I though I read somewhere that Emmy voters like those kind of cathartic speeches, but like you said Barbara we only get bits and pieces with House. Though I thought the eulogy moment at John House’s funeral in “Birthmarks’ was still pretty poignant. It wasn’t the cartharsis speech per se, but I felt House was sincere, which is why he stopped. And, at that paticular period he was still fragile because of Wilson’s harsh treatment towards him. It was a strong episode for both Laurie and Leonard (quite an unjustice that RSL was overlooked for a supporting role). All this to say, I think it could also work as a submission. (If I recall correctly, it was the clip shown for the SAG awards). My top choice would be UMS.

    Drama series is more difficult. Def. UMS and BSN should be submitted together. Perhaps “Birthmarks” and “Joy” highlighting two important relationships and connections in House’s life (again, I felt House and Wilson’s friendship was an underlying, important arc throughout the whole season). Or even the addition of “Simple Explanation” and “House Divided”. I thought those episodes featured the cast as an ensemble quite well, both old and new ducklings.

    Voila! My choices for submissions. Sending good vibes into the Emmyverse for Mr. Laurie 🙂

  • Barbara S Barnett

    It’s such a hard choice this year–a veritable embarassment of riches (I’ve been wanting to use that phrase all morning). More, I think, than in any other season (except maybe S3). I will go with the crowd and get off the fence on HL’s submission and say UMS would be a potent choice. His reactions to Amber, the chilling diner scene, the detox…even the scene in cuddy’s office. Master classes all.

  • Meena

    Full disclosure: I never seem to entirely understand Emmy picks, and am not really invested in their outcome this year (or any to be honest)…The unending hype around 30 Rock? I can’t stand that show, entirely overrated. Boston Legal? Please, I go running. And don’t get me started on The Mentalist, which I unfortunately think is going to win big (just my opinion, of course). I guess I’m not a typical TV show person, House, MD being very much the exception…

    I do think it’s atrocious that Hugh Laurie has never won an Emmy for this show – don’t know if it’s an anti-Brit thing, or what. I think, maybe, like you all have said above, that Emmy voters like the over-the-top performances, because they are easy to understand and judge. However, they just aren’t going to get that from HL, which is why I have such reverence and respect for his acting chops. House, as a character, is over-the-top, personality-wise, and to play him the opposite, with so much silent subtext and quiet pathos was a brilliant acting decision, and a very consistent one, all the way from the pilot. I think I could count on one hand the number of times House has really raised his voice in the entire series, for instance – yet if there is anything we as fans know, he is an angry, sullen misanthrope, through and through, made available due to HL’s delicate, nuanced portrayal.

    But, the Emmy people like yelling a lot. And puking. And crying. Therefore, I think that UMS is his best chance, for it has the sweat, blood, and tears the voters are looking for. I do think it’s one of HL’s better episodes this season, if just for the look on his face when he realizes Amber is back (Enjoy Yourself indeed).

    Now, if I gave out awards, though, he would get a Meena award for BSN – he went from so high to so low, from deluded to clear-headed, sane to insane, manipulative to exposed, happy to sad, hopeful to heart-broken – all in one episode, sometimes all at once. I still haven’t gotten his performance out of my system, these many months later.

    Finally, of all that were overlooked, I really wish some of the writers would have gotten a nod, for I think this season has had some of its best, most complex, layered, and intriguing writing yet – not to mention witty. The latter half of this season especially had some phenomenal, almost philosophical questions brought to the fold – the whole persona dialogue in The Social Contract, or faith in Unfaithful, anything with the hallucination of Amber.

    Well, Alfred Hitchcock never won an Academy Award for directing…there’s that to hold on to I guess.

  • Orange450

    I know that a House-related Emmy discussion is not the place for what I’m about to say, but – like Meena – I don’t watch much TV at all. So when I’m actually familiar with an actor on a popular series, I get very excited about being “au courant” for a change, as opposed to my usual status of “completely clueless”.

    I accidentally saw part of a “Mentalist” episode last week, and I have to say that I was impressed with Simon Baker. He’s very, very good, and – what’s more – he reminded me of a younger Hugh Laurie in several ways. There’s range, depth, texture and nuance to his performance – at least in the part that I saw. He had substance, humor, pathos and tremendous charm. He’s 10 years younger than Hugh Laurie, and as I watched, I thought that he might very well hold a screen the way HL does in another ten years or so.

    However, there’s no question but that HL should win *several* Emmys first. Because right now, there’s no one in his league, or even close.

  • ripzu

    Because Hugh Laurie hasn’t won in the past, I am baffled as to what would show the judges the genuis of House. I would choose The Softer Side- love that episode and I think a pivotal one this season – or Under My Skin.Reading other comments convinces me of the amazing talent that Hugh Laurie exudes , which should not have to be proven after five seasons. We fans know who deserves this Emmy. Let’s hope this year the judges improve their powers of observation. I’d like to add that in order to fully appreciate House,IMO, episodes have to be watched more than once, and that may very well be the problem with the judging process. I’ve never seen a T.V. program before which improves with subsequent viewings as House does.

  • Barbara S Barnett

    Tom O’Neill at “The Envelope” is reporting that House submitted the following:

    “Birthmarks, “Locked In,” “Simple Explanation,” “House Divided,” “Under My Skin,” “Both Sides Now”

    Excellent Choices.

  • Gooneress

    The Emmy choices: Birthmarks, Locked In, Simple Explanation, House Divided, Under My Skin and Both Sides Now exactly matched my list.

    Hugh Laurie should submit House Divided as the episode for Emmy consideration – waaay more range on display in that episode. Hugh effortlessly slides from physical comedy (Hugh’s dance to Fight The Power is the funniest thing I’ve seen on TV this year. Bar none. And the He-Man ‘Power of GreySkull’ reference is a hoot too) to a performance of such biting intensity, you marvel at the depth of his talent.

    The Emmys are a joke anyway. You’ve only got to look at The Wire, Emmy-less despite being a superlative ensemble drama that NEVER put a foot wrong over five seasons, to see that.

    I can live without House winning Best Drama as I personally don’t think it’s been consistently flawless this season (mainly due to the excess screentime devoted to the tedious ForeTeen). However, what Hugh Laurie does week-in, week-out never fails to take my breath away.

  • Barbara S Barnett

    It’s hard to tell what will win. I hope at least Hugh finally gets his. The Television Critics association awards are this weekend. I will update whether Mr. L has won.

  • Val

    Definitely great choices from TPTB. Five for six of my choices!

    While a good episode, “Locked In” is not one I remember like others. I liked the overall content and look of the story (excellent writing and directing made it different than what I’d seen before in MASH or Diving Bell and the Butterfly ) and Laurie was again right on the mark. I suppose I felt it was less of a character study episode and more medical; I admit I watch House to learn more about this fascinating character.

    I do wish my favorite show on television the best of luck with all that cable competition!

    PS Yay for the return of the ‘Preview’ function.

  • Barbara S Barnett

    these are all hard core drama episodes (well, most of season five was pretty hard core drama). The people who see Birthmarks/Locked In (if that’s how they’re paired) will see House’s bitterness about his dad and fear of going to the funeral. Far from mr. arrogant ass, he’s snarky, but you can empathize with him. It’s the House/Wilson origin story as well.

    LI–shows House working through being injured to save the life of the patient, has some great humor–and the photography is very cool. Also shows House trying to deal with his problems by seeking professional help, and also his fears about it. and the beginning of House’s fraying.

    SE/HD–show cause and effect Kutner’s suicide (and everyone’s immediate reaction to it==and getting over it, BTW. But also House’s immediate reaction, Cuddy and Wilson’s deep concern about what House is burying inside wrt to his feelings about it. (and the fact House knows that Cuddy is very concerned that he’ll fall apart. And Nilson too expresses his worry that House might fall apart). HD shows House beginning to fall apart. Wicked funny scenes interspersed with he tragedy of House’s crash. It’s a perfect episode because it does the comedy/tragedy thing so well.

    UMS/BSN–no comment needed. Flat out two of the best hours of the series. Rank right up there with HH/WH.

  • wackjob

    I completely agree with Meena’s take on acting choices. They want big, bigger, BIGGEST! That’s why I think “Under My Skin” would be HL’s best choice, even though there are episodes I like far better. It’s because I like them better that I don’t think they should be submitted by HL, such as “Birthmarks.” It’s a great episode, but I love it because I love the relationship between House and Wilson. So if the voters aren’t well acquainted with the show, they would probably think, “Nice episode, not much going on, it’s really RSL’s ballgame” because RSL does the “big” stuff in that one. I think the voters are idiots, but that’s just me.

    And I love “30 Rock”, but it got waaaaay too many nominations and pushed too many shows out of the running. I mean, come on, already! And did none of the “House” writers get nominated? Insanity!

    Pardon my fuming.

  • Donna

    Well I’m very happy with the show’s submission of episodes. On my tentative list I had I had only swapped “Painless” for SE. I do think the official selection of episodes though makes the most sense as they are certainly among the strongest of last season (yes, there are others) and can be well-partnered for presentation to the voters. I’m confident that the savvy and experienced show runners of House will do an excellent job at this.

    Of course, I am anxiously awaiting HL’s episode choice. IMHO, either HD or BSN with an outside chance for UMS.

    Best of luck to the show and especially HL. Emmy voters: finally give this man an his well-deserved and way overdue Emmy! Would you please!

  • Allegro

    Ok, as an actor, I believe Hugh Laurie is so much at a higher level than anyone else on tv.
    However, I wonder if “House” is at a disadvantage when up against cable tv, which can be edgier.

    If I were HL, I would submit “Under My Skin” and “Both Sides Now’. It shows the range of his acting, and because the eps are back to back, perfect for the Emmy voters to get the ‘bigger picture’.

    Anyway, to whet everyone’s appetite for Ep 1, Season 6, here is a link to the preview that I just saw tonight.(after tonight’s repeat)

  • Barbara S Barnett

    It’s Official (from The Envelope) Hugh Laurie submitted “Under My Skin” to the Emmy people. excellent choice, I’m sure you’ll all agree 🙂

  • Donna

    Absolutely! Very happy with HL’s choice.

  • Joanna

    Of course I loved Under My Skin, but I’m afraid that Emmy voters not intimately familiar with House would be confused by it in isolation. It really needs to be seen with Both Sides Now to make sense. Even though HL’s performance was amazing, it’s diluted by the too-quick-for-believability detox, which is only explained at the end of BSN. No way around this, I guess, except to hope that those voting for actor also view the paired eps submitted for the show as a whole.

  • wackjob

    Too bad HL can’t put in a title at the end of the episode: “It’s All A Hallucination, Folks!!”

  • Barbara S Barnett

    Wackjob–I actually think he can do that. I believe the individual achievement awards nominees can give a short (can’t recall the word length) introduction to the tape. Or maybe I’m hallucinating it.

  • KC

    Buzzsugar.com reported that Hugh Laurie used under my skin as his emmy submission.

  • Barbara S Barnett

    Reported here too (and elsewhere)

  • Epiphany

    I will be crossing my fingers that Hugh finally wins his long-overdue Emmy and I will also be crossing my fingers that House doesn’t win for Best Drama. There must be no endorsement of this 13/14-heavy season whatsoever.

    In the UK, we are now approximately half-way through season 5 and, were it not for Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard and Lisa Edelstein, I would’ve given up watching this show ‘live’ by now and just stuck to my V+ box so that I can f/f through the awful 13 and 14 scenes.

  • Bliffle

    Awards Ceremonies are all about PROMOTION. Thus, winners will be from among programs that the show-biz brass think will turn the biggest profits.

    IS “House” that popular?

  • Barbara S Barnett

    Bliffle–House was recently rated THE most watched show internationally.

  • KC

    There are rumors that season 6 will be the last season I hope that is not true.

  • Veresna

    Barbara, This summer has already seemed endless to me. Any chance you will be posting any new House essays before the start of the season?

  • rbrown205

    We cannot afford to take Hugh Laurie for granted. He has NEVER “called in” a performance on House – he doesn’t know how. Hugh is an amazing and intuitive actor. The fifth season second-to-last episode “House Divided” was particularly magnificent, and was presented to the Emmy voters as the example of his work. It is just one reason why, THIS YEAR, he fully deserves his Best Actor in a Drama Emmy, even as he has deserved it for the four previous years.

  • Gooneress

    Forgive me if Barbara has posted this elsewhere, but Bryan Cranston took the performance award at the Television Critics Association Awards; this doesn’t bode well for Hugh Laurie’s Emmy chances. I really hope I’m wrong because he deserves that Emmy.

    Also, Mad Men won Best Drama. As I personally found season five of House uneven (waaaaayyy too much 13/14), I’m not upset about this. I’m looking forward to season six – I’m really hoping so many wrongs will be righted.

  • Visitkarte

    I’m endlessly dissapointed. They should refuse further nomminations in advance. Emmy is not worth it.


  • Awright i started watching House first becos of RSL, then for the medical mysteries and of cos got hooked on Hugh Laurie. How exciting is it for this incredibly gifted Brit – self deprecating, laconic and cerebral – to be finally appreciated for a talent for which he has been underrated by his own people.

    Emmys and Oscars are all about Hollywood bizness…on the face of his youtube interviews he doesn’t seem to be terribly put out if he didnt win it and that is testimony i guess to the grounded bloke he wants to be in the midst of all the terribly superficial feedback he and everyone there gets everyday.

    I would be chuffed if he did win it and suspect he would be to but with or without it, let the man get on with his life doing what he does best – enjoying his craft..it can only be good news for us too.

    Barbara, love your analysis – keep em coming!

  • Now the show is over for good, I hope they will give Mr. Laurie the Emmy at last. His body of work is genius.