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House Executive Producer Katie Jacobs on “Huddy” and More

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(Here be spoilers for upcoming episodes, so turn back now if you are trying to be completely spoiler-free.)

Katie Jacobs is executive producer and co-showrunner (with David Shore) of the hit series House, MD, starring the incomparable Hugh Laurie. One of the “Powers That Be” behind the series, Jacobs has also directed several episodes, including the season three episode “Half-Wit,” the season four finale “Wilson’s Heart,” and episode nine of this season “Last Resort,” which will air November 25.

“Last Resort,” will be an “extended” episode, running an extra eight minutes, from 8:00 p.m. to 9:08 p.m. ET. (Set your DVRs and DVD recorders accordingly!). The episode guest stars Emmy-winning actor Zeljko Ivanek as a man who has been to sixteen hospitals, enduring a multitude of tests without being diagnosed. All he wants is to finally be diagnosed said director Jacobs during a brief conference call with television writers. “We wanted to tap in to the frustration that we feel when we see a doctor and we’re not diagnosed.” This is a man who has nothing left to lose: he’s lost his dignity; his life has been brutally disrupted by his illness. But when he comes to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching hospital, he takes House, 13, and several clinic patients hostage, unwilling to release them until they can determine what is wrong with him.

He demands medical attention from the best doctor in the hospital (House, naturally), threatening to kill any hostages necessary along the way. 13 offers herself as a human guinea pig as the patient insists that any treatments be pre-tested. By the end of the episode, noted Jacobs, 13, who has been on a reckless and downward spiral, takes a second look at where her diminished life is headed. After the Huntington’s diagnosis she has lost all hope, according to Jacobs. “She kind of given up.” But in the aftermath of “Last Resort,” she winds up in an “interesting different place,” which the series will continue to explore.

Since last year’s cast explosion, Jacobs and the rest of the crew have dealt with the challenge of a much larger cast. “It’s hard but satisfying with all of the characters” and their differing points of view. This hopefully comes across, Jacobs offered, in “Last Resort,” when having such a diverse cast of characters can really be used to great advantage. Of course, the downside with such a large and talented is cast is diminished face-time for all of them, including the central character of House. "But hopefully we're doing better than last year with that," said Jacobs, acknowledging that last year's "survivor" story arc pushed several of the series regulars into the background. Of course last night's episode drew attention to Cameron and Chase's deepening relationship; and all three "House Classic" fellows are being much better utilized this season.

Commenting on the sparks now flying between House and Cuddy, Jacobs noted that their relationship will continue to be explored, although like much of the character development in the series, “folded within the normal narrative plot.” Admitting that theirs may be a very unorthodox love relationship, it certainly is very real, and like many relationships, very complicated. “They work together, and share respect, chemistry, their verbal jousting… complicated, but very real.” Whether they really belong together, is, of course a matter of opinion. “I can make a case for it and against it; that makes it real. We will go on exploring their relationship in a ‘Housian’ way.” The characters have reached a certain point and "… now what? Don’t expect to see dates at the movies,” she explained.

What is it about House? The women in the series (and even the occasional patient) gravitate toward him despite his obvious disdain of people. Jacobs believes that “they see a hole, an emptiness, and what the women want to do is ease his pain. People see that he’s in a lot of pain, and if they can be the one who can smooth out those rough edges.” But she noted that it’s really up to House. He has to be in a place where he can make himself vulnerable enough, open enough with someone. He’s not quite there… yet. And may never be. Jacobs teased that the upcoming Christmas episode contains a very “satisfying surprise in a personal sort of way” for House and Cuddy. But she refused to elaborate further, except to say that it's not what you might think. (What a tease!) Jacobs also teased that Cuddy’s maternal desires are far from over. And that they will be an ongoing concern for the character.

This season, House moved from its old 9:00 p.m. time to 8:00 p.m. Asked about this earlier time slot (and the move to Mondays in January), Jacobs does not seem overly elated. Noting that she tries to be “unaffected by the numbers,” Jacobs realizes that the new timeslot offers fewer viewers. But she realizes that House’s success (and the show continues to be a huge ratings success) can help other shows also succeed.

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  • sdemar

    Thanks for your write-up, Barbara. Of course I am wondering what that “satisfying surprise in a personal sort of way between House and Cuddy” will turn out to be.

    And I agree about the “unorthodox” nature of their relationship. That’s why I love it so much-so unconventional, yet it works.

    I know H&C will both agree to not pursue a relationship but hope that we will continue to see signs that there is something unique and special between these 2 characters.

    “Asked about this earlier time slot (and the move to Mondays in January), Jacobs does not seem overly elated. Noting that she tries to be “unaffected by the numbers,” Jacobs realizes that the new timeslot offers fewer viewers. But she realizes that House’s success (and the show continues to be a huge ratings success) can help other shows also succeed”
    I was wondering if the ratings have had an impact on TPTB. They have the highest rating amongst the prime audience but the # of viewers is quite a bit less than what they had in the past. They have competition this year but this shows isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  • marykir

    Did you really mean to say “Jacobs does not seem overly elated” about the time slot? Just because of the phrasing, I wondered whether you meant to say “overly concerned,” which is obviously quite different 🙂

  • Grace

    I, for one, am NOT at all happy about the earlier time slot, nor the move to Mondays in January. I don’t care what show it helps or doesn’t help, I want HOUSE on Hughsday, 9 p.m. EST!!! DO I NEED TO SAY THAT CLEARER????????
    AND, WHY doesn’t Katie know yet that we don’t care about 13! WHY must we endure yet another episode tied around her????????????????????????
    I’m SO glad the Christmas surprise will NOT be sex!!! Thank the gods!
    Thanks for the interview, Barbara. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. I really do appreciate your blog on HOUSE.
    DON’T FORGET to VOTE for HUGH and HOUSE for The People’s Choice Awards. http://www.pca.com/pca/ You don’t have to join,just type in a code. You can vote EVERY DAY until Dec. 8th! PASS IT ON!!
    I have a note on my computer to remind me.
    Let’s show ’em just how many loyal fans HOUSE and HUGH really have!!!!!

  • hl_lover

    My thanks, too, for the interview, Barbara!
    The unorthodox way (using Ms. Jacob’s word for it) that “House” the show explores interpersonal relationships is exactly why it is one of the most satisfying shows on television today. And she (and her fellow producers) should be commended for standing their ground against the descent into ‘soap-opera’ territory, unrealistic character behaviors, and other ‘jump the shark’ manuevers that other shows resort to in order to try to maintain viewer interest.

    The move to 8PM (and even the future planned day change) will not dissuade the dedicated viewers who appreciate this show, but perhaps the more casual viewers will fall by the wayside. The ratings are still good, considering that the landscape of television is changing before our very eyes, and the ways of measuring a show’s popularity will need to be adjusted to take other factors into account, such as delayed DVR viewing.

    marykir, I’d say that Barbara meant what she typed. It makes sense to me. 😉

  • fhmd

    Thanks for the article Barbara. I am glad the interview gave us some general overall directions on what we can expect in the near future without it being too spoiler heavy.

    After the Huntington’s diagnosis she has lost all hope, according to Jacobs. “She kind of given up.” But in the aftermath of “Last Resort,” she winds up in an “interesting different place,” which the series will continue to explore.“

    I am glad to hear that the destructive face of Thirteen is ending. I am looking forward to seeing a more “positive” Thirteen. She is a strong independent female character.

    For the House/Cuddy relationship, the only believeable course of action is “unorthodox”. And I agree with sdemar, “That’s why I love it so much-so unconventional, yet it works.”

    This season, House moved from its old 9:00 p.m. time to 8:00 p.m. Asked about this earlier time slot (and the move to Mondays in January), Jacobs does not seem overly elated.

    I do not like the new 8:00pm time slot. It is in my humble opinion too early a time slot for a show like House. I attribute to the decrease (although still very respectable) overall audience by a few factors.
    – early time slot
    – DVR
    – Online viewing availability
    – direct competition

    I do not however believe the numbers are greatly affected due to the addition of the new ducklings and diminishing roles of the old ducklings in the show. The show is called House. I, and I suspect many others as well, watch the show because of House. Not Foreman, not Cameron and not Chase. They are “side dishes”, House is the “main course”.

    All season, House has been losing to NCIS in total viewership. But it has mandleheanded the demographics war. Since Fox is not ever going to change the time slot for AI and it is evident that they are doing everything in their power to give Fringe a helping hand, House is forced to move to a new day. So House will be competing against ABC’s Dancing With The Stars come Jan. I actually thinks this is better than the current Tuesday 8pm time slot. I think NCIS is a more direct competition than DWTS.

  • Barbara Barnett

    marykir–KJ talked a bit about the timeslot move. She is not happy with the new time, she’d much rather have it at 9 p.m.–the viewing base is smaller and anytime you see a drop in viewership, no matte how legitimate the rationale for it, she felt it was a bit discouraging. she also said that she knows that it makes some sense (and I’m not directly quoting her on any of this, but like I said, she talked a bit about it)to bolster a new show–and time is something they have no control over at Bad Hat or NBC/Uni, which produces the show (for those of you who didn’t know that it’s not a FOX series).

    She didn’t say that she was concerned about it, and she didn’t appear concerned about it, noting that the show is still a huge hit and tremendously successful by any measure.

    fmhd–I agree that the viewership hasn’t been affected one way or the other by the new group of fellows. People tend to watch (most people, anyway) for the central character. I do feel their pain, as when I was a kid, I tended to pretty consistently get into the secondary character, who was usually the quirkier,more interesting character.

    People have their favorites, to be sure among the secondary (i.e. non-Hugh) cast: Wilson, Cuddy, old crew or new. Not everyone dislikes 13 (no, she’s not my favorite, but not my least favorite), not everyone likes Cameron. OR Cuddy. Or even Wilson.

  • echo

    *ducks flying fruit*

    note to Katie Jacobs:

    the over-stuffed cast diminishes the impact of the writing and the tone of the show. please let at least two, if not three, characters go and get back to the central theme of House as House.

    Less screen time for Hugh Laurie, as House, is most certainly NOT the answer to the ratings slip. And I am quite sure you already know that.

  • Eve

    How I wished the show would get back to 9pm if only to prove that the drop in viewership is not only due to the 8pm timeslot.

  • blacktop

    While I am not at all disturbed by the slight diminution in audience for “House” this season, I do dislike the 8 p.m. hour because it pushes toward a less edgy, more conventional content and tone for the show. I don’t believe that the addition of the new team has damaged the show at all; I was getting mighty tired of the original threesome. I particularly like that Thirteen has not shown signs of succumbing to the charms of House like all other women who enter his orbit. I find her acerbic responses to him enjoyable and realistic.

    Many thanks to Barbara for this interview with Katie Jacobs. I am delighted to learn that the show runners realize that the dark, sexy, unorthodox, and difficult relationship of House and Cuddy is worth exploring in extended detail.

  • operahouse

    In response to “People tend to watch (most people, anyway) for the central character,” how do you know this? I have maybe a dozen friends who watch House, and only one watches for the central character. And not everyone thinks there are sparks between House and Cuddy. I see absolutely no chemistry between them.

  • Eve K

    Hi over there and congrats with the election! Here in Europe we are very happy with the result!

    About House and the impact of the ratings. I do not fear for the quality of the show so far.

    This season have turned out to be very good, though the tone is quite different from earlier seasons. The hospital sets are larger (Hugh Laurie said it made him feel smaller), the colours, (witch I did think was amazingly bright in season 2) is toned down, much brown, beige and dark. There is sometimes like a dusty atmosphere. I think this sort of dehumanizes things.

    The characters have to work harder to stand out, the music is toned down, everything is more naked, raw, the extreme HD quality leave nothing to our imagination, every wrinkle shows.

    This makes it more real, although its somewhat larger than life, literary speaking.

    The story is more important than ever to make this work, the characters and the dialog.

    So far I like what I see. I do think that the new time-slot over there is going to better the ratings and the only reason I care is that I want to keep my fav show as good as it can be.

    As always, a great review on “Itch” witch was a very good ep. Although House is becoming just a little bit to normal for my taste. But anyway, good for him. (-:

  • Barbara Barnett

    Eve K–House normal???? Nevah! I’ve really liked season five. At this point in each of the other seasons there has been at least one or two episodes I’ve not liked. Here we are up to #7 and I’ve pretty much liked them all. I do wish there was more HL. I felt so spoiled by House’s Head. But he’ll always be at the center of the show (sorry, operahouse).

  • Amber

    Sorry, Katie – the balance is not better this season as evidenced by the disproportionate amount of time spent on 13 at the expense of everyone else, even House (there are episodes where she gets more screen time that him this season). I didn’t think it was possible, but in 13 David Shore has managed to create a character that I & my friends hate watching with a passion that far out strips anything we feel for any other character on TV.

  • Pat

    It’s funny how NCIS managed to pick up 4 million viewers this season while House lost 5 million. Yes, it’s definitely the time slot, not the show. As fhmd said above, DWTS will be easier as House’s competition because NCIS does what House used to do but better.

    I don’t wish ill on characters but I do wish 13 would get killed in this episode or decide to leave permanently. Maybe then there would be room for someone else. Jacobs is either lying or delusional when she says the old team is better utilized this season. Foreman barely does anything but roll his eyes and Cameron and Chase have had more than a small scene or two only in the last episode and even that was overshadowed by the Huddy plot.

    Thanks for the interview but this is very discouraging. It’s the same old stuff as before. If you don’t like Thirteen or Huddy (and I don’t), there’s nothing worth watching for.

    Jacobs believes that “they see a hole, an emptiness, and what the women want to do is ease his pain. People see that he’s in a lot of pain, and if they can be the one who can smooth out those rough edges.”

    Pass me a kidney dish, please. This was the worst of the early Cameron and now Jacobs thinks every woman is like that. What happened to having a smart, strong woman who can see through House’s b.s.? Someone who will smack him into next week when he starts abusing her as he does Cuddy?

  • Elaine

    Sometimes I wonder if Katie Jacobs actually watches her own show, because some of her comments seem like total nonsense! She says, “Of course, the downside with such a large and talented is cast is diminished face-time for all of them, including the central character of House.” Diminished for ALL characters? No! It’s diminished for Chase and Cameron while Thirteen has gotten two HUGE amounts of face time in the first five episodes, and we are being threatened with… er, I mean… spoiled with MORE upcoming plots with her character as well. In the meantime, Cameron has had only ONE episode in a year-and-a-half, and poor Chase is getting a couple of minutes here and there, which is what Cameron will now be getting once again, of course. And that’s IF we’re lucky. The only person “doing better than last year” is Thirteen! I’m one of the many viewers who watch for ALL the old characters, not just House.

    I also disagree with Ms. Jacobs that the time slot is largely responsible for the drop in viewership. Huge numbers of us have followed the show in the past to wherever it goes. It’s been on Monday nights, Tuesday nights, and even a Wednesday night with “Euphoria 2,” all with great ratings until lately, even those episodes that aired at 8:00. If NCIS can pull in huge numbers, there is no reason why House can’t, and it wouldn’t explain a drop in the MILLIONS for House in the past year. To NOT relate dropping ratings with major cast changes, as well as other changes in the show itself, seems unbelievable to me. If people loved this show as much as they used to, they’d follow it wherever the timeslot takes them. And if a Thirteen-laden Season 5 premiere is followed by an episode with 2 million viewers not returning, is it the fault of the time change?

    I thoroughly enjoyed “The Itch,” not because of the House/Cuddy junior high school antics, but because Cameron brought back some much needed warmth to the show, House’s medical ethics were once again challenged, House was actually engaged in a case for a nice change, the medical mystery was quite interesting, and the old cast was “kicking it old school.” The only thing missing was a funny clinic patient. It felt like a vintage House episode. Now I’m seeing the picture of House and Thirteen chained together for another over-the-top kind of episode. What’s next? An earthquake? Fire at PPTH? Will we see Cuddy give birth in an elevator next season? Who’s going to die a dramatic death next? One thing I AM sure of – it won’t be lucky Thirteen.

    I’d love to have five minutes alone with Katie Jacobs to ask her these questions. I feel such a huge disconnect from what she sees in the show and what I see. I definitely can’t see “Huddy,” but I’ll reluctantly put up with it as long as it’s not the focus. Combine that with too much Thirteen and I’ll switch channels.

    That’s the end of my rant. I’m usually quite mild-mannered!

  • Sea

    Did none of you at the teleconference have the urge to call Katie Jacobs on her lies? That woman is delusional.

    and all three “House Classic” fellows are being much better utilized this season.

    In which way? We haven’t seen Cameron or Chase for more than a couple of scenes until The Itch, and it seems that’s going to be the last of it till when? next season?

    Of course, the downside with such a large and talented is cast is diminished face-time for all of them, including the central character of House

    Large? Sure, Talented? I’m not so sure. Diminished face-time for all of them? BS! only for Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer.

    And if the central character of House isn’t as prominent as he used to be is due to Thirteen and episodes like Dying changes everything, Lucky Thirteen and more to come (episodes 9, 10 and a future arc), and the worst of all is that Olivia Wilde’s acting skill is below average.

  • Barbara Barnett

    There are big differences in the NCIS/House demographics, with NCIS skewing way, way older. In the “key” demographic, House wins the time slot. Older viewers tend not to dvr things, either, and House picks up lots of viewers when you add back in the dvr recorders, and the re-running on USA network the next week. Seven is just plain too early for me to catch it any other way than by watching the recording and time-shifting. So, I’m one of those lost viewers, even though I am a very, very consistent viewer.

    House, as a character has always had a woundedness, and (for me anyway, who loves Victorian literature–pass me my daily Bronte) I’m completely drawn to that darkness and tortured soul-thing. I love House’s strangeness, and the fact that he is contradiction upon contradiction, but if he were simply a snarky jack-ass with sense of humor, I’d never have started watching to begin with. I watch almost no series television. For me House is maybe a once-in-a-decade find. My last being X-Files.

    I stopped watching XF when I lost interest in Mulder as a character. I liked the dynamic between he and Scully, and I loved the UST, but not the RST (I’ll explain if you don’t know the jargon). I like the tension between House and Cuddy. It’s been present since the first season.

    Of course there are characters on House I like better than others, and I’ve made no secret of that. And my feelings about Chase and Cameron (individually) have changed vastly over time. I love Kutner and think Taub has a lot of possibilities (and I can see him and House coming to loggerheads at some time). I care much less for Foreman and 13. I’ve liked Wilson to varying degrees as well, as well as Cuddy. Even House can sometimes be too much of an ass for me. And that even goes back to season one.

  • pollyg

    I’m one of those older viewers without tivo so the main reason I don’t like the new time slot is that, after forgetting House for two weeks in a row, I finally remembered it this week only to tune in for last five minutes instead of the beginning….They may lose me entirely when they switch to another day of the week….

    I do find that the old team are better utilized this season–maybe not as much as many would like but they have seemed about balanced with the new team in the last couple episodes (I have managed to actually not miss…last one I saw all of was the road trip…)

    “Thirteen has not shown signs of succumbing to the charms of House like all other women who enter his orbit.” I agree but it disgusts me more than a little that they had to make her a lesbian to accomplish this.

    “please let at least two, if not three, characters go…” Is it just me or does it seem most of fandom would vote hands down for letting Foreman and 13 go but these are the very ones who seem to be the darlings of Jacobs and company?

    Thank you so much for the interview, Barbara–it’s great to know what the powers are saying, even if we don’t always like it 😉

  • Gerry

    Hi Barbara, nice interview! I think KJ is right in saying that old and new cast have been better utilized this season. Chase and Cameron had a good episode this week, and frankly, I don’t need another featuring Cameron again next week. Just as I don’t mind Thirteen as a character, but do mind excessive featuring. I want to see all the characters have their turn. Kutner’s overdue.

    I was most disturbed by KJ admitting House was being featured less, because I was hoping that was a temporary blip. I don’t want to have to be hoping to see House on “House”—he should be front and centre. I don’t think a shift to ensemble will work on this show.

    I’m loving the fact that House and Cuddy are getting serious exploration with House admitting to feelings, even if only to himself. This season has really given us excellent fallout from House’s conversatio with Amber/himself on the bus. He’s trying to knock on the door. I don’t think we’ll get a typical relationship out of this, but I’m onboard for whatever is coming.

  • Barbara Barnett

    pollyg–Thanks for your insights. I don’t always agree with the decisions made by the powers who run the show. But I’ve always found the show well-written (not 100% of the time, but most of the time). The character of House is amazingly consistently written. And while I don’t always agree with where they are taking him,I do enjoy the journey, and sometimes my mind is changed. I’ve never been a big Foreman fan. He curls his lip, sneers a lot and generally glares in disbelief at everything House does and stands for, yet here he is still working for House after Cameron and Chase have moved on.

    I intensely disliked Chase at the beginning. I’ve really grown to like him as a character–and his change is believable as he has grown out of his 20s and into a more mature age. Jesse has done a remarkable job at showing Chase’s soft inner core and innocence beneath his veneer.

    I agree that the show is a bit crowded. Give me more House!!!! But I’m OK with where they’re going. As far as the powers listening to the fans. I don’t think they should in a way that amakes them change their way of doing things. This is their show, their characters and their vision. Long may it reign.

  • michelle

    Barb, you always do a fine job of writing these up even if the neverending focus on Thirteen makes me want to scream.

    Whatever made DS and co. think that tossing two characters that were there from the beginning and replacing them with an emotionally closed off, unexpressive drone that answers to number would be a good thing? How I wish she would just hurry up and stinking die already!

    It appears that KJ made no further comment about Chase or Cam getting any more story exploration, but HEY! We’re going to get to see fallout from Thirteen being taken hostage. Yay. We barely got to see Wilson deal with Amber’s death, but I have no doubt we’ll get plenty of Thirteen exploration on this one. Ugh, pass me the remote.

    If they were going to move towrds this more soapish/less procedural direction the last thing they needed to do was to add more characters that the audience barely knows and start focusing on them. I’d much prefer the time spent on Thirteen and Taub to be spent on Wilson, Chase, Cameron, or even Foreman.

  • Barbara Barnett

    Thanks, Gerry. She didn’t exactly say that House would be featured less, but everyone’s getting a little more face time and it has to come from somewhere. Wilson’s had way more time this season, as had Cuddy these last few episodes.

    I remember in my interview last spring with Garrett Lerner and Russel Friend, who wrote the finale episodes, I asked them where House would be this season. They told me that he would be in a much more introspective space and that the finale would have an impact on him as he considers his own life and those closest to him. They were so very right. I’m loving this ride we’re on with House. He may never change, but it certainly doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to change. Change is remarkably hard by the time you’re in your late 40s (believe me I know). Even if you want to do it–desperately. The House at the end of “the Itch” was back at the pub where he was at the end of “Half Wit” scared of emerging from his shell and from his comfortable loneliness. but now he’s thinking of not just interacting with people, but with a woman. For the first time in eons.

  • Barbara Barnett

    The one thing you all have to consider regarding what Katie offered in the interview: she could only respond to the questions she was asked. Most of the questions focused on House and Cuddy. so that’s where the interview went. It was a conference call and not a one-on-one. If it was a one on one interview and I was asking the questions, they would be different questions. I will be posting a transcript of the interview on my personal site (only) when I get it tomorrow.

    She was asked only one question about Cameron and Chase, so that’s reflected in the interview. So, do keep that in mind.

  • House ratings probably helped that it teamed w/Fringe. I HATE the Jan. switch, though – I’ll have to catch new eps when they repeat. Chuck is on at that hour.

  • Orange450

    Barbara, thanks for the write-up. It’s always fun to hear from TPTB. And I see what you mean about the writing machine 🙂 Three substantial articles in one day! Pretty impressive.

    I’m enjoying this season so far, although with the exception of Birthmarks, I don’t think it has hit any of the high points of the last several episodes of S4, starting from from Frozen.

    So what is it about House? Come on, Katie! I can answer that in one word. Ok, two. Hugh Laurie. If he weren’t playing the title role, I doubt I’d still be watching.

    I also watch almost no series television, and agree 100% that House is a “once-in-a-decade” find. (And I’ve never been remotely tempted to spend the time on “extracurricular” analysis, discussion etc. like I do on this one.) Yes, the writing is great. But if HL weren’t delivering the lines, I don’t think they’d have a fraction of their impact. I can’t think of any other actor (current or past) who could pull together the package, and make all the fascinating contradictions in the character come together in completely seamless fashion.

  • Barbara Barnett

    One of the reasons for the time change was to bolster Fringe, which it did. House did what it supposed to do; FOX understood the implications and likely effect on House’s numbers. But the strategy worked. There have actually been a couple of articles exploring that strategy and naming House specificially.

  • Barbara Barnett

    Orange–I have to agree with you. Of course without Hugh, there is no House. I can’t imagine another actor in the role.

    He brings the comedy and gravitas; the arrogance and the pathos. And the most expressive eyes in the business.

  • sf

    I watch the series for House and my personal favorites. But giving 13 so much concentrated air time over the entire first half of season 5 has forced the issue. It has been a gamble by TPTB. I’m trying to keep an open mind.

    Paul Haggis, the academy award winning screenwriter, director, and producer, is a mentor of David Shore. Haggis wrote and produced the TV series “The Black Donnelleys” featuring Olivia Wilde. It was quickly canceled. Olivia Wilde was subsequently hired by David Shore on House. I assumed she would be permanently hired after the survivor arc and she was. I didn’t think she would necessarily be featured so heavily. Shore must believe in her. He has shown good judgment in the past. But up to now, nothing Olivia Wilde has shown me fulfills Haggis’s or Shore’s belief in her. The writing of her part is not at fault. She has had good material to work with. We are not supposed to like her but rather find her intriguing. That hasn’t happened yet.

  • macintosh

    I am interested to know of what sparks there has ever been flying between House and Cuddy?

    I don’t really find your blog to be objective, aren’t you suppose to be that?

  • Barbara Barnett

    sf–I don’t know that we’re supposed to find her intriguing. I guess I don’t have a strong opinion of her one way or the other. If she left the show, I wouldn’t miss her.

    macintosh–well, firstly, I never claimed my blog is completely objective. I have opinions, and this isn’t “news” it’s commentary. When I report, like this interview, I simply state what the interviewee said with minimal interpretation. In this case what KJ said was driven by the interview questions.

    As far as sparks flying, I think everyone interprets the character interactions in differing ways. It’s not even necessarily bias or opionion, it’s simply point of view and how we see things. Some of that is driven by age, gender, sexual preferences and attraction; sometimes it’s driven by resonances we see in the different characters to our own experiences. Sorry…didn’t mean to sound professorly here 🙂

    As far as sparks between House and Cuddy, I’ve felt them since season one. There has always been a flirtatiousness to their banter, even prompting Wilson to ask early on in season one “what’s going on between you two.” That prompted House’s delicious comment about there not being a thin wall between love and hate.

    Even in Paternity (episode 1×02), their exchange after House wins the bet is fraught with sexual energy. They’re certainly not strangers, and they’ve had sex in the past. So the sparks are there. There’s a caring between them that came through in Who’s Your Daddy, and several other season two episodes, including Humpty Dumpty.

    Season three is when things began to heat up, I think. I won’t list all of the episodes and moments here, but they are certainly there.

    But that’s my interpretation; my point of view. You may see it some other way. Some people see sparks between House and Wilson; I see friendship (very deep friendship). Some see sparks between House and Cameron. I saw an attraction early on, but not for a couple of season. I never saw the real honest to goodness sparks that some felt between them. Again, interpretation.

    I try to be objective when it’s appropriate (as with this article). My main focus (as it always has been for this column) will continue to be House and his orbit. If ever I decided to write a book about the show, well that’s another story. But this is an opinion column, not a book, so…

  • Eve K

    About seeing more of House.

    HL is showing some wear and tear. He looks tired sometimes. Some of his dialogue is almost spat out, stumbling and mumbeling his words. (And Im saying this with all the love in the world)

    It can’t be easy always being on top (and I do think that he is 98 % of the time), working that much. (With the fake accent and the cane) I think he invest a lot of himself in the role, and I do think he totally takes it personally when ratings drop, I hope he stays away from reading the internet craziness.

    I think seeing a little less of House may be OK as long as the show is still about House.

    Studying literature I have always found it very interesting when a character is being seen through the eyes of other characters, and also using the story to describe the character and I think that is the shows strength and the appeal of House. Very well done in “the itch”. The world does evolve around House, and I don’t think he has to be in every scene to make that happen.

  • Barbara Barnett

    Eve K–completely agree with you. Even the scenes in which House doesn’t appear, he is there. And that is important. The story revolves around him, if that stops, the show no longer works. Even in Euphoria (and at the time I really hated Euphoria I, although it’s become one of my favorites of season two)when the story was ostensibly about Foreman, it was really about House and how he copes when the patient is someone close to him–or he feels somehow responsible for the patient. The focus was on foreman, but the episode told House’s story as much as foreman’s.

    I thought that season three’s House Training suffered for too lengthy a Foreman scene at the end, when I thought the focus should have been back on House–or the scene more intercut. I feel the same way when it happens with other characters. That IS a bias, but I get over it, and still enjoy the episode. LIke I said…

  • pollyg

    Barbara, I am not one who wants to see House and Cuddy get together in a romantic or sexual relationship but I think the “sparks” are there without question. They don’t even bother me, I often enjoy them–I just don’t want to see them…resolved. It appears to me that you are a “Huddy” fan but I have never seen you push your preference in your blog to the point that it made me unable to generally agree with and appreciate your comments about the show. I think you show your preference honestly enough but never allow it to take over or sway your interpretations of what actually happens on the show. You do a beautifully professional job on this blog and I for one really appreciate it even if I don’t sail on the same ship you do. (And I offer my apologies–and a very red face–if I have misread your ideas about House and Cuddy!)

  • Barbara Barnett

    pollyg–Don’t be red-faced 😉 You have not misread me. I’m not sure that I want to see their relationship “resolved” either. I’m all about the UST (i.e. Unresolved Sexual Tension). I actually believe that if House and Cuddy do share a night together, they will retreat pretty quickly from it. The dramatic possibilities resulting would be great. The tension would be increased (by a lot), but the resolve not to take it further would be delicious and a great undercurrent. Any relationship between House and anyone on the show would,almost definitely, be fraught with darkness and dysfunction.

    I really, really appreciate your comments, by the way. Thanks. I really try to make this column a way for intelligent discussion of the show, and differences of opinion are natural. I’m only disappointed when the comments take a nasty turn towards anyone, particularly towards the fine people who make this series so engaging.

  • Eve K

    Did I write evolve? Revolve was the word. (-:
    I didnt like Euphoria either, but it grew on me…

  • lauriefan

    In response to Eve K. — who is, obviously, completely entitled to her opinion — I have to disagree that HL is showing signs of “wear and tear.” If anything, I’m amazed that, week in and week out, his portrayal continues to be dead-on, emotionally evocative, and so well-crafted. The way I see it, he’s bringing to life a character that’s comfortably familiar and yet totally surprising and refreshing. I’m not sure how a contradictory character like that can exist, but I certainly think HL is finding a way to do just that. I mean no disrespect, Eve K! I just had to take issue with that point because I so vehemently disagree with it. I’ll agree that sometimes House looks very tired or haggard, but I attribute that to House’s lifestyle (which is very much tied to his pain). I don’t think that’s HL’s exhaustion showing through. I guess that’s a difficult point to argue, but I still see an actor who is at the top of his game after filming more than 100 episodes as the same guy, and I find that astonishing. Seeing less of House is definitely not the way to go, in my opinion, so I hope that future episodes don’t take shape that way.

    One thing we’ll probably never know, but that makes me feel terrible to think about, is the notion that HL does take these slight ratings fluctuations to heart. There are so many factors in what makes TV shows rise and fall in the numbers. I really and truly hope that he knows he’s not responsible at all for any negative viewers’ behaviors (“negative” in the sense of people tuning out). If anything, he’s one of the (if not THE) strongest element for viewer dedication this show has going for it. House with Hugh? Never.

  • lauriefan

    And I’m a moron — because clearly that was supposed to read “House withOUT Hugh? Never.” Memo to self: never attempt to go out on a pithy note unless you can pull it off. 🙂

  • Barbara Barnett

    lauriefan–I laughed when I saw the end of your comment! I knew you meant House “without” Hugh.

    When we see Hugh Laurie as Hugh Laurie, he looks quite different. House is haggard, and he’s gone through an emotional ringer this season. He probably doesn’t sleep much (if at all some nights)and is in constant pain. (I had a tooth problem a few weeks ago and my jaw ached–I could barely concentrate on anything.)

    Hugh does a remarkable job of portraying a man in both physical and emotional pain. But I also agree with EveK–as I mentioned–that as long as he remains central to everything on the show, I’d be willing to give him a break and NOT be in almost every scene. House doesn’t exist without Hugh.

    The show’s numbers are good. eXcellent, in fact. they have nothing to worry about. Just keep on producing the most intelligent, snappy show on television. (and that IS my opinion)

  • michelle

    “I think you show your preference honestly enough but never allow it to take over or sway your interpretations of what actually happens on the show. You do a beautifully professional job on this blog ”

    I wholeheartedly agree. The write ups here are lovely and very professional. Some of us may want to groan at what the producers have to say at times (I certainly do, anyhow), but the write ups here aren’t blatantly biased and are often very insightful.

  • Eve K

    lauriefan – I do hope your right! One of the reasons to post on this blog is to get response. Ive read some interviews with HL and he has said something about obsessing with the show and going to therapy. But I hope your right and that he has found some balance, and that the wear and tear is just very good acting and makeup. The mumbling is not, but it doesn’t happen often.(Did anyone get what he said to Cuddy before the kiss? The thing she laughed at?)

    My main thought was that the character portrait of House, witch I find so intriguing IMO is not dependent on having him in every scene. What I dont like is when the focus is on somebody else (beside patients)and doesn’t add to the character portrait of House.

    I also agree that the House character showed new sides this season that somewhat fitted perfectly into the already complex character. Much thanks to HL but also the writers.

  • sdemar

    Eve K, House’s comment to Cuddy was “there you go again”, which resulted in a smile from Cuddy.

  • Eve K

    I guess I may have to check my ears. (-:

  • Eve K

    Ok, I found this in another interview with HL, so I will hereby withdraw any comments on HL personally and stick to comment on the show.

    “It’s tabloid delight to paint a picture of torment – there’s no story in saying here’s a man having unalloyed delight playing an exciting role. Obviously, according to the Daily Mail, there must be a terrible price, or a dark secret. I have a grumpy face and in repose look as if I’m about to jump off a bridge. ” Hugh Laurie

  • Barbara Barnett

    Eve K–what a great quote! Thanks for sharing that.

  • Stagestruck

    I got dragged into watching this show. Literally. By my brother. He said, “…give me two episodes of your time. Trust me.” Damn. I’m not obsessive by nature, excepting of course my affinity for the Bronte’s. Suffice it say, it took me two weeks to finish off all four seasons. Your column is a delight and a much needed source for in depth character analysis. Thank you!

    About 13. I dislike her immensely, however she does have her moments. Although, probably far too many. Since she is obviously not going away anytime soon, there must be a good reason, perhaps covertly, that she continues in House’s orbit. Each character, IMO, has something about them, a quality similar to a quality in House, be it positive or negative. Almost like a slice of him is in each one of them. There are things House does or doesn’t do that set my teeth on edge, but because he is House, he’s easy to forgive. Strange as that may be. Perhaps it is easy to be unforgiving of 13, especially when she behaves in a Housian way, because she is not him. Or better said, the things we should hate about House are just easier to hate in her. I’m interested to see how House grows this season, be it incrementally, because of 13. I believe she will fade, when that part of him that is her, is resolved. Hopefully sooner than later. I’m not very patient.

    I absolutely adore Kutner. If my line of thinking is correct, it will be very interesting to see how that character develops in regard to House.

    I believe TPTB are spot on with the Huddy arc. They (H&C) were never in a hurry, so I hope they continue to tip toe through this through at least next season.

  • Barbara Barnett

    Thanks for your comments stagestruck. Brontes huh? A person after my own heart. Jane Eyre has been my favorite novel since I was 16 (and I’m way, way, way older than that!)

    As promised, the transcript (edited by me slightly) from the Katie Jacobs interview is up on my personal site (click my name and it will take you there.)

  • Pat

    NCIS does skew more heavily in the older demographic but that depends on what you mean by “older”. Which you subdivide the 18 – 49 demo, in the 34 – 49 it does better than House and not badly in the 25 – 34 demo. The one House is really winning is the 18 – 24 group and while doing well there will get them lots of ad dollars, this didn’t start out as a show for teenagers. Not all the 4 million viewers NCIS picked up this season are 50+.

    After more than a season, OW isn’t up to the job of Thirteen. I don’t know why they keep asking her to carry a load she can’t. Shore should be smarter than that. Meanwhile, Jesse Spencer, Jennifer Morrison and Kal Penn to some extent, all better actors, stand around with nothing to do.

  • sf

    Barbara – “Jane Eyre” is a beautiful novel. My favorite film version is with Ciaran Hinds and Samantha Morton (1997). But I must pledge allegiance to Mrs. Gaskell’s “North and South” which evokes the lives of people caught up in the struggle of what was 1840’s Manchester, England.

    I just read the Katie Jacobs transcript. When she praised Hugh, Robert, and Lisa for their equally strong gifts in dramatic and comedic acting, directly after defining Houseian as “hit hard, hit funny, and hit sweet”, I was very much encouraged for the future of this series. Target markets aside(13), they know where their treasure lies.

    Add to that the very wise observation recently made by a very wise commenter that 13’s plight reflects on and might subtly influence House’s direction makes her storyline imminently more watchable.
    (Sorry. I’m already in ‘Preview’ mode and don’t know if I will lose my typing if I back up to take a look at the name of the wise commenter.)

  • sf

    Stagestruck – Thanks for your wise observations. I laughed out loud when I read, ’13 does have her moments, but far too many.’ 🙂

  • Sue

    I think House is down to its hard-core viewers regarding the numbers. Last season House was crude and less appealing than he had been in earlier seasons. Even hard-core viewers didn’t like him in the survivor arc, and they didn’t really like the whole arc as much as earlier seasons.

    The ratings seem to be consistent with comments I read from loyal viewers on this and other board sites. As the ratings have sloped down, so has the satisfaction with the series. This season, “boring” is a comment I have read many times and I agree with on some occasions. Usually, the word is associated with episodes that feature 13.

    Katie talked about how good the 9:00 to 9:01 numbers are. Is she delusional that these numbers belong to House? People are tuning in at that time for the next show, which would normally start at 9:00. House used to easily beat NCIS in numbers when it was on at 9:00. NCIS has House-ian numbers now. If they can draw 17 million viewers, why can’t House? It would be interesting to see if the ratings for the shows after the ones featuring 13 go down. If viewers find her boring, do they stop watching the show the next week?

    I have commented on other sites that the complexity of the scripts causes casual viewers to tune out. Whenever David Shore is a writer for an episode, he has an agenda attached to it. I have monitored comments on his episodes, and generally these episodes are not as well liked.

    In prior seasons, the writers interspersed humor and snarkiness into whatever House was going through. There is no humor left in the show. Wilson has taken over that role. He used to be the serious one, and House used to be the funny one. Now the roles are reversed. House has lost a dimension of himself that kept people watching. His behavior is predictable in every scene; gone is the sudden shift to sarcasm or humor or snark. I miss that a lot. Even his attempts to deliver a line in a funny way seem forced this season.

    Jacobs and Shore may have a vision for this season and future years, but they cannot function in a vacuum. There has been a huge suction of energy out of the show this season. By giving the new team actors more screen time, the energy level of the show has changed, and not for the better. When Hugh is on the screen with Cuddy or Wilson, he is interesting. When he is in scenes with the new team and Foreman, his intensity drops. The talent of Lisa and Robert bring out the best in Hugh. Unfortunately, when he has no talent to act off of, he loses that intensity. The DDX scenes have been boring this season. Where is the humor and fun that used to be in these scenes? Hugh still has the intensity in his physicality when he wants to turn it on. But even that has been flat in scenes with the new team.

    Not only is 13 boring, Taub is just as bad. I can’t think of anything he has added to the show. I don’t care about him cheating on his wife or him getting back with his wife. Does anyone care?

    The original actors had five year contracts. I don’t expect Jennifer and Jesse to be on the show next season. If they have other opportunities, they will take them rather than be back-seated on this show. There is nowhere to go with their characters.

  • Barbara Barnett

    sf–I loved the Timothy Dalton/BBC version. He hit so close to the Rochester of the novel, it was incredible (to me.)

    After more than a season, OW isn’t up to the job of Thirteen. I don’t know why they keep asking her to carry a load she can’t. Shore should be smarter than that. Meanwhile, Jesse Spencer, Jennifer Morrison and Kal Penn to some extent, all better actors, stand around with nothing to do.

    That’s your opnion. I’m not crazy about her character, but I’m not sure we’re supposed to like her. IN MY OPINION, there is nothing wrong with Wilde’s acting. She’s playing a depressed and screwed up character. She has an attitude that refelcts her anger with the world. Is she my favorite character? No.

    Shore is smart. He created the fabulous series, which again in my opinion is one of the best hours on television you can watch. They are focusing on 13’s plight right now, they gave her Huntington’s. So the focus is on her (as a side character). Heaven knows they’ve given Foreman the focus at the end of season three with his lengthy resignation arc. Cameron has had her arcs as well (and there’s a whole segment of the fandom that screamed about her and the focus on her). Chase has had a wonderful period of character development, taking him from being Vogler’s boy to really being the rock he has turned out to be.

    Wilson and Cuddy have had their moments in the last season.

    As long as the central focus remains on House, the series is good by me. And it IS called House.

    Sue–the numbers aren’t sloping down. They’ve been pretty steady since the first episode (when it ran against a rerun of NCIS). The time-slot issues, etc. have had an effect, and House continues to pull numbers around 15 million plus per week, when all the numbers are in (DVR, etc).

    IN MY OPINION (and your mileage may vary) this has been far from a boring season. I’m loving this season, and the fans I hear from most are of the same opinion.

    The producers of House can’t win. When House is too snarky, the show is bad; when the show is too serious, the show is bad. House is going (as a character) through a very hard time right now. He’s still being affected by amber’s death (maybe even more than Wilson. House internalizes so much, it’s entirely possible.) He’s not in a happpy place. He’s in a bad place, and he’s beginning to take tiny steps to change his situation (and he’ll probably fail, which is the point of the show–that even when people want to change, they can’t.)

    I love the interaction between Wilson, Cuddy and House. I see the storytelling possibilities with 13, with Kutner, with Taub and witht he old team. The show isn’t always going to be what we individually want every week. we all watch for different reasons. The humor, the pathos, the patients, the mysteries, whatever. I watch for the character of House (no big surprise there). But then, again, he’s the central character. and I realize I’m repeating myself. So I’ll stop there.

  • Stagestruck

    Barbara- I agree with your opinion. The Dalton version is the book. The DVD version even more so, bad video and a beautiful Rochester aside. So many moments of incredibly raw emotion! Timothy Dalton is highly underrated.

    I stumbled upon Currer, Ellis and Acton almost twenty years ago, and honestly until I saw House, for me there really hasn’t been a character quite as compelling as those derived from that amazing family. Though I inherently love the characters of Rochester and Heathcliff, M. Emmanuel is my favorite, probably due to having been blessed with such a person in my own experience. Villette is a difficult read, especially when trying to wrap my head around (or more precisely bang my head against) the French translation, but this quote I think, in its simplicity, for me says it all, “… Once – unknown, and unloved, I held him harsh and strange; the low stature, the wiry make, the angles, the darkness, the manner, displeased me. Now penetrated with his influence, and living by his affection, having his worth by intellect, and his goodness by heart – I preferred him before all humanity.” (Villette 592)

    I think these women set the standard by which we can enjoy incredibly fascinating characters like House, and Hugh Laurie, though (please forgive me) most of his early body of work would never lead me to conclude, that he, yet, has indeed perfectly captured Gothic angst. I truly believe that his best work is yet to come, and I am thoroughly looking forward to it.

    sf- wow! I’m blushing 🙂

  • Jair

    I’ll chime in and say that I also am enjoying season five very much and do not agree about Sue’s character thumbnails. I like Kutner very much and yes, I care about Taub. Thirteen’s not my favourite character, but neither is she my least favourite character. And Katie Jacobs is not delusional about the 9:01. When the ratings for Fringe are discussed, it is mentioned that they get a boost from House’s running over time and that helps their first half hour.

    I’m a loyal long time viewer and I’m very much on board for season five. I think this season has done a wonderful job showing House actually admitting he needs his friends and wants more than he has, but is very afraid to risk anything to get it. It’s direct fallout from Wilson’s Heart and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. Though my heart hurts for House.

  • Barbara Barnett

    I think these women set the standard by which we can enjoy incredibly fascinating characters like House, and Hugh Laurie, though (please forgive me) most of his early body of work would never lead me to conclude, that he, yet, has indeed perfectly captured Gothic angst. I truly believe that his best work is yet to come, and I am thoroughly looking forward to it.

    Stagestruck–Completely agree that House comes from the tradition of Victorian romantic heros (flawed, tragic, tormented–Byronic). It’s fascinating that the best (and perhaps only) actor who can pull this role off believably and sympathetically is an English actor (playing a quintessential Victorian, but American, character.) Cool. I agree that HL’s best work is to come. I’m so thrilled that he has found his footing in dramatic work after so many years in comedy (and not believing that he had the weightiness to pull of drama.) I think he’s a far better serious actor than he is comedic, but his comic timing is flawless and borne of many, many years doing it and writing it. Even so, he’s an even better dramatic actor!

    Jair–you’re correct about the “Fringe” benefit. Like you I’m very much on board, and like the continuity from the end of last season playing into (at least) the first half of this season.

  • Grace

    I’d rather have ‘clinic time’ than 13 or Foreman time. Anyone agree?

  • sf

    Barbara and Stagestruck, Yes, Dalton is classic Rochester. As a couple, Hinds and Morton convinced and satisfied.

    Mrs. Gaskell was a close friend of Charlotte Bronte and wrote her definitive biography published two years after Charlotte’s death. As you most likely know, the real life of the Bronte sisters (and their brother) is tragedy itself.

    Thank you, Stagestruck, for printing Charlotte’s transcendent passage from “Villette”. Reading it is a lovely way to start a Sunday morning. (Swiss time)

    Another excellent read by Mrs. Gaskell is “Wives and Daughters” but her “North and South” packs the punch. I’m not necessarily drawn to tragic heroes. House is an exception for me.

  • Eve K

    Sue – I agree with you that the complexity of the scripts can drive some new viewers away. But then again – I don’t care as long as the scripts are good and about House. It can get even more experimental as far as I am concerned. As long as its good.

    My favourite among the Brontes is in no doubt Emily and “Wuthering Heights”, now that’s a mystery. An the literary structure, with the view and perspective from other persons makes the main characters come to life like no other literary technique can do. We can only know of their actions through the storys of others.

    And that technique can, as I have mentioned earlier be transferred to the screen to some extent. In “Three stories” I think they used a lot of those, with the unreliable narrator (House himself this time, but also the filmcamera – we know he woulnt tell all those emotional details to the students), the stories we have to rely on to try to get the right picture.

  • macintosh

    Well it is however remarkable how there is only huddy fans commenting your blog, so it’s quite clear to me that fans of House/Cameron or House/Wilson are naturally staying away, since there isn’t really anything written by you from our p.o.v.

    So you’ll excuse me if I leave too.


  • Jair

    I enjoy House/Wilson very much indeed, so I’m not sure where that generalisation came from. I like the show and so far, I’ve not had a problem with where the writers are taking it.

  • Barbara Barnett

    macintosh–not sure where your generalization is coming from. This particular article covers an interview done with Katie Jacobs by a group of television writers. There was little mention of Wilson, not that much of Cameron.

    There’s been very little House/Cameron “ship” this season. Cameron is with Chase, and I’ve commented in various reviews about their relationship (which I”m immensely enjoying). I’ve written articles on House and Wilson’s relationship, and focused on their relationship in my review of Birthmarks and some of the other earlier episodes. Joy and The Itch really focused on the Cuddy/House issues, so I’m focused there. My only real bias is that I’m biased towards the character of House.

    I admit to liking the House/Cuddy pairing (although, I’d probably not enjoy it if it was a happy pairing–or even resolved in any way) but I’ll go wherever the writers take me insofar as the character of House.

    Back in seasons one and two, those little bits of House and Cameron were great. Loved the scene in Deception on the motorbike, the end of Daddy’s Boy, loved the monster truck rally in Sportsmedicine (season 1) and the whole dinner date thing (sappy corsage and all!) But in MY opinion (and yours may be different)that ship sailed. It no longer really exists, and I think Cameron has moved on (I hope so, for poor Chase’s sake). As has House (from any attraction he had for her).

    So, cheerio to you as well. Glad you stopped on by…

  • Mary

    Regarding “Huddy,” it might be significant that the dialogue sent to Hugh Laurie for his audition for “House M.D.” was not an interaction with the Dr. Wilson whom H.L. then thought was the main character on the show, but a dialogue between House and Cuddy.

  • Tania

    For those of you who think that there isn’t any chemistry between the characters of House and Cuddy, you must be numb to what chemistry is. Quite frankly, I’m not into this whole silly ‘shippers’ nonsense.

    I remember everyone talking about this chemistry between the two detectives that Jimmy Smits and Kim Delaney portrayed on NYPB Blue. Now there was a case where there was ZERO chemistry between two characters in my view. House and Cuddy had chemistry from the very beginning of the series. I get the feeling that many of your are just pissy about the lack of Cameron in the picture. If that is what many of you watch a television program for, then you are doing yourselves a disservice.

  • I admired Hugh Laurie before he was cast as House. I loved him in Black Adder, especially “Black Adder the Third” and in “Jeeves and Wooster.” I loved Stephen Fry also and I thought they were great together. Laurie is hilarious, and he can sing too.

    But I really haven’t had time to watch much television lately, so I did not really begin watching House until this season. I saw a couple of episodes last season, just in passing.

    Forman is an interesting character to me, but I do not get the attraction of viewers to Chase and Cameron. They seem kind of dull to me. My favorite of the new characters is Kuttner.

    I love the House and Cuddy pairing. To me, it looks like something that just has to be. I can’t wait to see more of it.

  • barbara barnett

    Hey, FanofBlackAdder. Welcome to the House fandom! House is definitely a far cry from any of the “Georges” that Hugh Laurie played back in the BA days. (I had to laugh last night when he referred to Cuddy’s “cunning plan.”)

    Interesting perspective coming into the series now. I enjoy Kutner as well. And love the sparks between House and Cuddy. So, have a look around and enjoy. Look forward to seeing you around my comments section!

  • Thanks, I will. I like what I have read so far. 🙂

  • FanOfBlackAdder, be sure to keep an eye on all of Barbara’s articles about House!

  • barbara barnett

    Thanks Phillip for posting the listing!

  • Bertha S.

    I started watching House for the medical mysteries and ended up watching for the H/W relationship. It is the ONLY reason I’m still watching House because the medical situations are often defy logic. There are specific episodes, Birthmarks, and The Social Contract which I consider the best of the season and other episodes where the H/W exploration was excellent such as DEC, Not Cancer, Lucky 13, the Itch, The Softer Side, etc.

    I’m one of the fans who has nothing but loathing for the Huddy and Foreteen. But I never watch House live so it’s not a problem. My problem with Foreteen is a visual one. I simply don’t think OW can make up for OE’s unattractiveness and unsexines. I think another AA actor like Shemar Moore or Alimi Ballard or BIG Love (one of the last survivors kicked off) would have provided a better visual than the poo-butt OE with his penitentiary body, tattoos and disturbingly peculiar hands. Let’s face it OW is hot. But as good as she looks, she can’t make up for what OE lacks.

    I hate the HUDDY for a totally different reason. I’m sorry but I’m a grown woman and I just find Cuddy the sex-starved cleaage flashing hoche momma administrator silly and juvenile. For me, the Huddy came out of nowhere. When did House discover he was in lust with Cuddy. I’ve been an ardent viewer of House from the very beginning and I just don’t get it. House was in love with Stacy and it was clear from his behavior he was. House wanted to knock boots with Stacy and so he did. House never berated, humiliated or dogged Stacy in the process. House acted like an eccentric adult male in pursuit of his better half. But Huddy is juvenile, and makes Cuddy look like a fool, really a crazy fool. Is House the best Cuddy can do?

    Now about her baby momma drama. Cuddy went to see Wilson while at the hospital interferring with Cameron’s handling of House. By the way, I thought Cameron was great as the hospital admin. Cuddy tells Wilson House said she should give the baby back. And like a fool Cuddy was actually considering this. Sick, Sick. Sick. Then in a later episode she’s upset House didn’t come to her baby’s naming ceremony. Now maybe I missed something but wasn’t it Cuddy who wanted a baby? What does Cuddy’s baby have to do with House? Finally, as two grown-ups, one of whom is pushing up against 50 and the other close to 40 what is the big deal if they have sex? They’ve had sex before. House has sex with hookers. And I’m sure Cuddy’s special place hasn’t been on lockdown for the past 12 years. So what’s problem? Earth to DS – grown-ups regularly have sex. It’s normal.

    DS and KJ need to get a clue about intimate adult relationships. They should try watching Brothers & Sisters, Chuck (one of the best scenes is the Buy More manager’s description of his sexual relationship with the mother of Chuck’s best friend – totally priceless and very, very, funny). Criminal Minds and Numbers also do a great job of showing emotionally available or unavailable but competent woman. With the exception of House (Well I loved Amber and miss her very much. Now there was a woman) all of my fav characters on other shows include women.

  • Bob McGraw

    katie jacobs…
    I have written a season for house and i would like to talk to you about it.[Personal contact info deleted]

    Bob McGraw