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I was watching the news the other day and there have been complaints about the prices for parking at the various hospitals in Montreal. They range between $11-$14 which is more than private parking lots which can go as low as $8.

Supply and demand? If that was the case, would it be wrong? Well, theoretically in our society…it is. Canada takes pride in it’s free health care. One of the major hits that the Conservative Party took in the recent election is that some of the higher-ups in the party supported two-tier health care in some form. Shouldn’t parking at the free hospitals apply as well?

That’s an interesting theory. The problem is that what would happen if the hospitals would give away free parking. I mean, I don’t think there would be anyone dishonest enough to use the free parking at the hospitals rather than have to pay at a private parking lot maintained by some guy named Guillaume. I mean, wouldn’t you rather have a nice comforting parking spot in extra wide lines maintained by someone named Dr. Guillaume?

Ok, sorry for that, but I think that if you give away free parking at the hospitals people are obviously going to take advantage of it for other purposes other than going to the hospital. If they offered the parking there cheaper than the private parking lots, people are still going to use them. Only by charging more for their own lots will guarantee that people who want to use the parking lot for hospital purposes will actually get a spot.

I wish there was a better alternative. I mean, going to the hospital is not the most emotionally easy thing to do and charging someone $14 is not the greatest way to help the anxiety. If we only had teleporters…

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