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House Helps Low-Income Americans Gain American Dream of Homeownership

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Are you a low-wage earning American and continue to pay rent to your landlord because you think you can’t afford to buy a home? Well, you can do that if you wish, but since the House today passed a bill that will enable 40,000 low-income Americans to receive approximately $200-million to help first-time home buyers pay closing costs and related expenses for buying a home in 2004 and 2005, you may be able to tell your landlord, “Good riddance” and purchase your very own piece of the American dream soon.

The Senate has yet to take up the bill, but the bill does have backing from the White House and is a part of President Bush’s plan to increase American homeownership.

If you wish to tell your senator that you support American homeownership and your right to own your very own home, go to www.senate.gov, find your senators and tell them you support this very important bill in helping more Americans to achieve the American Dream through owning their, perhaps your, very own home.

For more information on ths bill, click here.

-John Mudd

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