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Hootie shills for the man

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Alright, crackers, we close Black History Month on a weird note. The story begins with me coming down exactly a week ago (almost to the minute, I am noticing) to write about this offensive piece of corporate drivel I saw on TV. I checked my e mail first, as I always do, and found the news about Hunter in an e mail from our dead pool which of course led to this piece here.Well, that pretty much derailed the following piece… but it has been festering in my head for the last week. I had to write to you about this terrible, terrible commercial I saw. As it featured prominent black entertainer… I had to tell you about it.

The commercial begins with this black guy dressed in the squarest cowboy outfit you have ever seen. I mean, even John Rocker would have found this to be an offensive racial stereotype! Next, the guy in the bad outfit is singing super gay love songs… to a burger! I should probably clarify the context of the term ‘gay’ here. The word is not used in reference to two people of the same sex in love. It’s what your (well, mine at least) big brother called you all through childhood for dressing like a ‘spaz’. As for the spaz contigent… sorry, no apology from me (no one likes a spaz)

So dude is strumming his guitar, singing to the burger, and behind all this is a painted styrofoam set that looks like the video for Tonight, Tonight threw up all over the stage.

So who is this singer? You have probably seen it by now. It saddens me to say that guy dancin’ for ‘the man’ was beloved soft rocker Daruis Rucker of Hootie & the Blowfish. Well, this isn’t how I wanted to end Black History Month, honest. I wanted to do a week of role models and great black counter culture influences… but the Hunter Thompson thing pushed all that aside. Oh, and I am sure some comedian has mentioned this… but why do we give the black man the shortest month of the year?

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  • You completely missed the point of that commercial. It has nothing to do with putting down any race. It’s just meant to be as goofy and fun as possible. If you haven’t seen BK’s other ads lately, then maybe it doesn’t hit you that way. It even has the “king” on a hill in the extended version. That’s how all their ads have been lately.