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Horse’s Ass

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Sometimes a person may call another person an ass. But, sometimes they are even more specific… a horse’s ass. Why a horse? Is there something about a horse’s ass that makes it worse than the ass of other animals?

People usually use the term “horse’s ass” when someone is wrong or stupid or bad… don’t you think that’s gotta make the horses a little self conscious? The horse goes up to another horse… “Dude, are our asses really that bad?” The horses all meet up at the barn… “So, anything new to report? Nope, they are still using our asses as an insult.” “Are you serious? I’ve been doing squats and everything!”

The horses must really hate this… I bet Jack does too.

I think I want to be a comedian.

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About in10sity

  • Inane, but humorous. ;-]

  • duane

    I usually say “What a mandrill’s ass!” when I want to insult someone. That there is some ugly ass. But it doesn’t quite have the ring of “horse’s ass.”

  • “Inane, but humorous.”

    That is my exact goal. Thanks for understanding.

  • Well, the result of a horse’s ass, after the horse gets some ass, is a mule.

    There are some doing construction in Hong Kong right now.

    And of course it is very important that you can tell the difference between hauling ass and getting your ashes hauled.