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Few people choose to go into a hospital unless really necessary, but with many now having their own web sites, you can check out your hospital if you are to be admitted for an operation or to give birth.

A hospital is an institution for health care, providing patients with treatment by specialized professional physicians, surgeons and nurses. In the US, most hospitals are not-for-profit. They are usually funded by the state, by health organizations, health insurance companies or by charities. In the past, hospitals were often founded by religious orders. Most are general hospitals catering for health, disease, injury and surgical procedures. There is usually an emergency department (ER) to deal with accident and other emergency cases brought in by ambulance and requiring immediate attention. Almost all hospitals encourage proper health and wellness.

Specialized hospitals include trauma centers, rehabilitation hospitals, children’s hospitals, geriatric hospitals, psychiatric hospitals and infectious diseases hospitals. Many hospitals are part of a university campus so that medical research and the training of medical personnel can be carried out more easily.

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