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Hostel, Breakfast on Pluto, Mrs. Henderson Presents: Region 1 DVD Releases for April 18th, 2006

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It’s another fairly lackluster week, though the HD DVDs are starting to creep in.

Hostel (Unrated Widescreen Edition)

Eli Roth’s follow-up to breakout horror indie Cabin Fever proved to be an equally surprising hit. This time out, American backpackers stumble upon a pay-to-torture resort in Eastern Europe. Nastiness ensues. And yes, Hostel 2 (and very likely 3) are on the way.

In what might be termed commentary overkill, the disc offers four different tracks, one with just Roth, another with Roth and some executive producers, including Quentin Tarantino, another with Roth, a producer, and his documentarian brother Gabriel, and finally one with Roth, the editor, a couple actors, and Harry Knowles from Ain’t It Cool News. I don’t think even Coppola had this much to say about The Godfather.

Breakfast on Pluto

Even if the movie got mixed reviews, Cillian Murphy’s performance as the cross-dressing protagonist of this Neil Jordan adaptation of a Patrick McCabe novel received universal raves. All I know is, I saw a Dalek in the trailer, so I’m curious.

Extras include commentary by Jordan and Murphy, plus a making-of featurette. See? Just one commentary track. I’m looking in your direction, Hostel.

Mrs. Henderson Presents

Though not on the level of director Stephen Frears’ best (High Fidelity, Dirty Pretty Things, Dangerous Liasons), this true story of a widow (the reliably priceless Dame Judi Dench) who starts a nude female revue in WWII-torn London with the help of a veteran showman (a package-revealing Bob Hoskins) is still solid entertainment, and an interesting reflection on what life during wartime should or should not mean for civilians.

Extras include commentary from Frears.

The Complete Mr. Arkadin

Orson Welles, the original argument for director’s cut, completed many films that were later butchered before release, Mr. Arkadin among them. In an attempt to approximate what the old pro may have intended, Criterion presents three different versions on three different discs in this collection. Two of these were released previously, while the third is a new “Comprehensive Version” cut especially for this release.

There are extras galore, including commentary from Welles experts such as Jonathan Rosenbaum, interviews with folks like Peter Bogdanovich, episodes of the radio program The Lives of Harry Lime, which inspired Arkadin and prequeled The Third Man, and the novelization of Mr. Arkadin, for starters.

Serenity (HD DVD)

There’s nothing particularly new in this version. I just thought it was worth noting that the first HD DVD’s are arriving, and this, though unsuccessful in theaters, is among the first titles available in part due to its success on DVD (Firefly, the cancelled TV series upon which this is based, is still a top seller on Amazon). By the way, how many of y’all already have HD DVD players? I think I see one hand way in the back.

A couple more HD DVD titles in the long list this week. Plus, some titles specially re-packaged for Mother’s Day. Strangely, Hostel is not among them.

2006 Ano de Exitos: Pop

2006 Ano de Exitos: Rock

2006 Ross School of Business Follies (University of Michigan)

Absolution Tour

Ahi Nama in Cuba

The American President (Mother’s Day Gift Set with Card and Gift Wrap)


Andy Griffith Show/The Beverly Hillbillies

Anthony Burger: The Best of Anthony Burger

Arrangements for Solo Acoustic Guitar (2pc)

Ascension Oratorios (Ac3 Dol Dts)

Bad Dreams

A couple of curious things about this late-80’s Nightmare on Elm Street knock-off. One, the writer/director Andrew Fleming went on to do Dick and The Craft. Two, it’s the first restricted trailer (you know, the ones that aren’t approved for all audiences and have a red background) I ever saw in a movie theater.

Barkley’s Barnyard Critters: Mystery Tales

Basic Country Flatpicking Guitar

Basic Swing Guitar

Bethânia, Caetano, Gil, & Gal : Outros (doces) Bárbaros

Bethânia, Caetano, Gil, & Gal : Outros (doces) Bárbaros

Beto y Canarios: Super Exitos en DVD

A Bigger Splash

The Bodyguard (Mother’s Day Gift Set with Card and Gift Wrap)

Bonanza/The Lone Ranger

Brandenburg Concertos


Breakfast on Pluto

Brotha Lynch Hung: Ghetto Celebrities, Vol. 1

Bruce Lee, We Miss You

The Buccaneers

Carbide and Sorrel

Cartoon Classics

Cartoon Festival

Casey the Co-Ed 2

The Chess Players

The Chiefs

Choral Perspectives

A Cinderella Story (Mother’s Day Gift Set with Card and Gift Wrap)

Coachella: The Film

The Complete Mr. Arkadin (aka Confidential Report) – Criterion Collection

Crazed Killers

Cross of Iron (Widescreen Special Edition)

Cruzin’ TV DVD, Vol. 2

Cuban Blood

Dance Dance


Day the World Ended/She Creature

Dead Bodies

Debussy – Pelleas et Melisande / Isabel Rey, Rodney Gilfry, Michael Volle, Laszlo Polgar, Cornelia Kallisch, Franz Welser-Most, Zurich Opera

Destination America

Disaster By The Bay: The Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906

Divorced Wives Club

Don Pasquale

Doogie Howser, M.D.: Season Four

Educating Lacy

El Merengue Esta Aqui, Vol. 2

Event Horizon (Special Collector’s Edition)

Before Paul W.S. Anderson visited Resident Evil and Alien Vs. Predator upon a movie-going public that never did anything to him, he helmed this sci-fi/horror mash-up that’s equal parts creepy and incoherent. Maybe you can find a story that makes sense somewhere in the oodles of extras in this version. Or maybe in the director’s commentary he’ll just come out and say, “You know what? I was totally baked when I shot this.”

Explosion Nortena

A Fistful of Kung Fu

Fred Anderson: Timeless Live at the Velvet Lounge

Games of Love and Chance

Gary Smith – Amplified Blues Harp Demystified

Gatchaman, Vol. 11: Phantoms and Demon Kings

Gatchaman, Vol. 12: Death Girls and the Abominable Snowman

Gatchaman, Vol. 6: Collection

Girl Power (Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi / Atomic Betty / Trollz The Movie Vol. 1) Citters

The Gleiwitz Case

I know next to nothing about this movie, but the premise is interesting. Apparently, Hitler pulled a Reichstag fire scenario on a German border radio station with Poland as the scapegoat. Guess he never got tired of that old chestnut. Anyway, this film re-enacts that incident.

The Grind

Grupo Montez de Durango/Beto y Sus Canario: Frente a Frente, Vol. 1

Grupo Montez de Durango: Super Exitos en DVD

Hans Christian Andersen’s 200th Anniversary: The Fairy Tales

Heading Home

Herbie Hancock – Possibilities

Historic Travel US: California – Bundle Pack (11 DVDs)


Honest Bra

Hoodz: Street Code

Hostel (UMD Mini for PSP/Unrated Widescreen Edition)

Hostile Hauntings

Hot Licks & Cool Tips for E9th Tuning on Pedal

Hot Sauce Presents, Vol. 1

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart – A Film about Wilco (Single Disc Edition)

I Capuleti E I Montecchi (Dol)

ICON MEN: Greg Plitt Biceps Triceps & Abs

In Concerto Merage Tour ’82


Jazz O’Maniacs: Sunset Cafe Stomp

JDM Option: 2006 D1 Grand Prix Round 1

John Wayne Early Year Collection

Kickboxer: A Collection

The Killing Time


La La La Human Steps: Amelia

The Last Drop

The Last Samurai [HD DVD]

Leapfrog (5pc)

Live at He Lokerse Festival

Live at the Point Dublin

Live in Santa Monica

Live in Stockholm

Los Rehenes: Super Exitos en DVD

Love Happy

The Marx Brothers and Marilyn Monroe, together at last (for, like, two seconds).

Luis Segura: En Vivo, Vol. 2

Maria Bethania: Brasileirinho

Mark Hummel’s Harmonica Party: Amplified Blues Harp from Chicago To the West Coast

Marriner Conducts Mozart

Masta Killa: No Said Date Live

Maya & Miguel – Cinco de Maya

Meeting Daddy

Mercenary for Justice

Message in a Bottle (Mother’s Day Gift Set with Card and Gift Wrap)

Michael Palin – Sahara

The Mill on the Floss

Million Dollar Baby [HD DVD]

Moby: Live – Hotel Tour 2005

Moonstruck (Deluxe Edition)

Morricone Conducts Morricone


Mother and Son

Mozart – Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail / Ruth Ann Swenson, Malin Hartelius, Kurt Rydl, Hans Peter Blochwitz, Manfred Fink, Gianluigi Gelmetti, Schwetzingen Opera

Mr. Hell

Mrs. Henderson Presents (Full Screen/Widescreen Edition)

Music Is Power

Must Love Dogs (Mother’s Day Gift Set with Card and Gift Wrap)

National Geographic – The Great Quake

Natural City

Naughty Neighbors

Nba Furious Finishes (Dol)

Nba Hardwood Classics: Michael Jordan His Airness

New Year’s Concert 2006 – La Fenice / Fiorenza Cedolins, Joseph Calleja, Roberto Scandiuzzi, Kurt Masur

NHL Original Six Series – The New York Rangers 1994 Stanley Cup Champions

No Money Down

Nutrition y Salud

Ocean Park

One Bright Shining Moment

Orwell Rolls in His Grave

Out of Sight (Collector’s Edition)

The Collector’s Edition of this outstanding Soderbergh effort includes commentary by Soderbergh and virtuoso screenwriter Scott Frank, deleted scenes, and a making-of doc.

Palomo: Super Exitos en DVD

The Phantom of the Opera (Mother’s Day Gift Set with Card and Gift Wrap)

The Phantom of the Opera (Special Edition) [HD DVD]

Piano Concerto No 5 (Hybr)

Pink Paradise 2

Playing For Change

Pro Wrestling’s Before They Were Stars, Vol. 2

Programa Ensaio 1991

Randy Johnston Live at the Smithsonian Jazz Cafe

Remington Steele – Season 3

Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis

Rock’n’roll Frankenstein

Roland Petit – Notre-Dame de Paris / Isabelle Guerin, Nicolas Le Riche, Laurent Hilaire, Manuel Legris, Paris Opera Ballet

Rossini – La Cambiale di Matrimonio / John Del Carlo, Janice Hall, David Kuebler, Alberto Rinaldi, Gianluigi Gelmetti, Schwetzingen

Roy Rogers 20 Movie Pack

Running Red

Sabina Y Cia-Nos Sobran Los Motivos

Saga of Viking Women/Teenage Caveman

Savage Sickos

Save the Last Dance for Me

Scelsi: The Piano Works 3 – Aki Takahashi

Second Circle ~ Aleksandr Sokurov

Secret of the Snake and Crane

The Sentinel – The Complete First Season

Serenity [HD DVD] – Dubbed in French – English subtitles

Sexualidad Con Proposito

Shadow Dancers Vol 10. Girls Who Love Girls

Shaolin vs. Manchu

Shoot for the Stars

Smut Peddlers: That’s Amore

So Tenho Tempo Pra Ser Feliz

Storm Detonation Live

Struggle Through Death


Sweet November (Mother’s Day Gift Set with Card and Gift Wrap)

TCM Archives – The Laurel and Hardy Collection (The Devil’s Brother / Bonnie Scotland)

Teenick Pics Vol 1

Thirsty Traveler: Season 1

Thundercats – Season Two, Vol. 1


Toquinho: So Tenho Tempo Pra Ser Feliz

Tres Tristes Tigres

Trina: Live and Uncut… Sex, Money and Jewels

Ultimate Fighting Championship Classics, Vol. 3

Ultimate Fighting Championship Classics, Vol. 4

Ultramaniac – Magical Ending (Vol. 7)

Una Mujer Sin Destino


Venice Underground

I only point out this gloriously-awful-looking crime drama to say that this may be the only time you’ll see Francis Capra (Veronica Mars) and Edward Furlong in the same film. They even threw in character actor fave Danny Trejo for good measure.

Violin Concerto (Ac3 Dol)

Visiting Hours

Voyeur Fantasies

Wagner – Das Rheingold / John Brocheler, Graham Clark, Chris Merritt, Henk Smit, Reinhild Runkel, Albert Bonnema, Hartmut Haenchen, Amsterdam Opera

War Classics 4 Pack – Desert Victory, The Great Battle of the Volga, Prelude to War, The Nazis Strike

War Classics 4 Pack – The Battle of Britain, Divide and Conquer, The Battle of China, The Battle of Russia

Warriors 50 Movie Megapack

We Will Take You With Us

Western Classics 4 pack – Kid Vengeance, Rage at Dawn, Death Rides a Horse, Riders of Destiny

Western Classics 4 Pack – My Pal Trigger, Cowboy and the Senorita, Bells of San Angelo, Under California Stars

Who Wanna Battle


William Shakespeare Compilation Box Set

Yes 9012 Live

I watched this concert video at least twenty times back in the day on HBO. Little did I know that it was directed by a then-unknown Steven Soderbergh, though the occasionally trippy visuals might have been a tip-off.

Yoga Sessions with Romy Phillips, Vol. 2

You’ve Got Mail (Mother’s Day Gift Set with Card and Gift Wrap)

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