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Hot Screeching Monkey Sex

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Now that I have your attention with that headline…

A researcher has found that hot sex can cure the common cold. [via BlondeSense.] The researcher is Swiss.

Here’s the dirt:

Swiss scientist Manfred Schedlovski claims his experiments show that regular love-making increases the amount of phagocyte cells, which boost the body’s immune system and fight the microbes that cause colds.

He claims the number of phagocytes – which attack alien antibodies, causing them to self-destruct – significantly increases during sexual intercourse.

And according to Schedlovski’s research, the number of phagocyte cells can even double after an orgasm, allowing alien microbes to be detected and destroyed more quickly.

Alright, readers, get off Blogcritics right now, and go have some hot screeching monkey sex. Chances are that hot screeching monkey sex boosts the immune system so much that it could prevent a cold, let alone cure it.

If anyone gets sick, and does not heed this fun remedy, you’re going to get a tongue-lashing from me. [Pun intended.]

Update: Schedlowski has also studied the effect of prolactin on male orgasm. An article at SexandDrugs.Info discussed the drug cabergoline, which is marketed under the trade name of Dostinex. Cabergoline has been found to increase orgasms in men. The drug lowers prolactin levels in men. Prolactin “also has the effect of reducing a man’s desire for more sex by preventing new erections. Cabergoline has been found to to minimize the effects of the hormone prolactin, which is produced by men at the point of orgasm. As a result, some subjects who tried the drug found that they were able to have multiple orgasms in rapid succession.”

Dr. Manfred Schedlowski has been studying the drug. Here is more information on its effect and on prolactin:

In one study, 60 subjects, all healthy males, between the ages of 22 and 31, normally needed a break of 19 minutes between lovemaking sessions. However, after taking Cabergoline, they were able to have several orgasms within a few minutes. Medical psychologist Manfred Schedlowski, who was involved in the trials at Essen in Germany, said the drug raised the libido to enable the male to orgasm again more quickly.

Schedlowski said, “We saw that prolactin rises after orgasm and then thought maybe prolactin is a negative feedback system. Subjects who took this drug had decreased prolactin levels, and reported their orgasm was better and there was a shorter refractory period. We interviewed these subjects and found they were able to have multiple orgasms in very rapid succession. This is sitting very nicely with our hypothesis that orgasms and sexual drive are steered by prolactin and dopamine in the brain.”

There didn’t seem to be any side effects, except one that was reported. The only bad thing was that “[t]here’s evidence that the release of prolactin in the brain, which surges during orgasm, promotes the growth of new neurons in the brain–a process called neurogenesis. Researchers at the University of Cal-gary discovered that the release of prolactin spurs the growth of new brain cells in the front regions of the brain involved in smell.”

Any drug that makes sex better sounds good to me. However, it looks like focusing on pleasing the little brain prevents the big brain from growing as many new neurons as it otherwise would if prolactin levels were higher.

If you want to read some interesting articles about impotence, head over to the International Journal of Impotence Research. The Journal addresses both male and female sexual dysfunction.

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  • Bennett

    Hmmmm… Multiple Orgasms vs Brain Growth.

    Tough decision, eh?

    PS: Go again after 19 minutes? Not after the gymastics I get into the first time around!

  • -E

    So really what this guy is saying is that having a headache or not feeling well is no longer an excuse for women to not have sex. 🙂