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Hot Lebanese Chicks for Freedom

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Things are afoot in Lebanon. Rather than spend time debating the level of credit Bush should get or the potential impact of Hezbollah siding with Syrian we here at Craigorian Chant are going to spend some time on the real issue:

Those Lebanese protesters are hot. Pictures here. Then there’s this week’s covers of Newsweek, The Weekly Standard and the Economist . Slate’s Well-Traveled declares that ” Even Flirting Is Political in Beirut.” This got me thinking. In this hyper-media age really good-looking protesters are very important. You saw the same thing during the Ukrainian Orange Revolution – 50,000 people in the streets and the really photogenic ones, with a backdrop of flags and protest signs get beamed all over the world. In the language of campaign types it “gets the message out.” The whole world loves hot chicks so you get world opinion behind you and that can really matter. Hezbollah better counter with good-looking pro-Syrian protesters and not masked gunman or they will lose world opinion. Future democratic revolutionaries take note. The key to protest in the 21st century will be the photo. Get your flag, you signs, put your hot women out front and change the world.

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    Maybe our home-grown protesters could learn something from this?

    Seriously, I think the media chosse the most attractive protesters to catch attention, and they certainly have mine.

    More protests for freedom, please! If there happen to be attractive women in their midst, so much the better.

  • bhw

    Ah, if only all protests were like Mardis Gras for the boys: free up those tits! Then maybe world politics would get more attention from the average American….


    Well, if you want the message to get out…

  • bhw

    Set the boobies free!

  • nader

    please when you want to write about a country which is not your country, you must be accurate.never try to spread lies.People will know the truth “eventually”